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  1. Norell

    Lets Analyse Threat Range

    Not in this topic it seems. It wasnecroed at least three times already. I think this is some kind of a record...
  2. Just keep us unfortunate souls updated. Especially if you learn abou any news related to Armada...
  3. If we gonna get a CW expansion I'm sure it will be full of boarding parties and raid tokens. We can see in the animated series that they board each other in every second episode after all...
  4. Norell

    What I’d Love to See Released for ARMADA

    Han very rarely commands fleets. In fact he always feels uncomfortable when he has to. Men onthe other hand... Han is clearly a ground commander, the same way you couldn'timagine Ackbar leading a commando raid personally.
  5. Norell

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    I am of the "younger folks" and I still don't like the idea of fleet builder apps. As it was pointed out already, it means that devs don't need to balance anything anymore. OP? Justincrease the point cost. Too weak? Just change the text or lower the point cost. Armada is sucha great gamr because it's so well balanced. I don'twantit to take X-Wing's path thankyouverymuch. Plus I don't want to google my phone all the time, I want to PLAY! See and touch what I'm playing and interact with my opponent, not googling what thatnever used card that happens to be in his list can do. And how would I introduce the game? Hey guys, you like my huge plastic ships? Wanna play? Uh... Ok, just download this app on your phone first. Suuuure it's not a spyware or anything, I swear! How much time till it downloads? Well see you next time then...
  6. Norell

    SSD article up!

    Yeah I'm glad I have 4 MC30s now But don't forget that any SSD likely has DCO, so mind the ordnance upgrade!
  7. Norell

    SSD article up!

    A new campaign box with new map, new rules and new extra cards would be great. But I would still prefer a Dornean/Lancer flak ship puls dual-faction Dreadnoight expansion. It's been years since we last had three new toys in a single expansion
  8. Norell

    2 articles in 5 days.

    The interview was very informative. It revealed the existenxe of a new vawe and its announcement date too. The second article is for people outside the community I guess. We all know about the little leaflet but potential new players don't. For them this article is huge news and I guess that was the intention. Don't forget that the way FFG told us about the SSD was rather unorthodox. The traditional way is via articles. And it also reaches more potential customers. We can still be happy about the interview. And FFG could indicate with minimal effort that Armada is not dead yet.
  9. Norell

    Rad B-Bomb

    Only 2 CR90s as drop points. One of them is Raddus himself so basically you have one possible drop point, unless you want to risk losing Raddus before making the drop. But hey, I saw crazier lists than this one...
  10. Norell

    VIC-II Combo

    I wonder if the I) combo works without the Sensor Team. Do the dice generate enough accuracies that justify the 10 points spent on the QTC?
  11. Norell

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    The Vong vere cool. Definitely better than the First Order and Whiny Ren. Seeing how they focused on the squadron play it seems sure that the post-SSD release will deal with that. Probably some flak ships (Dornean and Lancer?) with a series of squadron-affecting cards. Or indeed 2.0 with significantly revised squadron rules. I really hope for the first. I can't afferd to pay for those conversion kits...
  12. Norell

    Happy Friday

    Probably. I should have. I have only 3 after all....
  13. Norell

    What have you played this year?

    Nothing yet so far
  14. Norell

    Could Armada implement a Holdo hyper ram?

    I want this maneuver to be implemented. I would love to destroy the SSD with a flotilla
  15. Norell

    Squadrons 3

    I never understood the fadcination of players with the Auzituck... We saw a single one of them in actikn. It's very specifically a Wookie ship and other than being hyped in X-Wing, I can't see any reason to be included. Same goes for the Sith Infiltrator. In case anyonr missed: It's a S I T H ship! Specifically built for Darth Maul. It was never mass-produced, certainly not fit for any generic squadron. Thar's exactly the reason why I think a new squadron pack would be problematic. More squadrons only for the sake of having more squadrons is a bad idea.