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  1. Nice freehand scorpions. That's tiny!
  2. Great job on the dazzle camo! You've got a few weeks before we showcase the Decimators, so you've got o a little time. Haha!
  3. Greetings, Galactic Citizens. It's another week, so time for our next showcase thread. There were some really cool modifications in the B-wing thread! This week we'll be featuring the Seinar Fleet Systems Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle. This versatile ship saw use as a shuttle for high-ranking officials, but could also be pressed into service as a troop or cargo transport. With large hull surfaces to work with, there are some really amazing repaints of this ship floating around, so let's see what you came up with! Don't zoom in on the pictures too much. Keep your distance, but don't look like you're keeping your distance... Back to the Showcase Index
  4. Yep. Don't be too hard on yourself. It takes years to develop a repertoire of painting techniques and practice to get to the level that some of these guys are able to produce! For beginners, check the Warhammer TV Youtube channel. I know they aren't painting spaceships, but the techniques and color combinations are transferable.
  5. You are correct. But as a filmmaker, you have to decide what you're trying to produce. Are you creating a primarily artistic piece, or are you providing entertainment. I feel like the article is trying to say that there is room for both.
  6. Hey, guys. Thought you might enjoy this article. Thoughts? https://fee.org/articles/are-moviemakers-pandering-too-much-to-fans/
  7. If I'm using washes, I lay down a basecoat of my main color, lay down a heavy coat of wash and leave to dry overnight. Then, I go back and paint the main color again, avoiding the recesses, then I apply highlights to raised areas of detail. It can be tedious with larger ship hulls, but it gives me dark shadows and good definition.
  8. Cool. I think I'm going to give this list a try!
  9. That looks like a fun list. Have you tried the RSV's with R3s instead of Targeting Astromechs?
  10. Cool! That last one reminds me of these guys:
  11. Very creative! I love them.
  12. I've been having a lot of fun with TIE Strikers lately. Not super competitive because they crumble to turrets, but so much fun on the table. With Adaptive Ailerons, you can end up in so many places it just makes opponent's heads spin!
  13. Viridian Starfighter Group -- Callsign: "Junior"
  14. You beat me to the punch. I actually had the next Showcase thread on my to-do list for today, but hadn't had a chance to post it yet! As for sticky status for the index, I reached out to one of the mods, but I haven't heard anything back and it's been a while. Time to try another one. It's a shame we don't have very good mod presence on the X-wing forum. It seems to be mostly putting out fires.
  15. Greetings, Galactic Citizens! It's time for our next Showcase thread, and this week we'll be looking at the Slayn & Korpil A/SF-01 B-wing Starfighter. Designed to be a replacement for the Y-wing, the B-wing sports heavy weaponry and sensor packages allowing for coordinated strikes against capital ships. Let's see your take on these unique ships! Back to the Showcase: Index