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  1. You're the person putting all the work in so I'd say stick to what motivates you in terms of accomplishing the project.
  2. A script would be great but probably not a priority, it didn't take me that long to add all my stuff back. Thanks for fixing the skills, traits and typo. That's fair enough on the sheet format, it's a design choice I can see both ways being justified. Alternate homeworlds are probably the best next shout, like I said if you want help writing up equipment I'm happy to lend a hand. It's no problem to help for me, the only sad thing is that I wish this stuff had been around when the game started rather than after it has been abandoned. Probably a lot of groups who could benefit a lot from this sheet but how many people are going to start new campaigns these days and are probably just using their old means.
  3. Are the Astartes weapons in this system? I suppose they might be in a reinforcement character stats but otherwise I hadn't spotted them The abstraction is another way of saying the GM has to make up for the failures of the book. I was under the impression that attempting to acquire items from black market or shady dealers already made it harder to acquire. And even if that's the case there's nothing wrong with writing in the rules that sisters get the same benefits as Ad Mech do for cybernetics. It's particularly bad about the mehness because Sisters themselves are really disappointing to play, there's no faith powers, nothing that makes you feel like you are a Daughter of the Emperor, a Saintly Figure. All their skills are built around an overuse fate points an already desperately tight resource that you can't afford to spend on much other than rerolls. Yeah I agree with your comment, at some point a Sister would prefer a normal bolter with 3 shots and just refluff it.
  4. In comparing the Godwyn pattern weapons and Gowdyn-De'az pattern the context of the De'az being locked only to Adeptas Sororitas is important to remember. So even if they were just a straight upgrade then it wouldn't be a case of power creep, because it's locked to one background, and any power changes could be addressed in the background if necessary. It's also important to note the flavour, these weapons are meant to be superior in every aspect to regular bolt weapons. So first, there's a lot missing like the Sarissa: "This pattern of Bolt Pistol is designed to make use of the Sarissa as an attachment. The Sarissa is a vicious, curved, bayonet-like blade that can transform the Godwyn-De'az Bolt Pistol into an effective close combat weapon even as it retains all of its ranged functionality." Secondly, the rarity of them makes no sense, why are they harder to acquire, they can only be acquired by Daughters of the Emperor so it doesn't make much sense that it's harder for them to acquire since Daughters don't use Godwyn pattern weapons. http://i.imgur.com/UldElhd.png First off, they're all reliable, so this is a good thing, but it means Good quality doesn't matter for these unlike other bolt weapons. Secondly they're all lighter, this is almost completely irrelevant, almost no one cares about weight in that minutiae as far as I've seen and a few kilos rarely makes a difference. Third, they all have worse range apart from the bolt pistol. This is potentially completely irrelevant too, but considering most of them are round numbers even if you don't use maps people are likely to say "they're 150m away" not "140m away". Big problems are the loss of a bullet on the semi which is pretty much huge. Other than that they're basically identical, if they wanted to be boring they should have just reprinted the exact same stats and given it reliable for only 1 rarity increase instead of 2 rarity, however even that is just so boring. Reading these weapons I don't get the feeling they're completely superior to the usual pattern at all, in extremely rare cases maybe?
  5. Is there an easy way to update the character to new versions? Or do you have to input all the information again or does it automatically update with your changes? One thing is I think the default order of the sheets is a bit odd, character generation you only ever have to do once so that shouldn't be at the front, but then I guess it makes sense for new users of the sheet, but for repeated use you'd want the Modern CS at the front. Also changelog and information follow the same logic. Still seeing that problem on the dropdown, not the most important as I said as you can just write yes there instead, more important things elsewhere really. So the unnatural traits don't do anything? I added unnatural strength 1 to represent power armour but it doesn't seem to change my carrying capacity. Do I have to increase my strength by 10? (Wait seems to be working actually) Going to be playing with this sheet tonight so will let you know how it goes. The weight is useful on the equipment page good addition but there's no way to add the weight of weapons afaik Re: talents I didn't notice any problems but it was just so if you wanted to include sources you could easily copypaste it. Also most skills you can roll when they're not known at -20 so they should probably be on the CS. And infused knowledge doesn't add them all. Edit: On my char sheet it says rights of banishment instead of rites.
  6. Happy to help out on data entry, I wrote up the entire Talent database: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g6036wj9lwqi3qr/Warhammer%2040k%20Talent%20Index.xlsx?dl=0 One thing I would recommend adding is probably a source column, it's true with the armouries and it'll probably be true here, you never can tell what someone has typo'd or read wrongly in their summaries, being able to look something up quickly is very handy. You should probably also date your version updates. Another thing that I imagine would be difficult to implement would be some sort of difference for talents you have prerequisites for. As it is now you can take any talent you want, which is fine since there are many sources of talents that aren't just buying them with xp, but some sort of conditional formatting for example that italics those without met requirements. Some of the ones that check the W column in Information don't show up as Yes but won't let me select a drop down. Like Hotshot Pilot is blank and says this: =if(not(isError(filter(Information!$W$4:$W$9,Information!$W$4:$W$9=B67))),"Yes","") but has no drop down to overwrite it, are you meant to manually type Yes in? Edit: Something is broken in Sister of Battle advances: http://i.imgur.com/dxI7p1t.png Note that you can see it detects correctly Offence (from Adeptas Sororitas) and Willpower (from Sister of Battle) in the bottom 3 talents, but fails to detect it in the rest. The aptitudes I don't have on that list are leadership and weapon skill. It's impossible to be a SoB and not have Willpower. Edit 2: http://i.imgur.com/obfGg9i.pngSmall bug with the duplicate. Edit 3: Not sure that Unnatural Strength from power armour is working, and not sure how to add subskin armour and similar cybernetics. Probably a good idea to have a weight bit for weapons and also to include your carrying capacity on the equipment page. Overall this is fantastic though.
  7. Typo in Character Generation you spell Untouchable wrong. You cannot add Psyker advance and other similar things without retroactively modifying all previous xp costs. Not sure how you could solve that. Basically if you gain an Aptitude after you spend xp
  8. Sure I don't know that much about psychic powers in Dh2
  9. It doesn't say Effective Psy Rating. It says Psy Rating. I'm pretty sure that's significant and that I've seen other powers say Effective Psy Rating instead of just Psy Rating? As for the DoS, that's my own miscalculation! As far as I know effective Psy Rating is not mentioned in the psychic powers at all. It is talked about in the rules for psychic powers, but not in the actual powers. I thought Psy Rating meant effective Psy Rating in psychic powers. Otherwise pushing and casting at less would have no impact on the quality of a power. What power did you see mention effective Psy Rating?
  10. So they can dodge and just have a normal agility roll? That seems quite strong, even a 10% chance twice adds up.
  11. "Awesome! My Hallucination goes through and lasts for two rounds; because the duration is my Psy Rating halved, and rounded up, right?" Cast with a Psy Rating of 1, 1/2 rounded up is 1 round not 2, no? "Okay. Emperor Protect... 42! Much better - I succeed with 5 Degrees of Success!" 77 to 42, is a difference of 35, that's 3.5 in the tens, +1 for Dark Heresy rules that you start at 1. That's 4.5 degrees of success. I'm pretty sure you don't round up on degrees of success. Am I wrong?
  12. The rules of cleansing fire: http://i.imgur.com/aUOKsuO.png The rules of Flame: http://i.imgur.com/A0JtE7k.png How do you guys rule this ability? To me it doesn't seem like it replaces the rule, but is an addition. 1. Agility Test (to avoid the flame) 2. Energy Damage Roll 3. Agility Test (to avoid catching on fire) 4. Willpower Test (to avoid catching on fire) 5. If On Fire Damage (1d10 Energy damage (no armour) + 1d10 Energy damage (no armour or toughness) + 1 fatigue) 6. (On Their Round) If On Fire Willpower Test 7. If On Fire Agility (-20) Test to Extinguish 8. If Failed At End of Their Round If On Fire Damage (1d10 Energy damage (no armour) + 1d10 Energy damage (no armour or toughness) + 1 fatigue) etc Or do you remove 3. (basically only having one test to catch on fire).
  13. For a start as I've made clear it's not my ruling. Secondly obviously either the Sister of Battle armour is Light Power Armour, Heavy Power Armour or neither of those. I have never made the case that it would have half of the each set of rules. I merely misunderstood what TheWorldSmith was saying though luckily PJP was there to help out that misunderstanding, and TheWorldSmith themself has clarified too. It seems to me that you are correct on RAW. Not sure what you mean by backpack since it doesn't make a mention of that in the description of either RPG. It seems to me that the Dark Heresy 2E rules have simply nerfed the ability of SoB to fight in void combat without wearing a voidsuit underneath or over their power armour as well as all the other losses. A bit strange of them to do so, I never played DH1 were SoB really unbalanced that they felt they had to nerf them?
  14. So if I understand right you're saying the only rules that apply to the power armour is that it gives you unnatural strength (I) and always counts as braced. That is Sister of Battle armour is neither light nor heavy power armour and doesn't follow those rules, since it is its own armour. Does this mean it also does not carry its weight?
  15. As you can see by my image my rulebook doesn't have any of that information under the description. What page are you referring to? Could you take a photo of where it says it has unlimited charge and isn't a voidsuit? My GM at the moment did not say it had unlimited charge and I would love if it was the case.
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