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  1. Norell

    Trying Something New

    Cymoon. Vader loves Cymoon and the feeling is mutual. And you ger some extra points to spend. Plus you can keep red distance and still be deadly.
  2. Norell

    How Far Do You Travel for Tournaments?

    Barely any tournaments here, I never even left the town. I'm hoping to attend the Polish Nationals this year though, that would be an at least 6 hours drive, depending on where it will be held.
  3. X-Wing needed 2.0 because it was horribly balanced. Some cards and ships were so superior they were auto-included in every list. This is not the case in Armada. You can build a list of any combination of ships, fighters and cards. Granted, some will be more competitive than others, but there are very few cards and no ships that wouldn't see at least some table time in any given tournament. X-Wing has a long list of ships that will never be played competitively. X-Wing required 2.0 to allow FFG to tweak the balancw of the game. Armada does not. So there is nothing to gain by creating an Armada 2.0, but there is much to lose.
  4. Whatever. It still doesn't change the fact thatKegion is a game on the rise. It's hugely popular both in theme (Star Wars) and the concept (battling with figures without a board to limit possibilities). I'm not surprised it gets so much attention. And frankly I wouldn't be bothered by it either id we could get at leas a few morsel of information about my preferred game.
  5. Legion is on the rise. After all, it's FFG's first ground-combat tabletop game. I don't mind that, but I really would like to have some news about Armada. Crabbok gave me some slight hope though...
  6. Norell

    Happy Friday.

    The Raider is my favorite model, followed close by the MC30. And I'm looking forward to see the SSD model too.
  7. Norell

    VSDII my favorite

    This fleet won't kill anyone. A single Vi with Dcaps has a powerful first punch, but without layering any more punches on it, it won't be enough. The Kitten has the potential of causing 0 damage without rerolls and the Raider has no dice control either to assure the blue crit. And it's too likely to pop. And then there is the Auasar that doesn't add anything to your fleet. If the enemy comes with squadrons, you won't need that ship other than making an alpha strike. Not eoth only anti-fighter squads in your fleet. If the enemy has no squads your squads won't contribute too much to the battle (no bomber), so again, the Quasar is rather pointless.
  8. Norell

    Dodonna's Bombers

    This is all good and well, but this ball can be tied down by a few TIEs, and apart from Ten and Luke, nobody is good at getting rid of them.
  9. Norell

    SSD best guess of release date?

    Whatever. I jusut love to buy something from the other faction if I strengthen one. I'm thinking about another pickle...
  10. Norell

    The Doctor

    I agree with Broba. I played a list almost identical to the second one. I find that without JJ, VSDs can't turn enough to be a serious threat, even with Dcaps. Did you consider Wulff? Note that the Doctor is strong in an MSU as well.
  11. Redemption support frigate and Mon Karren perhaps?
  12. Norell

    SSD best guess of release date?

    I'm actually thinking about what kind of counter ship should I buy. I would need a rebel ship to keep the fleets in balance...
  13. Norell

    What I would like to see in 2019

    I want what I want since wave 2: Dual-faction Dreadnoughts. Even if it would be the only expansion in this year. Come to think of it, I would consider it a success if there would be any new expansion announced...
  14. You have 3 players left. Either p1 and p2 should play or everyonrshould play everyone. 1v2 1v3 2v3. Only 3 games!