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  1. Cool little squadron. I really like the contrast between the hull color and the cockpit glass.
  2. Piscopas

    Showcase: HWK-290

    My Rebel HWK-290, Dodonna's Beard
  3. Piscopas

    Banshee Conversion WIP...

    I've never tried anything quite so ambitious, but I wish you luck and look forward to seeing your progress!
  4. Piscopas

    Happy Friday

    I haven't had a chance to dig through the conversion kit spoilers, but I'm looking forward to getting a refresh with 2.0!
  5. Piscopas

    Piscopas's Paint Log

    Hey, guys. So BCValor contacted me about doing another commission for him, which is what rekindled by desire to paint some Star Wars ships. Here is his Quicksilver A-wing, inspired by the Quicksilver costume in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Edit: Man these close-ups are brutal, but I'm a fan of how it looks IRL.
  6. Piscopas

    Piscopas's Paint Log

    Of course! Dodonna's Beard was chosen because the commanding officers felt Leia's Buns was a little off-color...
  7. Piscopas

    Piscopas's Paint Log

    Hey, everyone! It's been a very long time. X-wing has had to compete with other games the past few months, so I haven't been as motivated to paint my ships...Buuuut, I got the hankering today, so here is Viridian Starfighter Group's latest support vessel, a HWK-290 called Dodonna's Beard.
  8. Piscopas

    Showcase: Lambda-class Shuttle

    Here's my attempt:
  9. Piscopas

    Panel Lines

    My process is as follows: 1. Base Coat 2. Wash 3. Re-apply Base Coat avoiding the recessed areas 4. Highlight on the top/leading edges. The darkened panel lines are taken care of in step three by avoiding them with the second application of the base coat. Another option would be to paint the base coat and then carefully apply the shadows with a brush or pen, but that requires a lot more precision and time. I let the wash and gravity do that part for me.
  10. Piscopas

    Piscopas's Paint Log

    This was clanofwolves’ idea. He sent me the scheme and I just brought them to life!
  11. Piscopas

    Piscopas's Paint Log

    Hello, friends. It's been a while. Life has been nuts, but I'm making an effort to focus back on some of my hobby projects. These are my last painted minis of 2017, and I look forward to getting back to my fleets in 2018! Lambda Shuttle: TIE F/O TIE Phantom: The two small ships: Hope you like them! Also, I've started a new hobby blog, which you can find at http://piscopas.wordpress.com if you'd like to check it out.
  12. Piscopas

    Showcase: B-wing

    Nice freehand scorpions. That's tiny!
  13. Piscopas

    Showcase: Lambda-class Shuttle

    Great job on the dazzle camo! You've got a few weeks before we showcase the Decimators, so you've got o a little time. Haha!
  14. Greetings, Galactic Citizens. It's another week, so time for our next showcase thread. There were some really cool modifications in the B-wing thread! This week we'll be featuring the Seinar Fleet Systems Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle. This versatile ship saw use as a shuttle for high-ranking officials, but could also be pressed into service as a troop or cargo transport. With large hull surfaces to work with, there are some really amazing repaints of this ship floating around, so let's see what you came up with! Don't zoom in on the pictures too much. Keep your distance, but don't look like you're keeping your distance... Back to the Showcase Index
  15. Piscopas

    How Do You Do It?

    Yep. Don't be too hard on yourself. It takes years to develop a repertoire of painting techniques and practice to get to the level that some of these guys are able to produce! For beginners, check the Warhammer TV Youtube channel. I know they aren't painting spaceships, but the techniques and color combinations are transferable.