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  1. Not sure if I overlooked it somewhere, but has there been any confirmation on base size? I know it's bigger than 100 mm, but that's all I've heard so far.
  2. Does it also add to Stage II Ultron's attack value? We've been playing as though it does, but I'm not 100% certain if it's correct.
  3. The core set is definitely tuned as an introductory product. I look forward to more complex gameplay and increased deck building options, but I like the core gameplay loop. Single player difficulty does seem pretty low (particularly Rhino), even with the expert rules being enforced. I still find it enjoyable, however. And I absolutely love the game with 2 or 3 friends Can't wait for all the new hero/villain packs that have been announced!
  4. I think it's worth clarification from FFG. They have at least one other game (Destiny) where similar interactions are operate as Griautis outlined, so it certainly seems plausible it could be ruled as such in Champions.
  5. Why is it that you think the European meta is so far ahead? I'm not sure I understand how those results are any more valid than those in the US. And just to be clear, I'm not suggesting that US results are more valid.
  6. I'm confident the intent is that three non-Stronghold provinces must be broken before one can attack the Stronghold province in any manner. But this is actually interesting, and assuming it is the only reference to Stronghold province conflict restrictions in the game (I have not verified OPs claim), it probably could use some clarification. I find it interesting because Talisman of the Sun has the same effect on defense. Most have assumed that if Endless Plains is the new province the conflict is moved to, that its ability cannot trigger since the attack was not declared on Endless Plains itself - it was declared elsewhere and then moved to Endless Plains. Assuming this is the correct interpretation, then moving the conflict to the Stronghold province would be 'valid' with Chasing the Sun, provided that the only restriction on attacking the Stronghold is that an attack cannot be 'declared' until three non-stronghold provinces are broken, as cited by OP. This would require a slight alteration of the RRG. Alternatively, it opens up the possibility that these moves, both Chasing and the Talisman, do count as declared conflicts, which would then allow Endless Plains to trigger off of said movement. I'm personally hoping this is the case. I think the second part is more what OP is contesting. As somewhat of a parallel, Aggressive Moto cannot be declared as a defender, but it can be moved in to defend a conflict. Similarly, Hiruma Yojimbo cannot be declared as an attacker, but she can be put into an attacking conflict via Charge!. Again, I think intent is clear. I'm certain this will not allow players to attack strongholds before 3 non-stronghold provinces are broken. But given that FFG clearly makes distinctions between words such as declare, move, etc., it probably wouldn't hurt to add a line for clarity.
  7. Shameful Display and the Art of Peace can both set it up by themselves a lot of the time as well.
  8. I haven't looked at the numbering in detail. Is it possible Unicorn gets 2 cards? They were down one in the Core set.
  9. I agree with this take at the moment. He's basically a 3 mil/9 pol who will likely cause an honor loss in any declared attack (either no defense or discard a lone defender) and likely break a province. If the Scorpion dishonor game is strong, that single honor loss may be relevant, but otherwise he likely just discards a character that was going to bow in resolution and fade at the end of the turn. If the Scorpion get a harpoon effect (get over here!!), and they can drag in characters with fate on them, the discard effect gets a big bump. He's definitely solid, but I think he's a bit over hyped right now. My opinion is definitely subject to change based on the remaining Scorpion spoils. My top three consists of two bottom feeders in many of these lists, Hotaru and Toturi, and then Yokuni as the third with no particular order, so I think it's easy to say I'm in the minority with my clan champ ranking.
  10. Doji Challenger and Lion's Pride Brawler: I don't care if you don't want to participate, I'm still coming after you.
  11. There are two kill actions so far that are dependent on having a dishonored character - I can Swim and Noble Sacrifice. Perhaps part of the reason Court Games doesn't allow for a choice in dishonoring is to prevent these effects from killing clan champs and high cost units too reliably. Merely speculating, of course.
  12. Like almost everything in the game, it's a give and take. A lion event can send home some of your strongest characters with only a single character present. A dragon event can bow some of your strongest characters even after all the provinces have been spoiled. The phoenix shugenja will almost always be able to remove a fate from any one of your units. Court games becomes essentially a dead card against characters with low glory. So while I don't think higher glory is bad necessarily, I do think it makes for less consistent performances. Consequently, this is also one of the reasons why I believe Crane to be the strongest clan thus far - they have additional ways to honor their characters (Way of the Crane and Savvy Politcian) and take advantage of/mitigate the respective benefits and drawbacks of decent glory stats.
  13. I think the only difference between how they operate is that the Warrior Poet's effect requires her to be present. I am interested to see if the effects are persistent and apply to new units as they enter the battlefield or if they only apply to units present at the time of activation, though. My guess (based on Conquest rules) is that the buffs/debuffs only apply to the units present when the action is resolved. However it is ruled, I'm sure it will be the same for both cards.
  14. You can only add to glory. Seems like anti-synergy with the stronghold. Was it just sarcasm or am I missing something here?
  15. I find this interesting because it's exactly the opposite of what our group has found in testing. I have zero concern about being dishonored against Crab (I actually think Crab are the worst clan by far on the whole, but that's a different story). Conversely, against Lion, I find I have to adapt from the get-go and bid low consistently to prevent them from honoring out, provided I'm not playing Lion or Crane myself. I'll be interested to see how the core set meta evolves before the first pack hits.
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