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  1. BTW what are all the ways to boost BS? RED-DOT LASER SIGHT +10 for single shoots CUSTOM GRIP +5 what else?
  2. I'm unsure if puppet master allows to perceive the world through the victims senses. A strict reading might suggest I need still have the poor guy in line of sight to be able to control him. Do you have any quotes to support the "possession" aspect of that power? If so, it might be far more valuable then I thought, making infiltration of enemy headquarters a piece of cake. on a second thought, maybe a pictrecorder (sending the video signal wireless to my data slate) would help in that situation.
  3. thanks Magus Black, your help is very valueable. My character looks preaty solid now PR5 is just fine. Gates of Infinity I have a bit of a problem with the once per 12h usage. That is a bit annoying Invisibility is there an update for that power? in my book it states : "The psyker nominates a single target within range and line of sight, this could be the psyker himself. " what do you think about the Puppet Master power? Looks interesting, first of all, the utility out of it seems great. For combat, I'm unsure about the 15 (3x PR5 wounds limit, is this a big number for OW? does the minor manifestation of TELEKINESIS allow me to put explosives under the feet of my enemies? Are there any good demolition rules in OW or DH2 ?
  4. Thanks, that are very valuable tips. as for the psyker, I think high psyrating and a few powers will do better for that scenario.
  5. Melil13, thanks, but I'm quite aware of the differences in play style and background. I've played multiple other games from the 40k series and I've read quite a lot of 40k books, too. Like I said in my initial post, the scenario will be quite combat oriented with some minor investigations along the way. Its the mechanics of the two (Only War and Dark Heresy 2ed) that I'm trying to grasp and build a character in one of the two rules sets. thanks to Magus Black I already know that OW starting characters are superior to DH2 characters. But what about an 8k character? a psyker in particular? I'm looking for good combos and ways to optimize my survivability and damage potential, too. So if you have any of such, please share, will be much appreciated.
  6. Thanks for all that info, in particular for comparing Only War and New dark Heresy. Influence: will not be used in the game. Or at least will be limited. But the GM said, in char gen there is some free requisitions based on influence that can be used. Some support characters can be bought for influence as well. So, OW is better for the start. And what afterwards? I have some xp to pump into the character after the char gen. how about the psy powers, talents and other stuff that is available after the char gen? How do they compare? Radicals: yes, that is an option. I always double into the dark lores and the GM let me do it. Most of the time it works out very well. There are some great role play situations coming out of that. Sometimes I burn for my sins... and need to roll a new character, but thats fine from time to time As far as I see, OW has little of the radical approach. In DH2 I see there are some options in enemies from beyond. Are the daemonic weapons and daemonhosts usable in the sense, that they don't result in an instant death?
  7. Hey all, a friend of mine and I myself 'm looking for some advice for our Only War / dark Heresy 2ed campaign that will start soon. We will start with 8k xp and can create a character either using the Only War rules or the Dark Heresy 2ed rules. The game itself (besides the character creation) will use most rules from Only War and rules from Dark Heresy 2ed only where our MG will decide they are better suited for his campaign. The game is heavily combat orientated and our GM likes to provide really Crazy challenges. That is his game style. So we need to prepare and build quite powerful characters. I would like to build a psyker and my friend a fighter. What kind of fighter... that he didn't decide on. So really, it can be any kind of combatant, melee, ranged or heavy weapons, as long he can survive and provide a solid killing potential. There will be 2 other players in the team, they are experienced with both systems and I'm sure they will came with something quite strong, and we just don't want to lack behind. In the past I played other games from the wh40k series (Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Rogue Trader) but neither Only War nor Dark Heresy 2ed. Because of that I'm a bit overwhelmed with the options, so for start I would like to ask you, which system is better suited to create a psyker and and which one is better to build a combatant. After that major decision, I would like to ask you for solid options and directions I should focus my attention on. If you have build ideas, that would be most appreciated, too. many thanks in advance.
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