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  1. Yet, in 2.0 I5 aces have been completely dominating the Ace meta for a long time, and only now starting to see some change due to I6 Anakin, and right now choosing the I3 Seperatist Vulture over the I1 Tradefederation Drone is the very difference between a successful Alpha against drea swarms and the like. What you are describing is SO FAR from 2.0 meta, that my only question is what rock did you crawl out from under?
  2. Stop this crap Brown-turd! You are regularly starting anti-2.0 and pro-1.0 threads. GET OVER IT! 1.0 is dead it is not coming back, 2.0 is here and it is glorious, if you dont like it - GET OUT FELICIA!!!!!
  3. Bad Design! Bad Bo.. well, ahem you heard it, hahaha! Well, it will NOT be a straight-up config for the B-wing, cause that config aint comming. Hera has a different ability on the VCX, anyway, no need for her pilot ability to be same on A and B-wing.
  4. Bad design! Bad boy! Just BAD!!!
  5. Not a fan of the proposed pilots. Big fan of an I5 Hera in a red experimental B-wing though, so I think her ability should be something related to that mega-gun that B-wing had. Perhaps copy the Linked Battery (from the Upsilon): "While you perform a <cannon> attack, roll 1 additional die." 4 dice Ion cannon? 5 dice HLC in bulls-eye? Interesting, powerfull, but not too powerfull, so she can be reasonably priced. We might also start to se a B-wing with cannons
  6. With that username, that figures.
  7. Fat Han(m), and beef, I am starting to get hungry for some bacon.
  8. Now I want to adjust the earth's axial tilt.. just a little Come on, now you all want it to!! What if we schedule a combined jump all of us on the northern hemisphere, at the right time? bah forget it, not enough x-wing players I reckon.. hmm, but perhaps it would be enough if we could persuade Darth Meanies mom to jump, or just push her out of bed at night - that'l do it.
  9. The ability to regenerate shields is amazing, but the use of two actions is a major downside. I have been experimenting a little, and always using the first turn before engagement to "charge up" Gonk, ready for use, is the best strategy, but I have so far never been able to get more than 1-2 real use out of Gonk. Therefore I thing it makes a lot of sense if cost should be similar to the price of a shield upgrade, and should scale according agility, perhaps a small discount for taking up that important crew-slot. Agility Cost 0 2-3 1 3-4 2 5-6 3 7-8 I think my main "beef" with Gonk is the non uniqueness and/or no limit on the maximum # of uses, which I am afraid opens up for serious abuse if priced competatively.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to answer. 1) What I meant by giving the defender "something to do" was not from a game-theory perspective, but more from a game-playing perspective, i.e. It is more fun when both players are "equally" engaged in the combat, and not just on the recieving end of (my) red (hot) dice. Not being a statistician I am not really sure what the difference of say, and these are purely thought-examples (forget green dice are weakee that red): a) Attacker throws 2 red dice. b) Attacker throws 3 red dice and 1 green dice. c) Attacker throws 3 red dice and defender throws 1 green dice. I suspect, variance is higher in b)+c) 2) The "agency"/tokens you speak of in Armada (not being familiar with Armada) sounds a bit like the "evade" token in x-wing, so we have that? 3) Green dice adds to the experince of dogfighting eg small fighters dodging attacks with many green dice, versus larger ships not being able to dodge as easily - this is an important part of the game. Green dice should stay!!! To me it sounds a bit like you dislike the the randomness from dice?
  11. I REALLY like the way 2.0 have changed things for the better; and the game is near perfect - they should just have taken it ome step further. All abilities should be at the spending of a cost, such as a charge or force (with some reocurring) and linked to the "effectsize". E.g. as Lone Wolf requires the spending of the charge, so should Republic Pilot Han Solos ability, Juke should spend the evade. Leia should spend 1-2 charges per ship that reduces its difficulty. Green dice are great fun, it adds to the fell of the defender being able to "do" something, this is an important fun core mechanic that should NEVER go. No extra complication of having different types of attack dice is needed, againt keep it simple, fast and fun.
  12. I could get behind both this and the OPs idea.
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