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  1. Innese

    ST-312 coordinate shenanegins

    This works.
  2. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/8c/0c/8c0ca2ee-afd2-41af-bf64-fab15bcf1cb9/x-wing_tournament_regulations_20_v2.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1FeEGZYVySAFYnP6BMKKQ8ncY8T4CnXzezFolnDvmGQtox80WePi4uRL0
  3. Fun Fact: The only rules documents called out in the official Tournament Regulations is the most-recent version of the Rules Reference. No mention of the forum posts.
  4. Innese

    Damage deck question

    Seperately; you resolve them as soon as they’re revealed & condition is met.
  5. Just some food for thought: 1. In 1.0 there is specifically a rule that prevents attacks at range 0. 2. When 2.0 launched there was no such rule. Instead, we had a rule stating primary weapons are 1-3, and secondary weapons depended on the card. 3. There is mention of an ommision in the rules clarrification of a different question. I don’t think this ‘ommision’ was a blanket statement preventing attacks at range 0. Why would that not have been carried over from 1.0? Why include the rules defining specifically how ranges in 2.0 work? My feeling is that this ‘omission’ was a specific rule regarding ships in contact (but arcs at r1-x) counting as range 0 for the purpose of measuring range, and, in a haste to get an answer out, the response was worded poorly. Just my two cents. Fly safe o7
  6. When you’re first learning any miniatures game, longer games are to be expected because, as you said, you’re needing to check the rules. The actual standard for games though is 75 minutes, 200 points each, 3ft x 3ft mat.
  7. Innese

    Swarm tactics question

    First thing that comes to mind is a pilot ability/upgrade that generates a token on defence. Second is wanting to see if you need to spend a token on defence first rather than on attack. Either way its an edge case thing.
  8. Innese

    The new lock system

    Just using my old wooden lock tokens still.
  9. Innese

    Device Drop Limits per Ship per Round

    Page 23 of the rules reference. Q: Is Han Solo's additional attack a bonus attack. A: Yes. Anything that permits an attack outside of the standard attack allowed to a ship when it engages is a bonus attack.
  10. Innese

    Kyle and Jyn

    Good news! Even Kyle doesn’t use the bold text for Transfer, so none of it works. Pack it up back to 1.0! /s
  11. Innese

    Who else hasn't played 2.0 yet??

    I’ve only gotten to play 10 games so far across 3 tournaments (4, 3, and 3 rounds) and not a single casual/practice game. Used a different list at each tournament (Hwk Hwk Y-wing Y-wing, Hwk YT-2400, Y-wing Arc K-wing respectively) and won every game up until the final round of each event (The only time I moved tables at each event) putting me at 7-3.
  12. Innese

    TIE x1 ATC

    There is no mention of FCS anywhere in this post until your own.
  13. Innese

    TIE x1 ATC

    Except this doesn’t apply because Adv Targeting Computer doesn’t reroll dice, it just lets you roll 1 additional dice.
  14. Innese

    Ghost question

    Rules limit you to 1 bonus attack per round