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  1. Well Star Wars miniature games certainly haven't been abandoned by FFG or Disney. Exactly the opposite given the huge release rate of Legion expansions. And therein lies part of the problem. Despite the validity of the argument that IA nd Legion are "different games" from a potential customer's point of view they both occupy the space of Star Wars miniature games and inevitably cannibalise of one-another's sales. As for your three reasons: FFG is in full development production flow give the output in other (Star Wars) product lines. Mostly likely IMO but I think you time frame is actually over-optimistic. IA needs active support to stay alive in retail for two reasons FFG don't sell it directly so product availability depends on stock being pushed from printing to retailers so it can be assumed that they do not keep a large stockpile. They cannot clear warehoused stock if retailers don't want to restock it (the game is perceived to be dying and sitting in bargain bins) and on the other hand if FFG's stock runs out there is no more supply as they have ceased printing. IA, although it can be played standalone really depends for much of its appeal on an ecosystem of expansions so when the core set runs out of stock or the expansions begin to dry up the game as a whole loses a lot of value for customer purchases, which in turn leads to lack of retailer interest in restocking (see 1)). The most important thing to understand is not the "no development" statement made recently but the fact that reprinting of IA ceased some time ago and this is a game that actually does need active life support. Also consider that IA (large boxes especially) are quite varied and complicated products to manufacture and assemble. When production stops for a while the combination of specific production processes, knowledge and skills will dwindle - and these are external businesses whose personal and processes FFG cannot directly control. On top of this it may well be that some of the components that IA product has been built on over the last five years (soft plastic figures, clam shell blister packs) are now seen as past technologies and are being replaced and suppliers dropped; FFG may be trying to reduce these elements at least where they can. All in all resuming production of an old product line like IA after several years is likely to be very expensive. The longer the more so. FFG do not have a dedicated IA team as such. They move developers from one product to another as far as we can tell. Teams may stay together for some time, even the entire duration of a product life, but they are still "FFG employees" not "IA developers". There may occasionally be product ideas pitched speculatively at high levels but when they say there is "nothing in development" I think we can only take it to mean that there or no developers involved in IA at the moment. The IA team has been disbanded and reassigned.
  2. But they have. That's what this entire thread is discussing.
  3. FFG have stated that there is no product in development. Why do you need playtesters to break a legal agreement to tell you the same? And what is getting ridiculous?
  4. This whole thread has been prompted by the fact that they have made an statement. And that statement is that that there is no products being planned. Aside from desperate optimism of people trying to spin it to make it mean something different from of what it explicitly says it's pretty difficult for FFG to expand on the statement that there is no work being planned. They have nothing else to say because there is nothing else to say anything about. Maybe they could release the usual sequence of news articles: "What not to Expect in our Next Imperal Assault non-Expansion", "Previewing Nothing for Imperial Assault", "Nothing is now Available in Stores", etc...
  5. Just to re-iterate it is necessary and expected that FFG will keep supporting OP until the moment that they are ready to announce its retirement (because blanking tounament support would effectively be announcing the game was over anyway). So tournament kit isn't an indicator that the game has a future. The Ewok image is the best straw of evidence that we have had that the game may not yet be done. Nothing would make me happier 😁
  6. A key difference is that are still reprinting Descent products but not IA. And there may be licensing reasons why they are still producing App campaigns.
  7. But as I pointed out here this is (unfortunately) exactly what they wouldn't do this because it would leave distributors with a large amount of (unsellable) stock and losses in bargain bucket discounts. This is probably exasperated because they cannot reabsorb it back into their own warehousing as they don't sell it on line themselves (for whatever reason). Winding down a product is a fine balancing act between allowing retailers and the supply chain to clear stock (not declaring the game support finished prematurely) and simultaneously avoiding disappointment of new customers who recently invested into the game. And the obvious way they would do that is to keep pushing product to the retailers, keep OP ticking over but stop printing and promoting the game. Which is what seems to be happening. I am hopefully that the Ewok image on the last skirmish map meant something but I am still not optimistic.
  8. Was it a reprint? How long did the shipping state last? There was a period of a few weeks last month or so when the queue didn't seem to have been updated but it has been regularly since but most physical model based releases do, literally, take a couple of months to pass through regardless of anecdotes. The SSD is going to be at the very longest production time and also, frankly, as a niche product is not going to get the priority the Legion and X-Wing releases get. Given the customer interest (and some of the impatience) though it would seem strange for FFG not to take the first opportunity to flag the actual start of manufacturing.
  9. Seriously it is still in development as it has been for almost a year in the queue and, even when it hits the printers, it's going to be two or three months before it reaches the shelves. Nothing has ever gone through first printing and distribution faster that than that and the production pipeline for a big product like that is not going to be short. Manufacturing hasn't even started yet. Even if we are looking at the end of the development step it is still going to be June at the earliest if not July or August before we have a realistic chance of seeing it.
  10. All of the box waves have been followed by blister waves which, themically (if not canonically), fill out the figures. I think there's a better than even chance that an Endor box will also be followed by another set of blisters even if its just a couple. Plus a campaign set fairly shortly before RotJ could legitimately include Ewoks (collecting intel on DS2/Endor defenses) and a guest appearance by Yoda somewhere between Luke's departure from Degobah in ESB and revisit in RotJ. ... or we may just get Caravan of Courage 😃
  11. As far as I can see, up to now, every single character art piece that has appeared on the skirmish maps has, sooner or later, represented a game character.
  12. It means that all of the IP related content gets agreed in advance in some detail and approved after production (or development). It could be done incrementally but agreement is still done in advance of any particular piece of work commencing and therefore far in advance of product release.
  13. Unfortunately that link is only "general" because it has the actual details of the licensed products redacted but the placeholders are there. Also with reference to earlier it does specify a separate later "Approval" mechanism which is therefore dependent on a prior original licensing agreement. It's worth reading some of the accounts by writers who work with the Star Wars license such as https://www.starwars.com/news/discussing-the-star-wars-publishing-landscape-with-lucasfilm-michael-siglain. LucasFilms and Disney need to agree everything at the synopsis/prototype level before production actually begins. There was a time when the George was fairly relaxed about this but things have tightened up a lot through the EU and now Disney canon. Obviously there is still some elbow room with a lot of EU still referenced in X-Wing and Armada but I still think anything with "narrative" gets discussed for canonical purity beforehand.
  14. Actually, given that it is the same name we don't know if the approvals are separate or were done at once and just copied into each of the individual credits. But even then pre-release "Approval" probably refers to validation of the separate pre-development licensing. Licensing is likely to be inclusive rather than exclusive, It would be a lot more difficult for Disney/LucasFilm to specify comprehensively what they don't want to allow then it would be to ask the licensee what they do want to put in the product and agree on that. And given the legal costs of revisiting the agreement then as much as possible would be front-loaded.
  15. As an aside they have now actually announce the existence of the RtH App update on the news feed ;-D
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