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  1. "Sorry, Sen. Didn't realize you were on foot. What do you guys hear?" says Joto.
  2. "How's everyone doing? Thank the Force for these mounts!"
  3. A Mirialan teenager, Bejo does his best to not act as bewildered as he feels. "H-h-hi, I am Bejo Velron. My Master tasked me to offer my assistance." He clears his throat and gains a semblance of composure, "I am at your service." He turns to look in consternation at the newly freed woman and mutters, "Who is that?"
  4. "Master Kavar, we were sent by my Master to give you this datapad." Bejo nods to Oola.
  5. "Master, what is going on? Are we under some sort of attack? Do you need our help?"
  6. oh crap, you don't have a ride yet either @oneeyedmatt87? Does anyone excel in Survival and could do some finagling to tame a mount for him? Do we have Destiny points we can play with? would finding/building some simple mode of transportation in our wreck be feasible?
  7. "What?! We gotta do something!" C'mon, let's go find my master, she'll know what to do!" They both head out in search of Bejo's Master.
  8. "Dhac, Senla, guys! Are we it?" Joto Lasros goes from elation to sadness. "Let me see if I can mount one of these creatures..." Joto uses his Survival training while reaching out with his hand towards a nearby creature who happens to be noticeably larger and perhaps older than the rest. He closes his eyes and attempts to commune with the Force in order to connect with the animal. A few moments pass. The creature's eyes widen, possibly in excitement and/or agitation. Then the creature lets out a snort-like sigh while lowering its haunches. Joto hops onto the creature followed by the creature rising back up, now successfully tamed. "I don't sense any danger. I think I saw something that looked like a structure over there." He points past his escape pod's landing spot. "If no one else has a better idea, let's head out. An-Djana, need a ride?" Joto places a hand on the side of the beast. The beast obliges and lowers his haunches once again.
  9. Tame a mount: 2eA+1eP+1eD 3 successes, 1 threat, 1 Triumph I'll take a strain for the threat result and will defer to you all for what to do with the Triumph... unless we can use that for allowing An-Djana @Edgehawk to hitch a ride with me.
  10. Bejo Velron, a Mirialan Padawan, turns away from sensationalist news holo reports regarding an apparent attack on the Republic. Bejo uses his Force Move power to move a wet mop into his two green-yellow hands. He reluctantly goes back to mopping the floors while feeling a bit of anger over being stuck on cleaning duty. The anger however, quickly dissipates into anxiety as his mind starts racing back and forth as he tries to reach out to the Force to gauge the situation.
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