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  1. dresdinseven

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    What happened? I didn't get any pre-order bonuses, either.
  2. dresdinseven

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

  3. dresdinseven

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    Wednesday is only 48some hours away, but feels like an eternity.
  4. dresdinseven

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    I just got a "shipping real soon, bro" notice for the book and adversary decks! It's almost in our hands!!
  5. dresdinseven

    Beanstalk on the Boat!

    Awesome, just in time to spend Valentine's Day with the new love of my life (this book).
  6. dresdinseven

    Android at PAX Unplugged

    Mega kudos to @DarthGM for running a really exciting session, and sticking it through to expo closing hours! Everyone in my group had a blast, and now I'm really hyped for the product (hurry up FFG!) Great to meet you, hope we cross paths again.
  7. dresdinseven

    Android at PAX Unplugged

    I'm rushing the FFG booth Friday morning to sign up, I can't wait!
  8. dresdinseven

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    Dare you enter my magical realm...?
  9. dresdinseven

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Star Wars feels like it has been wrapping up for awhile now, what books are left to publish outside of a few setting/era books? I have my fingers crossed for a Fighting the Flames of Fire and Love book, based off that one piece of firefighter art in the modern setting (jk)
  10. dresdinseven

    Android: Official Genesys System

    I don't think that's the case, since Terrinoth had a bunch of additional skills. If I had to guess, maybe they don't want spoilers or to put official promo pics of game text which could possibly change.
  11. dresdinseven

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Wild speculation time, what will be the next book? Will it be Twilight Imperium, Tanhauser, that steam setting (??), or something else?
  12. dresdinseven

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Okay I whined alot about Terrinoth but I'm pre-ordering this one [right now]. Are they throwing in a bonus book (Android Novella: Undercity)? That's pretty sweet!!
  13. dresdinseven

    Genesys OGL

    There's rumors and talk and "maybe, maybe not" from the company from time to time. But as of the moment, nothing really. Which is a shame. My 100% spitball prediction is that if it were to come it wouldn't be until after they get a few settings books out, probably one for each of the settings described in the book. I've complained (pretty loudly) in the past about not having an OGL day 1, but I can see the wisdom of it. The first thing people were going to do with Genesys was make a 'not-DnD' clone, 'not-Netrunner' clone, and a 'not-TwilightImperium' clone. This allows FFG to make official settings books for their own IP without having to compete with or muddy the market with knock-offs. This may be for the best, as it makes people develop innovative products that can answer the question of "why don't I just play RoT instead?" I hope we eventually get an OGL, this community has made some absolutely fantastic content so far, I'm really interested to see what they could make with an actual budget and return on investment.
  14. dresdinseven

    No More Android…?

    Besides Genesys, some books, and a few odd board games here and there, I wonder what products they are going to make with the licence.
  15. dresdinseven

    The A-Team

    Are you going to replace Wounds with Plot, where if you hit your Plot threshold you don't die, but non-lethally get removed from the story. The jeep doesn't explode, the engine catches fire and it drives into a tree. The person doesn't get shot, they dive out of the way into the ditch where they cower. That person who got punched doesn't get a concussion even though they went unconscious for the exact length of the remainder of the scene. As far as plots go, just steal one from the show, Wikipedia has a plot synopsis of the entire series. Which one is your favorite episode?