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  1. I just quite recently did! Imperials to follow at some point once I figure out what colours I want for them. Edit: Ok, pictures should be visible now. Sorry about that.
  2. With Vader you might be able to do without, but I haven't tried it myself. Extra rerolls are always nice to have though. I might look at Enhanced Armament instead of Spinal on the Arquitens to maximise its strongest arcs rather than mitigate the weaker ones. With EA, Vader and a concentrate fire command it can chuck a really mean five reds out the side. Depends on how you want to fly it, of course.
  3. Thanks! I finally got to fly them today too, and they did indeed fit in pretty nicely. Fun little ships!
  4. Thanks! And fair point, haha. If it helps, I haven't got the faintest idea about American football (had to look it up just now), I just picked some of my favourite colours.
  5. Princess Leia has just smuggled us some brand new Hammerhead Corvettes! While everyone else is busy testing out the new toys, I don't have anyone to play with at the moment, so I figured I'd get them ready for battle in the meantime. I gotta say, it's not my finest highlighting work as my brush situation has slightly deteriorated and I've got no place to buy a new one right now, and I may have rushed them a little bit too, but they look alright at playing distance. I also struggled a bit to find pleasing patterns with the panel layout, especially when trying to keep the pair looking similar but distinct. I'm thinking these guys might look better with a pattern that doesn't follow the panel lines, but I felt this look would match the rest of my ships better. (I've got some tough decisions ahead of me when I buy the MC80s...) Anyway, feedback welcome as always. Really looking forward to seeing what other people do with them!
  6. I prefer "maths" over "math" on paper, but as a non-native speaker, man that's a difficult sequence of consonant sounds to pronounce. Even worse than the "sh-s" in "English speaker".
  7. I've been refreshing the page of the main distributor in Finland for two days, and they updated to available literally moments before I was about to leave Helsinki for the countryside. On a train to go get me some right now!
  8. As a great lover of all things Cracken I'm slightly worried, but what a cool card!
  9. I'd love a game! I might be travelling a bit though, so I'll PM you once I figure out which days I'm free.
  10. Game mechanics for me, definitely. I like Star Wars alright, but I'd by no means call myself a Star Wars fan. I got into Imperial Assault because my friend group preferred the theme over Descent, and I was vaguely aware that they made other Star Wars games but didn't really care, until I happened to see a gameplay video of Armada and got super excited by the movement mechanics and everything. That being said, a Star Wars game was a lot easier for me to get into than any of the other big space fiction universes, because I'd at least seen the movies whereas I don't know anything about the others (apart from Firefly, but that's probably not the best for a capital ship game). A WW2 theme or similar would guarantee I'd stay far away though, so a brand new sci-fi IP would've probably been ideal for me. But Star Wars is cool, and it makes it a bit easier to try to get other people interested too.
  11. 134 MoV for a 7-4. We played his Capture the VIP. I lost Admonition to his Liberty at the end of round 2 thanks to risky positioning, repairing the wrong shield zone, and forgetting that Engine Techs rams exist, while Lando's MC30 did a little bit of threatening to keep the Liberty back but didn't manage to ever get in black range of anything. My own MC80 went after a group of three flotillas, taking the first one out in one go but failing to finish the other two, whilst managing to escape what at one point seemed like certain doom through some well-timed repairs and a quick station stop. Madcat's Jaina's Light skirted around the back and helped the Lib and A-wings take out my flotillas, and Shara and Tycho blew up a few squadrons with the help of some incredibly hot flak dice before succumbing to the swarm. A very well played game from Irishmadcat, and I think with some less unfortunate rolls it could've been a much bigger win for him. 'Twas good fun! edit: Oops, I didn't see your edit before I posted. Oh well, two stories are better than one!
  12. Villakarvarousku vs. @Irishmadcat should be kicking off in about an hour or so.
  13. Yeah, Dras's sentence could be read two ways. I too thought for a moment it was "you don't get cards for which there is at least one ship variant that cannot equip them". That obviously isn't true, but it took me a second to get my head around the other interpretation.
  14. Cheers! I don't deserve much of the credit though, as I took quite a lot of inspiration from this awesome picture. In fact I originally painted them sand brown with broad diagonal orange stripes and it was frankly pretty horrible, so I redid them just a few days ago. Much happier with these ones.
  15. Thanks, I really appreciate that! I know it's a bit of an odd colour scheme, but it works for me. Haha, thanks, but yours look really good! Especially as a pair. And @GhostofNobodyInParticular has a point in that they fit in very nicely with the rest of your squadrons (that I've seen anyway). I just realised how similar the three that I posted look, but the rest of my squadrons are kind of all over the place. I also just really dislike painting white, so I try to keep it to the smaller bits rather than as a base colour. Thanks! I had to look those up, but I see what you mean. Glad you like it!