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  1. Innese

    2e Focus and Calculate

    Once you use a Calculate token it goes away. You don’t keep it.
  2. Innese

    Jam token, ISB Splicer, and PTL

    The other people were correct.
  3. Innese

    Revelations from Thrawn #6

    Alright, so now that we have the Daedelus in Star Wars, we can ask a very important question: F-302 vs X-wing, who wins? F-302 vs TIE Fighter?
  4. Innese

    The 2.0 rule book.

    Escalation mode!
  5. A Scum HWK-290 expansion? Who told you what I dream about!?
  6. Innese

    Vizier and Ailerons

    "After a friendly ship executes a 1-speed maneuver, if it is at Range 1 and did not overlap a ship, you may assign 1 of your focus or evade tokens to it." 'Your' is referring to Vizier himself. Its not just assigning a focus or evade token out of nowhere, its Vizier's ability allowing him to pass a token he already has to a friend a friendly ship that triggers his ability.
  7. Innese

    2018 Store Championships

    That was a fun day, too bad my dice were completely ice cold and some family junk had me dropping after only round 2
  8. Innese

    Happy Friday

    Scum! Torkil & Greedo looks like a lot of fun... Honestly if the HWK keeps a crew slot and picks up a gunner slot, expect me to be running Torkil w/ Greedo and Palob with 0-0-0 & BT-1. Edit: How could I have forgotten Sunny Bounder & Quinn Jast! Quinn doing something silly like recharging a Stealth Device sounds fun.
  9. Innese

    Scum and Villainy Unboxing

    Torkil is still range restriced at 1-3. FFG has said that any ability without a range listing is 1-3. Its better than his current 1-2, but its not limitless.
  10. Innese

    Tournaments. New expansions only?

    FFG has said that there will be special events around release using only ships that have a dedicated 2.0 release, but this is not a new format for tournaments going forward.
  11. Innese

    2.0 Reinforce and Evade Timing

    Reinforce in 2.0 is after all dice modification, so anything like Evades would have already needed to have been used.
  12. Innese

    Scum and Villainy Unboxing

    I haven't yet seen any way to recover an energy, but a Gonk droid in the crew slot means that Tel can build her shields back up after escaping, at the very least. Edit: Or one of the generic Astromechs to recover a little bit of hull.
  13. Innese

    Can droids fire focus missiles?

    Unless there is a 2e rule that allows for it, I'd say nope!
  14. Innese

    Scum and Villainy Unboxing

    Sunny Bounder & Quinn Jast both survived the move to 2.0. I am happy.
  15. Innese

    What Was The Most Broken Thing In 1.0?

    Veteran Instincts