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  1. My wife's character's voorpak! She made it herself.
  2. The WIP crafting house rules I have been involved in a campaign for over a year playing a dedicated crafting character and now will be running a campaign of my own. Over the last year I have been slowly testing and trying out various house rules and ideas related to the crafting system. This system is a bit more involved than the established one, with several more requirements and restrictions on the player side and more influence on the GM side. The document linked above is a WIP. I still need to do the following: Add in page numbers. Do a couple more editing passes. Tighten up rules language. Expand options for spending results for each item. Expand template options for each item. Maybe add in vehicles. Maybe add in rules for selling and buying custom crafted items. The TL;DR of the document is: Templates are split up a couple different ways. A template can be either simple or advanced, with simple acting normally and advanced having extra requirements to complete. A template can be a prototype or a finished product. Prototypes have more customization options but have garunteed flaws, while finished products are of greater quality but are limited in customization options. Working without the proper workshop or tools could have drastic effects on the pool. There is an 8 hour limit on the number of work hours that can be used each day. I either have expanded the number of options for spending Advantage, Triumph, Threat, or Despair, or plan on expanding those options for each type of item. Separated explosives from ranged weapons. Expanded the number of templates in several of the item types. Please feel free to give feedback on the rules, and offer suggestions for spending results or new templates. Once I am finished with this I'll post the finished product for the world to see. Yes, I posted this on Reddit already, so some of you may be seeing this for the second time.
  3. What was the process to create the micro-rockets and related items? Little specific questions related to this: What are some of the cool ideas related to the rockets that didn't make it into the book? Why does the dedicated pistol fire to medium range but the weapon attachment only to short? Is this something we will see more of in the future?
  4. Far too excited for my own health. I love the crafting system and my current character is preparing to strip down and rebuild his current ship. The book probably won't be in before he does that though.
  5. To answer the "Did I miss anything?" from the thought experiment (again) you could also take the Gambler specialization and the Unmatched Fortune signature ability. Using those talents and ability you will be able to reroll and manipulate dice to towards desired results as well as double the number of uncancelled successes, advantages, and triumphs. Chances are decent that with the number of Yellow you proposed rolling that you could see at least a couple natural triumphs, and with Unmatched Fortune you could turn three more to triumphs. Supreme Double Or Nothing could be ruled to double your number of Triumphs, giving you 6, 8, 10 or more of them, not to mention doubling the number of Advantages for even more customization.
  6. I'm the crafter of the group and I have a couple players who are not only relying on me to keep them well equipped, but also informed on what they actually have. More than once I have said, "What does your character sheet say?" Only to have awkward silence as they fumble around and mutter something about not writing it down. I am currently filling out 3x5 cards, but those are easier to lose than full pages. I saw someone did a form-fillable weapon's page, which is going to help everyone a great deal. My request is for a form-fillable armor page. With those two, I can just fill out the full page, write out the notes on how each attachment works, and hand them to the player. Not sure if it will solve the problem completely, but at least it will be easier for everyone to keep track of.
  7. Our group's Mandalorian wanted some awesome armor made for him and my GM ended up making up an NPC that was hiding out. My character is the crafter of the group, and he went with the Mando on a short quest to find the guy. The armorsmith taught us both how to craft the armor and the secrets of heating beskar properly. We were awarded the Augmentative Armor schematic from Keeping the Peace, which allowed us to craft up some pretty killer armor. I know it doesn't directly answer your question, but maybe it helps your game figure out a similar solution.
  8. As the title, what is the highest amount of experience that a single character you have played (or GMed for) has reached? My current campaign is coming up on 600 xp, but is ending soon and could stop at around 700 xp. Has anyone seen characters at or above 1000 xp? If so, what was it like to play those characters?
  9. The Technician signature ability, Unmatched Calibration. It allows you to reroll dice from a pool without rerolling the whole pool. When upgraded fully you can reroll up to 4 dice, upgrade a green to a yellow and downgrade a red to a purple. Very helpful with crafting.
  10. Good points, but not I'm also looking at standard missiles costing 6 or 500 credits and wondering if the secondary missile system would be more cost effective to get breach. I can get burn at Close range with a Multi-goo gun (along with a few other cool qualities) for about 500 credits and have it for multiple shots. Sunder is pretty good though.
  11. I'm not sure the micro rocket weapon attachment (and armor attachment as well) isn't worth getting. These micro rockets are grenades with 1 HP and a couple decent attachments for modding. When comparing the Underbarrel Micro-Rocket Rack to the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher, I see little reason to take it over the grenade launcher. The grenade launcher only changes Encumbrance by +2, changes the range to Medium, and you could mod it to carry up to 6 grenades. The micro-rocket keeps range at Short, increases Encumbrance by +3, and can only have up to 3 rockets. The differences are minor, but just enough that I would probably go with the grenade launcher over the micro-rockets. Changing the weapon mount for the rockets to only increase Encumbrance by +2 and changing range to Medium with the mount would make the decision much harder to make without invalidating the grenade launcher. As is, I might even go with the secondary missile system over the micro-rockets, especially if I want a breach.
  12. I like the Customizable Armor schematic in KtP. It is easy enough to craft that a dedicated crafter (like my character) is able to really do some good things with it.
  13. That helps. I am guessing the assumption is that the encumbrance limit is 10, which fits with the existing rules but seems too low for droids like these. What would one of these cost?
  14. I looked to see if I could find anything close to the IW-37 or CLL-M2 droids and discovered that I couldn't find any silhouette 2 sized droids, nor were there any lifter droids. I did find a single pilot walker in Keeping the Peace meant for cargo lifting, but vehicle stats and droid stats are two very different things. If any of you had to stat out these loader/lifter droids, how would you do it? I personally found that there needed to be some house ruling with encumbrance. These large droids should be able to handle pretty heavy loads without penalty, such as encumbrance 25 or even 30. The cargo hauler linked above can handle 50, and that has a pilot. I ruled that the droids would have 10 + double Brawn as the encumbrance limit, and that items like backpacks also doubled the amount they increased encumbrance limits. For a droid like these, backpacks and similar items were actually reinforced frames, stabilizing repulsors, or removable cargo pods. Thoughts?
  15. I too am playing a crafting focused character. Early on my GM and I identified some of the issues that could come up with crafters. To handle those we made some house rules to help keep everything from going crazy, and I wrote a blog post about it. Even with the limitations my checks are amazing. I roll YYYYGGBBBB with 1 auto success and 1 auto advantage with only one droid minion aiding me and a set of tools providing great bonuses. I have made some crazy good gear for the group and some pretty great droids as well, but I lack the same ability with Computers checks so droid programing is a little lackluster. With Mechanics I tend to get 9 to 13 advantages to spend on the item. The easiest way to keep crafting under control is to keep their time limited. We also ignore the rule that advantages and threats cancel each other when it comes to crafting. That does mean that items are stronger but it also means the GM can add in negative qualities, break items, and give my strain.
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