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  1. Glad I could rankle some of the elite. My point is right now, the scenarios are all a variation of the same. FFG keeps releasing alternative figures (vehicles, ion gun, creatures, etc) that will never get used according to the internet posters. My position is to change the type of scenarios to favor someone taking something besides max corps and snipers. I frankly don't give 2 shakes about what's competitive, but I would like a balanced game that I don't have to self-balance everytime I actually find someone new to play. You still get to select scenarios and remove scenario cards at the beginning of the game so if there was just one card that favored something besides troopers or gave a boost to vehicles for example, then you could still remove it at the beginning if you didn't want to play that one.
  2. They could just start the game being panicked. That would differentiate them from Stormtroopers. They may look the same, but they don't act the same on the table.
  3. They need to release a new set of objectives where creature and emplacement troopers are the only ones who can claim. And then one where vehicles trump foot soldiers in their claim ability.
  4. Not to mention the fact that as soon as the Core drops, there will be people selling units for $15 from the Core set at every online outlet they can. Same thing happened with the OT core set last time around. Just be patient for a month.
  5. I thought that was Shoretroopers only. Or did they get everything figured out already. That's not really a delay in FFG terms. Usually a delay means 6-8 months when we're talking about FFG.
  6. The whole first movie was a reskin of the original trilogy. If you miniaturize those helmets - they all look the same on a table. I've never looked at a model close enough to see what weapon they are holding. The whole army is (by design) a carbon copy of the Empire. The Resistance is exactly the same as the Rebellion (on purpose) They even have the same characters! Ask anyone who plays x-wing how many millenium falcons they have and besides the cardboard accessories, they are identical except the dish that gets broken off. At some point, FFG will have to slow the breakneck pace that they are releasing stuff for Legion. We're about to see a serious slow down for Original Trilogy figures (like down to 2-3 each faction next year 1 upgrade pack for the troopers and probably another operative and commander. LANDO!) They will focus on Prequel releases all next year to get them caught up. Then Prequel stuff will start to trickle down at which point a 5th faction could be the focus. They can still release stuff every month (if they want) but they don't have to break their backs doing it because it will be Scum this, Merc that, Clown Wars commanders and Upgrade packs, Rancor and Gamorrean Guards, Then Hondo for everyone, etc. They can slow down the amount of work that has to be done because they are just designing one new faction instead of 2 but can still release at the same rate. They'll have 5 fully functioning factions that all have a different feel and theme about them. They can still circle back and pump up interest in the original factions with Commander and other upgrade packs, a new unit here and there, etc. If they release the carbon copy Resistance and First Order, the game is over, man.
  7. The new movies are complete ripoffs of the originals. Resistance is the Rebellion. They offer nothing new as far as the game is concerned, just as the 1st order is the Empire. Thwir aesthetic is even identical. Scum and Mercs offer a different aesthetic and open a whole different playstyle. The game doesn't need two white armored troops in space factions just like it doesn't need another ragtag rebel faction where the only discernable difference is Poe and Rey instead of Luke and Jyn. Shoot, even the characters are the same. Han Leia Chewie Luke. Septagenarian vs youngerish.
  8. 798 I'll raise you Leia - Improvised Orders 100 Rebel Troopers DLT.20 66 x6 Commando Strke team sniper 44 x3 FD1.4 HQ Uplink barrage generator 90 x3 Take out the mortars then pick apart the snipers and shoretroopers and grab objectives. Empire will probably still win due to Red dice trump everything and super access to Aim. I honestly think the targeting scopes help you more than smoke genades.
  9. Hopefully we don't come to that. They still have so much to add from the original trilogy, games and books and now the prequels and the scum and mercenaries faction, that 1st order and rebel clones shouldn't make an appearance for years
  10. Average is close to 2 suppressive tokens. It has it's uses. And it's cheap and is a corps unit. I still think more objective cards are coming out and I'm interested in other types of lists other than trooper spam and sniper spam
  11. I do it all the time. Stormtroopers really benefit from the DLT (best fun in the game for it's cost and commonality) but rebel troopers are sometimes not worth taking the Z6. Sometimes they work better as pure objective grabbers
  12. Theyd work great in a scenario, but i could see sandtroopers working for a Jabba or other Tatooine based Merc faction army. They maybe wouldn't be allowed in every Merc faction, but only with certain Commanders that"unlock" them. Some of the legion sculpts are retooled IA sculpts. This is all done digitally I'm sure so there's no reason not to re-use some of them. Some of the stormtroopers, snowtroopers are. The dewback and Sabine are identical. Chewbacca maybe. I'd have to dig my stuff out to see if others are.
  13. Most of the Comms upgrades are overpriced, or unnecessary on basic corps units. I've really only used HQ uplink and would never on a corps unit bc you want them cheap and usually can keep their token in your pool where you need it anyway. Do we know if the droids will be scenario only or both? I thought there was a pic of 3POs card , he was 15pts and had an an ability that was cool and useful but not broken
  14. I dont know which bases are which. Is the huge base the AtSt one or the atrt? I think the Bantha could be on either but it would look weird or engulf the atrt one. Some of the sculpts in legion look like retooled IA sculpts so i could see a similar thing happening at some point. I love your rules but really want a Merc faction with sand people as an option
  15. That Bantha model needs to be at least twice as big and fit on a giant base.
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