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  1. I like your idea. Let my brain chew that over. These are some of the events I plan to have the characters take part in:
  2. I've finished reading Bloodlines and what follows are my plans for a campaign. This is some free flowing brainstorming, shooting from the hip, so I'm going to wrap it up in a SPOILER as I might blab something someone who hasn't read the book might not want spoiled. So here is the rough plan: Now to get ready for lift off
  3. Little fuzzy as to what's Canon and what's Legends but I did my homework: LAAT/i was used by Rebels V-Wing was still in use by the Empire Darth Vader in his Jedi Starfighter was several years after the Clone Wars, but no mention of it during the Galactic Civil War so that could be out. There's battle droids and droidekas in the RPG line. Like I said, if the ARC-170 had never been made I would never have even thought about other ships. Unlike what I've mentioned, I've seen and read no evidence of the Rebellion ever using it.
  4. Not got a solid list, but 400 points does get: Imperial-II Star Destroyer Interdictor Suppression Refit Gozanti Support Rhymer and Bombers With some wriggle room for fighters.
  5. Well I've not won the competition, that much is sure, but at least I've learnt a good lesson. Thank you I should of had a supporting Gozanti, with a trapper Interdictor. If points allow, and they probably will, I could have a clobbering ISD. Will go try that.....
  6. Doh Nuts! My excuse is I'm new. But if you ignore an obviously stupid whoops, how does the fleet shape up for a catch and Clobber? Chances: Good Average Bad or doooooomed
  7. KONSTANTINE'S CATCH & CLOBBER Most Wanted Fleet Ambush Dangerous Territory Admiral Konstantine Interdictor Suppression Refit Interdictor Title Admiral Titus Engineering Team Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam Overload Pulse G-8 Experimental Projector Grav Shift Reroute Gozanti-Class Assault Cruiser Boosted Comms Bomber Command Center Gozanti-Class Assault Cruiser Boosted Comms Bomber Command Center Gozanti-Class Assault Cruiser Boosted Comms Bomber Command Center Major Rhymer Tie Bomber Squadron Tie Bomber Squadron Tie Bomber Squadron Firespray-31 Firespray-31 Firespray-31 Firespray-31 Firespray-31 Exactly 400 points! Konstantine and the Interdictor slow down the enemy Gozanti's remain at a distance to command bombers Bombers pound enemy ships Firesprays attack Squadrons or pound ships Simple Likely won't stand up to a Liberty attack unless I can hit it first. But that is my humble offering to the competition.
  8. AhIt was the FORCE AND DESTINY with the whole Jedi Temple blah blah, I got it for dice and some Force stuff which I did get. If the Force Awakens beginner is similarly lacking on ships and vehicles, and has no First Order or Resistance, I'll wait for a supplement book unless there's a groovy Galaxy Map. Be worth getting for more dice and a map to hang on my wall. Brain starting to hurt but I think I've got a possible solution to my "Before the Awakening" blues. I'll simply (not so simple) write a campaign based on my hopes for Bloodlines. I'm going to treat the book Bloodlines like I would the movies if Roleplaying at a different era. Background, but not a guidebook. I might be less communicative on the forums over the next little while. Going to finish reading Bloodlines and get my background ready.
  9. My own prediction is: REBELS The Phoenix Home ship from Rebels. Not sure what it's "real" ship name is. Hammerhead Corvette. EMPIRE Quasar Cruiser thingy Arquitans IF Epic comes to ARMADA, my guess would be Resurgent Class Star Destroyer Waiting for seething hatred and screamed insults to subside in..... 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Because FFG seems to be on a Rebels and TFA related releases phase right now. Yes I'd rather wait until the sequels show more big ships, and we get more titles than Finalizer, but FFG doesn't seem to want to wait for such details. As X-Wing proved with it's Omega Ace, Epsilon Leader, Blue Ace etc Another possibility is seeing some older ships, like the Venator, Acclamator, Munificent Class etc
  10. With sausage, hashbrowns, eggs, fried bread and ketchup
  11. Good way to throw it off the board Or at the very least, throw it out of range of shooting you or within range of getting shot Personally, I'd rather slow enemy ships to a crawl then open fire with everything I've got. Can't wait for the Interdictor!
  12. Henry's Horrendous Haberdashery Hollering Hilarious Hysterical Hubbub Hourly
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