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  1. Easy mode removes all Gold indicated cards, but Gandalfs Delay and The Ring Draws them are Red. Do I remove these cards for easy mode or are they part of the Campaign?
  2. So I've decided to stick with each investigator until they die or go insane. Roland Banks was my first choice, and he saw some bad stuff and didn't do so well in Night of the Zealot: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/238549-night-of-the-zealot-completed-spoilers/ Now I've completed The Dunwich Legacy with Roland, and unfortunately he couldn't handle it. Things got real hairy when abominations rampaged through La Bella Luna. When I was pulled from the remains of the Club, I found myself at the Miskatonic University. It was there that my time, as well as the students, ran out.
  3. You can roleplay like this: 1: Choose cards to fill up all your Slots. Place them on the table, they do not count towards your hand size. 2: Choose someone to read the story on the cards when events such as Movement, Act and Agenda Advancement, and Combat occur. They will also run the Encounter Deck and read aloud the effects. They will be the Dungeon Master/Game Master. 3: Set up play for Hard or Expert. 4: Continue with how the game is Naturally Played. The rules state that players will talk amounts themselves and make decisions, which is part of its RPG style. The players can act as the Investegator they chose. A good theatrical Game Master who can act out as Enemies and Creatures, narrates well, and uses music throughout the game will give the players the best experience.
  4. You're in luck: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/239837-the-curse-of-amulotep-a-print-play-homebrew-core-set-scenario/ F****n yes. Thank you. This looks so cool, I love the weakness cards.
  5. Yes. I don't want to continue the campaign with him, I just wanted to play the "The Gathering" with him so I can show him how the game works and introduce him to it. If he wanted to continue from there, is that okay if he continues without me?
  6. Sort of. I beat the first campaign, and I want to play this game alone and experience the story and difficulty alone, though I'm not opposed to playing with someone. We just got the core set and Dunwich delivered at the store I work at today and my boss wanted to learn, so I played the first part with him. So it's a no then? That's all good.
  7. If I join another players campaign, do I earn those experience points and add it to my own character? I would assume that anything stated as "lead investigator" would apply to the person I've joined. I've already competed Night of the Zealots and I only joined my friend for "The Gathering".
  8. If you're in the Yonkers/Westchester area, we at The Spider's Web, 887A Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers, NY, 10704, just received our second shipment of awakenings booster boxes and starter sets. The boss and myself are the only ones who play here but we would like to get some people into it or give people who play a place to play in the area. We should also be revived the new set as well. Hope you can join us.
  9. I played it, It's awesome. It was difficult and paced well. I'd definitely play another one.
  10. Not by the official campaign rules, no. Every time you change a card in your 30 card non-mandatory card slots after the first scenario, you have to pay a minimum of 1 XP to do so (more if you're buying a higher-level card, of course). Even if you want to downgrade (for whatever reason). I see I see. Well at least I'll have more characters choose from.
  11. I've played the game for a while now but have never used two decks. When using two decks, I have to abide by the "Per Player" rule, yes?
  12. i think that's the great part about it. on top of that, you have to purposefully tailor your deck to make up for problems that arise from scenario completion. still, on this first scenario, you're going to have to keep Roland at a max of 2 mental trauma i think. pretty much an ideal series of events would be; kill off the ghoul priest early in the gathering, keep your house standing, get at least 4 cultists on masks while still having enough time to duck out before midnight, and complete the 3rd scenario before the summoning of Umordhoth. I don't know if it's even possible to beat it before you're given the additional madness, which would be amazing. still, you're going to want to take 2 elder signs and at least 1 police badge, which can allow you to get a +1 to Willpower and can easily be discarded for free for +1 action after equipping an elder sign afterwards. lots and lots of options! I was thinking about the Police Badge.Is it okay to switch out for other cards even though I've already spent the experience?
  13. For the purposes of having 2 of a given card in your deck, they are the same name, so the same thing. Therefore, if you have 2 level 0 Beat Cops, to upgrade, you would have to swap them out 1 for 1 with the upgraded Cop. If you only have have 1 Lvl 0 Beat Cop, you can add an upgraded one without necessarily having to swap out the Lvl 0 Cop. Though you would obviously have to swap *something* out for it! Thank you, General.
  14. Yeah I think I'm going to need another Elder Sign for sure. Also, since I upgraded from the Beat Cop, can I still add that LV. 0 Beat Cop to the deck, or does the upgrade replace it? ALSO also, did FF say anything about new cards being added with Dunwich Legacy to help carried over characters? I know Roland probably won't make it, but I like the idea of carrying characters over. The way this game lets you continue until characters are dead makes it feels like an Arkham game. I still play the Call of Cthulhu RPG so it feels right to fight to the end.
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