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  1. I wish they had thought of the point problems before printing cards. I hate the changes in RRG. I think it's sloppy and poorly thought out. I don't like changing points twice a year like they do in X-wing. It's too much for helping new players who are trying to learn to keep up with. I don't have a problem with Iden. I think the Marksman is something they really need to be careful with, or you'll get 5-8 crit attacks coming from her which will kill anything in the game at this point. Especially moving forward with newer units.
  2. Yeah, I'm having a hard time following why you put certain upgrades on and keft certain ones off. HQ uplink is great but us it worth the cost of another heavy weapon or some bodies or something to keep Han alive?
  3. Are the filaments hard to replace or can you get those from Amazon as well?
  4. Looks really good. I can't wait to see them painted up.
  5. Do you take Aayla for the Inspire 2? Are you able to get the commands on the tank? None of their Command cards are generic enough to issue commands to the Tank. (they all specify Troopers) Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but that's why I've never taken the Linked Targeting Array on the clone units yet. I was just thinking you could shave some points that way or get the clone trooper pilot. Sometimes with him and the High Energy bolts and HQ uplink you'll actually want to "borrow" tokens, and Recover to use all your stuff each turn.
  6. I have had some success with the wookiees, but only if I took 2 units with some other threatening beatstick types (ie, tauntauns, Luke, at-rt flamers, etc) something that makes the opponent say "ooh, I gotta kill that XX" and then the wookiees charge into their line and smash them up. Wookiees actually don't do super well in long combats though, they certainly don't want someone who hits back. This was my fear for the list you posted. With Fleet troopers and Wookiees and a big bunch of points in the airspeeder, there's a good chance that you'll spend 2+ turns without firing a decent shot and get pasted at range 4 from your Imperial opponent. The rebels are already behind on activations meaning they'll have to have someone run out in the open at some point without being able to do much damage. That's been my problem with Han since he was released. Sharpshooter and Pierce is awesome, but he may not make it to turn 4 if he rolls bad, which means he only gets to shoot once or twice. It's not worth it for 130ish points.
  7. At least there are 2 viable options. I kept trying to build a super unit as well, but once something gets past 100`ish points, it's got to be on defensive steroids or have multiple wounds and command cards to offset the ease of their demise. I am just loath to have so many kits that you can't use the majority of the figures from. The commando/scout troopers kits still bother me. I'm hoping the newer kits (Clan Wren, ISF, ARC troopers and BX) fight this (and I think they do to a certain point. The strike teams are just too good for their points no matter what though. I think that's why the generic officers don't get taken more. If they were 40pts, someone would consider taking 2 naked, just to boost their activations.
  8. I think everyone underestimates Boba's mobility and for some reason expects Boba to fight better. The only time I saw Boba fight well was in a video game Jedi Academy II i think and he still wasn't that tough to beat. He's supposed to be more sneaky than tough. In the movies, he looks like he's 5'7 with the helmet on and he gets beat by a blind man. His command cards aren't bad, they just don't help the rest of the army, so they dont feel as good and need and upgrade for the Scum Merc faction. Do i wish Boba was 130? Sure. Do i expect it anytime soon? No. If D-10 was 10pts more would you take that upgrade? And would Iden feel more balanced? Yes
  9. Actually, with D10 at range 1, why can't you attack 2 units? Or just make sure a character is dead. Those Clan Wren mandos must be amazing for Iden to be this good. Or, its just thematic. Did you play the game (I didn't), she man-handles several units all through the game without a scratch.
  10. What other options do we have? If I knew that someone was bringing the Emperor and Royal Guards, I'd either want to snipe them from afar (sniper commandos, Cassian and DLT-20 troops, FD cannons) or meet them in a duel with Force users (Luke and tauntauns smash up in the middle of the battle field) The Emperor is super potent (as he should be) but especially when you can dictate the engagement (all of the Rebels appear to have short range weapons)
  11. I guess Luke only trained for a couple of weeks with Yoda, so maybe the requirements aren't that high Not so, nowhere in the post does it mention that its a YA novel. I was just hoping for something more than books for kids out of this "new horizen" Disney was creating. It looks like that maybe all we're getting for a while as they've sworn off movies for a bit.
  12. Jedi knight at 15!?! Disneyfied for sure. Mandalorian and Rogue One made me think we could have some adult-oriented media that my children could enjoy because it didn't treat everything as a commercial for toys, lunch boxes and tennis shoes. I guess i was wrong, or we'll have to share it with the pre-teen crowd
  13. 10-11 always feels right. Republic and Separatists have always benn a little smaller due to limitation of different units. There are extremes on either spectrum though. Ultra competitive folks are going to tell you, that you need 12 and certain units are required ( like 3 sniper units and shoretroopers)
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