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  1. I had a lot of fun with a triple VSD-II+QBT+LS+D-Caps list. Or you can replace one VSD with an Interdoctor plus D-Caps and Yularen. Both lists help you learn about VSDs a lot and figure out how to be competitive. They won't win any tournament though...
  2. Well, I'm seriously thinking about buying a Toyota Yaris and put a V and an A in the middle of the name of the car on the rear
  3. I don't see this ship working at all. With no redirect and a single shield it can be one-shot by an ISD and it will be down in 2 turns against basically anything. A good comparison would be the Nebulon-B, but the Escort variant is 10 points cheaper and although its forward and rear arc has one less die and it has only 5 hull, it has an Evade with the chance of getting a Redirect (Vanguard) and 3 more shields, and a much better movement chart. And that was the better variant of the two Dreadnoughts, the Support variant seems to be useless.
  4. Insidious is there for the Hyperspace Assault and the threat of not letting it get behind you. It's more of a strategy-defining card than an actual ship booster.
  5. The sister arc was there because they were originally planned as brothers for a possible love interest for Ahsoka. But I agree, it was more like a filler, it doesn't really add anything to the series.
  6. Well. If it's a 5 vs 5 match only, I'm out. If there are plenty of NPCs to destroy in the mean time, then I think I need a VR
  7. I saw the movie about a million times, read the book at least three times and never quite understood the trench run attack until today when I rewatched the scene. I was especially confused about why we see only two X-Wings at the beginning of Luke's run in a short cutscene. But now I think I understand. In the first two runs, Dutch and Dave went in with their wingmen close behind. This gave them additional chances for hitting the target, but the wingmen also operated as "human shields" against squadrons from behind. They were focusing mostly on hitting the target for sure, and relied on their shields as protection. But that made them easy prey for the much faster TIE/A as Vader had plenty of time to close up and destroy them. Luke chose a different approach. They went in at full throttle "Just like Beggar's Canyon back home!", but more importantly, he went further ahead. With this Vader had to choose: Attack the lead ship and risk being fired upon form behind by Biggs and Wedge, or deal with the defenders first, risking that he won't be able to catch up with the lead ship in time. In the end it went down to the Rebels not knowing what Vader and his custom TIE are capable of, while the Empire knew the exact capabilities of the X-Wing. At full speed Biggs and Wedge had very little energy left to their shields making them easy prey. Vader also knew that a damaged X-Wing won't be a threat because it won't be able to keep up. The TIEs are faster in straight line speed than the X-Wing, and a damaged one would quickly fall behind, out of firing range. He damaged Wedge, destroyed Biggs and after disposing the wingmen he still had enough time to catch up with Luke. I know, I'm such a nerd. I love Star Wars
  8. It was breathtaking. I'm so glad I waited until it was finished and then could watch the last four episodes in one sit. It was really emotional. I stopped the playback in almost every minute of the first two parts, just to fully savor all the emotional responses these situations inflicted from me. And the beautifully composed music! They used several themes from the original trilogy, but hands down my favorite was when they used the reworked music for Order 66 while the clones attacked Ahsoka. And the suspense... You knew what's coming and they dragged it on and on through half of the third part. It was great! I was a great Ahsoka fan before, but these episodes made me an even greater one. Frankly, I wasn't so much moved by Vader's appearance, I expected some more from him. Or they could have cut him out completely in my opinion. But I like what they did to his eyes. I also like dhow every character aged, although with Yularen I think they went a bit too far. But they managed to bring Anakin and Obi-Wan so much closer to how Christensen and McGregor looked in RotS, that I haven't even noticed how different they were in the Clone Wars before Fun fact: Have you noticed the Jurassic Park Easter Egg? When Rafa fights the Trandoshan there is a point when she kicks (I think) him in the stomach, and the Trando lets out the velociraptors' call sound. I was surprised that they did this
  9. The ships got some really strong anti squadron cards and even stronger combos. Toryn, Kallus, Chaffs, QLT, Point-Defense, and even DCO is now sees action. There are ships that can deal with a whole wing of squadrons alone. Meanwhile flotillas got restricted to 2, and Yavaris and Gallant Haven got massive nerf. And the main issue is that if you want to be competitive in a tournament, you have to be prepared for many different lists. And squadron-heavy lists nowadays can deal with one or two types only. The only somewhat flexible squadron-heavy list is Sloane Aces, but even that one is struggling more often than it should.
  10. This guy is simply incredible. I couldn't imagine that he could create a desirable ship from that blob and now I want it in my Armada collection just as bad as the restored Nebulon! A support ship with at least 3 different ship card and a wide variety of slots, including a so far flotilla-exclusive fleet support on the Kyprin Renegade variant.
  11. I think the cards are quite nice, but the names are terrible
  12. I'll be honest. I don't like the colors at all. But that's only my taste and I still want to acknowledge the skill of the painter. The Starhawk is especially well done.
  13. This list still doesn't justify the squadron pusher to be Yavaris. No real bombing potential and that's where Yava shines.
  14. Thanks Brian, really appreciate it! Without the ships though, we can't speculate too much. But Wat Tambor looks like a Big + MSU commander where everyone feeds the big one - and die for hi.
  15. That actually contains a lot of info. Pretty much confirms Torrents, Venators, Obi-Wan in the core release. At least I hope 🙂
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