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  1. dresdinseven

    Genesys OGL

    There's rumors and talk and "maybe, maybe not" from the company from time to time. But as of the moment, nothing really. Which is a shame. My 100% spitball prediction is that if it were to come it wouldn't be until after they get a few settings books out, probably one for each of the settings described in the book. I've complained (pretty loudly) in the past about not having an OGL day 1, but I can see the wisdom of it. The first thing people were going to do with Genesys was make a 'not-DnD' clone, 'not-Netrunner' clone, and a 'not-TwilightImperium' clone. This allows FFG to make official settings books for their own IP without having to compete with or muddy the market with knock-offs. This may be for the best, as it makes people develop innovative products that can answer the question of "why don't I just play RoT instead?" I hope we eventually get an OGL, this community has made some absolutely fantastic content so far, I'm really interested to see what they could make with an actual budget and return on investment.
  2. dresdinseven

    No More Android…?

    Besides Genesys, some books, and a few odd board games here and there, I wonder what products they are going to make with the licence.
  3. dresdinseven

    The A-Team

    Are you going to replace Wounds with Plot, where if you hit your Plot threshold you don't die, but non-lethally get removed from the story. The jeep doesn't explode, the engine catches fire and it drives into a tree. The person doesn't get shot, they dive out of the way into the ditch where they cower. That person who got punched doesn't get a concussion even though they went unconscious for the exact length of the remainder of the scene. As far as plots go, just steal one from the show, Wikipedia has a plot synopsis of the entire series. Which one is your favorite episode?
  4. dresdinseven

    [Input Request] Players "Push it to the limit" Rule

    I think you miss the idea behind the rule setup. The idea is to give the players an extra lever to pull in a situation, the do-or-die situations where they accept a higher chance of Despairs hitting them for a higher chance of passing the check. So yes, it does mean they will have a higher chance of success, but there's a major risk in it. Critical Injuries, plot twists, loosing equipment/NPCs, things that make a story move forward. Also, I choose the driving one as a quick example. But I'm not touching the Star Wars drive/flight rules with a ten foot pole, and the example you posted is an illustrative reason why, it's a total mess when a single dice roll is all that's needed to move a scene to completion. And I don't want to have to go "no no no, you need X talent to do this thing you describe". The talent would let them do it without making the whole situation a gamble. I run things pretty fast and loose when it comes to vehicle chases (because for me, they just get in the way) so I would just peg the difficulty at how many cop cars are in the chase (just reduce it to a 'threat level' abstraction). This whole idea is copped out of Don't Rest Your Head and its idea of Madness dice, which straight up add more dice to your roll but have the chance of triggering Bad Things. So I'm trying to figure out a way to do that. My original idea was that players could add Boost to their pool but had to add an equal number of dX with 1's being naked Despairs (so no additional misses, just the Despair), with the size of the dice depending on how risky I decided to make the gamble. A d12 would be like adding Reds with just the despair symbol on it, but a d6 would be a total landmine. I might still go with that in order to keep the math simple and not have to figure out which boost sufficiently overcomes upgrading Purple>Red, it would just be a matter of determining the appropriate standard dice to throw in. I'm thinking a d10, since they get used for crits and players 'should' have them, and it makes them a little more punchy than Red dice (but just for Despair). Also, @arMedBeta thanks for doing the dice math!
  5. I've been trying to figure out how to handle the situation where a player looks at a check and says "I'm going to do something crazy, because I don't think I'll make that check normally" and describes some risky "pushing it to the limit" addition to the description of their action. Here's an example: The player is being pursued by the police while he is on a motorcycle, ducking and weaving to try and escape. The challenge [one red, two purples] looks a bit intimidating so the player says "Actually, I'm not just going to go fast, I'm going to go really fast, and cut into the oncoming traffic lane a few times to shake them." I say sure, and upgrade the check twice, now it's [three reds]. Here's the question: What kind of reward should that player get for taking a "riskier but higher chance of success" initiative? Blue dice? Check upgrades? Additional greens? Too low of a bump and it just washes out (and this discourages fun, creative solutions) but too high and it breaks the game. If I were to guess, it would be [blues] equal to the number of [purples]>[reds] that the player voluntarily takes.
  6. dresdinseven

    Genesys OGL?

    I'm surprised that Apocalypse World is not on that list! That game spawned an entire genre of roleplay games (The Sprawl, Dungeon World, ect ect). The system, format, and general structure are all open for use (just not the word-for-word text of the original book), and there's been alot of great projects that came from it. I hope Genesys goes the middle rout, allowing third party publishing of setting books, so scope and CRB dependency of RoT. What makes you say that?
  7. dresdinseven

    Genesys OGL?

    Exactly! While a few source books will be interesting, I don't think it can sustain a brand, and with the Star Wars rpg line (probably) coming to a conclusion*, other avenues of growth will be needed. Hmmm... HMMMMMM...... Stay tuned, I guess? * Saying this because all the million careers have their own books, there can always be a few additional splat books and adventure modules, but it seems to be ramping down, although there's always the outside chance that a New Trilogy set of core books come out, which would be pretty nutty.
  8. dresdinseven

    D&D 5e Styled Terrinoth Character sheet

    I thought up a reason to keep the stat bubbles. You can only increase each attribute one via Dedication, correct? Use the bubble to mark off what you've upgraded so far.
  9. dresdinseven

    When Android book?

  10. dresdinseven

    D&D 5e Styled Terrinoth Character sheet

    That looks both fresh and sharp. The skills list is nice and compact, I like the proficiency dots now represent career dots.
  11. dresdinseven

    When Android book?

    ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ GIVE BOOK SOURCE NETRUNNER ANDROID ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ
  12. dresdinseven

    Vacuum Rules: No, no, no, no, no!

    I'm going to say from this a proposed "realistic vacuum rule change". In the event of being exposed to a vacuum, make a Cool check in order to partially hold you breath (since as @AK_Aramis stated you can hold your breath up to half an atmosphere of pressure, so basically only half full or mostly exhaled) and have Brawn rounds of useful consciousness, otherwise it's 1 round. If you are expecting it (like you are throwing the airlock switch yourself) the difficulty should be downgraded twice, or something. There should definitely be a spacer talent that give a buff to this and zero g maneuvering. Then you take a "Vacuum Crit" which functions like a normal level 1 critical injury except only "instant death" are counted. Each round you take another. If you are brought back into a breathable atmosphere then you can roll a resilience check every fifteen minute to naturally heal it. I don't think that's too cumbersome and also is pretty spot on to real life, or enough for tabletop! Edit: Unless we really want to push for the "15 seconds" rule, then it's a successful Cool check is the end of your next turn, and a fail is the end of the current initiative track.
  13. dresdinseven

    Terrinoth PDF

    I know I was REALLY grumpy about a plethora of things when this book was first announced... But... Oh now that it's an actual product I could buy... And one I could possibly get at half price as a digital....... (like I ever buy things other than physical books...) Tell me how this book is, and possibly what seasoning is best for a plateful of eating crow. I'm really starting to feel my resolve waiver. Judgement says I should save up for the eventual Netrunner book (and ever single splatbook that comes with it), but the temptation is starting to grow.
  14. dresdinseven

    Skills weirdness in Genesys

    Instead of adding to the skill list my suggestion is a talent set that has the player pick a specialization or subset of Mechanics. Each rank would add a boost dice and a benefit. This let's characters have a "deep dive" into a specialty while still allowing a the character to become a Swiss army knife if desired. Also it allows characters without Mechanics as a career skill to get some boost or cheaper faux ranks related to their character concept (like hackers getting computer hardware or pilots/captains getting the appropriate vehicle class). Unsure of the Disciplined version. Any feedback is aplreciated. I feel strongly about these talents because they keep skill bloat down while helping to define character concepts.
  15. dresdinseven

    Skills weirdness in Genesys

    100% agree with the Mechanics Skill, it's an absolute mess of "do anything with objects" while some of the other skills are oddly granular. As someone who plays the "tech" character I found it was actually taxing because I had to do -everything- that wasn't interacting with another character. Open a door? Me. Disable a bomb? Me. Fix the ship? Me. Mess with upgrading gear? Me. On and on and on, I suddenly was the expert of every technical field and type of engineering imaginable. And I could never sit in one spot and do my "thing" because I had to be the swiss army knife in five different places. It was exhausting. And it's awful for character concept. As the skill goes up, there's no real difference between a ship engineer, a cybernetics expert, demolitions dude, or any type of tech. Because everyone could just do everyone else's job. Sure there were Talents to spice it up, but no way to dive deep into a particular 'specialty'. But eventually the car mechanic or security systems expert turns to mush because you're the only one who can do the task at the moment even if it's completely alien to your core character concept. That's just my rant on the Mechanics skill. I understand why it's like that, but it really rustles my jimmies.. I did think of a few talents to alleviate the problem, if anyone is interested.