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  1. They were delayed, current speculation is around the In-flight Report on July 29th
  2. Why would there be any errata on this? It functions just the same as if docked to any other VCX with Ghost/Phantom
  3. None of the VCX have a native rear-gun, meaning they cannot take Veteran Tail Gunner
  4. No, his ability requires them to gain the stress when they're in front of him.
  5. Rhymer and those “Other Abilities” were in at the start of 2.0. The rule in question wasn’t; the only related rule was simply stating that Primary Weapons are range 1-3. The rule constantly being referenced in this thread was added later to clarify a specific situation and Rhymer got caught in the crossfire.
  6. Attack: If this attack hits, all / results inflict tractor tokens instead of damage. Tractor Beam Attack: If this attack hits, all [HIT]/[CRIT] results inflict tractor tokens instead of damage. Tractor Beam applies Tractor Tokens, not the Tractored "state". If, after the Neutralize Results step there are any remaining Hit/Crit results, each one of those applies a single token to the target. As for the Tractored state, that is based on base size! If a small ship gets 1 token, its Tractored, a medium needs 2, large needs 3. If a Tractor Beam only puts 2 tokens on a Large, it doesn't "Fail", there are just 2 tokens that, unless a 3rd is applied that round, do nothing.
  7. Stealth Device is “active” as long as it has its own charge. It loses that charge when the ship it is on suffers damage (either via losing a shield or being dealt a damage card.) Once the charge is gone, even if the ship is able to get back to full health, Stealth Device is still inactive.
  8. No, Primary is still only what is printed on the pilot-card (Or on the Moldy Crow title)
  9. This is all correct, just remember that no matter how many Reinforce you have, they reduce to a minimum of 1. Also yes the “Tractored” state only reduces Green by 1
  10. They actually cancelled the 2.0 Raider release as well due to, according to FFG, an over abundance of 1.0 stock. Both the Raider, along with Saw's & the Reaper have had their 2.0 releases cancelled for several months.
  11. The 1.0 Expansions for the Reaper & Saw’s already came with their 2.0 components.
  12. The 2.0 rereleases of Saws and the Reaper were cancelled
  13. None of the 1.0 cardboard needs to be kept unless you want to keep some extra tokens around Edit: I forgot about bombs/mines, obstacles, rigged cargo chute
  14. Spending 1 charge lets her reroll dice equal to the number of friendly ships at 0-1
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