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  1. @sfRattan I wish not to be too terse in this reply, as politeness should be answered with politeness. The answer to this situation is not to tell FFG that they get a pass, or even that they are making the right call, by saying that all of our content is going to be trash anyways, so we should be gracious we have any allowances at all. So what if it's trash, it's our trash. Some of it is trash that has had years of work put into it. Yes, they are very gracious to make this platform in the first place, but it's a two way street since we are generating the content. You make a good point about giving GMs the rules without being overburdened, but I actually like IP laden work (for example, Pugmire and Mau). But ultimately what you or I like in a book is irrelevant. A creator can, and should, put into their work what they feel the work needs. As far as updates and such, if the agreement was meant to cover file format or hostling updates, it wouldn't explicitly grab up "characters, locations, scenes, names," ect. But the real rub is this. Sure, FFG is never going to take our crummy work and put to print. But the way the agreement is worded, neither can we. You can't toss up a map pack on your personal website or later publish a system agnostic setting guide. You can't even write a self publish a novel on Amazon. Because you don't own it any more, "everyone does", but only FFG really does, since they are the only ones who can use it outside of the Foundry. Does being relegated to a fanfic site to write in your own setting sound okay to you? It doesn't to me. Let me repeat, no one is worried FFG is going to 'steal' our stuff, what people are worried about is being locked out of our own IP. Now I know, FFG isn't going to do that, their designers and execs didn't intend this, and have said they intended for the exact opposite, I'm sure this is simply a legal goof with all the GenCon confusion going on. But.. But! Any change, even change that's wanted by those up top, often comes about only when the consumers push for it. And if it doesn't change, then status quo is what we will have to work with. And ultimately, no one is beholden to anyone else. FFG isn't entitled anyone's work until they click the button, and creators have no entitlement to use the Genesys system until they consent to click the button. Right now, I'm not clicking that button. I'm going to wait to see if the license gets updated, and if it doesn't, then I'll retool my work to be non-Genesys. But if it does get changed, I will pound the pavement like a madman to get something ready for this platform.
  2. In terms of crowdfunding, DriveThruRPG already has an entire system in place for fulfilling Kickstarter/ect campaigns. I'm sure something could be worked out where they are still the exclusive distributor of the end product. The corporate 'cut' would be factored into the campaign (probably as 'licencing fees'), the 'at cost' price would be the creator setting their own cut to $0 for orders placed via crowdfunding. What about using Patreon to generate a general slush fund to pay editors/artists, but not explicitly for any particular project? Edit: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/crowdsource.php (service I mentioned)
  3. It's good to see Genesys finally getting the marketplace it needs to thrive as a product. However, this contract that's attached with it is a total no-go for me when it comes to my own custom settings. Since it's been only 24 hours I will give them the benefit of the doubt, although part of me is a bit indignant that this kind of error could happen, or worse, that they were honestly trying to pull this on us. Let's keep our pitchforks and torches handy, but unlit and stowed at the moment. Now that isn't to say this license isn't completely bad in every situation. This is the perfect license for publishing in a FFG Setting. The messy thing about publishing in someone else's setting is who owns what. You publish in Android/Terrinoth and introduce story elements, but if those rights aren't shared then everyone else is either barred from using your ideas (or anything even similar) or at worse has to actively write around them. This license allows everyone to write in a big shared setting and exchange ideas freely. Which is great, because before you simply could not 'legally' use any part of the IP in any way, shape, or form, at best you could dump something 'for free' on the internet and hope that the corporate overlords wouldn't slap you with a Cease and Desist. You loose nothing under this questionable license when publishing in FFG Settings because there was no way to capitalize on the 'original' bits you injected into the setting, due to not having the rights to the overall property. All the publishing and creation avenues mentioned in other posts were things you couldn't do anyways. And it's a pretty even exchange, you get to use New Angeles and Jackson Howard, FFG and the community get to use what you bring to the table. The 'no attribution' clause is probably legalese to make sure someone can't raise a stink over some similarity between their idea and something FFG makes ("Well gee, they didn't attribute me, I said in my supplement there was an orange cat in the city, and look, here's an orange cat briefly mentioned in this book! Clearly my name needs to be in this product"). I would really, really hope that official releases have the courtesy to attribute people from who they directly pulled content from. It's also a pretty good license for people publishing setting agnostic "genre guides" or "rules supplements". These don't have characters, locations, ect, ect to worry about, except maybe some sample NPCs. Just don't give them names you plan on using for other projects, or just generic descriptors (like "The Investigator"). These products cannot exist outside of the Genesys frame work, so there is no application of their use outside of this marketplace. The legalese also is understandable here, preventing squabbles from happening if two people somehow put out something that overlaps or has similarities in terms of content. And this is all well and good, unless you want to do work in your own setting, in which case, there needs to be a second license available. The first one can stay for setting agnostic content and user made supplements for FFG settings, it's perfect for that! But there needs to be a comprehensive auxiliary license available to those who want to make custom setting content. There's no way you can expect people to sign away their darling settings under such an agreement. Also, less of a need and more of a "want that boarders on need", let us do kickstarters and promotional campaigns and give us options to print on demand. I can understand not wanting people to run a kickstarter of "My Original SotB Adventure" on kickstarter. But for my stuff? Artists and editors aren't free and I can't get a loan from my parents for several grand to 'make it happen'. But this gripe really only applies to the custom settings content. tl;dr This license is great for FFG/generic content. This license is terrible for user generated settings. Keep the discussion going, but keep your sanity. Also, I'm really excited to see what Android custom adventures come out of all this, I've seen a few on the Foundry! I've already purchased the Unarmed Fighter splat, and I'm thinking of picking up some of the other launch titles (which all look really exciting!)
  4. @TheSapient Thank you so much for this resource! It has proven invaluable time and time again during my campaign, and I'm sure many others would say the same thing.
  5. What happened? I didn't get any pre-order bonuses, either.
  6. Wednesday is only 48some hours away, but feels like an eternity.
  7. I just got a "shipping real soon, bro" notice for the book and adversary decks! It's almost in our hands!!
  8. Awesome, just in time to spend Valentine's Day with the new love of my life (this book).
  9. Mega kudos to @DarthGM for running a really exciting session, and sticking it through to expo closing hours! Everyone in my group had a blast, and now I'm really hyped for the product (hurry up FFG!) Great to meet you, hope we cross paths again.
  10. I'm rushing the FFG booth Friday morning to sign up, I can't wait!
  11. Dare you enter my magical realm...?
  12. Star Wars feels like it has been wrapping up for awhile now, what books are left to publish outside of a few setting/era books? I have my fingers crossed for a Fighting the Flames of Fire and Love book, based off that one piece of firefighter art in the modern setting (jk)
  13. I don't think that's the case, since Terrinoth had a bunch of additional skills. If I had to guess, maybe they don't want spoilers or to put official promo pics of game text which could possibly change.
  14. Wild speculation time, what will be the next book? Will it be Twilight Imperium, Tanhauser, that steam setting (??), or something else?
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