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  1. Schu81

    What is hyperspace format?

    Okay, I'll play by the rules and I am even going to call Hyperspace mode by it's real name instead of ... ah just look at any other post of me talking about hyperspace The most important advantage of Hyperspace Mode is its balancing. It's not easy to keep all ships and upgrades of 5 (7) fractions on the same level. By making just certain ships and upgrades "hyperspace legal", you'll be able to calculate the power level of all the combinations of ships and upgrade cards. So, this mode is probably very good for people who care less about squad building and more about the flying aspect of the game. In hyperspace you won't be able to beat your opponent on the drawing board, before the match has even started. Hyperspace is good for new players, who have no fleets yet. They can be competitive much more quickly with just a few ships, without having to think about the hundreds of hardcorde combinations a veteran of XWing will proboably be able to come up with.
  2. Schu81

    Idea for a new gunner

    How about a gunner that can fire a second time, after failing the first shot? That would be great... I have also got an idea about a new turret. Range 2-3 into all 4 directions. It has got 3 dice and shoots twice per attack, but it can only get 2 hits max. I call it LTT -> Laser Turret Twin
  3. Schu81

    2019 World Championships preview article up

    So how about restricting the game to only one ship? If everyone had to fly X-Wing Luke, then you could finally say, that it's more about how you fly instead of which ships you fly. By your logic, that would be just perfect.
  4. Schu81

    A question about Temmin "Snap" Wexley

    I agree with @Maui. What was this guy thinking? And why would this "boost" be Snaps special pilot skill at all? Since every T-70 can boost, Snap would have no benefit from his special skill. I certainly would not want to play against this guy. No fun.
  5. Schu81

    2019 World Championships preview article up

    Honestly, I just love XWing. It's my favorite game, by far. It really is! Guess that's why I have bought so many ships, that I actually needed to buy two big glass display cabinets. And now I am wondering, why a game mode, which ignores 90% of my fleet, should play any role in the tournament scene.
  6. Schu81

    Calculating MoV

    Hello everyone! I really need to know how to calculate MoV in a tournament Can somebody please help? Let's say I win my first match 152 : 23 That means, I'll get one tournament-point for my win plus a MoV of 329, correct? Then I lose my next match 145 : 76 That means, I've still only got one tournament-point for my win in the first match and I get a MoV of 131, which I add to the MoV of my first match... so after two matches I have got a cumulative MoV of 329 + 131 = 460, correct? Which results... two matches played, one tournament point, MoV 460 ?
  7. Schu81

    How many ships

    Thank you very much for your responses For the most part, people play 2-5 ships, that's for sure. Honestly, what I really had in mind is, what is the best average number of ships for you? Do you actually put trust into a 2 or 3 ship list? If you had to go with one and the same list for a few months, how many ships would it be? Please don't say 2 to 5 or something like this. Please give me just one number of ships
  8. Schu81

    R5 and R2 Astromech

    I see!
  9. Schu81

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    Anything other than Imperials would be a disappointment... since your callsign is Soontir Fel
  10. Schu81

    2019 World Championships preview article up

    Is worlds going to be extended or hyperfail?
  11. Schu81

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    Rebels only!
  12. Schu81

    R5 and R2 Astromech

    The R5 Astromech costs 5 points. That's exactly the same as a Hull Upgrade for the X-Wing. The R2 Astromech costs 6 points. That's as much as the Shield Upgrade for the X-Wing. So, at first sight, it seems like the Astromech are very valuable if you use them twice per Match. Otherwise you could very well use the Hull or Shield Upgrade instead and save an ingame action (R5) or don't get a weapon disabled token (R2). But maybe it's not that simple. What do you think? Are the R5 and R2 Astromech valuable? Do you actually use them?
  13. Did I already mention that Hyperfail mode sucks? 🙃 Just saying... And now let's all get back to Extended where we can play all the hundreds of ships we have collected within the last few years. Thank you!
  14. Schu81

    How many ships

    Hello XWing Community! How many ships do you usually bring to the table? Are 3 ship lists or even 2 ship lists viable nowadays?
  15. Thank you very much! All this makes perfect sense to me now Solved!