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  1. Hello Community! Actually, XWing has been my favorite game for years, but somehow the magic (or force) is not as strong anymore. I have got a feeling, that I have got far less options to create strong lists. To me, list building is an important part of the game and that's where the fun begins. Finding great lists is playing XWing, before ACTUALLY playing it. Unfortunately, most upgrade cards are not as strong anymore and FFG tries to keep the pilot abilites rather weak since 2.0 dropped. I originally thought this was a good idea, but somehow this just gives me less list building options than before. Being the "Rebel guy" in my local community, I'd love to get some nice goodies for my ships. But there is hardly any new stuff coming out for the old factions. Yes, there are new factions with new ships... but I can't use their stuff for the most part, because the powerful things are restricted to a certain faction. My favorite upgrade card in XWing 1.0 used to be the "Predator" skill. It was awesome You could put that on almost any ship (just like an Auzituck for example) and make it a decent fighter, which could use it's main ability (reinforce) while still being able to modify attack dice. There is no such thing anymore. You have to put a force user on a ship instead, which is far more difficult and expensive (unique card, crew or gunner slow required). Apart from that, I really miss discovering and using some really strong synnergy effects between pilots and upgrade cards. Why is there no Ten Numb with Mangler Cannon anymore? I am not mentioning Horton Salm and TLT here, because TLTs were really really bad for the game in general. But I think you get the idea, of what I mean. Yes, a lot of things are much better now... for example the fact, that the arc matters a lot more. But it's difficult enough to get and keep things in arc, so why are the really good cards bullseye only (predator)? Why are there so few great upgrade cards, that taking another ship instead of any upgrades at all seems to be a good choice nowadays?
  2. The Elephant in the room ..... let's talk about it. Rebels got nerfed into oblivion. Obviously.
  3. Is regen / repairing really such a big problem in your local community?
  4. Good point! I agree that Supernatural Reflexes should have worked in the system phase. That seems to be a good solution. Apart from that... this upgrade would be cheaper then, so I could still use it
  5. Hello Community! What do you think about "Supernatural Reflexes"? Could it be the best Force Upgrade so far? Personally, I used to put this on Luke Skywalker sometimes, when the costs were still much lower. Honestly, 12 points for "Supernatural Reflexes" seemed okay to me, but this was still far from being an auto-include for me. Nowadays it costs 24 points for Luke... but it doesn't feel remotely powerful enough to use it for this price. Isn't it just a worse version of the step any Phantom can do regularly? Apart from that, Luke is getting to expensive... Do you think the pricing for "Supernatural Reflexes" is okay and do you still use it for 24 points?
  6. Thank you! Actually I thought it would be different... more like when the attack is over and damage has been dealt already, THEN you'd take another shield marker (if possible). But you guys seem to be quite certain, that a shield has to go first, right? Greetings!
  7. Plasma Torpedoes! From what I have read so far, they do the following: Attack (Target Lock): Spend 1 Charge. During the Neutralize Results step, Crit results are cancelled before Hit results. After the attack hits, the defender loses 1 shield. So, when exactly does the defender strip a shield token? Do you roll dice, neutralize results and deal damage first... and THEN the defender takes away one additional shield token?
  8. Schu81

    Tie Interceptor

    Hello community! Honestly, I am a rebel player and I care much more about XWings and Awings than any Imperial ships. But I have noticed that the Tie Interceptor is not present in the XWing game anymore. I haven't seen any Interceptors for months in my local gaming community. Even though I am 100% rebel, I think the Tie Interceptor is a very beautiful and iconic ship. It should be a good option to put on the table. So, what could be done, to bring back the Interceptor? What are it's main problems? From what I have heard, it dies very quickly....
  9. Hello there! Are Plasma Torpedoes available already? I really want some
  10. High 5 (62) Luke Skywalker [T-65 X-wing] (0) Servomotor S-foils Points: 62 (80) Lando Calrissian [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (4) Chewbacca (5) Nien Nunb Points: 89 (48) Thane Kyrell [T-65 X-wing] (0) Servomotor S-foils Points: 48 Total points: 199 Hello community! I played this on a casual tournament. Worked well! All pilots are PS 5, so you can choose which to move first. Thats really good to prevent bumping in close combat situations. Lando has got his copilot from episode 6. This gives him more blue options to use his free action. The idea is: XWings move in to brawl. The Falcon circles all around the action and fires sideways. Lando can also grant one free action to one of the XWings, if needed. Chewbacca will repair the Falcon if needed. Otherwise the ship might receive multiple bad crits. The Falcon should be working weil to support the others. What do you think? How could I improve the list?
  11. So Benthic with perceptive Co could be a good support ship without his brother?
  12. Thanks for the info, everyone! This is really helpful.
  13. Thanks, good info!
  14. Hello community! Does anyone actually play the Two Tubes Brothers? Are they viable? I like the look of their ships and the interaction between them quite a lot, but honestly... the pilot skill of 2 is pretty low. They will be flying last most of the time. These two ships cost about half the points of your list. What do you think?
  15. Schu81

    Anti Rebel Agenda

    Unfortunately A-Wings are pretty weak and / or overpriced for what they do. 2 attack dice don't work, unless they're coming in large swarms. There could be one good A-Wing, if Jake was a least a 5, maybe better a 6. Why? Because his ship will explode within seconds, as soon as he gets into heavy fire. An Arc dodger needs to dodge arcs. That won't work if any other pilot moves after him.
  16. Schu81

    Anti Rebel Agenda

    Thanks. I am already trying to create some new lists right now. It's just pretty difficult now, because it feels like any good ship or pilot is more expensive or worse now. Can't switch to another faction. I am "the rebel guy" in my local community Apart from that, I have got tons of rebel ships but hardly any other factions ships.
  17. Schu81

    Anti Rebel Agenda

    Hello Community! I certainly know, that FFG doesn't support any Anti Rebel Agendas, but the newest point update feels like one. Somehow all the good ships, all the fun pilots.. everything got more expensive or lost features. I have always loved flying Wedge. And Dutch. And some others. Am I supposed to fly EWings, HWKs and K-Wings now? These ships didn't even appear in any of the movies.
  18. Did any rebel ships get cheaper?
  19. FFG has to look the point updates up first. They're probably checking YASB right now.
  20. Nerf Jumpmaster!!!!!11111oneoneeleven
  21. Schu81

    Inert Fat Han

    Sorry guys, I am late to the party! So, what are we nerfing today? I have no clue yet, but I am sure that it must be a terrible NPE. I have got my pitchfork and my torch ready. Just give me a short update, and I'll start shouting right away.
  22. Darth Vader in the stolen Tie Fighter from Star Wars Rebels. Just stolen back. ****! That would be insane!
  23. Long story short... can Quickdraw fire Proton Rockets from its rear-arc? How about other missiles?
  24. Schu81

    Less is More

    Honestly, I keep reading quite a lot to keep up with all the rules and special abilities, but I am a bit confused about all the new stuff coming up. It's getting harder and harder to keep up with all the rules, special rules and game effects. Yeah, maybe it's just me getting older... Anyway, I feel like I am the rules-guy in my local gaming group. Usually people turn to me, when they don't really remember what will happen after flying through a debris cloud instead of flying over an asteroid. Things won't be easier to remember with ion clouds an all the other new stuff coming up. Of course I am not talking about ion clouds in particular.... it wouldn't be much of a problem, if that's the only change to the game. But it feels like there will be a whole lot of completely new game effects coming with the new factions. We are just a bunch of normal guys, with normal jobs and normal families. There is not so much time for rocket science and studying XWing rules. Please keep this game easily playable.
  25. Free Boost! I just love being able to boost every round
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