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  1. I'm gonna cheat and pick three: MC30, CR90, Hammerhead. Apart from Monster Trucks, not once have I played a rebel fleet without one of those, and usually at least two out of the three are present.
  2. Villakarvarousku

    Bash the newbie.

    I'm still fairly new (not necessarily in terms of time, but in terms of number of games played), and I find that one of my biggest problems is figuring out the following two things: a) What do I need to destroy (and keep alive) to win the game? b) What can I destroy with a certain commitment of units? Both of those are basically a matter of doing some rough maths (be it points or damage), and it's not even that I'm particularly bad at maths – I just never seem to think to do it, and sort of wing it instead. What ends up happening when it comes to a) is that I make bad late game decisions regarding whether or not to commit to finishing an enemy off, or whether to disengage with a certain ship or keep it in the fight, because I'm not aware of the current score and how exactly losing/killing a given ship will impact it. What ends up happening with b) is that I commit either too many or too few units to destroying a target. Last game I played I was flying Cracken MSU against an ISD+Interdictor, and I threw a bunch of ships at the Dic because I figured "Interdictors are super tanky". Turns out I blew it up much quicker than I thought (with pretty average rolls, I'd say), and suddenly I had two unactivated Hammerheads pointing at empty space with nothing useful to do for the rest of the game. (In that particular example I probably couldn't have taken down the ISD anyway, but it serves well enough to illustrate what I mean.) Other times I've realised halfway through an ISD that there's no way it's going down and I've wasted a lot of firepower that could have gone elsewhere. So yeah. I imagine that sort of stuff will become more instinctive with more games under my belt. Still, doing some rough maths during the game probably wouldn't hurt – but when I'm actually playing, it doesn't seem to even cross my mind. I just sort of do stuff.
  3. Villakarvarousku

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    Don't listen to the bad people, AF2! You're beautiful and you know it! They're just a bunch of meanies, and they're wrong! I love you, AF2! *cuddles AF2, softly humming that Titanium song*
  4. Villakarvarousku

    Which Squadron Would You Want to Defect?

    As mainly a rebel player, I'd sure love me some Jonus. It could also be fun to run Shara, Tycho, Ciena and Valen all together. I'm sure the imperials could appreciate the talents of Lieutenant Blount more than we do.
  5. Daisy Ridley seems like an absolutely delightful person. Also Donald Glover, obviously. edit: Oh and Simon Pegg (Unkar Plutt) totally counts, right? That makes it four of us. Sounds to me like a Corellian Conflict!
  6. Villakarvarousku

    Stop the sadness ;)

    @Snipafist was one damage away from making it to top four with no squads. Pretty sure there were a few others close to the top as well.
  7. Villakarvarousku

    Star Wars Armada: Vassal module version 3.9.0

    Ah, of course. Seems to work perfectly now. Thank you very much!
  8. Villakarvarousku

    Star Wars Armada: Vassal module version 3.9.0

    I've never been able to install the map pack – hasn't been that big of a deal so far, but I now realise I need the 3x3 map if I want to take part in the 200 point skirmish tourney. When I try to add the extension, I get this. Any idea what could be causing it?
  9. Villakarvarousku

    Targeting Beacons

    Just two dice in total, unfortunately (FAQ p. 10). As if this one needed to be reined in...
  10. Villakarvarousku

    Valuable Payload - Vassal Mini Event

    Commander's optional, isn't it? Or did I misunderstand?
  11. Villakarvarousku

    Valuable Payload - Vassal Mini Event

    Not to give anyone any ideas, but I've just done some advanced maths and it turns out... MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100) = 100 Points MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100) = 100 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points Total Points: 200
  12. Villakarvarousku

    Valuable Payload - Vassal Mini Event

    Sounds fun, I'm definitely in!
  13. Villakarvarousku


    I guess we don't for sure, but I was watching the stream yesterday and they said to "think of it like your favourite list builder" and that you wouldn't need to bring a device to the tournament if you don't want to. I could have misheard or misunderstood, but that's the impression that I got.
  14. Villakarvarousku

    Pure Disappointment...

    Right, but I don't think it is. My point was that a bad thing isn't made any less bad by the existence of an even worse thing, regardless of personal experience. Let's say you get into a new minis game, but when you go to a tournament there's a representative of the company there who smashes all of the losing players' minis with a hammer and laughs in their faces. Is the WizKids conduct you described suddenly all cool now? On second thought, I should have quoted this bit as well: Please correct me if I'm misunderstanding your point, but to me this sounds like "you shouldn't complain, because worse things have happened".
  15. Villakarvarousku

    Pure Disappointment...

    That sounds absolutely awful, but the fact that some other companies are even worse doesn't mean that we shouldn't be allowed to criticise FFG.