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  1. A well-flown MSU could be quite deadly against an SSD. Just make a big curve to end up in the rear of that beast and you'll be fine. Interestingly, it seems that Mothma could be very useful for an SSD killing fleet because she can keep those CR90s alive.
  2. A Rebel ISD.... I liked the game so far because the factions were so different. From what I saw so far, it seems that now both sides have their ISDs, which is a very bad thing IMO. The cards however are interesting.
  3. This! Every time I played the SSD in the local gaming den, at least one guy asks me to teach him how to play. In the end all my afternoons turned into Armada courses...
  4. The Rebels are tricky because every fleet has a very different play style. A Madine MC30 fleet is aggressive and tries to be close, Ackbar wants to slow roll and stay at long range, other fleets plan on sacrificing just the right amount of you own fleet for a big win in the match. There is no "easy" fleet for the rebels, but maybe a kitted out MC80 with Ackbar and some support ships could be a good place to start learning about the game.
  5. Advanced Targetin Scopes on 5 X-Wings.... You may take down their squadron wing without losing a HP...
  6. I wonder if it will be that detailed on the final product. But I definitely see some serious LED lighting possibilities there....
  7. " Fun fact about Moff Jerry: his effect wears off at the end of the ship's activation (see below), meaning the speed-1 yaw will remain buffed through Officer Ozzel's ship's first activation as well. " This really blew my brain. The possibilities....
  8. I don't get what's the point of the last sentence... If I'm first player I can replace any card with a blank red? O.o
  9. After WWII is a totally different story. In peacetime it is possible to buy equipment from your former enemy or buy licensing rights or the blueprints. But in wartime it is not possible to maintain a high number of enemy equipment. Referring to what @Green Knight said, sure it is possible to use captured equipment, especially if they are from the simpler end of the production line like rifles, artillery, recon cars etc. because many of hose parts are easy to reproduce or to some degree interchangeable with your own equipment. A wheel on a car is still a wheel regardless of the car. But a track for a tank is a totally different animal as it has several attributes it has to match in order to operate properly on the tank in question. For such highly complex vehicles as warplanes, battleships or tanks, maintenance will be a true nightmare, bordering the impossible. Sure you could see one or two in action, but if it's damaged, it's most likely left behind.
  10. I just realized that to make it extra sweet, Harrow can equip Engine Techs. Sweet Imperial Jesus that ship with Jerry can really turn almost 180 in one activation... I'm in love.
  11. Triple VSD2 with Jerry, Dcaps, GT, LS, QBT and whatever else you may see fit.
  12. Suuuuure... Because military grey and an Imperial seal suggests it's full of stuffed teddy bears :D
  13. The March is Do Do Do, do dodo, do dodo. Clearly some kind of Rebel code we haven't encountered before.
  14. Not to mention that it's a totally different thing to capture something and operate+maintain it. Sure you can learn how to drive and fire with a Tiger, but where would you get replacement tracks, ammo, engine parts, god forbid a new cannon if the old one is damaged beyond repair? These captured units may be powerful but they are extremely fragile as you have no proper spare parts for them. Same goes for Imperial ships. Without the proper shipyards they couldn't be maintained. No wonder that the New Republic in EU started to use ISDs only after the capture of the Kuat Shipyards.
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