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  1. I wonder what the thinking there was, because a lot of people were relying on them a lot for linking sources and stuff. What a weird thing to cut. The board game youtuber JonGetsGames uses the Klingon subtitles to add corrections after publishing. It works well, but I guess you do have to tell people to turn them on every time so it's not ideal either.
  2. Someone posted pictures of the RitR rulebook and there was a separate section on moving obstacles in general. I'm pretty sure it said that they can't overlap ships, squads, obstacles or tokens in their final position (but can move through them). I really appreciate these objective articles by the way! The new objectives are probably the most exciting part of RitR for me but they've been kind of hard to wrap my head around, so that was a great read.
  3. New objectives! Everything else in the campaign box looks pretty cool too, and while I don't personally care for the SSD I recognise that it's going to make a lot of people happy, but NEW OBJECTIVES
  4. Look more closely at the crit effect: it assigns one to the defender (after first removing them from other enemy ships just so that there can only be one per side). So you can mark your opponent' ships and try the get the purrgils to eat them and give you points as thanks for the lovely snacks.
  5. None, basically. We know that two of the four SSD variants are meant for (I believe the phrasing was) "bigger games", and that's about it as far as I know.
  6. Pelta, by far. Such a gorgeous ship. Second place goes to the Assault Frigate Mk II (yes, genuinely). All of the Mon Cals apart from H1 look pretty cool too. I'm not a huge fan of the Imperial aesthetic, but there's something about Gozantis that I find really pleasing to the eye.
  7. @webv vs. Villakarvarousku webv: 296 Villakarvarousku: 188 MOV: 108 (7/4) First player: Villakarvarousku Objective: Solar Corona webv's Victory Raddus'd in on turn 3, but got fairly quickly destroyed by an MC30 double arc, a Decimator, and some long range fire from the Arquitens and CR90. However, the Torpedo Frigate ended up double arced and swiftly blown up by the MC75 while webv's squads burned through both of my Arquitens and most of my squadrons. My Decimators and CR90 managed to finish off the Quasar on the final turn. Thanks to webv for a great game!
  8. This is correct. FAQ: "If the ship that General Rieekan is equipped to leaves the play area, a ship or squadron already affected by this ability remains in the play area until the end of the Status Phase."
  9. It's looking promising in Helsinki, Finland as well. Last year, I played one proper game with someone who also collects Armada (i.e. not counting the handful of times I managed to coax my brother or a friend into playing with me). Since about April/May, I've found two people to play regular weekly games with, and through that we've sparked the interest of at least two newcomers and had a few people walk up to us with "oh cool, I've been trying to find other Armada players around here".
  10. @JJs Juggernaut You can put commanders in the sideboard, right? edit: I'm going to assume so and submit my fleet. If not, there isn't really anything else I could / would want to put in its place anyway.
  11. Finally got myself a Pelta! This is easily my favourite ship model in the game, so I was a bit nervous about doing it justice, but honestly I'm rather happy with how it turned out. I just realised that I totally forgot to do the windows at the very front though, so I'll probably fix that later at some point. On the other hand I kind of like them dark, so maybe I'll just black out the tower one too. Anyway, can't wait to get it on the table in a couple of days! I also bought a second CR90 a month or two back, pictured here on the right with the old one on the left:
  12. Except that over here, Father's Day is in November... ? I fully agree with your point though.
  13. Yeah. For me, the current large ships are plenty big enough for what the game can handle, and I just don't see how anything bigger could work in a reasonable way. Maybe it can, but I certainly don't feel any need for it. I'm not bothered enough to complain if they do release it – at least I'll get to skip a wave as I'm still trying to catch up with older stuff – but I hope that it will be for some special format only so that I don't have to run into it in regular games.
  14. Is the Learn to Play booklet considered official rules? If so, page 21: "A ship cannot equip more than one title card."
  15. Looks interesting! I'm slightly concerned about setting the commands by rolling dice, but I suppose you can always fix anything horrendously stupid with the overriding rule, and I don't really have a better solution in mind either. I'll try to give this go when I get a chance!
  16. Thanks for the game! It was certainly an all or nothing plan, and had I managed to catch Jaina's Light I might've been able to last/first Yavaris to bits and scoot out. I pretty much knew LTD had it in the bag when I flew Foresight too far out and JL managed to slip by. Nevertheless, it was a very exciting (and refreshingly quick) game. Congratulations on your well-earned victory!
  17. Fancy that, apparently you and I had the exact same threshold for "yeah this is complete bollocks".
  18. I'm gonna cheat and pick three: MC30, CR90, Hammerhead. Apart from Monster Trucks, not once have I played a rebel fleet without one of those, and usually at least two out of the three are present.
  19. I'm still fairly new (not necessarily in terms of time, but in terms of number of games played), and I find that one of my biggest problems is figuring out the following two things: a) What do I need to destroy (and keep alive) to win the game? b) What can I destroy with a certain commitment of units? Both of those are basically a matter of doing some rough maths (be it points or damage), and it's not even that I'm particularly bad at maths – I just never seem to think to do it, and sort of wing it instead. What ends up happening when it comes to a) is that I make bad late game decisions regarding whether or not to commit to finishing an enemy off, or whether to disengage with a certain ship or keep it in the fight, because I'm not aware of the current score and how exactly losing/killing a given ship will impact it. What ends up happening with b) is that I commit either too many or too few units to destroying a target. Last game I played I was flying Cracken MSU against an ISD+Interdictor, and I threw a bunch of ships at the Dic because I figured "Interdictors are super tanky". Turns out I blew it up much quicker than I thought (with pretty average rolls, I'd say), and suddenly I had two unactivated Hammerheads pointing at empty space with nothing useful to do for the rest of the game. (In that particular example I probably couldn't have taken down the ISD anyway, but it serves well enough to illustrate what I mean.) Other times I've realised halfway through an ISD that there's no way it's going down and I've wasted a lot of firepower that could have gone elsewhere. So yeah. I imagine that sort of stuff will become more instinctive with more games under my belt. Still, doing some rough maths during the game probably wouldn't hurt – but when I'm actually playing, it doesn't seem to even cross my mind. I just sort of do stuff.
  20. Don't listen to the bad people, AF2! You're beautiful and you know it! They're just a bunch of meanies, and they're wrong! I love you, AF2! *cuddles AF2, softly humming that Titanium song*
  21. As mainly a rebel player, I'd sure love me some Jonus. It could also be fun to run Shara, Tycho, Ciena and Valen all together. I'm sure the imperials could appreciate the talents of Lieutenant Blount more than we do.
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