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  1. Haha that's funny because I'll buy it if it's Danny Ketch! Never liked Reyes. Or even blaze really.
  2. I've only ever played it 2 hand solo. I think the game is awesome but I can't imagine playing with only one hero.
  3. It is someone on a couch. That's why I couldn't figure out why everyone kept saying iron fist or shang Chi.
  4. I really love the super skrull! It would be awesome to see him, but most of my favorites are street level villains like bullseye, kingpin, hammerhead, tombstone! I'll be happy with any villains though. I hope they start doing more scenario packs than hero packs. Or at least 50/50.
  5. Dale keown is the best hulk artist there ever was in my opinion! I would have preferred a picture drawn by him, but I think his hero card still looks good. I don't recognize the artist, maybe Carlos Pacheco? Still looks cool to me though.
  6. She hulk is easily my favorite character in this game. And maybe its because I play her all the time but she seems way more powerful than everyone else! And she's fun with every aspect!
  7. I just wish we would get a new scenario each month instead of a new hero. It's more fun for me to play my favorite hero against a new villain than it is to play a new hero against the same villain. So really, I hope the campaign boxes are all villains and no heroes.
  8. I beat rhino and Ultron pretty easily but klaw took at least six different plays switching aspects to beat him. I finally won with she hulk justice and spiderman aggression! Good luck!
  9. Doorman would be awesome! The great lakes avengers would be hilarious!
  10. I love night thrasher, and I'm not ashamed to say it Haha! And I agree that Jamie madrox would be awesome!
  11. So nobody asked about the playmats? I haven't heard anything about them.
  12. The only ghost rider I care about is Danny ketch! He was g.r. when I started reading comics. The Johnny blaze g.r. looked really goofy to me and probably to most people, that's why in the movie they made him look like the Danny g.r., even in the comics they just started drawing him that way. But right now in the comics Johnny blaze and Danny ketch are both starring in the ghost rider comic. Haven't seen robbie Reyes in a while.
  13. Forgotten realms lcg, just like Arkham horror but taking place in faerun! That's my dream game, but that will never happen.
  14. I used iron man- justice and spiderman-aggression to beat Ultron and it just flowed perfectly! I think I finally beat klaw with she hulk and spiderman!
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