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  1. I hate marvel. I'll buy a dc game, though.
  2. I listen to Colin Frake on Fire Mountain from Two Steps from Hell.
  3. I'd love one! Maybe it could reuse some rules from conquest.
  4. I have to say i don't know anything about the Reunebound world but i'm excited to learn about it with this game. It's like this fantasy world that that has a big kingdom of noble humans, elves that are good and live in forests, dwarves that are indifferent and live in the mountains, skellingtons that are bad and demon barbarian people that are - wait for it - also bad. There's also some dragons that like to f stuff up occasionally. I'm not sure there's much to learn beyond that. You forgot about the troublesome goblins
  5. It will kill a lot of sales. I was all on board, but then I saw the player count .
  6. Works fine for me too. I sooooooo excited for this!
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