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  1. So, I was experimenting with a horror game and I did something very similar to your sanity checks. Only in my games we had a system to critical hits that worked off a horror table. Fail with enough threat or despair and you would have to roll on the table. Just like with Crits, low rolls were temporary penalties while higher rolls could cause permanent/semi-permanent issues. Also like crits, they built up over time and if the player ever rolled over 150 they lost their character to insanity. Of course monsters and things also had more fear based attacks and talents similar to the Lethal talent making horror roles more dangerous, etc. I figured since I was going to steal some of your ideas, you might want to hear about mine. Thanks for the great work.
  2. Maybe it is. There is a concept called design space. How many different melee combatants can you build 2? 12? 50? At some point you run out of ways to differentiate the classes from each other and they effectively become exactly what you hate, a reprint. My point is that anyone can create 4-5 unique classes, but creating 100 is a very different story. Something that other companies don't even try to do because its too **** hard. You're staring to sound like a spoiled child. For this reason, I think we are done with this conversation.
  3. As someone who is in marketing I can tell you that you don't know what you are talking about. There are many many marketing strategies that work by giving away material that is feature light or lower quality in an attempt to build hype around selling higher quality version of the product. Authors give away novellas, singers give away singles or put their songs on a site like youtube. There have even been documented cases of companies intentionally leaking content in order to raise hype. I know you're upset but you are very much crossing into topics that you clearly know nothing about.
  4. True but the developers at FFG talked about that in an order 66 podcast and how it was the first time they were "allowed" to do it. It's not like they could make one up willy nilly.
  5. You know, I might respect your outrage more if FFG came out with one book a year like D&D. If that were the case I feel like you've be very justified saying "You've repeated stuff and your editorial team is bad". But that just isn't the case. With then averaging a book every 5-6 weeks, why do you care if the Lanniks are different? Just skip that book. What does it matter? You still have 70+ species to play with. Ohh no, they reprinted heavies in FiB. That's fine, I'll just have to make do with the 95+ other specialties.
  6. See, I disagree on several of your points. "lack of imagination"?? As of today they have 96 different specializations across the 3 lines. D&D has 40ish if you are generous and count their archetypes, Pathfinder has 23, Shadowrun even less. That means that even if they stopped printing books at the Engineer splat books they will still have 100 classes. What about what most games would call races. SWRPG currently has 74 species across all 3 lines. Currently D&D has like 27, if you include sub-races. Let's not even get into equipment, weapons and armor. At a glance, my current spreadsheet has 300+ weapons alone. You are doing the developers a disservice to criticize their lack of intelligence considering they have twice the content of most other big RPGs. Second, and this is much more a matter of opinion, but I think the last few books have been well above the average for FFG in terms of quality of their content design. Did they have some typos, yes, they did but failures by the editorial team is not the same as being a bad book.
  7. I totally agree. I've been roleplaying for 20ish years now. In that time I have been in groups with roleplayers from all walks of life. While I've seen people playing with photocopied sections of rules, I have never once known somebody who loved a game and yet was perfectly happy playing with photocopies indefinitely. FFG understands this and is playing for the long game. Spoiler threads are like tossing bait in the water. Sure you may waste a little bait at first, but that's more than made up for by the attention it draws. Spoiler threads get people talking about what they've seen and that talk is what sells books. It's the same reason why they release official spoilers to all the books prior to launch. It's not like this is some darknet forum. If FFG didn't want a thread spoiling things they could and would just delete the post or close the thread.
  8. @JawaJedi Concerning Reprinted Content: The simple fact is that you can't make all of the people happy all of the time. Just last month someone was raging about content getting released in EotE when they only play AoR. Personally, I think FFG does an excellent job of minimizing reprints across their three lines without completely ignoring the people who only play one line. Honestly, given their absolutely crazy release schedule FFG maintains, I feel like their content has been maintaining a surprisingly high quality. Compare the last year of release to something like D&D 3.5 during their book a month phase the the difference is dramatic. I suppose they could up their quality by making their books more expensive and less frequent, but personally, I'd rather deal with the current release schedule and a few minor typos/reprints. On a personal note, I recognize that Jawajedi is likely just being a troll, what with all his bold, caps and strings of !?!. Sometimes though, it's worth tossing out a little troll feed just in case a reasonable person exists deep down.
  9. Is anyone else worried that they specifically called out Space Opera as a setting you can play in? I'm not going to start screaming the sky is falling or anything, but building a product that directly competes with this product might be a sign that they have begun planning to wrap up SWRPG. Which, in all honestly, I would be okay with. SWRPG already has more content than most other systems that have been around twice as long and at the moment content quality has remained high. They still have about a year of splatbooks and supplements that would be needed to properly get things buttoned up of course. After that, I would so much rather them end it with a well thought out plan than do what D&D 3.5 did and drag it out for 2 more years producing imbalanced crap. I could be way off here. After all, there are lots of non-SW space operas that have huge fan followings. I just figured it was worth mention. As a more on topic comment. I am super pumped about this release. Narrative Dice are by far my favorite RPing system but as much as I love SW, sometimes I still get that fantasy itch. Of course there was always Warhammer Fantasy, but it always felt more like a board game than a true roleplaying experience. After reading through dozens of different player made adaptions of the narrative dice system, I couldn't be happier that they are making a setting agnostic system. HYPE!
  10. Are you sure it deducted it for the talent. A while back there was a bug which reset your bonus xp from obligation/duty/morality the first time a GM grant was awarded. This could be what happened.
  11. True, but if you are running 2-3 players with no NPC's the players should really be coordinating their character builds or the GM should be modifying the types of encounters you have. If 3 players coordinate its possible for everyone to have a 4 and for most skills to be covered by a 3. This is just my opinion, but I feel that having a few better pools is better than having a lot of bad ones for small groups.
  12. Starting with a 4 is a bit of advice I give all my new players. Most players want to feel heroic and starting with nothing higher than a 3 will significantly stifle that. Start with a 4, 100%.
  13. Lots of reasons come to mind, but for me its all about finding the skills/talents that best fit my character concept. If you want to play a droid detective type, what options do you have? Sure, there are a couple that will get you close (skiptracer) but none feel quite so detective-y as Investigator. Sure, this is going to hurt if the campaign is going to be a long one but I wouldn't let that keep me from picking the specialization that matched my concept.
  14. My biggest problem with Stimpacks are cost and rarity. In most of my games I just say an attack on Thyferra or Bespin has resulted in a significantly diminished supply for the civilian market. That lets me increase the price, add low quality/dangerous knockoffs, make them unavailable in certain areas, etc. without seeming like I'm houserule balancing things.
  15. Maybe just two putt it like you've done with some of the previous books. The main stuff, species, specializations and equipment are all pretty standard. My guess is that the Ebb/Flow power will be an interesting UI challenge if you try to display it's impact on skills but I wouldn't think you'd want to.