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  1. Why no Happy Friday!?

    Should we send help?
  2. We who started a computer science major before realizing it was terrible solute you... You’re doing gods work Greenie Pie
  3. Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    So... if Jonus is so vastly superior to Rhymer then why do people keep picking Rhymer over Jonus? I'm with you on Jonus being fantastic. I personally think he's the most under rated Imperial Squadron in the game right now. But I also think Rhymer is still pretty darn good.
  4. Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    From your previous post you wanted to know how many people still took him simply because he had two braces ignoring his ability completely. Thats impossible to know without surveying the list builders, but if he’s worth the points simply because he has 2 braces then I fail to see how he is now “garbage” since he’s getting a an ability on top of the braces. So i’m Still trying to figure out if you think he’s under costed or over costed? Everyone is entitled to not take him for whatever reason they want. I’m simply showing what list builders are building and post nerf Rhymer is more popular than HALF of the squadrons available. So there is still a large segment of armada players that still see utility in him. Why? Well you’ll have to ask them. I’ve already given my opinion. On a relative basis he’s now less popular than Maarek, Mauler, Howl Runner, jendon etc. But if Maarek & Howl Runner are your base line for comparison to determine what’s good and what’s garbage then I’d agree that everything else out there “misses by a mile”. YV-666 misses by a bit more than a mile.
  5. Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    Definitely hard to judge and impossible to determine with exactness. But the volume of lists combined with the actual drop in popularity seems to point to most list builders knowing about the nerf. Number of Imperial lists with squadrons created post nerf was ~18,000. Of those lists roughly 9% of them included Rhymer. If you assume that only people who don't know about the nerf are the only ones building lists with Rhymer then you could infer that as these people learn of the nerf they would stop building lists with the Major. So over time post nerf his popularity would continue to decline. But that's not what the numbers are showing. The charts show a nerf leading to a drop and then he holds constant at 9%. The counter to this is not everyone builds a list to be competitive at worlds... while true even casual gamers like to win and have a tendency to use what they feel will help them win.
  6. Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    I think there's a bit of Major Rhymer is nowhere near the "auto include" that he was before. Ergo, he was nerfed to hard. But the numbers still show that people out there still like him and use him. They actually include him in their list more than half of all the other squadrons out there. I just think now he requires more thought and skill to use. Which I feel is a good thing, but obviously everyone will have different feelings on the matter. I think its an interesting exercise to wonder what peoples opinion of Rhymer, as he is now, would be if they had no prior knowledge of how he was. Impossible to answer, but fun to think about none the less. Edit* Here's an analogy to illustrate my point. If I'd given you $10 you'd generally speaking be pretty happy. But what if I had given you $100 and then changed my mind and pulled that $100 bill out of your hand and replaced it with a $10. Psychologically speaking you'd be more upset about not being able to keep the $100 instead of the reality that you still have $10.
  7. Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    @CaribbeanNinja Definitely a correlation with Rhymer and the Tie Bomber declining in tandem. Not as severe, but definitely still there. Also interesting is the decline of the Tie Advance is very pronounced. I'm figuring out the best way to slice out 34 squadrons on a chart to show everything with out an overload of lines. So more Imperial goodness coming next week! Then I'll switch focus to Rebels.
  8. Potato Wisdom - Was the Rhymer Nerf too harsh?

    To clarify I included Maarek as an example of how other powerful options had began to displace Rhymer before the nerf. So not Maarek in isolation. There were numerous factors but Maarek was a good proxy to illustrate it.
  9. Watching the forums for some time and there has been a question that comes up on a regular basis that I want to weigh in on. That is… “Was Major Rhymer nerfed too hard?” For those of you that want the short answer. No. No he was not. I think he was nerfed just the right amount. Here’s my argument for why. I don’t think it was ever really argued against that Rhymer may have been a touch too strong. There has been endless discourse and debate on how to best utilize and defend against Major Rhymer. In the beginning when constructing a list it was considered good advice that you had to ask of your list how can this combat Demolisher and Major Rhymer? Sadly, sometimes the answer was bringing a Major Rhymer of your very own! Opinions abounded as to how to correct the Rhymer problem and if it even needed correcting. Do you leave him be and introduce other powerful options or do you bring out the “Lucille” and pull a Negan on Major Rhymer? Looking at the popularity of the good Major shows that FFG probably did both. I’ll even give them the benefit of the doubt and say they did it intentionally. Looking at the data shows how popular Rhymer was from the very beginning. The chart shows the percentage of Imperial lists with squadrons that included Major Rhymer over time. Rhymer's popularity has always been strong reaching a high of 45% in mid 2016. But what I found interesting was that he was already on the decline before the nerf bat dropped. Where people just losing interest? From the end of 2015 through October 2016 Rhymer inclusion was range bound around 40% of lists with squadrons. Then Maarek Steele happened. Had a better option arrived? Well maybe not “better” but at least a strong alternative that didn’t require the Major to be successful. The below chart seems to show a pretty strong correlation of Maarek steeleing (see what I did there?) some of Rhymers spot light. Maarek isn’t the only guilty party. Popularity of older squadrons naturally drop with every release of new squadron content, but Maarek was certainly the most pronounced and worth mentioning. Then the Bat fell and brought Rhymer from 25% to ~9% where he has hovered ever since. Now bringing a squadron from 45% all the way down to 9% is overly harsh. FFG has gone too far! At this point I’d like to hold a moment of silence for the red headed step child of the Imperial squadrons… So that may not be the most fair. YV-666 have been awful since their release and the masses only hate them more as time marches on. What about the most popular squadron? Compared to the Tie Fighter the decline of the Major seems pretty bad. As a side note. I believe it’s a huge win for the game that the Tie Fighter has held in as well as it has. Although, It’s pretty clear that FFG has made it a priority with Admiral Sloane and other upgrades/synergies to keep the humble Tie Fighter relevant in an ever evolving meta. I kept the YV-666 on there just so no matter how bad it gets at least its not “that” bad. I found myself wondering if any squadron should be as popular as the generic Tie Fighter? The Tie fighter is dirt cheap, iconic, thematic, and pretty good for its low price when synergized with Sloane etc. But there was even a period of time when Major Rhymer was more popular than the Tie Fighter. So if it should be less popular than the Tie Fighter, but more popular than the YV-666 then whats the right number? In conclusion, I believe this last chart is the most compelling. What has been the median % of popularity across all Imperial Squadrons? It’s ~9%, putting the Major right smack dab in the middle of the pack. Half are more popular while half are less popular. From that perspective it seems like a pretty balanced squadron to me. It’s also worth noting that the Median number comes down naturally with the release of every new wave of squadron options. Naturally, the introduction of more options reduces the popularity of the older squadrons. In the current meta it’s a worthy question to ask why any squadron is well above or well below that median line. Its also a valid point that just because something is popular doesn't mean its in need of scrutiny or the "Lucille" treatment. But I'd argue its a pretty strong indication. As always, feel free to put me on blast as to why I’m wrong. ‘Til next time. Happy Gaming. Party-Potato
  10. More Charts on popular Objectives

    Very rare but they do happen and I tried to weed most of them out. But occasionally someone will edit an old list instead of creating a new one. So in this case 1 list got past me where someone created a list back in 2015 then at a way later date edited it. Bottom line there is some noise in the data. But most of that noise is drowned out by volume.
  11. More Charts on popular Objectives

    And then Rebels... Pretty much the same as the Imperials. Save that Senor Net is growing in popularity in 2018 along with Solar Corona and VIP.
  12. More Charts on popular Objectives

    Here's a look at Imperial only comparing the trend over the years. Interesting to see the dip in Contested Outpost for a year then see it bounce back. Clearly shows that the new objectives really aren't that popular except for Solar Corona, not only that but almost every new objective has declined in popularity comparing 2018 YTD to 2017. Again only Solar Corona and VIP seeing bumps YoY.
  13. Here are some more charts of the various objectives and how popular they are. Easier to look at then what I had previous posted. Source: 130,000 lists pulled from Warlords fleet builder from the end of 2015 through February 2018 I adjusted 2016 to exclude the new objectives so its make a cleaner comparison of 2016 without the new objectives and 2017 with the new objectives. First is the Rebel compared to Empire for the 4 calendar years. Interesting Observations - Pretty even in that rebels and imperials generally like the same objectives with a few exceptions - Imperials really like Contested Outpost and Minefields - Rebels opt for Hyperspace assault and Superior positions with a sprinkling of Precision Strike - Both factions seem to converge through the years with only Contested outpost continuing to be stick out. Does this mesh with what you guys are seeing out in the wild?
  14. Boosting the 'Dictor

    I was also thinking about how to play devils advicate with all the love black dice throwing ships have gotten recently. Would make a Demo or Raddus MC75 think twice before going full ham at an interdictor. It also provides some support for less popular admirals likes Sato.
  15. So what's next: Wave 8

    The issue that most agree with is that the retro fit cost is already built into the base cost of interdictor. So going off of that creates a bit of a development dilemma as its currently the only ship that can take retrofits. So you can use the upgrade as a way of bringing down the cost of the ship by purposely under costing powerful upgrades. The problem emerges when FFG eventually wants to introduce another ship that can take retrofits. Do you purposely over cost the new ship because the upgrades are already too cheap? Bottom line is interdictor needs some love. I’m fine either way FFG wants to fix it either by creating cheap powerful upgrades or releasing new ship cards that brings the base point cost of the interdictor down to make it viable.