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  1. Finished now. I got a bit lazy with some weathering and a few sections, so I'll re-do them in time. While it does take up a lot of the board, I designed it to allow free clambers to both height 1 and 2 from either side. It worked out well for gaming purposes. C&C welcome
  2. If you want to keep her interested encourage her to ger whatever she wants. I play with my much younger brother, same situation more or less (though we alternate factions each game). He's big into fleet troopers and always takes them, wants to buy more. Sometimes they work, sometimes they get wiped out. We got loads of stuff recetly so still trying to figure out wookies, theyve both worked for me really well, and sometimes went down way too easy, but that's the game. Indulge her interests and you'll both share a great hobby.
  3. Progress is slow and steady. Teying tonincorporate as many climeable surfaces as possible, otherwise it'll just be a massive obstacle or eat up actions to climb
  4. I like the blue tbh amd wpuld probably do this myself when I get round to clone wars era. I'd go with something that contrasts with the main colour. If I did a blue tank say, I'd do the droid differently, perhaps red. etc.
  5. Zatu games in UK is taking pre orders. From experience that usually means a restock within the next 2 weeks to a month. Theyre very reliable on shipping amd price overseas to europe.
  6. Corvus games terrain do a nice set, but he's not printing at the moment, only selling digital files
  7. Thank you. the doors are fixed in place I'm afraid. It is a little bigger than I anticipated. Originally was going to be 2x the drawing, but the marked out version looked too small. I think I went 2.5 x or 3x, cant remember.
  8. Does disciplined remove supression before or after annihilation looms adds it?
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