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  1. Although they wouldn't do it for a family friendly game, I could totally see it being Jessica Jones (sober) and Jessica Jones (not sober).
  2. Yeah, just caught up with the other thread and realized that the heroes are all probably in their alter egos for the silhouettes.
  3. Check https://www.facebook.com/groups/1861029640877596/ They have a store tournament at Court of Gamers this Sunday.
  4. Especially with Marvel, there is a history of doing alternative versions of heroes due to the old What If?! comics. Some of those get just introduced as alt covers (Gwenpool, Spider Gwen) and end up popular enough that it motivates Marvel to make the effort to flesh them out into entirely new characters. In other cases, alter egos are given a rest for various reasons (Bruce Banner, Hank Pym) and they want to keep the hero "brand" going so they introduce a new version of that character with a different man behind the mask (Amadeus Cho, Scott Lang).
  5. Honestly, if they were to come out with a Kate Bishop and Clint Barton Hawkeye decks on the same day, but I only had cash for one, I'd totally get Kate's. I love Clint (especially after the Fraction/Aja run), but Kate has been my preferred Hawkeye for a while now. For me the ideal would be a deluxe pack with both of them and Lucky as an ally that they keep trading off between them.
  6. Spectrum (Monica Rambeau) would be pretty awesome, especially if they were to pull some cards out of Nextwave....
  7. I think some of the anti-hero characters might work as both nemesis and heroes...Punisher, Magneto, Elektra, and Venom could all sit on either side of the playmat so to speak.
  8. I kinda hope they do "Marvel Team-Up" decks with two related heroes that work fine on their own, but have some cards that work better if they are played together. Heroes for Hire (Power Man / Iron Fist) or Hawkeye (Clint Barton / Kate Bishop) would be good starters, but could also do an alternate Spider-Man deck with Deadpool (so many jokes).
  9. Looks like we might be getting this soon...in the last three days it jumped from "In Development" to "On the Boat" to "Shipping Now".
  10. That actually isn't much of a change from the current support package - it just makes the default weekly leagues instead of monthly conflict tournaments and streamlines the contents to only cards (which they print in-house and don't have to deal with outsourcing which should definitely help keep them on schedule). I'm assuming that the "Premium" support packages will be the stuff that would be included for the quarterly Stronghold Tournament (like the Harness the Elements or Rise of the Mantis) with the playmats, wooden cards, honor tokens, etc.
  11. The space to the side isn't a problem to me, although I wish that the insert was slightly shorter (with FFG sleeves, the cards are so tightly crammed in the space left that you pretty much have to take them all out to get any out). And while I agree with the tabbed dividers, I think the bigger thing for me would be plasticard dividers...those thin cardstock ones will end up bent or torn.
  12. It won't be a ton more cards...at most Phoenix will have 18 more cards available for their decks (maybe less if they give other great clans more than one character each in the pack). Alternatively, you might also see more folks splashing new Phoenix cards into their other clans decks (I'd strongly consider it, especially with the new spells).
  13. I'm guessing no earlier than late January, but before the end of Feburary...the Kotei page has Meditations on the Ephemeral as being the most recent pack for the Kotei in Ireland in late Jan, but TBA for the next Kotei in early March.
  14. As mentioned in other threads, FFG hasn't posted the tournament rules for L5R yet, however, the language for both Netrunner and Game of Thrones tournament rules is worded very specifically that DECKS must be sleeved. Considering that Strongholds, Provinces, and Role are not part of decks, it stands to reason that no special sleeving requirements will be necessary for those cards (especially as "marking" those cards would provide no benefit to the player).
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