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  1. Agreed, FFG does amazing Tolkien art. I much prefer that style to the World of Warcraft/Hearthstone-esque Terrinoth art (it's not bad by any means and I like it, but the cartoony nature keeps me from loving it).
  2. I would guess that it requires the app to play. Hopefully if the app is discontinued in the future, then it will still be able to be played via emulator.
  3. It would definitely be nice to see the pre-order mats available elsewhere.
  4. Adventures in Middle Earth is SOOOO good! :) Did you end up getting/playing it?
  5. Fabled Lands seems to be much deeper and meatier though.
  6. This is a huge bummer, I definitely wish I wouldn't have preordered this. It clearly has a lot less depth than the Fabled Lands or Destiny Quest gamebooks, which are about $8 and $12 respectively. Am I missing something here?
  7. Yeah, if that's what it ends up being I'm going to be pretty disappointed. This started out sounding like a pseudo RPG/boardgame hybrid. Now it's starting to sound like it has LESS depth that a Fighting Fantasy style gamebook. I'm kinda regretting preordering this unless I start seeing something else deep and cool looking about this.
  8. I'm actually starting to think there isn't any combat (beyond a choose your own adventure book combat, i.e. "if you have the 'brawling' skill go to entry 325, if not go to entry 244" type stuff. There are no dice, and I don't think there are any randomizing action cards, plus your character has no attributes, so that's what it's looking like to me.
  9. Yeah that's kinda what I was thinking too.
  10. It's actually 1-6 players on the box.
  11. I don't personally see anything that says it's a legacy game. I agree, regarding that I would just make notes on a sheet of paper.
  12. Yeah, that's what I was thinking... it looks like a board/card game with heavy RPG elements, but not a full-fledged RPG. Seems very intriguing!
  13. I hope it's not. I don't do legacy games at all.
  14. Thanks Buhallin and StormyWaters. That makes sense.
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