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  1. Best of luck to you Titus. I belong to a couple of other non Star Wars forums that have a rule about "I am done posting here" threads. They ban the users for 1 year and enforce the goodbye. It was nice, because it really cut down on those threads and people who posted it had to take it seriously.
  2. Fiveowing


    To make this analogous to earths history, what your saying is the time period and leaps and advances supposedly made during the clone wars through the force awakens is that they had just came out of the equivalent of the dark ages.
  3. Fiveowing


    That's one of the things that has bothered me a little bit when people talk about how much better the T-70 is than the T-65 for example. These technologies have been around for thousands of years, it's not as if Star Wars is making the types of technological leaps and bounds in 100 or even 20 year period that we do on earth. I understand Moore's Law but at some point exponential growth of technology has to stop. At this point in Star Wars history I would have to think it's very minuscule advancements over large periods of time. I would rather think of it as instead of the T-70 being so much more advanced then the T-65, it's just a different load-out of weapons and other tech packages kind of like different load outs current military's will use for the same model of fighter jet.
  4. Good luck to you on your mission. However if the Armada bug bites you there is still time to go Mormon lite
  5. Well I did it, late pledged Dark Souls. Now I must go back to pretending Kickstarter doesn't exist before I find something else to take my money.
  6. I don't play. However I can say that as part of my job we have found what would normally be "suspicious activity" at parks or other places that turn out to not be suspicious for the normal reasons. Instead we are finding areas that don't normally have people milling around at 0100 hours or later, that turn out to be people trying to catch pokemon.
  7. Realized I still have some money sitting in my paypal account and now I am thinking about late pledging Dark Souls. I think I need to step away from the Kickstarter.
  8. I made my pledge and have thrown myself in with the lot of you. Here's a big Huzzah to one last stretch goal. As ViscerothSWG said, decisions are hard.
  9. I think you might have talked me into it. If nothing else it will be a good gateway game for my soon to be 7 year old involved until he is old enough to get him into heavier strategy games. I suppose if when it arrives I play a game and hate it, I can always unload it on eBay quickly and hopefully try to as least get my money back.
  10. Appreciate the advice! I will watch the videos and see if I can build up the courage to paint. One last question before I decided if I should jump in. I recently was given Imperial Assault as a gift but have not had a chance to crack it open yet. I realize Massive darkness is different, no DM, simpler rules, less strategy perhaps, easier to play, more grind style of play, 1 player options. Having said that if I only had the money to put towards a bunch of Imperial Assault expansions or Massive Darkness which would you guys recommend. If any of you ever played Heroquest, I loved that game back in the day and played it through including a couple expansions. On the flip side I also love Talisman which while no DM and not cooperative ends up taking multiple hours to play because the guys I play with never try to win and just seem to want to quest for ever....or maybe it's because, if they quest forever we play more and therefore beer more...hmmm..... Will Massive Darkness hold my sway or would it be better to stick to Imperial Assault and go all in on that.
  11. I am still on the fence. This would be my first Kickstarter. I'm not a painter (probably cuz I am more scared of the learning curve and me crappily painting miniatures than anything else) and also wouldn't use the mini's for any other game. For me the merits of this game need to be a totally self contained experience. Add in new releases for X-Wing and Armada coming up, and the plastic crack is bleeding my wallet. Weirdly I almost like the fact that we probably wouldn't get the game till next year as I recently bought Cosmic Encounters, The Resistance, Space Alert, and some Talisman expansions, so I have plenty to keep me occupied for a while. My other worry is the closest I have come to getting something from Kickstarter was trying to late pledge Sedition Wars (luckily that didn't work out). After missing out on it, all I read was dissatisfied customers not getting their pledge or all of their pledge, excuses about late product, poor quality mini's, the game being terribly unbalanced, and pretty much a dead game system out of the gate. Maybe I am bad luck for games. Game systems I got into that died shortly after I got into them Heroscape, Battleship Galaxies, and back in the day Heroquest. On second thought maybe I should just stay away from anything Milton Bradley/Hasbro. I guess I have a few hours more hours to come to a decision.
  12. I will second that FFG/Asmodee has been great for me in replacing some defective stuff. I was missing a couple of the plastic rivets for dials (i even told them I may have misplaced them) and they sent me new ones right away. I also had a broken peg for a VCD in Armada and they sent me a new one right away. As to your case, sometimes the manufacturer wants the original product back so they can look at the model and try to determine what caused the problem. Not that you lied to them but what caused the original material defect on their end. In your case you started modifying the miniature before asking for a replacement for the broken part. It would not be unreasonable for them to ask for the broken piece back to prevent people from scamming them for extra ships. Not implying that is what you are doing. Think of it as purchasing item "X" from a physical retail store, if "x" is defective out of the box you have to return "x" store for them to give you a new copy of "x".
  13. I too am stressing out if I should purchase more. Barely had the chance to play with what I have (2 of every ship except rogues, ISD, MC30c, and home one). Now I am thinking of getting my second one of each of those, except home one, and picking up a 3rd of a few others. I don't play tournaments, and friends mainly just use my collection. I was going to wait for flotilla's to make a big order but....... Between this and X-Wing I better start putting in for more overtime.
  14. Pshhhhh, Newb! You could have saved another $1.78 had you googled for a CSI promo code
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