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  1. Hello there, XWing Community! I have got a question about U-Wings (and other ships which can do the stationary maneuver). Let's say my U-Wing is in range 0 with an enemy ship, which bumped into me last round. Now I move first, but I trigger "Contraband Cybernetics", so I can take actions despite having stress. My maneuver is the red stationary maneuver. I get stress, but I can take a normal action, just like a focus action for example, even though I get stress and I am (still) at range 0 with the enemy ship. But technically I didn't bump it it. Is that correct?
  2. Hello everyone! My local community would love to know, which X-Wing ship can be seen in which movie / TV show. Is there an overview or list, where this can be seen? 🙂 Greetings and stay safe / healthy!
  3. Sounds good! Have you got a link maybe?
  4. Hello to you, XWing Community! I would love to ask you something about Imperial Aces. I know there are several different lists, which qualify to go by that name, so let me show you the list, which I tried on the last tournament of my local community. Soontir Fel (53) Predator (2) Shield Upgrade (8) Darth Vader (67) Fire-Control System (2) Afterburners (6) Grand Inquisitor (52) Fire-Control System (2) Total: 192 Why did I choose these ships? Well, the Grand Inquisitor seems to be maneuverable and fast. Soontir is a legend and his ship looks fabulous. I love the Interceptor. And Vader is Vader, what more can i say. I found these incredibly difficult to fly, even though I am not a new player anymore. I have been playing XWing for several years. I knew my iist would melt very quickly, if I go in for a joust, so I tried to keep the 3 ships apart and flank as often as possible. Anyway, at some point my ships get shot at and somehow they do not withstand the attacks for long. Apart from that, I found that Soontirs attacks are not very strong, unless you achieve a perfect setup with an enemy in your bullseye. So, what do I do wrong? How do you have to fly these? And how come that Imperial Aces seem to be really good at huge tournaments, even though they are rather easy to kill? Aren't other lists so much stronger than this? Or is it really just a matter of "how to fly"? Explanations welcome
  5. Final salvo has never been part of my strategy. You sometimes have to take it, because it's still better than a loss. But it's not intentional, more like... the match didn't work as expected.
  6. It's not bad, but I actually don't see the trick here. Just 4 ships, which are okay or even good. Seems pretty casual. I'd expect most other squads at FW system open to be better though.
  7. Hello everyone! I have got a question about the pilot ability of IG88A. Let's say you have got three ships with the IG-2000 upgrade, of which one is IG-88A. Scenario: IG-88A has got 2 calculate tokens. He would like to transfer one of these tokens to SHIP C via his pilot ability. SHIP C is too far away though. Question: Can IG-88A transfer the calculate token to ship B first, from where the token gets transfered one more time to ship C? As mentioned before, all ships have got the IG-2000 upgrade card. Does the "once per opportunity" rule or any other rule prevent this?
  8. Hello Community! I have got a question about about the Grappling Struts mechanic. Let's say a Trade Federation drone has landed on an Asteroid using its Grappling Struts. There is an enemy X-Wing in range 2. Both ships can fire at each other. Scenario: A small part of the Asteroid, on which the Trade Federation Drone has landed, is situated in the direct line of fire between these two ships. Questions: Does any of these ships get an additional green die because of the obstruction rule? I am wondering, because of the "ignore obstacles at range 0" wording on the Grappling Struts card. Could the X-Wing use its "Trick Shot" Elite skill (if equipped) ?
  9. Schu81

    How to abuse K-2SO

    Yeah, I like the Shara Bey idea, too. If you need a ship, which gets the calculate for free and can get rid of the stress rather easily: Ibtisam (46) K-2SO (8) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 5 This ARC-170 pilot can stay on her 6 blue maneuvers for a double modded shot, while getting rid of the stress-token 100% or she can use 5 white maneuvers instead and roll a dice to get rid of the stress with a chance of 50%
  10. Schu81

    How to abuse K-2SO

    How about LanK-2SO ? Lando Calrissian (79) K-2SO (8) Nien Nunb (5) Ship total: 92 Half Points: 46 Threshold: 7 That's basically a YT-1300 with 3 actions per round, as long as you stay on blue maneuvers, of which you have got 9, thanks to Nien Numb. You fall back to "only one" calculate token, if you get blocked on a blue maneuver. Could be worse, right?
  11. Schu81

    How to abuse K-2SO

    Hello Community! I have got a feeling, that these two cards are going to be so much fun. But I am still searching for some great ideas to get the most out of thes abilities. Any ideas?
  12. Hello everyone! Can I transfer a <focus> token to a ship beyond range 3? And how about range 0? Greetings
  13. Schu81

    2.0 Chopper Crew

    You are right, I was just not happy with the wording though.
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