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  1. Gunner card: Ensign ***hole. You must convert all hits to blanks.
  2. OP, I agree 100%, however, the community as you infer it does not exist anymore and has not for a couple of years now. X-Wing has become a WAAC community empowered by these forums, facebook groups and (especially) podcasts which foster an attitude of "win a big tournament or you're irrelevant". You don't need to go any further than the replies in this thread to see where we are. These guys are not being trolls, they are exemplifying what we have become.
  3. DEATH! TROOPER! Well, thats stuck in my head for the rest of the day....
  4. Why are squad list names such a huge deal in X-Wing? It seems like every pod-cast and "celebrity" player has to have a list named for or after them. We even have the NOVA guys trying to "pre-claim" list names with their RonCon mystery lists. A solid portion of the lists I see on these forums are built around funny names rather than solid squads and I just don;t get it. Why is there the incessant need to claim a certain combo of ships? I guess I'm too much of a scrub noob to be in on the joke.
  5. Carnor Jax and the Crimson Empire!
  6. Sweet, thanks! I just assumed Palp came with his shuttle (because I'm an idiot) and I have no real interest in splurging on the Raider just yet. Deci might be fun, but I like your Omega Leader list and will probably look for something like that. Looked over a bunch of the trip aces list and they all look sweet, fly fast, die fast and take everyone to hell with me!. After Star Viper and Inty, prob go the Tie/FO or Advanced route. Thanks again, can't wait to get on the table!
  7. Hey gang, new to the Xwing game and could use a little sagely advice. I have played a handful of demo / box games and I think it's time to jump into full 100 pt battles! .I have the FA Core Set and the Imperial Aces expansion. I threw together this list using what I have available and I wanted to see what ya'll would do to tweak it. Carnor Jax -PTL -Targeting Comp -Shield Upgrade - Royal Guard Title Saber Squad Pilot -Targeting Comp Omega Ace -PTL Epsilon Leader -100 pts. Haven't gotten to play this list yet but I'm thinking it will be a sort of joust list. Jax and the FOs sprint into close range to abuse PTL and Epsilons stress clearing. SSP hard flanks to hit targets of opportunity or bait people away form the furball. Sound feasible? What could i do with the pieces from FA and Aces set to make it hum a littler smoother? Probably going to get the Interceptor and Star Viper kits next for autothrusters and Fel. Would that be a good next step? I do want the shuttle at some point as well, something about Royal Guard Ties escorting Palp in the shuttle makes my pants feel funny. Is it worth picking up the shuttle now or should I build up a better core of aces and cards first? Thanks for any input I can get, really new to the game, but absolutely hooked!
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