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  1. I like the changes! The bid depends on local meta. I fly against Kylo a lot and he is very slippery. Getting to move last with Hera's dial charging ability has been key to winning at least once. Magva is another reason for the bid. If my opponent shoots first, I can really punish them with two attacks and FCS. I typically reinforce and focus with help from Lando. Then I get a lock on an initiative 5 or 6 that shoots first. That said, if your meta is loaded with low initiative generics then go big!
  2. This is where I've settled after a few games. You can use Leia and Kanan crew to make your reds white and remove a stress. Sneaky 4k. Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter - •Lando Calrissian - 87 •Lando Calrissian - General of the Alliance (80) •Leia Organa (2) •Nien Nunb (5) VCX-100 Light Freighter - •Hera Syndulla - 107 •Hera Syndulla - Spectre-2 (73) Trick Shot (2) Fire-Control System (2) Dorsal Turret (2) •Kanan Jarrus (12) •Magva Yarro (8) Hull Upgrade (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Total: 194/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  3. Kind like this. It doesn't need to be fancy. The need for the filter is growing with every release.
  4. After being disappointed with all my 3 and 4 ship builds, I have to say I really like this 5 ship. I don't like using generic pilots, but I'm okay using one. Also, I wanted to have all 3 dice primary guns. Blount usually gets the extra die given I have five ships. Norra is hard to kill once she gets in for R1 ion turret shots. Sabine is just an insanely good value getting focus, Evade, and reposition every turn. Crackshot works great on Arvel since he gets bullseye almost every time he's touching a ship and shooting. Only flew it once, but it felt really good. T-65 X-wing - Cavern Angels Zealot - 41 Cavern Angels Zealot - (41) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) Attack Shuttle - •Sabine Wren - 40 •Sabine Wren - Spectre-5 (38) Debris Gambit (2) RZ-1 A-wing - •Arvel Crynyd - 37 •Arvel Crynyd - Green Leader (36) Crack Shot (1) Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - •Lieutenant Blount - 31 •Lieutenant Blount - Team Player (30) Crack Shot (1) BTL-A4 Y-wing - •Norra Wexley - 51 •Norra Wexley - Gold Nine (43) Expert Handling (2) Ion Cannon Turret (6) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  5. I'm wanting to run two starvipers. They can really be unpredictable with advanced sensors. But how do you get them two actions with advanced sensors? Coordinate of course. One of the vipers can get two actions before doing a maneuver. The Dalan can turn 90 degrees with actions. It still might be action starved at the end of the day. Any suggestions to make it better? StarViper-class Attack Platform - •Dalan Oberos - 68 •Dalan Oberos - Elite Bounty Hunter (54) Outmaneuver (6) Advanced Sensors (8) HWK-290 Light Freighter - •Palob Godalhi - 56 •Palob Godalhi - Tethan Resister (38) •Squad Leader (4) Tactical Officer (2) •Moldy Crow (12) StarViper-class Attack Platform - •Guri - 76 •Guri - Prince Xizor’s Bodyguard (62) Outmaneuver (6) Advanced Sensors (8) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  6. The card database is down. I can't search for cards or view cards in squad builder. This is both on PC and mobile (Android).
  7. When I create a new squad, sometimes the name of the last squad is already in the name field. If I save, the squad, it actually overwrites the other squad. This is a bug that has wasted a lot of time before I realized what was happening. Please fix.
  8. I haven't tried this yet, but I think it would be decent. Vader has Sense so you know better where to barrel roll the In1 Ties for a good block. Then focus fire with Vader and both In5 Ties. TIE/ln Fighter - •“Wampa” - 30 •“Wampa” - Black Eleven (30) TIE/ln Fighter - Academy Pilot - 23 Academy Pilot - (23) TIE/ln Fighter - •“Scourge” Skutu - 34 •“Scourge” Skutu - Seasoned Veteran (32) Predator (2) TIE Advanced x1 - •Darth Vader - 79 •Darth Vader - Black Leader (70) Fire-Control System (3) Sense (6) TIE/ln Fighter - •“Mauler” Mithel - 34 •“Mauler” Mithel - Black Two (32) Predator (2) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  9. Alright this is much better even though I took out a proton rocket. Arvel can now ionize his prey before going to ramming speed. Jake comes in for the proton rocket kill. The support ensures everyone is fully modified. This is all theory. Now I need to fly it. HWK-290 Light Freighter - Kyle Katarn - 56 •Kyle Katarn - Relentless Operative (38) Squad Leader (4) Tactical Officer (2) Moldy Crow (12) RZ-1 A-wing - Arvel Crynyd - 43 •Arvel Crynyd - Green Leader (36) Intimidation (3) Ion Missiles (4) BTL-A4 Y-wing - “Dutch” Vander - 53 •“Dutch” Vander - Gold Leader (42) Expert Handling (2) Proton Torpedoes (9) RZ-1 A-wing - Jake Farrell - 48 •Jake Farrell - Sage Instructor (40) Marksmanship (1) Proton Rockets (7) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  10. That's some sound advice. I really want marksmanship for pushing crits with the procket. I'm not a fan of Zeb for return fire. I'm thinking this is more to my liking. UT-60D U-wing - Heff Tobber - 50 •Heff Tobber - Blue Eight (45) Fire-Control System (3) Tactical Officer (2) Pivot Wing (Open) (0) RZ-1 A-wing - Jake Farrell - 48 •Jake Farrell - Sage Instructor (40) Marksmanship (1) Proton Rockets (7) BTL-A4 Y-wing - “Dutch” Vander - 56 •“Dutch” Vander - Gold Leader (42) Expert Handling (2) Proton Torpedoes (9) R3 Astromech (3) RZ-1 A-wing - Arvel Crynyd - 46 •Arvel Crynyd - Green Leader (36) Intimidation (3) Proton Rockets (7) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  11. I like the share to FFG forum feature when I want to use the forum. But I often use a messaging app to share ideas with friends. The format codes look really bad everywhere other than the forum. Can we get the same text export without the format codes?
  12. Just testing the app export really. This is a squad I'm thinking of trying next. RZ-1 A-wing - Jake Farrell - 48 •Jake Farrell - Sage Instructor (40) Marksmanship (1) Proton Rockets (7) BTL-A4 Y-wing - “Dutch” Vander - 58 •“Dutch” Vander - Gold Leader (42) Marksmanship (1) Dorsal Turret (4) R3 Astromech (3) Veteran Turret Gunner (8) RZ-1 A-wing - Arvel Crynyd - 44 •Arvel Crynyd - Green Leader (36) Marksmanship (1) Proton Rockets (7) HWK-290 Light Freighter - Kyle Katarn - 50 •Kyle Katarn - Relentless Operative (38) Moldy Crow (12) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  13. Not enough people are playing Nera today IMO. She is fairly good with proton torpedoes. I have had a lot of fun with this. Biggs flies cover for the squishy B-wings giving them time to hammer out damage. Nera uses primary gun on alpha strike to get a target lock with FCS. Round two, Nera flies off in an unexpected direction to stay at range 2-3 and uses Deadeye to fire her torp. With the target lock, I almost always get 2 crits and 2 hits or better! Keyan dances around Biggs using PTL and Advanced Sensors to get into range one with a target lock and stress (attack focus). I have tractor beam just in case it I can use it to hang someone on a rock or reduce agility for Biggs and Nera. I even managed to push out eight crits on a decimator today. I have also killed Whisper with a well timed and unexpected torpedo from Nera. B-Wing: •Keyan Farlander (36) Push The Limit (3) Advanced Sensors (3) Tractor Beam (1) B-Wing: •Nera Dantels (35) Guidance Chips (0) Deadeye (1) Fire Control System (2) Proton Torpedoes (4) Extra Munitions (2) X-Wing: •Biggs Darklighter (29) Integrated Astromech (0) •R2-D2 (4) Total: 100/100
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