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  1. Well I just pre-ordered Genesys. I'll let everyone know when I get it (lol) Edit: Update folks, as of right now, I don't have it yet.
  2. Thank you for the accidental cross post, I find this stuff fascinating. I don't know anything about Lot5R, is it fun and would it make a good setting for an adventure?
  3. Here's a mockup for you, using unicode: Triumph: 🌠 Success: ✓ Advantage: 🍀 Despair: ☠ Failure: ⅹ Threat: 🐱 or 🐈 (this unicode wasn't cooperating..) It's a nice symbol set. I like mine because it sets clear parallels between symbol types (circular, pointy, round, for the respective three categories), yours sets it up based on understood cultural icons (everyone knows four leaf clovers and black cats represent luck, ect). Which set works best for you comes down to how you conceptualize symbols, which is a little different from person to person. Either way, I think both sets are way easier to conceptualize than the ones we currently have (which means I'm sticking to my SW dice until third party generics are made, and only if I like their symbol set). Too bad the books will be using a bunch of symbols that look like different variations of one another (points and circles in various arrangements, except for that one triangle aberration).
  4. Very true, I don't think FFG is worried that we are going to steal their symbols for nefarious purposes (honestly what would we do, besides make projects that require us to buy more dice). My concern, well not even a concern even, is that the SW/Genesys symbols aren't standard characters, so you need font packs and whatever. It's a minor pain and some people aren't good with installing those types of things. A unicode symbol set is as simple as "copy-paste", even those who can't find the 'symbol' button in their word processor can use them! They don't require sizing or formatting, since they are font characters, just plot them into your document and it's good to go. Sure the official symbols look better, but until you're ready to go 'professional looking' a standard unicode set works just fine.
  5. I actually don't like the symbols for the new dice, I find them confusing. With Star Wars it's fairly intuitive, successes/failures are pointy symbols while advantages/disadvantages are circular symbols. The Genesys dice are all pointy, so it's down to stars and triangles and circles and it's just not intuitive. If I were to make generic dice, I'd use unicode symbols (no copyright!) which would have corresponding shapes and themes. In the below set the "good" symbols are based on the night sky while the "bad" symbols are based on adverse weather. The symbols I used while helping a friend develop custom talent trees for a campaign went like this: Triumph: ⍟ Success: ✧ Advantage: ☾ Despair: 🌀 Failure: ⚡ Threat: ❄ These were way easier than importing symbols as little pictures, and kind of looked like the actual dice symbols. And if you squint hard enough they could work for the new dice, too. Unless I feel like installing an actual symbol font pack when I develop Genesys modules, I'll just keep using these. We could just declare a standard that we can use until (or if) we get the official symbols working here. I volunteer my symbol set, but I'd like to know if anyone has suggestions for better symbols.
  6. I can neither confirm nor deny such a thing... (pew pew pew...)
  7. I'm not so sure, friend.
  8. Mix in some Equilibrium gun-kata... 🤔
  9. The only exception to this would be a super hero splat book. Although that could be disguised as a generic "super hero setting book". Or, fingers crossed, a Marvel setting book. Now that would be AWESOME.
  10. This is what I hope happens. FFG can generate tons of content by letting others develop it for them. There's no need to worry about losing a licence (thanks Games Workshop..) if there's no license to begin with. It's contract free cooperation. As long as FFG makes the OGL in such a way that states every splatbook "is not an independent game and must be used with the Genesys core book" then it means that their core book sells and they don't have to spend a penny for the Fall Out/Bioshock/Tales of the Riverbank supplement. Furthermore, with genre toolkits, anyone who wants to do a setting book can just add "...and XYZ Genesys Genre Guides" to the above statement. The irony if they don't do this is that all the properties that people are pushing to be brought back (Dragonstar, et al) had exactly this set up with DnD 3.whatever Edition. And it was this openers that led that edition also becoming a zeitgeist, but this time it wouldn't be just core books but dive and setting supplimemts as well.
  11. I know this may be a little off topic, but I was wondering if generic bad guys and such will be made for the new Genesys line. I absolutely love the decks, especially how they allow me to pull stat-blocks on the fly. It's pretty much what allows me to GM, since enemy statting is one of my blind spots. Whatever I need, just pull it from one of the decks, modify it a little, and throw it at the players. So I hope that since Genesys is the generic version of SW:RPG, that my current card will transition over without too much fuss and that other "genre" bad guy packs will come along as well.
  12. I don't have any suggestions, other to say congrats on having such an awesome life. I'm also curious as I want to do a Starship Troopers campaign (power suits version) and also an Armored Core game. Now with Armored Core, the real question is how Genesys will manage crushing existential loneliness.
  13. So far we have seen (or surmised) that the magic system works by taking simple magic attacks and then adding additional modifiers on to them to simulate flashy spells. A nice free form system that can pseudo-simulate the cool spells from Vancian magic type systems (like DnD). One of the big gripes I have with most role playing systems is the really flat martial arts mechanics. Basically all you can do is hit harder, occasionally more opponents. Some systems (such as cortex) allow you to specify specific types of martial arts (like kung fu or what have you) but it really just translates to better dice, with there being little/no differences between boxing and aikido. There's no way to simulate the finer points of a martial arts style such as redirecting attacks, or dodging, or non-lethal take downs. However, if we apply the same system used in magic to martial arts checks (melee, brawl, ect), you could add additional effects to make some flashy fighting moves. There was a little of that in the Star Wars games (especially the FaD rules) but they could be expanded upon even more. Depending on the talents and add ons taken, your character could authentically simulate a particular fighting style. A round house kick that takes out three goons in one shot is simply a brawl check with a Blast rating. A Bruce Lee character could have a "Reflect" like talent that negates incoming attacks and on a Triumph or X Advantages redirects it to another engaged opponent Aikido could be simulated by giving attacks armor penetration that goes right to strain damage (Pressure Points talent, anyone?) The same could be done with melee weapons if you want something more over the top and able to keep up with fire arms (like Raiden from Metal Gear Rising). Everything from boxing to over the top styles like Gun Kata from Equilibrium could be simulated given the right perks and bonuses. Just some thoughts sparked from the great discussions about the magic system reveal, and an idea that could find a place in any system or story.
  14. Well, this is everything we hoped and dreamed for. While the dice are "different", are they equivalent? As in, do they have the same number of symbols on the various sizes? Or did they change symbol distribution so we have to buy all new dice? Also, can you speak about developer and publisher support?