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    Norell got a reaction from DblVsdGuy in Competetive list help - Rebel, liberty.   
    This is more or less the textbook Liberty list. The Liberty alwqays needs a secondary threat on the board so the opponent has to separate his fleet or face the consequences.
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    Norell got a reaction from Blail Blerg in Could we get the Mandator IV Class Dreadnought?   
    Laziest design I saw in years. Oh no, wait, the RZ-2 A-Wing was lazier.
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    Norell got a reaction from n815e in Let's start an arguement!   
    The A-Wing is basically a tuned down Eta-2 Jedi starfighter. In Rebel colors! It can't get any better than that! You must be a real bad*** to be able to fly that ship. In Y-Wings you have the shields and the ion cannon. In X-Wings you have shields and maneuverability. In K-Wings you have shields and armor and huge firepower. In an A-Wing you have no shields but such extreme speed you need lightning fast reflexes not to splatter on a capital ship nearby.
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    Norell got a reaction from Cruzer in The Organa Effect   
    It's a bad list because it lacks the most important Organa card, Leia
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    Norell reacted to JadinED in Happy Friday - I think   
    😃 Fridays are more happy again...
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    Norell reacted to Bertie Wooster in Kanan Raidus   
    The new go-to squadron for Sato?
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    Norell reacted to Drasnighta in Kanan Raidus   
    Assault is one Rule.  
    Kanan's Pilot Ability is another Rule.
    They absolutely both work at the same time, but as said, you literally need to roll a single Blue HIT and a single Blue CRIT to get 2 Raid tokens.
    Put him with his PTSD Buddy, Rex, and then you've got a situation that, with a Single Squadron Command, you can potentially put 3 Raid Tokens on a Close range Target, *and* the Enemy can't get rid of more than 1 of them with a Dial until Rex moves on.
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    Norell reacted to Gilarius in 10 Hammerhead Corvettes   
    Is a fleet of 10 Hammerhead torpedo Corvettes a) a bad fleet? b) something that makes me a bad person for wanting to try it out?
    (No, I don't own 10, but I can borrow enough to put them on the table.)
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    Norell reacted to Madaghmire in Let's start an arguement!   
    Terrible list. The wings, much like your game controllers, go X, A, B, Y.
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    Norell reacted to Drasnighta in Let's start an arguement!   
    Oh, it has them.
    But it is stated they’re basically de powered to the point that you could be hurt by harsh language - if that power weren’t pushing you faster than the speed of sound 😁😁
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    Norell reacted to Thrindal in Let's start an arguement!   
    A-Wing at #10 and K-Wing at #3?
    This fool doesn't know what they are talking about.
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    Norell reacted to ThatRobHuman in The state of KDYv2   
    The TLDR;
    First of all, to get this started on the right note: I apologize for being out of touch. Life has been... much. I'll spare you the gruesome details in the first couple of paragraphs, but suffice to say that my road has until very recently been very rocky. Further down in this post, I'll give you a bit of a slice of life to help give some context as to what's been going on - not for sympathy, but hopefully as a way of a bit of explaination.
    Second: KDYv2 is not dead. In point of fact, it's been reborn a couple of times during the development cycle - there were a number of false starts that hit technical dead ends. However, a few months ago, I pivoted hard, and frankly restarted development from the ground up, and it's going much much better this time around. Again, further down on this post, I'll get into some techincal details for those who are curious.
    Third: **** the proton torpedoes, full throttle ahead - and other such clichés. 
    KDYv2 is still going to have all the features that I had planned out way back. I haven't dialed back the parameters from my original vision in the slightest. I am determined to do this, and do this right this time around - and in the last few months, it feels much more attainable that it ever did originally. Additionally, while wrapping away at my keyboard weaving functions and callbacks, I've been doing some testing and prodding. I'll get into that later.
    The not so brief Engineering Brief
    I don't know how many of you are in the realm of the technical. ****, I'm not even formally trained (Yay for being self-taught), so I may oscilate between accurate technical terms, innaccurate technical terms, lay-speak, and straight up obscure metaphors.
    KDYv1 is built on a LAMP stack. It's PHP7 running on Apache, backed by a MySQL database running on a Linux (Centos specifically) server out in California. For Rendering (what actually produces the image) is a program called wkhtmltoimage, which basically starts up a browser, reads an HTML file, and takes a screenshot.
    This was (and for now, I guess, still is) adequate. This isn't NORAD, I needed something that satisfied what I wanted out of it.
    What I wanted grew. I didn't exactly code it with a lot of flexibility in mind. The primary content that you find on the site is only about half of what's going on. Yeah, you can make custom ships and squadrons, and damage cards, and even a miscellanious (read sloppy) card type that serves as a catchall for things I didn't think of at the beginning - but you know all those different factions you see? and defense token definitions? even the dice colors? That's all stuff that's defined on the other side of the admin wall, and I didn't exactly build it all that well (in fact, right now, the site will break if I add another defense token, which is why you haven't seen the new one from the Onager and Starhawk). For even an even bigger cringe-worthy practice: the rendering system is pretty much all hardcoded - a glorified string.replace call that slots database values in to a static html page. KDYv1 worked, but it's definetly a jury rig.
    I wanted to do this the RIGHT way, in a way that would allow for me, and others, to actually extend it's capabilities rather than be confined to them. Now it was a matter of how...
    I hate HTML inputs - with a passion. Text Fields and Checkboxes, and all that? I hate them. I started off as a web designer (I still think in CSS, to this day) and inputs are the bane of my designer existance - it's really hard to get a consistent look/feel with any kind of vanilla input field. Now look at KDY, with it's MULTITUDE of inputs of all sorts (and the layout really isn't working as it is). I've tried 5 different times on the v2 Project alone to get inputs to behave in a consistent way using HTML and CSS (and even oldschool javascript like jQuery). I cannot tell you just how frustrating it was to get them to behave. I didn't want to build this site again using that workflow ever again.
    I did some reading and I jumped around from something called WebComponents, an immerging web standard (still in it's infancy at that point - still kinda is) that let's users make their own HTML components. Cool!... except if ever you thought jQuery was painful, this was worse.
    I spent a few months idling poking around until I happened across a framework called React... Remember that I was pretty heavy into LAMP stack dev. I had never touched NodeJS. I didn't even know that cross-compiling was a thing. I wrote my javascript on a simple js file that the HTML that my php script generated linked to and that was it. An ENTIRE website written in javascript? Are you insane? Might as well light yourself on fire in order to stay warm.
    But I was pretty desperate at this point. If I ever wanted to touch web-dev ever again, I knew I had to get out of PHP for the front end. After months and months of struggling to get my head around it, the MERN stack finally clicked in my head - I could code and design a front end that I was happy with! So I start to lay out some pages, start coding up some endpoints on the API using my tried and true PHP skills, that even my own front-end would hook into, and... well... it was pretty painful. I realized that PHP was still holding me back, even for the back-end - so I ditched it... again.
    Now, here's the thing about the modern Javascript ecosystem. Everything is a module. If there's a thing you want done, there's a module for it. There's probably forty modules for it. Just download the module, import it, and, well... now you've got a module that does the one thing you want as well as half a dozen other things, and never QUITE in the same way that you want... a perfect example out there is something called ExpressJS. It's a wrapper and extender of the native http-server module for Node, and it's really powerful, and really flexible - except that it does WAY more than I need it to, and the signal-to-noise ratio was getting really low. I had to contort what I wanted around this thing.
    And that's when I realized I was on the right path: I wrote my own purpose-driven restful http-server module in 3 hours. THREE HOURS. It would've taken me days to lay the ground work to do the exact same thing in PHP - and my node server was fractional-C-speed by comparison.
    Hot **** - now we're cooking.
    The Slice of Life / Oversharing
    Content Warning: Alcoholism, Suicide Attempt & Depression (not me; non-graphic).
    Let's face it - I'm a technical designer, not a content writer - my posts tend to be stream of consciousness as it is - and I would surprise myself if this one wasn't. Also, fair warning: I don't like full stops and I use commas and hyphens almost interchangeably (if you couldn't tell already).
    Another quick point: I'm pretty dead-set against the stigma surrounding mental health topics. A lot of people, particularly on the internet, seem to be against the idea of sharing - gotta filter the online persona (sometimes aggressively deny it, and berate those who do while we're at it) - naw, man - you gotta let people be open and honest about life - the strength comes from the sharing.
    I can't remember how long I've been working on KDYv2. It's been long enough that I MAY have moved house twice since I started on it. About three years ago, I got a phone call from my brother that my father attempted. He had just been fired for not showing up to work, and seemingly endless debt suddenly loomed up on him. I spent Christmas that year going back and forth from his house to the hospital helping him get things sorted. The four of us: my brother, my partner, my metamore, and I helped dust him off, and get him on his feet. He started the process of getting him on retirement and hung out until we collectively felt like he had enough stability that I could get back to work.
    Life went on for about two years. That may I moved into my first real MY apartment (with two other people, but I was the majority rent payer and financial provider for everyone who lived with me). If any of you are in the greater New York area, you have experienced first hand just how high the cost of living here can get. I don't make six figures (and I don't know that I ever will). I spent a lot of time working to make ends meet. We stayed there for two years. I kept touch with dad every once in a while, but I had my nose to the grind wheel in a big way. I indulged in some hobbies to help keep myself from being completely burned out, but there was a lot to tank. Things were oscillating between "ugh, this in painful but doable" and "You know, I think I've really got a handle on this life stuff".
    About 4 months before our second lease was up, I got a phone call from my dad. He'd taken a pretty bad fall and ended up in hospital. He was quite frail and as the circumstances started to get explored, he leveled with me in that he had been drinking - a lot. Depression and loneliness (he was living alone at this point) is a **** of a thing, and alcohol can be quite a salve. I spend a few weeks going back and forth between his house and work again while he's in detox/physical therapy. In a few days, we all reached a conclusion: it would be best for me to move back in with dad. The plan was to give him some company and support while he recovers, give him some financial assistance that his retirement can't quite cover. In the same stroke, I save approximately a thousand US per month on housing alone. 
    What I was not prepared for was just how curmudgeonly he is. I'll spare you a deeper voyage into my childhood traumatic backstory (what other people call childhood), but this has been a trip. In a lot of ways, I'm realizing how much I had unlearned from having moved out a decade ago - and being better for it - It's particularly highlighted because of how much I feel like I stand in deep contrast of both him, and where I was while I lived with him. I'm peeling back layers of negative behavior and toxic masculinity on his part: "Dad, that's not fair and you know it. you need to put yourself in their shoes for a minute". It's been a **** of trip over the last 5 or 6 months while I've lived here, but progress is being made in slowly getting him to emotional self-sufficiency.
    For myself, I'm spending 5-to-6 hours per day commuting, but I only go into the office three times per week, and the days that I do go in I spend the train-ride tapping away at the keyboard. I got a pay bump at work - they still aren't paying me what I'm worth, and my skills are still very underutilized, but I make enough money that I don't feel like I'm comfortably hanging off a cliff anymore. To sum up, the spinning of my head is starting to slow down after the rapid-hard pivot I had to make. I'm okay, and I'm ready to get back to work.
    Scouting the Outer Rim.
    Tabletop Simulator and Vassal are great programs. I adore them both. I've already decided that KDYv2 will be built around an API. I've already have had multiple conversations with the developers of Tabletop Simulators and they've already started implementing features that will help Tabletop Simulator load content from KDY. I've spent some time writing a few scripts and plugins for TTS and while there are still some hang ups that have yet to be resolved by the developers, I'm confident that a fully featured integration with TTS and KDYv2 will not only be possible, but incredibly experience rich. I have fantasies of hosting a TTS tournament in stream in a virtual arena-like set. (I may have already built a Sorosuub Blimp [a play on Goodyear Blimp] as a fun tangent). Now, bear in mind that this is end-game stuff, and there are a lot of steps that need to happen first, but I've already done a lot of the research on how it should be done.
    So where are we now?
    Well, this may be slightly discouraging to hear, but this is a pretty new iteration of KDYv2 (one could really call it KDYv2.5) - I learned a lot from my first pass, so I am of the firm belief that this won't be anywhere approaching as painful as the last time. I've already gotten the new UI library pretty much done. I'm taking another solid pass at the database schema and then I work on the API and proper Front End in parallel.
    Let's get into things that I've learned from the first pass, and what I want to do maximize the efficacy of those things learned.
    I need to take more time planning. I'm good at off the cuff, and it's handy to be flexible, but I found myself refactoring classes really often. I really want to hammer out a full database schema and figure out how they should be related before I create my first table. In this way, I'm finding I'm lacking on tools. My housemates are going to love that my room will mirror a scene out of A Beautiful Mind, or any conspiracy-theorist trope, complete with red yarn connecting pieces of paper, but I need to be better about externalizing the design process. 
    I need to be more transparent - and this isn't even for the benefit of the community - I do better with positive encouragement, and it's taken me a long time to realize that it's okay to seek it out. To that end, I'm batting around the idea of doing weekly coding streams. I'm also going to be better about periodic updates. I need to get into the habit of posting small regular updates rather than giant brain-dumps like this. I think that'll help manage burnout and give you guys a better look into what's going on. Another idea that I'm kicking around is weekly snippets about some of the features explained out. I realized that I've never really gone into depth about what the rendering system beyond a few paragraphs here and there. The hang up is that it'll be hard to show off before building it. In order to get any kind of effective showcasing, I'd be forced to spend some time building a bare-bones prototype, and why do that when I can just build the thing. Still, if anyone has any ideas on what they'd like to see on regularly scheduled updates, I'd be happy to embrace it. One caveat though: I don't like being on camera one bit - so any videos would either have to be audio conversations, or voiceovers.
    Project management. For those of you who are so inclined, have a look at a youtuber named Wintergaten. If you've ever seen the musical marble machine, that's him. Well, he's in the process of building a second, better one, and he's been at it for years. As you may have guessed, I find the parallels in his ambition and the trials he faces to be eerily similar, and thus inspirational (I highly recommend checking him out). One of the things that he did a few years ago was sit down and plan out (with the assistance of a volunteer Actual Project Manager) discrete chunks. The mantra of "Break it down into parts" is great in theory, but until you actually commit those individualized chunks into discrete structures, the "smaller chunks" that exist in your head will always coalesce into the larger whole unless you commit some serious mental bandwidth to maintaining it (and wouldn't that mental bandwidth be better served in actually working on things rather than reinforcing the walls between the preciously segmented chunks?). Right now my "project management" consists of a color-coded text file with little square bracket checkboxes indicated what is unstarted, unfinished, and finished. This text file isn't even the whole thing, it really only covers the UI library - this clearly will not scale. I don't have a solution to this one yet, but I know it's a thing that I should deal with soon, lest momentum carry me past the point where I'll spend more time trying to get myself organized than working on the actual project.
    I'm building Kuat Drive Yards, and so can you!
    My own sense of anxiety is yelling at me as I right this: "You're lucky you're getting community support, but really who would want to help, this is awfully presumptuous of you" - and that part of my brain may be right, but screw it - go for the gold. Suppose for a moment you want to help. That's really awesome of you, and I'd love to take you up on it, but I'm not really sure how to make the best use of any help that would be offered. I'm not management material (I loathe the idea of being asked to be a manager at my dayjob) - I have a hard enough time allocating my own resources let alone other people's. I gots no idea what I'm doing, and I'll be the very first to admit it. That said, if there is sufficient interest, I will totally sit down and figure out how folks would best be able to help - I can already tell that anyone who would be willing to donate some Project Management skills would be very welcome.
    Eventually, when we get closer to the endgame, I will need to pivot to make a slew of 3D models, and while I'm an Okay-level 3D artist, that may be one of those things that may be better served by someone else.
    The design of the cards on KDY have been met with mixed reviews. Some of that is because of the limitations of the rendering engine that I wrote, and some of that is because by the time I got to the renderer, I just wanted the bloody thing to work. When things get closer to the endgame, again, I'd love to see what other folks might think for a good design to serve as the system default renderer.
    Anyways - getting back at it - thanks for reading all of this, and being overall just generally awesome.
    Fly safely, but not too safely.
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    Norell got a reaction from The Jabbawookie in 1200 Point Sector Fleet Tournament   
    First of all, Walex. He won't serve his purpose on a GR-75. If a flotilla has to discard its scatter, it's already dead. And even if it isn't you bought only one extra round for a Jamming Field. In fact, I would scrap that flotilla completely. You could gain a few points on the squadrons as well. I doubt that you would get too much mileage from Keyan as you have no RLBs to drop him into the face of the opponent.
    Drop the IX7 from Yavaris, that ship will be dead and it's only purpose is to boost squadrons while giving the least possible points to the opponent.
    I would change the MC75s to Ordnance Cruisers, drop Boosted Comms, Flight Controllers, Leading Shots and Ordnance Pods in exchange for ExRax, C&S and OE, APT. Those ships wanna get close and double arc to use their black dice, they will be close enough to activate the squadrons.
    I'm not sure any more where we're standing, but we must be pretty close to add two MC-30 scouts with titles, OE, APT and TRC. THe latter can always be replaced by DTT or XI7.
    Or you can try the bolder approach, MC-30 torps with titles, OE, ACM and H9 for 3 points LESS!
    Paired with the MC-75 Ordnances those four could charge ahead while the big ones can throw their red dice calmly from afar.
    My two cents only though, I just love MC-30 :D
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    Norell reacted to Destraa in So FFG, may we get some damage deck variants?   
    I just want a full-size damage deck. Trying to shuffle mini-USA is a pain in the ***.
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    Norell got a reaction from Bertie Wooster in 1200 Point Sector Fleet Tournament   
    First of all, Walex. He won't serve his purpose on a GR-75. If a flotilla has to discard its scatter, it's already dead. And even if it isn't you bought only one extra round for a Jamming Field. In fact, I would scrap that flotilla completely. You could gain a few points on the squadrons as well. I doubt that you would get too much mileage from Keyan as you have no RLBs to drop him into the face of the opponent.
    Drop the IX7 from Yavaris, that ship will be dead and it's only purpose is to boost squadrons while giving the least possible points to the opponent.
    I would change the MC75s to Ordnance Cruisers, drop Boosted Comms, Flight Controllers, Leading Shots and Ordnance Pods in exchange for ExRax, C&S and OE, APT. Those ships wanna get close and double arc to use their black dice, they will be close enough to activate the squadrons.
    I'm not sure any more where we're standing, but we must be pretty close to add two MC-30 scouts with titles, OE, APT and TRC. THe latter can always be replaced by DTT or XI7.
    Or you can try the bolder approach, MC-30 torps with titles, OE, ACM and H9 for 3 points LESS!
    Paired with the MC-75 Ordnances those four could charge ahead while the big ones can throw their red dice calmly from afar.
    My two cents only though, I just love MC-30 :D
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    Norell got a reaction from cadetvw in Player finder (map)   
    This is a really useful page actually. OK community, let's fill it up with data!
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    Norell reacted to RogueCorona in NEW Rise Of Skywalker fotage from D23 LOTS OF ISDs   
    After everything Vader did Luke tried to redeem him. Yet all it takes is a vision that Luke knows is only a possible future and look what he does. He wakes up, arms himself, walks to Kylo's tent, and ignites his weapon before catching himself.
    Vader served the darkside for decades and Luke considers him redeemable yet Luke gives up on his nephew to the point of preparing to murder Ben in his sleep because Ben is slipping towards the darkside. That makes no sense. Luke knows as well as anyone that those who fall can come back to the light so why would he, even for just a moment, consider Ben beyond redemption before his fall?
    I believe Coruscant is one of the systems that was granted to the Empire by the treaty that ended the war. If so the quest is what is the First Order's relationship to the Imperial Remanent that remained in known space. And I don't think anything has explained that.
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    Norell got a reaction from The Jabbawookie in What to Take Against An SSD?   
    You know, I just realized I wrote Leia instead of Mothma.
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    Norell got a reaction from RyonOlson in NEW Rise Of Skywalker fotage from D23 LOTS OF ISDs   
    1) They were in a bit of a hurry if I remember correctly, so arrange a rebel transport, especially with the Imperials on their tails might ave been problematic...
    2) Actually the book was written from the final script, which was later cut to meet the lenght-requirements of a movie. The book DID NOT recon anything, the movie cut a big chunk of the original story. And the book was written BEFORE the filming was finished, from the script. So technically the book came first  The Death Star attack was far more elaborate originally. It even involved a battle with a Star Destroyer before they could get to the Death Star. And because the Imps could see them coming, it was never an option to come in undetected.
    3) If "extra movie fluff doesn't count", then the whole new trilogy doesn't make sense whatsoever, because everyone says that you have to read this or that book when it's explained what happened and why (Battle of Jakku for instance).
    @Darth Sanguis I was actually very much enjoying the EU. Dare I say, I even liked the Vong! Sure, there were parts when it was boring or annoying, but from about 50 books, that's understandable. But I liked the Yevetha crisis for exampe, I loved the New Jedi Order and the discovery of the idea of attachment (compared to the detachment-idea of the old Jedi Order), I LOVED how they handled the Imperial Remnant. There were some really great stuff in there in my opinion. But if nothing else, they at least dared to make grand stories with new ideas, daring choices and interesting characters. The NT doesn't bring anything new or original, they just make everything bigger, batter, stronger and  boom! New Star Wars!
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    Norell reacted to Admiral Calkins in Cracken's CR90B SW-7 Swarm vs. Raddus' MC30s and Profundity   
    My opponent and I played our regular Saturday game at Orbital Games with him attempting to fly Rebels for the first time.  I was originally planning to use the Cracken CR90B swarm against him last week, but he had to cancel, so I used it against another opponent.  I told him in advance that I would be using it again simply because I knew that I would be helping him all week refine his Raddus list and didn't want to list-build having a general or specific idea what my opponent was going to be running.  This was not a fun game (not for the reason you might suspect) and I got a little tilted for the first time playing Armada.  Here are the lists.
    Commander: General Cracken
    Assault: Opening Salvo
    Defense: Jamming Barrier
    Navigation: Solar Corona
    CR90 Corvette B (39)
    • General Cracken (26)
    • SW-7 Ion Batteries (5)
    • Jaina's Light (2)
    = 72 Points
    CR90 Corvette B (39)
    • SW-7 Ion Batteries (5)
    = 44 Points
    CR90 Corvette B (39)
    • SW-7 Ion Batteries (5)
    = 44 Points
    CR90 Corvette B (39)
    • SW-7 Ion Batteries (5)
    = 44 Points
    CR90 Corvette B (39)
    • SW-7 Ion Batteries (5)
    = 44 Points
    CR90 Corvette B (39)
    • SW-7 Ion Batteries (5)
    = 44 Points
    CR90 Corvette B (39)
    • SW-7 Ion Batteries (5)
    = 44 Points
    GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
    • Slicer Tools (7)
    • Bright Hope (2)
    = 27 Points
    GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
    • Slicer Tools (7)
    • Quantum Storm (1)
    = 26 Points
    = 0 Points
    Total Points: 389
    Same list as last week, which I had a lot of fun flying, but I switched out Fleet Ambush for Jamming Barrier (Thanks @Bertie Wooster!).
    Commander: Admiral Raddus
    Assault: Most Wanted
    Defense: Contested Outpost
    Navigation: Solar Corona
    MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63)
    • Admiral Raddus (26)
    • Lando Calrissian (4)
    • Ordnance Experts (4)
    • Assault Concussion Missiles (7)
    • XI7 Turbolasers (6)
    • Admonition (8)
    = 118 Points
    MC75 Armored Cruiser (104)
    • Boarding Troopers (3)
    • External Racks (3)
    • Leading Shots (4)
    • Profundity (7)
    = 121 Points
    MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63)
    • Ordnance Experts (4)
    • Assault Concussion Missiles (7)
    • XI7 Turbolasers (6)
    • Foresight (8)
    = 88 Points
    CR90 Corvette B (39)
    • Hondo Ohnaka (2)
    • Overload Pulse (8)
    = 49 Points
    GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
    • Quantum Storm (1)
    = 19 Points
    = 0 Points
    Total Points: 395
    So my opponent picked the ships and most of the upgrades, then asked how it looked.  I recommended some changes and there (Admonition for his flagship instead of Foresight, adding Lando, needing a reroll upgrade on Profundity, etc.) and this is what he brought to the table.  We had a week to discuss how the Raddus and Profundity drops worked, including the inability to have Raddus on the ship dropping in (caught that one really early).  The CR90B was going to be the ship to drop out of Profundity.  As much as I told him the Overload Pulse trick wasn't going to work (I was right), he wanted to try it anyways.
    I had initiative and chose to be second player.  He chose my Jamming Barrier as the objective.

    Deployment:  I deployed the CR90B gunline so that his flagship would run right into it.  Either he would have to drop in Round 2 or, being in the center, I would attack/ram his flagship to death.  Also had GR-75s on the flanks to slice his ships (especially with his MC30s starting out at speed 4).  Jamming Barrier goes down on my right side between his GR-75 and likely drop points.
    Round 1:  MC30s speed forward and I stay behind the dust clouds or out of close range.  The Gunline moves forward, most at speed 2, preparing for either a center drop or a massive salvo against his flagship.  My opponent's Quantum Storm gets a little bit into my flank.

    Round 2:  My opponent brought in his Raddus and Profundity ships this round (above are the before-drop and after-drop pictures).  The only surprise was the positioning of the drop ship, which essentially could only make one activation's worth of attacks before being out of the game (less so with his CR90B, but similar positioning).   He came just within the Jamming Barrier, which I should place closer to the center of the board by range 1-2 (lesson learned).  He started the round by activating his CR90B, putting my flagship down to three hull.  I was unable to get my flagship in a good spot (straight would have been in close range of Admonition and turning to the right would have been in close range of Profundity and Admonition.  I chose the latter, hoping that he would want a quick kill with Profundity, saving my other CR90B that was in its range.  It worked.  While he destroyed my already damaged flagship, scatter saved Bright Hope from a massive pool of dice (he hates GR-75s with a passion for some reason and I use them to focus his efforts away from my more valuable ships... it works more often than you'd think).  Before he moved his MC75, he tells me, "Killed a ship.  Now I am running away."  I thought he was kidding at first, but was quick to tell him that a 6-5 win (it was actually a 7-4 at the time, but he flew his CR90B off the board without my interference, which brought it back to a 6-5) is great for a cut game, but not something you should be shooting for in Swiss (we are prepping for a local tournament in July and now for the Grand Championship in January).  He told me he was just going for the W.  And he proceeded to run away.  Profundity goes to the corner (after initially ramming my GR-75), as did his CR90B and GR-75, and his MC30s started heading to the other side of the board without engaging.
    This was the point where I started to get upset because I had two options:  Chase my opponent's already speed 4 ships and try to get a game of out it or drop down to speed 3, then 2, and never engage the rest of the game, effectively settling for a 5-6 loss.  I chose the former, because I actually wanted to play Armada.
    Round 3:  Chased his MC30s.  Lost a CR90B and a GR-75.
    Round 4:  Chased his MC30s.  Lost a CR90B.
    Round 5:  Chased his MC30s.  Lost a CR90B.  He flew his CR90B off the board.
    Round 6:  Chased his MC30s.  He flew his flagship off the board (Slicer Tools for the win!).  Game ended with a 4-7 loss for me.
    Thoughts: I lost.  It happens (and you generally learn more from it than a win).  But it was the ways that I lost that made me upset.  First, like most people that play only on the weekends, I waited all week to play this game.  And it came down to "Raddus drop, kill one ship, run" which was not fun at all.  Great strategy for a game that you just need a W, but not fun for a casual game or necessarily a good strategy for swiss.  At least if you are going to drop, do it so your ship is going to remain engaged (the interesting thing is that if he would have dropped towards my nearest CR90Bs, he likely would have killed them both and been able to take out the GR-75 in the next round, which would have been a brilliant drop).  Second, being a casual game, I played this like a swiss game and my opponent played it like cut game.  This is what really irked me (along with him thinking that every CR90B chase kill was somehow showing his skill as an admiral).  Maybe this is a communication issue between my opponent and I's expectations for the game, but this is the first time this has come up and we have been playing regularly for more than four months.  Essentially, if we were playing this as a cut game (where a one point victory or a draw as second player advances you), I would have deployed and played a lot differently.  I guess it would be similar (but not as egregious) as if someone killed a generic TIE, in a casual game, then disengaged, which I'm pretty sure people would be pissed about.  This just ended up being a wasted Saturday.  Please let me know if you think I am being unreasonable.  Hope you enjoyed the BATREP, even if a significant portion of it was me venting.  
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    Norell reacted to Muelmuel in So FFG, may we get some damage deck variants?   
    With reference to:
    Imo it is really fitting for Armada to get the same treatment too since large ships suffering different criticals are so thematic and key to this game and and it's flavour, the images might give the feel of data screens reporting the damages on the bridge of your ship.
    Possible ships to depict:
    Rebel: CR90 or Nebulon (most iconic)
    Imperial: ISD (of course)
    Republic: Venator (of course)
    Separatist: not sure though I like Lucrehulk
    Like if you think this is a good idea and would totally buy it and make ffg richer!
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    Norell reacted to LordCola in They did it, those crazy folks planet side got reduced points!   
    I would hope that FFG will be very conservative and careful with a rebalance. Maybe don't change any ship pricing at first and instead focus on really bad, overpriced and fringe cards that never see play like Dominator. I just don't know how much data on the games balance FFG has and how accurate it is.
    I also kind of like the stability of pricing in this game. I would hate it if any list I build previously was now not playable anymore because it is now over 400 points. So I guess for now I would also restrict point changes to only making things cheaper not more expensive.
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    Norell got a reaction from Kylemcph240 in NEW Rise Of Skywalker fotage from D23 LOTS OF ISDs   
    TFA is a scene by scene reshot of ANH. All they did is that they added Finn who up to this point did nothing in the movies.  If you would remove him, the event's wouldn't change, not even a bit.
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    Norell reacted to Mad Cat in Screed TIE-Cycle   
    In preparation for Rebellion in the Rim coming out I thought about a list to recycle a few TIE Interceptors with Reserve Hangar Bays.
    389/400. Most Wanted, Planetary Ion Cannon, Solar Corona
    Raider-II, Screed, HIE, D-Caps, Montferrat, Corvus, 93
    GSD-I, Demolisher, ACMs, OE, Brunson, Aux Shield Team 85
    Raider-I, ACMs, Reserve Hangar, SFO, 55
    Raider-I, ACMs, Reserve Hangar, SFO, 55
    Gozanti, Reserve Hangar, Comms Net, 28
    Gozanti, Reserve Hangar, Vader, 27
    3 TIE-int, Valen Rudor, 46
    The Skilled First Officers on the raiders may seem an unusual choice for command 1 ships but they are for Vader to get a reroll if they find themselves double arcing a target. Screed will guarantee the ACM crit from the side arc while vader chokes the SFO to try and get a second crit with the front shot. Think of them as the Imperial Task Force Organa. 
    Corvus deploys first followed by the fighters and flotillas and then the other ships. Corvus finally redeploys somewhere safe so it can protect the Commander on a fast obscured flanking move looking for some Heavy Ion softening up. 
    4 Reserve Hangars may be overdoing things for the 3 interceptors. I could change one for a flotilla boosted Comms, or eat into the bid a little for 5 Interceptors with no Rudor and maybe drop Vader/SFOs or one Reserve Hangar. 
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    Norell got a reaction from GalacticFist in UNDER RATED Rogue one   
    For a certain degree I agree with the OP. The space scenes were great, the new ships were great. Raddus was great. Tarkin, Krennic (Yes I said it!) and the Death Star were great. Nods to the OT were great (Red Five is being destroyed, pilot shots reused). But there were so many BAD things about the movie... The main characters' were poorly written and without any real story arc or decent motivation. Dialogues were dull. How the Rebel leaders acted to the existence of the Death Star was just stupid. They forced Bail, C3PO and R2-D2 needlessly into the movie. Leia was unacceptably badly animated. The Hammerhead vs 2 ISD "solution" was laughable.
    I have a weird love-hate relation with this movie. I watched it 3 times already, and there are times when I'm screaming like a little boy so much I enjoy it, but there is always a time when I have to pause it for a few minutes because I'm so enraged about how stupid the movie is sometimes.
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