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  1. I think OP answered his own question already. You have 3 options here: 1.)Don't buy, dont play. 2.)Buy multiple copies of the core plus all hero packs. 3.)Buy one of everything. This gives you a full playset of every aspect. Have each player choose a different aspect and then deck building is wide open to them.
  2. Now you are relying on someone to drag around their entire set of owned cards. The whole point of this design is you walk in to your FLGS and see 2 people playing a game. You think it looks cool and you want to sit down and give it a try but you are not looking to invest that much money just to get started. No problem! Just go to the shelf, pick your favorite hero, buy his pack, and for $15 you can sit down and join the group WITHOUT relying on anything else other that what is in the pack you just bought.
  3. From the rules reference under "Planning" (final bullet point)
  4. Hope this wasnt done on the same turn. You can only perform ONE encounter per turn. Also you could never fight your crew and deliver them in the same turn since you must fight during the ENCOUNTER step and you deliver during the ACTION step.
  5. This is very clearly explained in the rules reference:
  6. Yes, c-3P0(SoR 30) can change a blank side to a special since they both have a value of 0. You can also change a symbol with a value of 1 or higher (i.e a side showing 2 ranged) to a special. This technically makes it a side showing for example "2 special" however you can only ever resolve the special symbol once so the value of the die is not relevant.
  7. Based on the current rules this is incorrect. You may only have 1 unique card by name in play. Since the support and character both have the same name and both are unique they CANNOT be both in play at the same time.
  8. This is incorrect. If you already have a unique card in play you are not even allowed to attempt to play a second copy.
  9. It is absolutely covered in the current deck building rules -- A deck includes exactly 30 cards. The deck cannot include more than 2 copies of the same card. -- A deck can contain events, upgrades, downgrades, and supports. Characters, plots, and battlefields are not included in a deck and do not count toward its 30-card limit Since characters are NOT part of your 30 card then the restriction of "deck cannot include more than 2 copies of the same card" does NOT apply when a character / card share the same name -- so you CAN include 2 copies of support R2-D2 when your team includes character R2-D2. The unique rule tells us that "A player cannot have more than one copy of a unique card in play at the same time" -- since characters are "in play" until they are defeated you could not play R2-D2 support while you have an undefeated R2-D2 character in play.
  10. R2-D2 is unique so you need to follow the rules for uniqueness. If R2 is one of your characters you CAN add 2 copies of support R2 to your deck but you CANNOT play support R2 if character R2 is still alive.
  11. FLGS just told me my copy arrived today.
  12. Just order them numerically — I have done this with all my sets and it is by far the fastest way to find a card
  13. So by your logic FFG could write an entirely new definition of IMPACT in the RRG and you will never follow it based on what the REMINDER text on the card tells you....Guess we better hope rules errata never happens....people won't follow what's in the RRG if the card says something different...
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