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  1. Sci Fi Character Creation Bonus Options (Feedback Requested)

    Here is my suggested edit, which makes it a pretty flexible package. Okay I realized that the original Earthling talent was strictly better than the other options, or even taking no option at all since the math worked out to +5 starting XP overall. This new option also takes it back to "Pay 5, get a thing" with this option being by far the most boring of all the options. It really isn't any different than paying the normal 5XP to simply gain a rank, but ties a thematic cost to pushing a single skill to rank 3 right out of the gates. Furthermore, this puts everything at roughly the same cost and utility.
  2. Sci Fi Character Creation Bonus Options (Feedback Requested)

    @Foghorn Thank you for the feedback! A comment about the Earth bonus, it is meant to bolster a Skill to rank 3 and not be used for the first two ranks, and give a 5XP discount overall (which then could be spent however you want). I'm also concerned that this bonus will essentially be a washout as the player progresses. Plus, as you mentioned, it's a big chunk of XP to put forward (even if it's a net gain overall), which means that it's a choice of spending 20XP on Characteristics or on Skills since both options are only available during CharGen. I do like the idea of putting the OR clause about 2 bonus career skills, I would keep it at 20XP but give one a starting rank, which in terms of XP brings it to your suggestion). That way you have the choice of being a specialist (3 Ranks and perhaps a related Tier 1 Talent of your choosing) or a generalist (ten career skills, with five starting at Rank 1). Also, Shibboleth is the one I'm most on the fence about, exactly for the reasons you commented on. It's the most thematic of them all and really fits for the lore I have for the Jovians, but it does suffer from being a very RP dependent bonus (essentially like Thieve's Cant from DnD5e). On the other hand, it may 'soft' guide players/GMs who don't feel like incorporating such RP elements away from arbitrarily choosing Jovian. I'm on the fence about "background XP" since I don't want to demand players choose a distinct lineage (someone could be a descendant of a few people groups), or if they just want to put that XP towards whatever else. Any thoughts or opinions on the other packages? Again, thanks for the feedback!
  3. I'm planning on doing a sci-fi setting where humans have settled the stars after evacuating our solar system. The players have the option of buying one "bonus feat" during character creation to reflect a planetary lineage. Many of these are adapted or loosely inspired by Star Wars species traits. They are meant to be a little punchy, although I feel like some may be clearly more desirable than the others, which I'm trying to avoid. Let me know. Hereditary background options, up to one may be chosen Void Lineage (5XP) Deep Space Adaptation: Advanced development of the brain’s spatial awareness centers and heightened efficiency of dissolved oxygen within the blood. Zero gravity conditions are not counted as difficult terrain and suffocation incurs 2 points of damage or strain per turn instead of 3. Physical Features: The character’s blood has a darker almost black coloration which causes pronounced visible veins. Mercury (5XP) Cellular Regeneration: Rapid healing at the cellular and genetic level allows increased resistance to radiation and accelerated tissue regeneration. Recover 1 additional would from natural rest, long term medical care, and Medicine checks. Physical Features: The character’s iris color is a shiny metallic color (gold, silver, bronze, nickel, ect). Venus (5XP) Tapetum lucidum: A reflective layer upon the retina in the back of the eye which allows enhanced vision in low light conditions. This enables characters to remove up to 2 [Setback dice] added to checks by lighting conditions. Physical Features: The character’s pupils to ‘glow’ a particular color when light is shined at their eyes. Earth (5XP) Heart and Soul: Adaptation and self mastery has guided humanity from the first flames to the stars in the heavens. After selecting a Career, train one rank in five of the eight career skills (instead of the usual four), one of these skills may be trained up to rank 3 during character creation (all other skills cannot be raised above rank 2 during character creation). Physical Feature: Baseline appearance. Mars (5XP) Survival of the Fittest: A heightened endocrine system and improved blood clotting factor allows the body to endure through injuries. As an incidental once per turn, suffer Strain equal to twice the Severity rating of any one Critical Injury to ignore its effects. Physical Features: Slightly pointed ears and pronounced canine teeth. Jovian (5XP) Shibboleth: Through the use of a closely guarded Jovian language and cultural in-references, Jovians may communicate with each other in a way that hides the true meaning or intent of their conversation from outsiders. Physical Features: Violet eyes and slightly gaunt, sallow features.
  4. How deadly is combat in genesys

    I had the idea for introducing a Bleeding mechanic to make things more lethal. To steal a few ideas from @sharkfin6, in short when you go unconscious you take your Crit, then every round you roll a Resilience check equal to the difficulty of that last Crit. If you fail you add a tally to your Bleeding rating, and roll against the Crit table, with +10 for every rank of Bleeding along with the normal +10 per existing Crit. Ignore anything lower than 141. You heal one rank of Bleeding per day, two with a Triumph on a Medicine check, or one per Painkillers (takes up a healing slot of your five per day). Once you're back up, Bleeding doesn't count towards normal Crits. To balance with the punishment, I'd say that if you're knocked out, you are't unconscious but reduced to one maneuver a turn, which you can spend to try and stabilize yourself (but doing so upgrades the check once and a Despair means you're actually unconscious). A Despair on a hit that knocks you out can be used to make you unconscious instead of two Crits.
  5. Very Detailed GM Screen (probably overboard)

    I'm definitely printing this out. Is there any chance a sheet like this could be made for the Hacking rules?
  6. help with stats for firefly

    It will always be too soon..
  7. Character Flaws (aka Anti-Talents)

    I would keep the XP bonus in the beginning, and have the reward being a free Story Point. It keeps the XP economy from going wonky and gives a player an immediate reward for good role-playing.
  8. Throwing Daggers/Stars, etc.

    If they are meant to be thrown as the standard attack I would have them be a pouch, bundle, or bandolier of knives and treat it like gun ammo.
  9. Genesys Talents Expanded

    Oh man, it could quickly turn into a Hate talent. Or the opposite might occur, where a player has a cow over getting even one bad luck dice even though all the other players have already gotten a ton. It could be modified so that the 'tokens' or whatever have to follow a distribution rule like Talents, so there's a limit to who gets all the black dice. Here's another Talent. The name comes from the fact that a lucky rabbit's foot is lucky for everyone except the rabbit! LUCKY'S RABBIT FOOT Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No Once per turn before rolling a check, a player may add a Setback dice to their pool. After doing so reserve a Boost dice by the Story Point pool. Before rolling any check, Players may add one of the reserved Boost dice to any allied check which is not affected by this Talent.
  10. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Mostly so it can be a total package if someone pulled the book off the shelf at a FLGS. While reprinted rules are a drag to us who own the CRB, to anyone who wants to pick up the book and stick with that one setting its much more optimal. That, and I've always found single volume core books to be more appealing. Maybe I'm looking at this backwards. Is it so that when a person looks at the Terrinoth book and says "hmmm, I need a CRB to play this, that's a drag" they then think "Hey the CRB cheaper than the book I'm actually interested in playing, so it's not too bad." Actually, that'd be a good strategy because I bet when Netrunner drops alot of people will suddenly become aware of Genesys as a product, instead of just another thing that makes "not Netrunner" news articles from time to time.
  11. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    If there's a setting and career book's worth of content, then yeah, the $50 price tag might be worth it, but that's going to have to be alot of stuff, with a well filled bestiary. But it's definitely above my "oh, why not?" price range, so I'm holding my money for the Netrunner book. I'm going to wind up eating my own words when I buy this anyways because it does look super cool.
  12. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    If you're paying $150 and MSRP for your DnD core set, I really don't know what to tell you...
  13. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    At the price point they're asking for, it better be a stand alone book. Star Wars sourcebooks are 30 bucks cheaper than the core book (half price). Genesys is missing alot of "needed" content, but not to the point where a supplement would cost 25% more than the core book itself. I do, but I never see the books go for the $50 MSRP "in the wild", always much less. Actually the site suggests a price, and then has an Amazon link right on the product page which lists it for 40% less (lol). But, FFG is much firmer with their prices. So I guess both come to a $90 dollar total for the "core set", but it just feels like a harsher sticker shock for this system, especially when compared to the pricing scheme put forth by their other RPG lines.
  14. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    The product page doesn't say "This is not a stand-alone game. A Genesys Core Rulebook is required to play." so I think this is a stand alone book. Plus the price point is closer to a Star Wars core rule book.
  15. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Is this a stand alone book or a supplement? A $50 stand alone book is reasonable, but a $90 buy in for a genre seems really steep.