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  1. Which maps were played? Elite smuggler for 2 is a steal on some objective based maps
  2. buckero0

    should speeders get breaks?

    I was thinking of some snacks during the break
  3. buckero0

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    They don't even have to release a new box, they could just release blister packs. Unit of 3 ewoks(silly creature cards) = large blister. Unit of 2 Bounty Hunters (4Lom/Zuckuss/Boba Fix) = medium blister, Evil Imperial Base commander with Trooper fix (make snowtroopers, stormtroopers, rebel troopers, etc viable again ala Spectre Cell upgrade if you take X number of 3 group troopers. There's plenty of map tiles to create side missions from and we have tons of forest tiles already to make an Endor map.. then they can upgrade their App campaign and sell more of the same product that way and appease Campaigners and Skirmishers at the same time with minimal effort/expense.
  4. buckero0

    Clone wars topic.

    this looks terribly uncomfortable. Purple dice are for Mace Windu only
  5. buckero0

    Fully Loaded Rebel Troopers

    I'd like to try it. I think I only have 5 Rebel Trooper units painted up though. I would like to try the grenades (i've never taken any grenades ever) I would like to ask why the rotary walker is a necessity? I've completely stopped using mine altogether. They have always underperformed. even with an aim token, I'm lucky to get 1, 1.5 hits. and if I do get 4 hits, my opponent rolls 4 blocks. I've had much more luck with the FD1.4 and barrage generator even though it rolls similar dice, the suppressive keyword is awesome. The range 4 works better for me and I can get uplink for the cost of the rotary with a comms upgrade
  6. buckero0

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    EWOKS are coming. this confirms it. I keep telling our group that we need to dive back into some of these older maps. There were a bunch of Bespin and even JRealm maps that got passed over just because how they rotated things that were good, fun maps.
  7. The death troopers have a black w/surge range 4 rifle. Although they don't get the fancy keywords they can be used as snipers quite well. One box is probably all you'd need
  8. buckero0

    Best to worse units for points optimization

    They won't let me bring my "echo base rain of fire list" which consists of 6 snowspeeders.
  9. buckero0

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    I have to wait a whole nother season before i put my application in. My uncle says he needs help til he can get enough hands to work the farm
  10. buckero0

    My first custom miniature

    This is cool, is there a 360 view somewhere?
  11. I think they were in the Clone Wars series as well at the end on Coruscant when Ahsoka and Asajj were fleeing together in the underworld. This is great. PAlpy's humidifiers for his CPAP machine I'd love to see a cheaper, less armored infantry unit myself.
  12. buckero0

    Legion outpacing X-Wing

    @Tirion I wish I could get a game of Legion as well, X-wing still has a little bit of a grasp. There is no-one that plays FFG games except x wing even though there are a ton of people who own the game Our game store doesn't encourage a lot of game-playing to a certain extent.
  13. buckero0

    The TRUE Rebel Rush

    They keep releasing these super units with tons of resilience and damage output. ~Jyn tenacity Recon ~Wookiees Bowcaster tenacity Recon ~Wookiees Bowcaster tenacity Recon ~Tauntaun tenacity ~Tauntaun tenacity ~Tauntaun tenacity ~Rebel troops x3 Get up and close and stuck turn 1-2 then let your rebel troops sneek in the back and steal the objectives.
  14. mortar launcher? How do you get into range turn 1? The AT-ST is so close though. Having this and the T-47 be 20pts cheaper wasn't going to kill anyone.
  15. buckero0

    Legion outpacing X-Wing

    I wish this was a problem, IA is still the best game FFG puts out despite all its faults and I could never cobble together enough consistent players even though everybody has some. Legion is the same way, Lots of people bought in a t the beginning and then disappeared and haven't been seen since