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    I think you mean plauge.
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    On the one hand, I like that classic #1 seam but #2 has that bit of extra flair. Idunno. It's a tough call.
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    Never worked properly on mobile, apparently. There was no way to turn them off if you wanted to, I think. 
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    Jyn Erso - a rebellious and pessimistic criminal who has been on the run from the empire her entire life. Trained to be a fighter by an extremist, but who still maintains her humanity. Throughout the film finally comes around and believes in a cause enough to die for it. There, I did it.
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    I still don't exactly understand jealousy humor.
    If your spouse is worried that you're going to have sex with someone else, and you're in a closed relationship, isn't that a bad thing?
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    I know the page in question, but that rules snippet only applies when you're moving an obstacle toward something, which 2 of the 3 purrgil objectives do not do. I'd really appreciate an FAQ on this one because it's not clearly enough spelled out for me.

    And you're welcome!
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    Villakarvarousku got a reaction from Snipafist in Cannot Get Your Ship Out! August Articles!   
    Someone posted pictures of the RitR rulebook and there was a separate section on moving obstacles in general. I'm pretty sure it said that they can't overlap ships, squads, obstacles or tokens in their final position (but can move through them).
    I really appreciate these objective articles by the way! The new objectives are probably the most exciting part of RitR for me but they've been kind of hard to wrap my head around, so that was a great read.
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    Hey everyone,
    Duck_bird here, having finally recovered (mostly) from the fatigue brought on by my super fun Armada World’s Roadtrip!  Truthiness, Formynder, and I all drove from Maryland up to Chicago - a whopping 12 hour drive - and it was absolutely worth it.  I got to meet a ton of fun nerds whom I only knew online, and I got to personally play against some of the big names in the Armada scene!  It was a blast meeting everyone, and while I’m terrible at names and faces, everyone I met was super cool.
    I ended up placing 10th overall, which I am utterly delighted with.  In a world of Raddus and Reikan as the most viable rebel admirals, I got Madine high enough up there that statistically he’s the 3rd best rebel admiral this world’s season!  Boom!
    Before I get into my fleet and games writeup, I wanted to touch on a few FAQs I got throughout our trip.
    Q:  Why Madine?
    A:  Madine is manner.
    Long story short, I hate Reikan and Raddus and I am so stubborn in my quest to be unique that I refuse to play them.  I started with a liberty list for which Madine was a good fit, and eventually got addicted to maneuvering CR90s around.  Admo benefits immensely from the potential extra 2 clicks of yaw, and even flotillas are amazingly hard to pin down when maneuvering with Madine.  To put it simply, he’s a ton of fun and in my opinion a perfectly legitimate admiral.
    Q:  Is it weird being the only woman at a tournament like this?
    A:  Honestly no.  Aside from being asked this question more than a couple times, I experienced no issues whatsoever.  The armada community is great.
    Q:  Why no bid with a fleet like yours?  5 activations and no bid is crazy!
    A:  I realized during the various iterations of this fleet that I cannot afford the points I’d need to really compete in the bidding war.  I routinely played against people with 20+ point bids, and I’m simply not gonna compete with that. A one point bid lets me sometimes go first against rebel bomber fleets, and that’s nice, but ultimately my fleet is happy to go first or second.  My ships are so fast and so maneuverable that even when out-activated as 2nd player I can usually keep everything in a position where they cannot be last-firsted.
    Q:  Why Salvage Run over Sensor Net?
    A:  I’m not comfortable enough with Sensor net to really feel like I can get enough points out of it.  My fleet is also super fragile. Sensor Net requires me to stay in one spot and farm tokens. I can have 2 ships + the VCX pick up the salvage tokens by turn 2 and book it,  letting the rest of my ships spread out and RUN. Finally, free nav tokens on every ship means I don’t have to spend the first turn banking them.
    So without further ado, the fleet I ran was the following:
    Faction: Rebel
    Commander: General Madine
    Assault: Most Wanted
    Defense: Fire Lanes
    Navigation: Salvage Run
    MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63)
    • General Madine (30)
    • Lando Carissian (4)
    • Ordnance Experts (4)
    • Reinforced Blast Doors (5)
    • External Racks (3)
    • Admonition (8)
    = 117 Points
    CR90 Corvette A (44)
    • Engine Techs (8)
    • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7)
    • Jaina's Light (2)
    = 61 Points
    CR90 Corvette A (44)
    • Engine Techs (8)
    • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7)
    = 59 Points
    GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
    • Toryn Farr (7)
    • Bright Hope (2)
    = 27 Points
    GR-75 Medium Transports (18)
    • Slicer Tools (7)
    • Quantum Storm (1)
    = 26 Points
    • Dash Rendar (24)
    • Ketsu Onyo (22)
    • 2 x VCX-100 Freighter (30)
    • Tycho Celchu (16)
    • Shara Bey (17)
    = 109 Points
    Total Points: 399
    I must have gone through a million variations since I picked up Madine as a project.  I started with Mon Karren and Paragon as my combat ships, but I wasn’t comfortable enough to take them to worlds.  I dropped Paragon for a pair of cr90s, and eventually turned the lib into admo as I was afraid I’d need more 2nd player insurance and defense against squadrons.  This let me expand the squadron wing to both A wing aces, 2 VCX for strategic power, and Dash/Ketsu for rogue power and a bit of bombing strength. Ketsu’s ability synergizes perfectly with the A wing aces who are fast enough to position in places where a speed 2 Dengar or a speed 1 Jan cannot give them heavy.
    I almost took Cluster Bombs on both cr90s, but changed my mind at the last second and took Slicer Tools instead.  I think it was the right call. RBDs on Admo saved my flagship in two games and was DEFINITELY a good purchase.
    Day 1:  
    Game 1:  My first opponent was running a squadless Motti fleet with an ISD Kuat Avenger, Demolisher, a flagship Arquittens, a raider, and gozanti.
    In this situation he outactivated me by one, and so would be able to last-first.  This always makes it so I need to play incredibly carefully. However, his lack of squadrons mean that my squads are free to hunt whatever ships I wish.  
    He chose to go first player and we played my Most Wanted.  His fleet was deployed aggressively, with the ISD, Raider, and Demo all pointing straight ahead.  The flagship arq was in the back, but not quite life-boating it by hugging the far wall. I deploy Admo across from the ISD, with my squadrons set to hunt the raider, and my CR90s on either flank to distract or draw enemy ships away.  
    The game unfolded about as I expected, and was not super interesting.  I didn’t really have the damage to pick on the ISD, so I made Demo the most wanted ship and made a plan to hunt it and the raider.  Some amazing shots picked my flotillas off at long range, but my squadrons made quick work of the raider, and Demo fell after a failed attack run on Admonition.  I started the day off with a solid win.
    Game 2:  This was a match against Norm, who’s one of the big Armada names out of Canada.  I was definitely afraid going into this match! Norm’s fleet was an ISD2 kitted out quite defensively with Brunson, EWS, and QBTs most notably among its upgrades.  The interesting bit was 7th fleet paired off with a gladiator packing Expert Shield Teams to throw more shields over to the ISD. Then a very angry rogue squad blob of I think Maarek, Morna, Jendon, Bossk, Mauler and Dengar.
    Norm went first and once again chose my Most Wanted.  This was a boring game, and a bit of a bungle on my part.  Norm deployed very defensively in the left corner of the board.  I needed to make a choice here. Either deploy in the other corner and take the 6, or go all-in on killing that ISD.  I kind of tried to do both, and it did not work out. I deployed my whole fleet in a tight formation with my squadrons hanging tight around it.  My plan was to try to bait a squadron fight within my flak bubble, but Norm flew slow and didn’t bite. So I turned in and got a little too close.  I then made several big mistakes, including flakking Bossk, and putting Jaina’s Light in such a position that I had to sacrifice squadrons to save her.  By turn 4 I was on damage-control duty, just trying to save points and not bleed out.
    Ended this game with a moderate loss that could have been way worse.  Should have just ran and taken the 6, or gone ham. Instead I half-assed it and earned a defeat.  Oh well, lessons learned!
    Game 3:  My opponent here was packing an 8-activation Reikan list with a Liberty and a ton of hammerheads.  I think 1 lifeboat torpedo HH and 3 scout HHs with TFO and slaved turrets. No squads though! Afraid of my VCX, he gave me first player and I chose his Solar Corona.  SC doesn’t bother my fleet at all. I just spread out on the back edge and I’m fast and maneuverable enough to be anywhere.
    So I did just that.  Admo in the middle flanked by flotillas, and each CR90 off to one side.  Squads piled up in the middle. He had the final 3 activations every round, so I couldn’t easily line up any big engages.  I planned to try to get around all the hammerheads. My right most CR90 turned right to bait some hammerheads, and it worked beautifully.  All 3 scout hammerheads turned hard towards it, putting 2 of them in a position where they would ultimately not be able to take part in the fight.  My other ships approached cautiously, mindful of the gunnery team toting Liberty.
    My opponent got incredibly unlucky here.  He flew his liberty on a rock, which was not a bad call.   It put him in a very good position strategically. However he drew the worst possible crit, Capacitor Failure, instantly dropping all 5 of his front shields.  Ketsu and Dash took this as an open invitation to start dumping damage into the poor ship. I quickly changed plans from “Fly around and bait” to “Go for the throat!”
    Turn 2 opened with some classic Madine shenanigans.  My rightmost CR90 spend its nav dial and token and pulled a hard 180, leaving two hammerheads aiming at nothing and pointed far from the fight.  Admo flew up in front of the liberty. My other ships approached cautiously, but I goofed and let my flotillas creep into the danger zone. My opponent realized that it was unlikely Admo would go down in a single shot, and opted to delete my poor flotillas instead.  Probably the right call, and I’d been hoping he’d waste a shot on Admo.
    The liberty went down in flames and I started hunting any other ships I could find.  CR90s busied themselves ramming flotillas to death, and Admo chased after hammerheads running for their lives.  Dash and Ketsu go hunting the lifeboat flotilla. The rest of my squads are pretty useless now without their flotillas, but the game still ends in a solid win for me.

    Game 4:  My fourth opponent had a very interesting Raddus list.  Instead of the classic Liberty of MC75 drops that people were afraid of, it was Defiance tricked out with a load of bombers inside Rapid Launch Bays!  Very cool! The rest of the list were a pair of flotillas, and a cr90 lifeboat for Raddus himself. I believe it was 3 YTs and Ketsu?, then a Hawk, Nym, Gold, and a Scurrg inside the pickle.
    He chose to go first and picked my Most Wanted, an easy choice for Raddus players.  Probably a weakness of my list.
    Against Raddus my list needs to spread out.  I can’t ever leave two of my combat ships in a spot where they can get forked by the drop.  My CR90s flew up cautiously a good distance apart from each other. Admo flew up the right flank slow enough to have options, and my flotillas flew up the middle with my squadrons.  The YTs unsupported were easy pickings, so I quickly got Tycho and Shara on duty holding them up. I got Jaina’s in a decent spot to shoot at the flagship and then on turn 3 the Defiance drop happened.
    It was lined up in a good spot to catch Admo.  Here is where Madine shines. Defiance plopped down in Admo’s front arc, double arcing Admo in return, and in a place where with any other admiral, there would have been no safe place to land.  My slicer tools flotilla was unfortunately nearby as well, and I’d have to choose which ship to save. I could slice Defiance to a not-squad command, but Admo would still eat a close range double arc.  So I had to activate Admonition, and used Madine’s power to do a 2-2-1-0 inside turn, landing me safely in Defiance’s front arc.
    Defiance activated, dropping the squadrons and putting some damage into poor Admo’s butt.  My slicer tools flotilla went down in flames. But Admo held on. With the rest of my turn, Tycho and a VCX were able to fly in range to snipe the Hawk, and then Ketsu was able to get close enough to tie up (with Tycho’s help) all the heavy bombers. They would not get another chance to bomb.  The Raddus flagship goes down, and Admo can easily tank another Defiance front arc shot. RBDs save me from another double-ram. The rest of the game would be running from Defiance and cleaning up bombers and flotillas. A solid win, and I end the day on 30 points.

    Day 2:
    Game 1:  My first opponent on Day 1 is JJ himself!  He had an interesting squadless Raddus list which I was quite afraid of.  Tons of activations. A couple CR90s flying around, a Profundity drop with a hammerhead inside.  Very spooky.
    And here is where the two VCX in my list pay off.  JJ takes a glance at my list and hands me first player.  We both agreed this was a mistake that he probably wouldn’t have made if everyone wasn’t fatigued from so much Armada in one day.  Most Wanted is an easy pick for Raddus lists and would have been a very strong choice against my fleet.
    So I had first player, and Station Assault was the clear choice.  I would have the first activation each round, and an activation advantage until Profundity dropped with its strategic adviser and baby hammerhead.  I’d also have no squadrons to worry about. Essentially, as long as I split my fleet up, I could not possibly get caught, and my squads would be free to eat the stations while I waited out the drop.  
    JJ split the stations up in far corners of the map, despite my efforts to put debris fields to force them out of the far corners.  I deployed in typical anti-raddus fashion: Each CR90 in a corner, admo down the middle, and flotillas between each other ship. My squads were positioned to start chewing on the rightmost station.  JJ’s admo was deployed in the middle, a GR75 off to my far right, and the Raddus flagship on the far left.
    I opened the turn by flinging Shara and Tycho at the right station.  They would spend the rest of the game bombing the station while the VCX plodded over to help.  I flew my ships up cautiously, flanking hard to the sides to make sure I couldn’t be forked by a Raddus drop.  Dash and Ketsu started putting damage into Admonition. I knew they couldn’t kill it alone, but I was hoping to lure it into a position where I could back-to-back ET ram it to death.  JJ was well aware of this though and flew down the middle of the board.
    Raddus dropped on turn 3 on the right side of the board, threatening one of my 90s.  He recognized that he couldn’t really catch me, and instead deployed both the 75 and hammerhead in such a way that they double-arced my squads picking on the station.  A good call to go for points. I was forced to activate my cr90 first, which flew away to safety. JJ’s admo jumped up to speed 4 and booked it away. I wasn’t catching it, even with Madine powers.  I resigned to hunting down the stations and hammerhead which couldn’t easily avoid destruction. JJ’s overlapping flak punished my squadrons, and was able to kill Shara before I was able to fly them to safety.
    The game ended with both stations destroyed as well as the hammerhead,  and I had lost Shara to a series of flak double arcs. 7-4 victory to start out the day
    Game 2:  My next opponent was Dong Lee who had an interesting Motti list.  It was a tricked out BT Avenger with Motti, a standard issue Demolisher, two flotillas, and a medium squad wing built to defend against other squadrons:  Dengar, Mauler, Zertik, and 3 TIE Advanceds. Dong chose to go first and picked my Fire Lanes objective.
    I dropped the station at distance 4 in the middle of the board.  We crammed all the rest of the obstacles around the station, giving me a perfect spot to place my fire lanes tokens.  My VCX could sit on obstacles all game, unable to be tied down, and shuffle tokens to their heart's content. I placed 2 fire lanes tokens in the middle of the board, and one far off to the right.
    I placed Bright Hope near the tokens along with my squads.  Jaina’s Light positioned across from the enemy flotillas and squadrons, ready to fly through the huge cluster of asteroids.  Interestingly enough, both Avenger and Demo deployed on the right flank, contesting my throw-away token that I had a cr90 and QS on.  Admo deployed sideways, waiting to intercept Avenger.
    We both played cautiously with our squadrons.  All the important ones hid on obstacles, afraid to commit to the fight.  Demo and Avenger surged forward to contest the one fire lane. My Cr90 pulled a hard Madine and ran away from Demo.  Admo kept trying to force Avenger to move into close range, but I also had to be very wary of getting in BT range. Quantum Storm flew wide and then turned in, eternally slicing Avenger to a squadron command every turn.  Once a Madine flotilla gets behind you it can be anywhere.
    Essentially I was gaining 30 points per turn, and he was gaining 15.  In retrospect I should have put all 3 tokens in the middle of the board.  He’d be forced to fly straight into me through a bunch of asteroids, and without strategic of his own, if he ever does manage to contest the token, I can just throw them under his ships.  I thought I was being sneaky putting a token off on the flank, but it ended up just giving him free points for the first few rounds!
    Around turn 4 the squadron fight started.  An advanced and Dengar pounced on Dash, who started taking a beating.  However, this gave me the opportunity to tie up Mauler and another advanced with Shara, more advanceds with Tycho, and get Ketsu on Dengar so he couldn’t free Mauler up.  I’d end up losing Dash but Zertik and the advanceds went down quickly. With only 5 activations and 2nd player I wasn’t able to line up any big attack runs on his ships, so I kind of stopped trying to and focused on farming points and flotillas.
    Unfortunately, on turn 5 I made a massive blunder.  I knew Dash was going to die, but that should have been the only casualty I needed to take.  Instead in a moment of potato-brain, I flew Jainas right into Demo’s path. Just straight up inted it.  A completely silly absent minded mistake. Jaina’s exploded. Whoops. On the plus side I was still ahead, now comfortably farming all the tokens and cleaning up squadrons.  Game ended with a 119 point MOV, just one point from an 8-3! Dang!
    I’m gonna be grumpy at myself for a while for such a boneheaded move, but it’s hard to not make mistakes after so much Armada in so few days!
    Game 3:  My final game was against Au Shiu Yik.  I know he’s a huge name in the game and has won all sorts of tournaments, so I was very worried going into this game!   Au had a Reikan list with Defiance, a lifeboat hammerhead, two flotillas, and a boatload of angry rebel squadrons, mostly bombers.  I think we had Rogue, Dutch, Nym, Gold, Scurrgs, and 2 VCX. My whopping one point bid bought me initiative. I thought hard about choosing to go second, but he also had VCXs and would out-activate me.  I had to go first.
    So I looked at his objectives.  Advanced Gunnery against Defiance is almost always a no-no.  Again if I had an activation advantage it wouldn’t be so bad.  Admo with AG as first player is devastating. But no luck there.  Fire lanes I would have taken IF he didn’t have Adar Talon. My normal plan is to steal other people’s fire lanes on turn 1.  You can grab 2 of the tokens on your first activation, and they cannot get them back. But with Adar… he could. So I was forced to take Intel Sweep.  Bummer.
    I deployed with my squadrons bunched up around Bright Hope.  My Cr90s flanked around the sides, and Admo sideways in the middle, ready to go in any direction.  (MADINE POWAH) Defiance plopped down in the middle of the board, ready to run it down mid and control the board.  Raddus’ lifeboat is sideways on the long edge. Both of us choose our Toryn flotillas as objective ships.
    We both approach cautiously, moving our sensor net tokens around and jockeying for position.  Au throws Dutch and Rogue out within strike distance. I know it’s bait, but he doesn’t have any intel.  I need to make the move.
    I open turn 2 by throwing Shara and Tycho into position.  Shara ties up Dutch and Rogue, and Tycho puts more damage into Rogue.  My next activation throws the VCXs into the fray. Dutch and Rogue are both almost dead.  Au Adar’s Gold squadron into Jaina’s, burning 4 shields off. His other squadrons join the fight.  It’s a bloody squad battle, with both Toryn’s in position to boost the bulk of our squadrons. One of my VCX gets bursted down.  Admo continues to play it safe. My 2nd Cr90 approaches Defiance carefully. Defiance flies forward angrilly, claiming the center of the board.  In the squadron phase, Dash and Ketsu join the fun, finishing off Dutch and Rogue squad.
    Turn 3 opens up, and I’m forced to either fly Jaina’s out of range of gold squad, or tie it up.  I opt to activate Toryn. Tycho happily disengages from combat to tie up gold squad, and Shara keeps duking it out with enemy squads.  At this point in the game, my cr90 and admo have both put some passing shots into Defiance. It’s lost most of its left and front shields, but I just don’t think I have the damage to finish it off (something of a theme with this fleet.)  I lined up a nice opening double arc with a cr90, but without putting my whole fleet into it, it’s clear it’s not gonna go down. I park the 90 in front of defiance. Near the end of the turn, I see an opening. I hard Madine turn Admo and line up a double on his objective flotilla.  Admo eats a defiance broadside by w/e, no biggie. I can take at least two of those before I’m in real danger.
    Turn 4 opens and I blast the objective ship to pieces.  We’ve each picked up 2 tokens so far, and the final token is under his objective ship.  For a brief moment I think I’ve prevented the objective from happening, but he simply zombies the ship.  Oh yeah, I forgot you could do that. Admo continues to Madine around at speed 4, flying up and attempting to trap Reikan’s lifeboat.
    However, he doesn’t activate it immediately, giving me one more chance to steal.  I activate Toryn’s flotilla with a squadron command. At this point, Nym is holding up Dash and my remaining VCX.  Nym’s on 3 health. IF Dash and the VCX manage to kill him, my VCX can then move, grab the token, and put it far out of range of Au’s flotilla.  Then all I need to do in the squadron phase is put Ketsu near his last VCX so it can’t re-grab the token. Unfortunately, Dash wiffs and Nym lives.  Phooey. Woulda been a big ol’ 150 point swing for me. Toryn activates and grabs the token.
    My cr90 is obliterated by Defiance, which drops to zero after again trying to kill Admonition.  Tycho slowly kills gold squadron. Jaina’s Light angrily hunts the hammerhead. The rest of my squads slowly cyberbully Nym and the remaining bombers.  Reikan’s hammerhead jumps over Admo.
    Turn 5 opens with Admo getting the hammerhead lifeboat to one health.  At this point my combat ships have taken a beating and fly off into the sunset.  Tycho and Dash murder gold squad, and Shara and the VCX finish off Nym. Ketsu flies over to put the final damage into the hammerhead.
    The rest of the game is trying to eek out points on each other’s squadrons.  Nothing else dies. I’ve lost a cr90 and Quantum Storm, along with a VCX. Au’s lost the lifeboat and most of his squadrons.  But he’s got the objective, which pushes him to a victory. My final game ends in a 5-6. So close!

    So I end the day at 49 points and take 10th place.  I’m very happy with how I played overall. I definitely made mistakes, but it’s pretty hard not to with 7 games in 2 days.  I love the fleet. I wish I had more ship power to get more use out of Madine, but the squad component is really solid. I wouldn’t change much for this archetype.  And I officially made MADINE the 3rd best performing rebel admiral. In a sea of smelly Raddus and Reikan players, Madine comes out next in line! I love it!
    After the tournament some of us went over to Kuma’s for burgers.  Then back to the hotel to sleep, and unfortunately puke my brains out for an hour, just in time for our 12 hour road trip back home.  Still though, what a fun experience Worlds was. I had a blast overall!
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to Karneck in Moved to New Topic: Would Eliminating Pre-Measures Be Good for the Game?   
    I understand your frustrations.
    But I love how you used my video to complain about how long it took to do squadron stuff. Yet that game ENDED 20 minutes before time was called.
    We played within time limit. How is that taking too long? Armada is not an exciting game to watch others play for long periods regardless of squadrons or not.
    I only had ONE GAME played to past time. And that was my final game (round 7) where we we're both tired as **** after two days of 12+ hours of armada.
    Regardless, I don't agree with your opinion.
    But I understand it.
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to Ginkapo in Moved to New Topic: Would Eliminating Pre-Measures Be Good for the Game?   
    In responding this question, let me first give a little background to dyslexia.
    In most western education systems we are introduced to the alphabet very early which is key to allowing kids to understand that b, d, p and q are different letters. Now I figure most of you wont see immediately why those could be confusing, however if you think about they are the same shape simply on a different orientation. If you look at the image below you can see the confusion caused by the dual idea, that a chair is always a chair no matter the orientation, but b, d, p and q are different entities. 
     Whats interesting about dyslexia is it can often be caused by kids figuring out that a chair is always a chair very early in their development and thus struggling with the alphabet. 
    Why am I talking about this here? Well the point is that our education systems are not geared to teach spatial awareness and actually those who develop this key skill are actually hindered. If we play armada without premeasurement than those with a predisposition for spatial awareness will have a major advantage. 
    I already personally feel that its somewhat unfair that because of my occupation I can eye in movements to millimetres without premeasuring. If no one was allowed to premeasure then the game becomes about spatial awareness far more than tactics or decision making. I dont want to see the game go that way. 
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    Villakarvarousku got a reaction from Darth Veggie in Happy Friday   
    New objectives!
    Everything else in the campaign box looks pretty cool too, and while I don't personally care for the SSD I recognise that it's going to make a lot of people happy, but
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to The Jabbawookie in Adepticon Announcement   
    Personally hoping for the Pelta (another speed 2er with only one kinda bad title.)
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to BrobaFett in Moved to New Topic: Would Eliminating Pre-Measures Be Good for the Game?   
    I think the best possible thing I can do is live read this post. I'll be red.
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to Crabbok in Armada's Future - Brighter than Ever!   
    Before I start - yes I know I'm an Armada Fanboy - but with that aside - honestly this game has SUCH a bright future ahead of it!
    SSD Pushed back to Q3 which is a bummer, but when it DOES arrive it's going to mean so much... Biggest Miniature in FFG's history! New Ship Category!  Most impressive piece of Plastic ever! Sector Fleet just came out so new formats for now! New Campaign means new Squadrons AND new upgrades for BOTH factions!  Also coming in Q3 which means we actually WON'T leave rebels totally in the dust! Smaller games coming with new campaign means perhaps some more enjoyable FASTER formats!  200 point lists, 3'x3' play areas! More accessible to new players! Confirmation that NEW SHIPS ARE in development!   SHIP(S)!   Plural!   Lots of Armada questions today at Adepticon - EVEN while the majority of Armada players were competing at Worlds!    
    And of course more pressure for Clone Wars - especially with it's success in X-Wing and the incredible hype for Legion - it's SURE to come to Armada!  With smaller formats too, like the 200 point lists ideas... it might be even more accessible to new players!  
    Seriously there is so much to be excited about!   
    Stand up and shout!  
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to Drasnighta in Adepticon Announcement   
    Rebels were always a Model ahead anyway...  So this is Evening the Score, somewhat.  

    I'm in the "New Models aren't everything" department...  CC Changed a *lot* of sthings with Standard games, and this Campaign seems Primed to do the same thing.
    As a Primarily Rebel player, too.
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    Villakarvarousku got a reaction from Benjan Meruna in Was Rhymer nerfed too hard, and what would you do differently?   
    Still nowhere near most though. There are currently 21 ship variants with blue only flak, 9 with black only and 7 with blue-black, plus the one red.
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    Villakarvarousku got a reaction from RedLeader23 in Villakarvarousku's repaints   
    Back to the Rebels! Some of the pictures seem to be particularly rubbish this time, so sorry about that. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I need to watch some Youtube videos or something.
    First up, Squadrons II. I really enjoy the design of both the Ghost and the Shadow Caster, so I just copied them and did slight variations for the other two.

    I quite like how the Z's turned out, but I'm not sure how I feel about the E-wings. They just look a bit funny and cartoonish. I might redo them at some point (edit: I did! See page 3) – probably try replacing the green with a more neutral colour first and see if that does the trick, or if not, I need to figure out something completely different. Luckily they were pretty easy and fun to paint, so that's not a horrible prospect.
    While I'm at it, here's a bunch of old squadrons that I haven't posted yet. A's and B's as well as the Scurrg (i.e. all the ones I'm most proud of, although I rather fancy the Y's too) are in the original post if anyone's wondering.

    Oh, and also:

    That's everything I currently own finished, so it'll probably be a while for new stuff unless I get the urge to redo something. Top candidates are E-wings, YT-2400 and maybe a cloak effect for the Phantoms. The X-wings could use a do-over too, but considering how much of a pain they were to paint and how many of them there are, I honestly just can't be arsed.
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to LTD in Article Predictions. Mostly General Discussion. But there's definately some Predictions scattered throughout.   
    Speaking of English as a second language - I’ve come to accept the “a” in definately, but I’m now worried about the “there’s” when it ought to be “there are”. 
    People do come here from other forums - how does it look to the x-wing and Legion *cough* people when the longest thread in the true forum has a subject-verb disagreement?
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to CaribbeanNinja in Article Predictions. Mostly General Discussion. But there's definately some Predictions scattered throughout.   
    This thread is about:
    Article Predictions and us trying to spam it to make it the longest thread ever.  
    If you read the past 323 pages, you'll usually see us just being wrong about when articles are coming out.  We also discuss really dumb things, like "how to properly microwave" or "why can't @Drasnightaever fix "definately" in the title."
    You want to be a stick in the mud? Fine, but it is just really strange to me, as this is a silly thread, on a forum about us pushing little plastic toys around.
    (And there is definately gonna be an article posted today.  Definately.)
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to svelok in Cannot Get Your Ship Out! September Articles   
    control + f, "MC30", one result
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to Snipafist in Cannot Get Your Ship Out! September Articles   
    Also, you're all welcome for this:

    Thank my wife.
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to geek19 in Pro-Imperial Anthology Film?   
    "Boy, I haven't been to the forums recently, how have things been today?"

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    Villakarvarousku got a reaction from CyborgNinja in Villakarvarousku's repaints   
    Finally got myself a Pelta! This is easily my favourite ship model in the game, so I was a bit nervous about doing it justice, but honestly I'm rather happy with how it turned out. I just realised that I totally forgot to do the windows at the very front though, so I'll probably fix that later at some point. On the other hand I kind of like them dark, so maybe I'll just black out the tower one too. Anyway, can't wait to get it on the table in a couple of days!

    I also bought a second CR90 a month or two back, pictured here on the right with the old one on the left:

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    Villakarvarousku reacted to CaribbeanNinja in 2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Completed!   
    With four total swiss rounds, everybody is still in this thing.
    Love the talk about the games guys!  That is what this thread is for.
    (please keep this thread clear of interpretations about what tournament type is best for Armada.  The tourney we are running is what we are running.  Make a new thread)
    IF you have any situations that arise during or after a match that need attention, please PM me. 
    This thread should highlight how good the Vassal community is. 
    If you have any problems with any of this, again, PM me.
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    Villakarvarousku reacted to clontroper5 in 2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Completed!   
    Poor Leia
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