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  1. Long story short... can Quickdraw fire Proton Rockets from its rear-arc? How about other missiles?
  2. Schu81

    Less is More

    Honestly, I keep reading quite a lot to keep up with all the rules and special abilities, but I am a bit confused about all the new stuff coming up. It's getting harder and harder to keep up with all the rules, special rules and game effects. Yeah, maybe it's just me getting older... Anyway, I feel like I am the rules-guy in my local gaming group. Usually people turn to me, when they don't really remember what will happen after flying through a debris cloud instead of flying over an asteroid. Things won't be easier to remember with ion clouds an all the other new stuff coming up. Of course I am not talking about ion clouds in particular.... it wouldn't be much of a problem, if that's the only change to the game. But it feels like there will be a whole lot of completely new game effects coming with the new factions. We are just a bunch of normal guys, with normal jobs and normal families. There is not so much time for rocket science and studying XWing rules. Please keep this game easily playable.
  3. Schu81

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Free Boost! I just love being able to boost every round
  4. Schu81

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Poe Dameron (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Ferrosphere Paint (6) Black One (2) Ello Asty (56) Heroic (1) BB Astromech (5) Integrated S-Foils (0) Temmin Wexley (54) Heroic (1) BB Astromech (4) Integrated S-Foils (0) Total: 200 Yeehaaaaw!
  5. Schu81

    Feelings about the new Wave

    It's not necessarily a bad thing. That depends, if you like getting new stuff or not I personally enjoy getting new stuff for my ships though. It's always great, when you can make a good ship even better with a cool new upgrade card. That's what I have always loved doing in XWing during the 1.0 waves.
  6. Schu81

    Feelings about the new Wave

    Yes, I still love XWing, that's for sure. It's my favorite game. So, I am looking forward to the spare parts canisters
  7. Schu81

    Hyperspace prizes revealed?

    How can I get one of these packages...? Is it possible to buy these somewhere?
  8. Schu81

    Feelings about the new Wave

    Hello everyone! Honestly, there have been times, in which just could not wait for a new XWing Wave to finally be available at the shops. And yes, I have spent thousands of dollars on this game by now. But today.. I feel like... the new ships are not interesting to me. I don't like the factions and there doesn't seem to be any stuff for me in the packages. I am not even sure if I am going to buy any ships of the upcoming wave. That feels strange to me, as I usually bought any ship in XWing 1.0, as long as there was at least one good new card in it. I am a Rebel player for the most part. My second faction is Resistance. Should I get any of the upcoming ships? Is there anything of use for me? Please let me know.
  9. Schu81

    Strain Token

    Sorry... maybe this question is really really dumb, but maybe we just don't know yet? What is a Strain Token? It's not a Stress token, is it? And what does it do?
  10. Schu81

    Why ffg did't increase wedge points?

    No need to increase Wedges points. He seems balanced. He is good... and yes he SHOULD be good, since he is one of the most iconic Rebel pilots ever.
  11. Schu81

    《Spoiler alert》 the new ownership of Millennium Falcon

    Probably Rey will learn how to build a Rebel Death Star in 0,2 seconds (finally!). Do that. Blow **** up. End of story. The Porgs will be dancing and laughing. Meanwhile Poe gets lectured by a pink haired lady, that he should check his privelege. Lando is going to die, after doing litereally nothing for the Rebellion. Probably he will be a useless and hateful old man with no perspective whatsoever, living on an island.
  12. Schu81

    Nien Multiple Stress

    The "Once per opportunity" rule would make me think that you can remove only one stress token. But as far as I can remember, during XWing 1.0 it was possible to remove more than one stress token via Niens ability.
  13. Schu81

    Advanced sensors + Afterburnes

    I have just had a closer look at the cards, to find out why @Innese is right here. Advanced Sensors clearly states "You cannot perform another action during your activiation" So performing a boost action after moving is not possible.
  14. There are lists, which could abuse the low price tag of "Initiative-ProTorps" and become the triple Jumpmaster of 2.0 Which ones? Basically any lists which can get Target Locks from a high Initative ship (coordinate) or which are able to get their locks beyond range 3. Here is an example: Scimitar Squadron Pilot (30) Proton Torpedoes (12) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (30) Proton Torpedoes (12) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (30) Proton Torpedoes (12) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (30) Proton Torpedoes (12) Colonel Jendon (46) Total: 214 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  15. Schu81

    Legendary Rebel Pilots

    I have had Chewie only in one or two matches so far. I just think he might be useful because he can get rid of painful crits very easily this can be lifesaving in certain circumstances, especially because the Falcon has got a lot of hull and might need to use it. But Lando is an interesting idea, too. I'd have to do the Lando action a lot then, though, right? Thinking about that, because I need to boost quite a lot with the Falcon. 🧐