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  1. Rules Ref Page 10, Engagement Phase: Each ship engages only once during this phase. (Corran says nothing about engaging, just that he can attack at I0)
  2. If its the same model (It is) then you’re fine
  3. To be fair, I love the idea of Bossk docking with Moralo and getting up to some flanking shenanigans
  4. No, it requires a SLAM action.
  5. Future proofing rather than needing to stick it in a future pack I guess?
  6. Something that ties into cannons perhaps? 1 less green to perform a bonus attack with an equipped cannon?
  7. The content list on the product page only says 2 copies, so 0:0
  8. Bossk was confirmed as being the Z95 pilot in the card pack in addition to being in the updated Hound’s Tooth, leaving the JM5k & M3A as unknown. Edit: They’re listed on the product pages! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/products/hotshots-and-aces-reinforcements-pack/
  9. All we know is Q3; there is a chance it will be available for early sale at GenCon this week(end).
  10. The order does matter, as the rest of the threat has stated. You can drop then decloak but can’t decloak then drop.
  11. Before the latest points change I was running 3 alongside 2 Vultures. Impervium put in a lot of work and Seer let them punch a lot of damage in against 3-green ships.
  12. Its like chemistry. Its okay to pour A into B but never pour B into A.
  13. If you’ve decloaked you can’t drop a device, but if you’ve dropped a device you can still decloak; its all a matter of timing.
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