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  1. An NDS about the NDS?
  2. GURPS hasn't had a core update in nearly a decade. Also, when I was at PAX Unplugged the things that sold RPG systems was theme, setting, and narrative. Dice systems and mechanics discussion always came second after the buyer was hooked on the previous items. By cutting off third parties from making books that provide the previously mentioned thing, which still requiring players to purchase a core book for the "actual" heart of an rpg (the rules), it's limiting the potential of the franchise.
  3. But what about "Powered by Genesys" books, which are "NOT A COMPLETE GAME" and require the core rulebook to operate? I've seen a bunch exactly like that for 3.X Edition DnD (which stinks since all my books are 5e). It would prevent a Pathfinder situation without a relegating it to the same dusty niche where GURPS resides.
  4. @DarthGM, like I said, you're a [LIVING SAINT]
  5. Well I'm not just up and leaving the Genesys community, you guys are too cool! Its just that if FFG wants to exclude itself from people's personal projects, I'll just have to make due elsewhere. Until I'm ready to publish something, Genesys is going to be my go-to game for weekly RPG sessions. Heck, who knows, maybe I'm just being [super grumpy] over nothing.
  6. If Genesys doesn't have any licensing options whatsoever then I'm going to ditch it and go with a custom dice system (one that uses standard gaming dice tbh). I know that FFG has vested interests in keeping a tight grip on their IP, but it really feels like a total slap in the face to go on and on and on about how much of a fantastic toolkit for GMs to make new stuff, then say "but don't you dare get ambitious with the legwork you put into our product". Let's be frank about the fan projects so far, as fantastic as they are they are short. A few dozen pages, less if you take out the custom careers and skill trees. These are not multi-hundred page tomes on the level of actual game releases . If you expect content creators to do art, editing, play testing, and put their own IP into lore, then give it for free (and probably with some loophole that FFG could just take it without even asking), then you're out of your mind. If DarthGM does so and releases it for free, he truly is a living saint of board games, mad respect. Personally, I plan to make a whole setting book. History, maps, gear, make-your-own-spaceships guides, deep lore, the works. But I'm not going to do that with no options of compensation (even a "minimum suggested donation of $0" model), and I'm especially not going to insult my work with by putting "Unofficial" and "Fan Creation" on the front of it as if it's just some fanfic which has to self deprecate/beg for mercy just to exist. And before anyone balks at how entitled I might sound, please tell me why I'm a bad guy for wanting my name on the front of a physical book, or even simply wanting the option to do so.
  8. I'd suggest a spot to put some character art.
  9. I think we may have this by Thanksgiving, instead of Christmas. Thank goodness, it'll give an Option B to watching football games post turkey dinner. EDIT: US release date: 11/30/2017, so no respite from turkey and bloating... do things ever drop before the pegged date? Either way, +1 Kudos to FFG for delivering on the Q4 promise.
  10. Figure that out and you have the whole Mech genre figure out. civilian mode>out of cockpit and day to day morphed>exoskeletons or power suits individual zords>classic mech combat megazord>COMBINE MOOOOOOODE!
  11. While not -strictly- a Genesys concern, is anyone going to Pax Unplugged in Philadelphia? There's going to be an Asmodee booth, which I plan on politely foraging for answers which I won't get asking about licencing and release information. Maybe there's an opportunity for a pickup game. Any possibility of getting the Genesys teaser module together or try one of the homebrews that have been floating around. If nothing more, it'd be great to actually meet some of you!
  12. There's plenty of talents that allow the flipping of a Destiny Point to construct a contraption, produce a gadget, think of a solution to the problem of the moment. That's how he happens to have his Anti-Shark Batspray at just the key moment.
  13. Check this out. Click it a few times and think of creative ways to implement your Random Power via Narrative Dice. http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random
  14. Just look at their X-Wing line, they have full scans of various cards that can come into play, the SWRPG line has sections of talent trees. Are they afraid that we'll backwards engineer a whole book from an item creation table?