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  1. I love going to x-wing tournaments! Don’t get me wrong a casual night is a lot of fun, but the sheer excitement of going to a grand tournament is just so much fun. Standing in a hall of 100+ passionate pilots together with your mates from your FLGS all in matching shirts is amazing. I also love the official prices (the FFG swag) these tournaments allow you to compete for. It is a great trophy to bring a some of these badboys home to show off to your mates. But then there is the fan made swag..... When you get paired op with your opponent, I usually say hi with a big smile, we exchange lists and then I usually proceed to chit-chat with my opponent, asking where he (and in the rare case she) is from, and we lay out some ground rules (cocked dice, dice that have rolled of the board etc.). But then, and perhaps it is because I am being very friendly, my opponent will offer me some homemade or fan made swag. This happens a lot, and I think it is an increasing trend. I know it is a curtesy - but NO, I don’t want your homemade ugly target-lock you made yourself out of wood burned with a laser engraver, who in their right mind thinks this is pretty?!? F*ck no, and it is even worse when it is a token where they have burnt in their team name. Oh how original. Why would I like to play with a token with the name of another team!! – this has not been thought through, idiots! I even once had an opponent who keept pushing me to use these during the match, which I respectfully declined, I need to know which were my tokens, no distractions please. Now sometimes it is a fan made pilot card or upgrade, and sometimes even very well made and sometimes very funny. Once got a card featuring “TA-175” with the picture of a Mexican Pinata, which was funny. Now I don’t play Seperatists so I have no use for it. I don’t want to appear rude or offensive to my opponent at a turnament, so I have just taken these, said “thank you”, sometimes even complemented them (100% fake), and when I got home….they go straight to the bin. Should I start to say “No thanks”?
  2. RedHotDice


    You can add Moff Jerjerod (crew) to that list. Interestingly The Red Baron also limits the reposition options for these ships as they do not want to move into his bullseye - ah the mind games - this is mechanic is great
  3. Yet, in 2.0 I5 aces have been completely dominating the Ace meta for a long time, and only now starting to see some change due to I6 Anakin, and right now choosing the I3 Seperatist Vulture over the I1 Tradefederation Drone is the very difference between a successful Alpha against drea swarms and the like. What you are describing is SO FAR from 2.0 meta, that my only question is what rock did you crawl out from under?
  4. Stop this crap Brown-turd! You are regularly starting anti-2.0 and pro-1.0 threads. GET OVER IT! 1.0 is dead it is not coming back, 2.0 is here and it is glorious, if you dont like it - GET OUT FELICIA!!!!!
  5. Bad Design! Bad Bo.. well, ahem you heard it, hahaha! Well, it will NOT be a straight-up config for the B-wing, cause that config aint comming. Hera has a different ability on the VCX, anyway, no need for her pilot ability to be same on A and B-wing.
  6. Not a fan of the proposed pilots. Big fan of an I5 Hera in a red experimental B-wing though, so I think her ability should be something related to that mega-gun that B-wing had. Perhaps copy the Linked Battery (from the Upsilon): "While you perform a <cannon> attack, roll 1 additional die." 4 dice Ion cannon? 5 dice HLC in bulls-eye? Interesting, powerfull, but not too powerfull, so she can be reasonably priced. We might also start to se a B-wing with cannons
  7. With that username, that figures.
  8. Fat Han(m), and beef, I am starting to get hungry for some bacon.
  9. Now I want to adjust the earth's axial tilt.. just a little Come on, now you all want it to!! What if we schedule a combined jump all of us on the northern hemisphere, at the right time? bah forget it, not enough x-wing players I reckon.. hmm, but perhaps it would be enough if we could persuade Darth Meanies mom to jump, or just push her out of bed at night - that'l do it.
  10. The ability to regenerate shields is amazing, but the use of two actions is a major downside. I have been experimenting a little, and always using the first turn before engagement to "charge up" Gonk, ready for use, is the best strategy, but I have so far never been able to get more than 1-2 real use out of Gonk. Therefore I thing it makes a lot of sense if cost should be similar to the price of a shield upgrade, and should scale according agility, perhaps a small discount for taking up that important crew-slot. Agility Cost 0 2-3 1 3-4 2 5-6 3 7-8 I think my main "beef" with Gonk is the non uniqueness and/or no limit on the maximum # of uses, which I am afraid opens up for serious abuse if priced competatively.
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