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  1. You all think so 1.0..... This is how we solve this without eratas etc.: 1. Lower the cost of all Upsilons by 1-2 points, even Dormits. The Upsilon(s) have a mssive blindspot they cannot be expensive - this needs to happen. And then with the power of 2.0, we: 2. Make the cost of Hyperspace Tracking dependent on the number of Upsilons in the list and if Dormits is in the list.
  2. RedHotDice

    Republic Upgrades Article

    Jumpmaster (Singular, as only one mat field it)
  3. RedHotDice

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    I did not hear them say Epic ships were going to be available at launch? Where is your source for this? And did you honestly think it would? Or are you just trolling?
  4. RedHotDice

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    Thank you!
  5. RedHotDice

    I agree with every point/slot change except for Proton Torpedoes

    Nah torps/missiles should not scale with initiative, allthough high init have the advantage for alpha-strike, low init have the numbers to survive and perform a beta-strike. E.g. like the attani -uboats of v1. Large price different between high init and low init would help to enforce this.
  6. RedHotDice

    Gunboats; Hottest secondary sale ship right now

    Widearc + control, with five ion cannons the enemy list will be showered in ion tokens, and once caught, be trapped until it simply flyes of the board.
  7. RedHotDice

    Gunboats; Hottest secondary sale ship right now

    You stand amidst my achievement: 5(!) * Nu squadron pilot+Ion cannon+Xg1 assault+advanced slam (40pt) 200pt (You may fire when disarmed=After slam) https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v5!s!164:-1,-1,-1,104,144:U.11;164:-1,-1,-1,104,144:U.11;164:-1,-1,-1,104,144:U.11;164:-1,-1,-1,104,144:U.11;164:-1,-1,-1,104,144:U.11&sn=Fire when disarmed&obs= You will walk the enemy list of the table from first engagement.
  8. RedHotDice

    YASB 2.0 is updated already

    Kudos @raithos
  9. Thats the wrong kind of different, to which you kind of agree.
  10. I like that the tech slot is Res and FO only, makes them different.
  11. RedHotDice

    Will Vulture swarms be the new meta swarm list?

    Yes, their abilities togeher with trechery makes for an effetive meat shield, but pure vulture swarm is weak, unless there are points for missiles.
  12. RedHotDice

    Will Vulture swarms be the new meta swarm list?

    Possibly not, but they should (be priced lower). A single calculate token is roughly half a good as a focus, remember most of the present droid ships have Advanced Droid Brain giving two. Thus 8 vultures will equivalently only be able to take "4 focus" in total, which is significantly worse action economy for the swarm as a whole compared to a TIE Academy swarm. Sharing is great but it will eat up the calculate tokens, and leave none for attack, and a two dice unmodded attack will hardly make a scratch even in 2.0 - they need to be cheaper, to field weapons and upgrades, or they are DOA.
  13. RedHotDice


    I think it would - target locks can also be used for regular attacks - would allow you to build up action-economy. Unless, there is an added rule that target locks are removed in the end-phase if they are beyond range 3 at that time - which would kind of make sense, as in "real-life" you can loose a target lock, but not in x-wing (unless you spend it).
  14. RedHotDice


    Ugh.. hard to read the way it is formatted - but also seems uneccessary complex, the same can be done as follows: Missiles: roll 3-5 red dices (defender rolls green) to hit, and if hit deal 1 or 2 damage - depending on missile type. Torpedos: roll 2-3 red dices for hit (defender rolls green), and if hit deal that damage + 1 to 3 additional damage - depending on torpedo type. But this is more a flavour - it still does not deal with the core target-lock issue. Which is interesting as it adds the whole alpha versus beta strike..
  15. RedHotDice


    Yes! Would you care to enligten us?