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  1. Thanks! I'll be giving the list a try tomorrow, I'll report back
  2. Played a couple games with some of the ideas proposed above, it was fun but I felt like something was lacking particularly the lower ship count. I ended up getting a new box... Hello Hammerhead corvettes! So here was the list I was thinking of running: 400/400 MC80 Battle Cruiser (134) Intel Officer 7 Gunnery Team 7 Leading Shots 4 Spinal Armament 9 Endeavor 4 CR90 Corellian Corvette A (86) General Madine 30 Leia Organa 3 Turbolaser Reroute Circuits 7 Jaina's Light 2 Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (42) Boarding Engineers 2 External Racks 3 Task Force Organa 1 Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (42) Boarding Engineers 2 External Racks 3 Task Force Organa 1 GR-75 Medium Transports (25) Toryn Farr 7 Squadrons (71): Dutch, Luke, Wedge and Tycho. The one change I was contemplating was removing Tycho to add either Engine techs or H9 Turboblasters to the MC80 and comms net to the GR75.
  3. Those are too many acronyms! Mind helping me out there? Yeah I saw that TRC looked amazing for my CR90!
  4. Yes sadly I do not have the DCO But I have however purchased an MC30 and the Home One so I should have access to some more cards and ships!
  5. Thanks for the list! I really like the look of it, only wish I could fit in more squadrons, might try and tweak it a little.
  6. Thanks for the tips! I definitely can see how running so many upgrades on one ship can be an issue, I'll stick to trying making a list that has the mc80 (liberty) and the mc75 along with a corvette and a flotilla as was recommended above although I really do want to use more squadrons.
  7. Hey guys, I bought a large lot of armada stuff a while back and never got to really get many games in, recently I've started playing and have really been enjoying the game so I've been messing around with making a rebel build with the expansions that I own (mc75,mc80,Cr90,NebulonB,GR75, and both squadron packs). I came up with the list below. The idea is to send in the MC75 supported by the CR90 and Squadrons close, while the Nebulon sits back and fires 5 red dice from far away. 392/400 CR90 Corellian Corvette A 44 (76) General Madine 30 Jaina's Light 2 MC75 Ordnance Cruiser 100 (131) Intel Officer 7 Ordnance Experts 4 Electronic Countermeasures 7 Expanded Launchers 13 Nebulon-B Support Refit 51 (74) Raymus Antilles 7 Spinal Armament 9 Salvation 7 GR-75 Medium Transports 18 (23) Leia Organa 3 Comms Net 2 5 Squadrons (87): Luke (20), Wedge (19), Han Solo (26), 2x A-Wing (22)
  8. Excited to meet everyone as well! Not so excited about the possible horde of Specters ­čśé
  9. I'd love to have some scouts, eworks and a fix for Leia
  10. Three amigos list works well with the rise of Specter, less maps which require objectives to be carried around, and as a result less 8-9 activation lists. JKL IG w fix Onar Elite Jawa R2 C-3P0 Temp Alliance Black Market
  11. I believe it was one of the French players, unfortunately I can't remember who it was in particular.
  12. Oscar did not play Specter Cell he a played IG, Vinto, Jabba, Greedo list. He finished 3-2, same as Greg and some other players, Javier from Spain took the only 3-2 Top 8 spot. -Alfonso
  13. We have quite a large group who plays in and around Geneva, we just had a casual tournament just today I'd be happy to give you more details if you PM me!
  14. I finalized the list, adding stealth tactics to my collection and trying to get a nicely rounded command card deck (aside missing negation, which I'll proxy in casual games). Thanks for all the advice guys, hopefully this looks good Chewie´╗┐ (´╗┐Wookie Avenger) 11 Han(Rogue Smuggler) 10 Lando 6 Hera 4 R2-D2 3 C-3P0 2´╗┐´╗┐ Alliance Smuggler 2 Alliance Smuggler 2 Debts repaid 3 On the lamb 3 Tools for the job 2 Run for cover 2 Brace for impact 1 Stealth tactics 1 Cheat to win 1 Hit and run 1 (or negation when I can proxy) Tough luck 1 Celebration 0 Element of surprise 0 Take initiative 0 Fleet footed 0 or positioning advantage 0 Planning 0 Urgency 0
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