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  1. Count me in on the Pod of rejects. I just saw that the tournament may have been short a couple entrants and I’ll be damned if I let that happen... so of course I dusted off my list from the last Vassal Worlds. I’m sure nothings really changed since last year :). Ready for face down these SSDs, STDs, Chickenhawks, super weapons... whatevs... JerJer and his two trusty VSDs are ready...
  2. Sadly I’m not of the opinion that increasing the cost of the VSD to add a support slot fixes the VSD. Arguably the best thing the VSD has going for it right now is Warlord but now you have to choose between Warlord and Harrow. Assuming Harrow is 3 pts and not 8 pts (FFG has a dangerous reputation of over costing VSD titles) that’s 11 pts and a ship title slot to gain engine techs. So your VSD II is now 96 pts to gain a restrictive ISD speed equivalent. It just pushes it even further into the “your spending more points to create a crappy ISD”. Just pick the ISD to begin with. My first impression was maybe Harrow adds a Fleet Command slot with an added bonus to a specific Fleet Command. Maybe something like “Entrapment Formation!” allows additional clicks for navigation. But the more I look at it the more I think it looks less like the Fleet Command symbol. Fingers still crossed this adds some VSD love.
  3. In defense of the VSD. While its not the best at anything... It’s really not terrible at anything. Being a jack of all trades but master of none really does make it a serviceable platform in any situation. There is an argument that their greatest weakness is the lack of maneuvering with only a single click at speed 2. My work around for this has always been Moff JerJer. I love my VSDs and never venture very far before I go back to them. I think they’re only going to get better with future upgrades.
  4. I’d second the importance of Moff JJ for Vics. With only a single click on navigation its not difficult for even large based ships to out maneuver your front arc. You can negate this through Thrawn, Moff JJ, or spamming navigate tokens. I find Moff JJ to be the best option as he provides 2 clicks instead of one compared to the navigate command. He’s cheap, leaves your command dials open for pushing squadrons or concentrating firepower. You also never have to pre plan with his ability, you get it every turn you need it. Although it comes at a cost of 1 shield so the sloppier you are at predicting your opponents movements the more its going to cost you to move back on course. I’ve surprised many an opponent with my ability to arc dodge with a victory using Moff JJ, especially if you combine him with a well planned nav dial allowing a speed 2 with 2 clicks at each joint. I find Thrawn incredibly expensive to supply 3 navigate commands. Sure he provides a little bit of flexibility depending on who you’re facing but most often you’ve taken Thrawn to spam navs for your Vic’s. I’m an avid fan of Warlord, best Vic title IMO. I’ve dropped H9 and instead fly Warlord with Captain Jonus. You get a bomber that punches far above his weight class by allowing you to convert blank reds to an acc (then to a double hit). The only downside is if you’re flying limited squadrons then a single bomber isn’t going to last long. I love the idea of Dominator but he’s the most expensive title is the entire game. Demolisher is only 10 points! Dropping Dominator frees up 12 pts for better options. Just my $0.02 -PP
  5. Suddenly the sting of losing isn’t so bad now that it’s the world champ that knocked me out. Congrats @NebulonB! Great tournament, great players, and **** good time! Thanks everyone. Already looking forward to next year.
  6. Me and Uncle Palp are tight, so no worries there and everything... everything is better with fries. Looking forward to more of those write ups.
  7. Alright you heathens... https://www.dropbox.com/s/5fhm46uovzu6e9m/PP vs NebB.vlog?dl=0 Vlog for PP vs NebB Enjoy
  8. I have a log file. I’ll post tonight when I get home.
  9. @NebulonB and I are tentatively scheduled for this Sunday 1pm CST (8pm CET). Can 2 crocodiles catch a Raddus fish? Find out Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...
  10. Whoops sorry. 160 vs 84. I believe that’s a 7-4 to me?
  11. @Zamalekite and i finished our brutal match up. Fantastic game with a great opponent. A pleasure to play. I chose first player and picked his precision strike. He out deployed me forcing me to bank warlord across some asteroids drawing de-powered armament turn 2. Perfect! A Warlord with D Caps that can't shoot at long range. Turn 2 also saw the squadron engagement begin in earnest with me launching saber, howl, valen and a generic tie into the mouth of the beast. They succeeded in taking out Corran but lost the generic tie and howl in return. Double tapping Yavaris is no Joke. Turns 2 and 3 proceeded to be a blood bath with a combined 13 squadrons meeting their maker with the small number of survivors hanging on by a thread (except for those VCXs... obscene how much hull they have). Top of turn 4 Warlord finally got its engineering dial repowering the turbo lasers and with the help of Captain Jonus and popping the D-caps proceeded to one shot a transport and ripped yavaris in half Rogue One style. With warlord back in action and only an empty shale of our former glorious fighter/bomber wings the writing was on the wall and @Zamakiel yielded the field. There were some great moments especially when the Rebel squadrons were taking down everything I was throwing at them. I could visualize a stout Captain of the VSD Warlord staring at the battle unfolding. His bridge deafeningly silent as the rebel squadrons reformed their approach with obvious holes from comrades lost to the vanguard. The captain merely whispers "Send in the second wave". Forcing the the survivors to contend with fresh tie fighters. Again, great game and look forward to the next match!
  12. I feel like I could write my own analysis of my match up with Zamalekite... ”We have no idea what he’s doing and if past experience is anything to go by we don’t think he has any idea either. Either way, should be fun to watch.”
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