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  1. buckero0

    New vehicles!

    Palp can only make them move and shoot if not exhausted. He's good, but not that good Once the tanks hit the table, i think one hh12 w/ aim is a decent investment. Empire has a lot of impact as it is though, I'm not sure if you couldn't make due.
  2. buckero0

    Lost my darn AT_RT antenna!

    Toothbrush bristle is a perfect idea. Hairbrush bristle may be better even
  3. buckero0

    New army building app

    Which one is this? link?
  4. buckero0

    Lost my darn AT_RT antenna!

    maybe, Why not get a thin paper clip or similar metal pin(sewing pin) and drill and cement that in its place? It would be quicker and more stable. Those plastic parts tend to break off anyway. Do you run comms on your AT-RT that often?
  5. buckero0

    officers incoming

    This is the best card out of the set if you ask me. Its cheaper than Commanding Presence and Long Range Com-link and there are more and more units with the Comms option.
  6. buckero0

    Thoughts on the 1.4 FD Laser Cannon?

    I was just saying that it exists now, before it didn't. When they release the landspeeder it will become an option as well.
  7. buckero0

    Thoughts on the 1.4 FD Laser Cannon?

    New Commanders get command cards that are basically created for the FD1.4 (right now) Inspire 2 for 2 support or Heavy
  8. actually most of the Rebels baddies matriculated into ARMADA without any bumbling. So its really up to the designers.
  9. buckero0

    The “Hondo” operative thread

    I'll vote for the all faction version or multiple cards, one for each faction as long as one of those is a Scum Mercenary faction #need5faction5
  10. Great idea, the plastic model only costs FFG $.06 extra anyway. I don't know how many operatives the game can handle (2 per side at a time) I do feel like Hera should be a commander, and maybe Kanan as well. Sabine is Disney's Golden Child, so she'd be overpowered somehow (free, action-less mine laying) I'd like to see how they put the droids in the game as well. R2, 3P0,CH0P, etc. I really think they should release "Named" units however, so a SPECTRE unit consisting of Sabine, Zeb, Ezra and Kanan and Chopper. They'd have super amount of wounds and armorment, but as you take wounds, you lose certain figures, you also lose certain keywords/abilities like Melee dice, Pierce or if Sabine is removed, then her pistol attack, etc. That's probably too difficult to put into the game or it may be overly imbalanced, but I feel that would be the easiest way to integrate a whole host of characters without releasing individual or duo packs of figures and rules, stats, command cards, etc. The Inquisitors could be a similar type of release. 3 Inquisitors with buff number of wounds, Hard-core Melee stats and helicopter saber throw, but as you lose figures, they lose attacks, or something.
  11. buckero0

    Easiest faction?

    I hope the cards coming with the next couple of releases have some difference makers
  12. buckero0

    Easiest faction?

    I think the biggest problem with this game to this point, is that opponents are limited. I see the same list pretty much everyone I play until something new comes out. then I see that collection of models. Frankly, I think some of this will calm down once they slow down releasing stuff and the Clone Wars stuff. The last 5 Imperial lists I've faced have 2 scout strike teams, Palp, Royal Guard, and 3 min DLTstormtroopers. Then there speeder bikes and snowtroopers mixed in. Maybe this is the Meta, I don't know. The other lists I've see are the ones posted on this forum, and all of those have pretty much been the same as each other since the game was released, the only difference was which release you shoe-horned in that month.
  13. buckero0

    Easiest faction?

  14. buckero0

    New vehicles!

    Crew could also add a wound to the vehicle, which would make it much more appealing to take. Really we'll have to wait and see. Exhaust on the crew makes sense in my head as a way the developers would balance things without the cost being 40pts or whatever. If it's 23 then you'll add it, if its more expensive we'll see. If it has no exhaust, then you'll definately take it with your ion gun to get the maximum effect of Arsenal 3 and Impact 3 +ion. It does have 360 which the other mounted hardpoint does not have.
  15. buckero0

    Easiest faction?

    Royal Guards are really good anywhere at range 2. They are also good in groups of 2+ units because of the Guardian flipping wounds here and there and Emergency Stims. 2 Scout Strike teams do not break the bank in specials. A lot of my opponents (and I'd do the same if I got to play Imperials more) take the token DLT units (4 stormtroops +dlt) leaving them plenty of room for Palps and royal guards. The mere fact that (on this board in the army building section) there are multiple players interested in 4 Royal Guard units in a list makes this a reality, although perhaps not optimal. Any Red/Blue player worth their salt is going to select or remove Corps only required objectives, leaving the Royal Guard, just as useful in majority of the mission objectives as any other trooper. Play palp. If he can get into range 2 of 3-4 units/commanders he will erase them from the board with his Now You Die... Every game I've played against him is a race to see if you can get enough wounds on him or his Entourage to slow him down. Palp literally eats Luke for breakfast in Melee or at range 2 assuming you can get Luke in range to charge anyway. The fact that Imperials have the option (soon with multiple commanders ) and the Rebels do not is a benefit whether you use it or not. More variety wins. Point values are bleh. I'd much rather have the DLT over the Rotary for a measly 7 more points. There is so much sharpshooter, that Cover does very little and white dice are white dice as far as defense goes. Small elite units that take the full force of an army to remove, meanwhile they get better wound,defense, offense, and if you're shooting them, then you're not shooting Palps. The wookiees are every bit worse than the royal guard and I can't fit them into a list without removing a vital cog in the rebel army. Royal Guards and Scout Strike teams are good together, is all I'm saying. Death Troopers, it remains to be seen, they do appear to be Jack-of-all-trades and their price point is pretty high compared to the stormtrooper. Weapons add-ons will determine it.