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  1. Schu81

    Trajectory Sim

    I am not a great fan of that either. Bombs in general feel strange in this game, but the possibility to launch them forward makes the whole thing quite a bite OP. I personally think this should be far more expensive, or not available at all. But okay... other people just love that.
  2. Couldn't they just have written "if you are using a turret weapon, you may roll one additional die" ?
  3. Hello there! Actually, I was making reseach about this problem and that's how I got here. But I still don't really understand why Kavil gets his additional die, when he's firing a turret to the front. Is it, because the firing arc is per definition now just a turret arc, which is coincidentally pointing forward, and doesn't quality to be the 45 degree primary arc anymore in that case?
  4. Schu81

    Ion Cannon Turrets

    True story.
  5. Schu81

    Listbuilding in 2.0

    I love X-Wings actually. I am going to participate in an event, which I'd call a casual tournament.
  6. Schu81

    Listbuilding in 2.0

    Thanks for your response! Hoping for some more people to join in and give their opinion, too
  7. Schu81

    Listbuilding in 2.0

    Hello everyone! I am really having trouble with list-building in XWing 2.0. I hope you can help me out, by giving some information about your own list-building, which has brought the most success for your personally. First question: How many ships do you usually play? Are two or three ship lists still viable to you? Second question: What about aces? Do you play them a lot? At which point does an Ace get too expensive to you? Example: Is 80 points for Luke (XWing) okay? Third question: What about addon-cards? There used to be some GREAT & CHEAP addons in XWing first edition, just like PTL or VI. But XWing 2.0 feels depowered somehow. Does it make sense to play a lot of addon cards, or do you usually take more ships instead? Which 2.0 upgrade card is really viable to you?
  8. Schu81

    Jake Farrel Stress Timing

    Didn't think about this before, but it seems correct. Roll > own Focus > Red boost (no more actions for Jake at this point) > give a focus action to another ship in range 1
  9. Schu81

    This App is a mess

    Thanks for the info! Sad
  10. Schu81

    This App is a mess

    Hello FFG! It's me again Wow, I am impressed. You have proved me wrong. There has happened SOMETHING. Version 1.0.4 is available. Haven't tested it yet, but I am really glad to see that there are updates of any kind coming. Thanks!
  11. Schu81

    Ship Vader or Whisper with Crew Vader?

    You guys have got me wondering.... can somebody please explain to me why Whisper with Juke and Vader crew seems to be so good? I don't get it. I really don't. Honestly, a good friend of mine used to be a big fan of first edition Whisper. But he was really disappointed when he tried her in 2.0 for the first time. The reasons were: Whisper has always been a glass-cannon, but nowadays she doesn't even have the punch anymore and she cannot recloak directly after firing. Hopefully she can save one of her evade tokens to recloak after (maybe) taking some shots. To me Vader (ship) seems to be so much better. Higher initative, native 3! force tokens, a lot of actions per round etc.
  12. Schu81

    This App is a mess

    Hello, it's me again. Not sure if any FFG official is ever going to read this, but there is still hope. You have produced a great game (I just love XWing) so maybe you can come up with a decent App sometime in the future. But now we have got to talk about another bug, which makes me wonder about some peoples attitude. This is really basic and should have been fixed long ago. The printed cards state, that Wullffwarro is Ini 4. Lowhhrick is Ini 3. But your incredible Squad Builder aka unprofessional Bug Machine has got their Ini levels and game cards mixed up, featuring Low 4 and Wullff 3 (at least in German language - web version & android version) You guys must be joking, right? Didn't anybody notice that in the last few weeks? And how long would it take to fix that? Isn't that just a matter of seconds? This little change would be SOMETHING to present version 1.0.4 really soon. But guess what? I have got a feeling that this problem won't be fixed by tomorrow. Probably not fixed by the end of next week either. Fun fact: The 3rd party App, which I have mentioned before, has got the Ini levels right. Of course. What's going on there? Please fix this. And give us some information.
  13. Schu81

    App will not save squads

    A friend of mine has got the same problem. He just can't save squads on android and that's why he has to use 3rd party Squad Builders for 2.0 Unfortunately we haven't found out yet, why the FFG app is not working on his phone.
  14. Schu81

    This App is a mess

    Hello FFG. I have been playing XWing for years and I have literally spent thousands of dollars on this game. I have brought 4 others players to this game, who have also spent hundreds of dollars each, to buy minatures, devices, add-ons. Now you have published an APP for Android, which is necessary to play this game. But this App is a total mess. It doesn't work properly on the Android phones of my friends and I am having issues with this, too. How is it even possible, that 3rd party Apps, programmed by hobbyists, work much better than yours? That's unprofessional and an insult to your costumers. You have had plenty of time to get the code of this App done before the release of second edition. Obviously you didn't get things done back then. So how about fixing it now? Why aren't there any updates regularly? You SHOULD be updating this thing constantly to improve stability, interface and responsiveness. I really didn't want to complain about this App within the first two weeks, because I work in IT myself and I know that most projects don't work properly on day 1. But it has been weeks now... and there aren't any updates coming. Why are you so unprofessionally insulting your costumers by showing no reaction to all these bugs and issues? You should have a look at this 3rd party Squad Builder: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.launchbaynext It works MUCH better than yours and it displays much more relevant info than yours. Why is that? Why don't you just hire this guy? Obviously he knows much more about programming X-Wing Squad Builders than your whole incompent team. Hard words, but true story. You should have made quite a few bucks with this game so far, so go ahead and hire someone who knows about programming. You pretty much owe that to all the people who have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your game. Apart from that: It would be nice to read an official statement about this from time to time... please write news about this. Tell us, what are your future plans about your App? When will there be Updates? Is there a roadmap for this piece of software? Who is responsible? Are you happy with the bad results so far or do you even know how much this sucks? Should I be writing a list of bugs now? Maybe I should, but you could very well read the maaaaaany other threads on this board or react to the reviews and ratings on the Google Android - Playstore. Your App has got rating of 2 / 5 Stars there. Are you happy with that? What's wrong with you? You should be fixing this right now. Some of these problems are just so basic, that I can hardly believe you're doing this to us. Let's talk about the Squad - Points first. When you're creating a Squad on an Android Phone, the total costs are not displayd anymore when you're getting higher than 100 points. That's because the letters are too big and the interface just drops these numbers to an invisible sector. There is a workarond: You can just switch your phone to a smaller font size. .... ........ .......... Are you kidding me? You can't fix that for weeks? And you don't tell anybody about this, so we have to find such things out on our own? But there is more. Some people just can't save their squads at all. Some people just can't use the buttons, because they are too big. Sometimes older Squads are deleted or overwritten, even when you create a new Squad. The App is slow in general. Many important information are missing (size of the base, maneuvers) I don't want to go on here. It's enough. Please fix this. And give us some information.