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  1. Villakarvarousku's repaints

    Back to the Rebels! Some of the pictures seem to be particularly rubbish this time, so sorry about that. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I need to watch some Youtube videos or something. First up, Squadrons II. I really enjoy the design of both the Ghost and the Shadow Caster, so I just copied them and did slight variations for the other two. I quite like how the Z's turned out, but I'm not sure how I feel about the E-wings. They just look a bit funny and cartoonish. I might redo them at some point – probably try replacing the green with a more neutral colour first and see if that does the trick, or if not, I need to figure out something completely different. Luckily they were pretty easy and fun to paint, so that's not a horrible prospect. While I'm at it, here's a bunch of old squadrons that I haven't posted yet. A's and B's as well as the Scurrg (i.e. all the ones I'm most proud of, although I rather fancy the Y's too) are in the original post if anyone's wondering. Oh, and also: That's everything I currently own finished, so it'll probably be a while for new stuff unless I get the urge to redo something. Top candidates are E-wings, YT-2400 and maybe a cloak effect for the Phantoms. The X-wings could use a do-over too, but considering how much of a pain they were to paint and how many of them there are, I honestly just can't be arsed.
  2. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    Good article! By the way, not a big deal but even though you mention the MC30 many times it's missing from the actual list of ships that can take EWS.
  3. The Arrestor Cruiser

    I gotta say, I'm genuinely surprised that people hate the look of this thing so much and would love to hear why. Is it just the suction cups? Because that I can understand, but the general shape of it I find pretty attractive. And even with the dishes it's really just the front one that kind of bothers me. Then again I also really like the Assault Frigate, so maybe it's me. Also, I'm imagining this to be about the size of an Arquitens, but if it's much bigger than that I suddenly don't like it nearly as much.
  4. The Arrestor Cruiser

    The satellite dish things or whatever they are kind of make it look like a weird suction cup dart, but other than that I quite like it. The shape messes with my Imperial paint scheme a little bit though... But still, I think it's pretty cool.
  5. Most Popular Objective and other Potato Wisdom

    I still don't understand why they even bothered with the two tokens for the first player. They'll pretty much never be relevant unless you go out of your way to fetch them all the way from the opposite edge, which seems like a bad investment instead of moving the ones that are already there. Might as well have just made it two (or three?) and let the second player place both/all of them.
  6. My goodness, that's absolutely gorgeous! The colours are stunningly beautiful, and the deployment zones (or is it just extra space for cards?) are subtle enough yet clear. Love the planets, too. Amazing work. I'm guessing you used an airbrush and not just regular spray cans? I've been toying with the idea of maybe trying to do something like that some day, but you just set the bar way up high...
  7. Had my first successful use of Raid last night...

    Yes. FAQ p. 7: Q: If a ship or squadron was set aside and is deployed at the start of a game round by an ability or upgrade card effect, can it resolve abilities and upgrade card effects at the start of that round? A: Yes, as long as those abilities could be resolved at the start of the round in which that ship or squadron was deployed.
  8. How 2 Hammerhead...

  9. Raider II and HIE

    I haven't tried it myself yet (I definitely will when I get a chance), but I have been at the receiving end. Nasty little things. Pretty sure they're gonna be a thing, you just need something a bit punchier to follow up with. Now just give me a way to get DCaps on a CR90B. Hiding one in a Profundity seems like it could work well though.
  10. @Nevetz A plastic spaceship game is meant to relieve stress from your life, not add to it, so take all the time you need, and know that we truly appreciate the work you've done. I really hope everything works out for you.
  11. Villakarvarousku's repaints

    I did say for now. That's next on the buy list. I have a blue-green thing going on for the ships, just need to figure out a way to make it look nice on the Lib. I have a weird idea, we'll see. Squads are a whole mess of different colours, I'm just bad at making decisions.
  12. Villakarvarousku's repaints

    Finished the Imperials for now! I think out of all my ships, the Vic really wears this design best. Apart from some fiddly bits on the Decimator (mainly the thin ridges in the middle), I found all of the Squadrons II models really fun and surprisingly quick to paint. Defenders and Phantoms were a breeze compared to the other TIE variants, and the Lambdas especially felt super easy even though white and black are always a pain. I could have brightened up the purple bit on the shuttles more, especially on the black one, but can't be bothered to go back right now. The new Defenders and Phantoms, along with the other TIEs as well as the rogues since I skipped them in the original post. The old stuff was painted almost a year ago now. I've yet to make up my mind about whether or not I want a cloak effect on the Phantoms, so I might add that later. The Defenders are slightly more blue in reality, and the phone camera really killed the bright orange on the Aggressor too. That's it, folks! Here's the whole bunch again: Next up: - decide on what colours I want for the Rebel II squads, a feat I haven't been able to accomplish in the last two months of mulling over it - figure out how on earth I'm going to make the MC80L look decent with my silly colour scheme
  13. Goddammit, now I want some Irn Bru.
  14. Still nowhere near most though. There are currently 21 ship variants with blue only flak, 9 with black only and 7 with blue-black, plus the one red.
  15. Random Order Activations

    Ooh, I kind of like the sound of this. Could be interesting to try out in a casual game. Each flotilla would still at least decrease the chance of that happening though.