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  1. All done. If I were doing them again I'd do them individually. Feel like I rushed a lot. I lightly glossed the armour and it looks better IRL. Not my fav minis to paint so far but reasonably happy with them now it's over.
  2. All this stuff is really pro. Think I saw the DTs on instagram. Jyn and Pathfinders are next on my list and Ill be bookmarking this thread for inspiration
  3. Excellent weathering and details. Really turns it from a model to a centrepiece
  4. Lovely stuff. At-at endor base is particularly good
  5. Looks great. The T-47 especially. Love the minty green tones on the wookiees. Sets them apart from Chewie
  6. Working on these death troopers. Still a few spot highlights to go. Guns and leather also. Happy with the greens on the helmet though. Will apply a tiny bit of osl afterwards. Probably a thin gloss coat too. C&C welcome
  7. Looks good. Nothing to criticise!
  8. Thanks mate. The face was hard to nail down as all the screenshots of him are very dark, or the promo shots are all well lit so you don't get the redness of his rage! I think I used a picture of a repainted action figure for guidance. The sculpt itself is outstanding and it was a pleasure to paint.
  9. Brilliant work. I always think fixed terrain boards look better, but can get a bit boring. So well done on making one with various configurations. I'd be inspired by this board to do one similar, but I don't have the space to store it. Looking forward to your next board!
  10. Looking good. Nice to see an alternative
  11. Dettol if available. (Don't use generic brand). Soak mini in dettol overnight. Run mini under a cold tap and scrub with a stiff toothbrush to remove old paint. Have a small pool of fresh dettol to one side, dont re use the liquid you used for soaking. Keep cleaning the brush with this clean dettol as you scrub the mini. This step is important otherwise the stripped paint goes like tar and clogs the brush. Use a wooden toothpick for hard to reach spots. Also use gloves and do it somewhere well ventilated or even outdoors as it will stink up the house. Will also dissolve superglue so dont drop loose bits down the drain. Works on metal and plastic incl legion plastic
  12. Turned out really well. I was hoping to do something similar myself
  13. Looking good. Nice and shiny!
  14. Great work all round. Love the bases especially, very realistic
  15. This took me ages to get. I think it goes like this. 1) before setup determine which terrain has the capability of covering 50% of the unit. Ie a barricade is capable of heavy cover for troopers, but its not automatic in all cases. 2) in game, to see if the cover applies trace a line base to base. If it crosses designated terrain it is obscured. Obscured means it could potentially provide cover. 3) to see if cover actually applies then check line of sight from attacking units eye view to the centre of the defender's base. Obscured doesnt automatically grant cover, but it signifies that predesignated terrain could provide cover. So a line of sight check is invoked. I think.
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