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  1. PartyPotato

    VASSAL: Armada Draft...Revised

    No more CFA exam for me.... I’m in.
  2. PartyPotato

    Wouldn't it be Nice...

    @ryanabt you’re showing your age. Kids these days aren’t going to recognize 409, Surfin USA, or California Girls... to be fair though, I think one of The Beach Boys are still alive.
  3. PartyPotato

    Store Championships Dates/Locations

    Is there a regular group that meets up in the KC area for armada? I haven’t gotten a game in besides vassal in ages.
  4. PartyPotato

    Local Players

    Usually the best bet is going to the LGS and talking to the owner and asking when he sees people playing. Then pop in one of those days to say hi, introduce yourself, and maybe get a game in. First impressions last a life time. So fly casual, play to have fun, and observe the golden rule... “Don’t be a d!ck”. Follow that and you’ll find people to play.
  5. PartyPotato

    Makwiesel paints Mirialan Rebels

    If you've uploaded pictures to your FFG forum account its extremely limited on space and most likely your alotment is full. I'd recommend an image site like imgur and then imbeding the pictures link into your post.
  6. PartyPotato

    Accurate cards, please, FFG.

    What would people pay for 3rd party alternate art cards with proper wording? Asking for a friend... *edit Would people be willing to pay $5 to participate in the vassal worlds tournament if it meant they got an alternate art card?
  7. PartyPotato

    Faq is up

    I accept all the changes as overwhelmingly positive. Pretty excited to get some games in. Legion will have to wait for a wee bit longer...
  8. PartyPotato

    Why no Happy Friday!?

    Should we send help?
  9. We who started a computer science major before realizing it was terrible solute you... You’re doing gods work Greenie Pie
  10. PartyPotato

    Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    So... if Jonus is so vastly superior to Rhymer then why do people keep picking Rhymer over Jonus? I'm with you on Jonus being fantastic. I personally think he's the most under rated Imperial Squadron in the game right now. But I also think Rhymer is still pretty darn good.
  11. PartyPotato

    Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    From your previous post you wanted to know how many people still took him simply because he had two braces ignoring his ability completely. Thats impossible to know without surveying the list builders, but if he’s worth the points simply because he has 2 braces then I fail to see how he is now “garbage” since he’s getting a an ability on top of the braces. So i’m Still trying to figure out if you think he’s under costed or over costed? Everyone is entitled to not take him for whatever reason they want. I’m simply showing what list builders are building and post nerf Rhymer is more popular than HALF of the squadrons available. So there is still a large segment of armada players that still see utility in him. Why? Well you’ll have to ask them. I’ve already given my opinion. On a relative basis he’s now less popular than Maarek, Mauler, Howl Runner, jendon etc. But if Maarek & Howl Runner are your base line for comparison to determine what’s good and what’s garbage then I’d agree that everything else out there “misses by a mile”. YV-666 misses by a bit more than a mile.
  12. PartyPotato

    Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    Definitely hard to judge and impossible to determine with exactness. But the volume of lists combined with the actual drop in popularity seems to point to most list builders knowing about the nerf. Number of Imperial lists with squadrons created post nerf was ~18,000. Of those lists roughly 9% of them included Rhymer. If you assume that only people who don't know about the nerf are the only ones building lists with Rhymer then you could infer that as these people learn of the nerf they would stop building lists with the Major. So over time post nerf his popularity would continue to decline. But that's not what the numbers are showing. The charts show a nerf leading to a drop and then he holds constant at 9%. The counter to this is not everyone builds a list to be competitive at worlds... while true even casual gamers like to win and have a tendency to use what they feel will help them win.
  13. PartyPotato

    Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    I think there's a bit of Major Rhymer is nowhere near the "auto include" that he was before. Ergo, he was nerfed to hard. But the numbers still show that people out there still like him and use him. They actually include him in their list more than half of all the other squadrons out there. I just think now he requires more thought and skill to use. Which I feel is a good thing, but obviously everyone will have different feelings on the matter. I think its an interesting exercise to wonder what peoples opinion of Rhymer, as he is now, would be if they had no prior knowledge of how he was. Impossible to answer, but fun to think about none the less. Edit* Here's an analogy to illustrate my point. If I'd given you $10 you'd generally speaking be pretty happy. But what if I had given you $100 and then changed my mind and pulled that $100 bill out of your hand and replaced it with a $10. Psychologically speaking you'd be more upset about not being able to keep the $100 instead of the reality that you still have $10.
  14. PartyPotato

    Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    @CaribbeanNinja Definitely a correlation with Rhymer and the Tie Bomber declining in tandem. Not as severe, but definitely still there. Also interesting is the decline of the Tie Advance is very pronounced. I'm figuring out the best way to slice out 34 squadrons on a chart to show everything with out an overload of lines. So more Imperial goodness coming next week! Then I'll switch focus to Rebels.
  15. PartyPotato

    Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    To clarify I included Maarek as an example of how other powerful options had began to displace Rhymer before the nerf. So not Maarek in isolation. There were numerous factors but Maarek was a good proxy to illustrate it.