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  1. Thank you. Thank you, that’s great.
  2. Larma D’Acy Does she allow red action co ordinate and jam when you are stressed? Does she also allow you to reinforce if you don’t have action on action bar? thank you.
  3. Of course it was going to happen on the Gold Squadron stream....
  4. I'm confused, isn't the linked action a focus -> boost. How could you get it the other way round?
  5. I've been trying to get Luke/Norra +1 to work. Biggs is a little boring but does his job. It does restrict you to a formation for a while, so predictability is there. Thane is decent but only towards the end and Wedge is always decent. I try to run Luke with SR/R2-D2 and Protons, Norra with Proton Bombs, R4 and Ion Cannon. Leaves enough for a naked Wedge/Thane or Biggs. Just not sure which of the 3 is best. Probably Wedge for the IN6.
  6. Yea I think its between that and Heightened Perception but I can't find a reason where I absolutely must shoot before anyone else. SR seems the only card that actually has 100% benefit for Luke.
  7. In the same vein, I'm trying all the other upgrades on Luke. Is it the best force upgrade for him also?
  8. I just feel like any designer imagination was absent during the creation of this ship. I think the Phantom II is a brilliant example of packaging a reasonably well thought out product that reflects both the theme and game play as it was done after the material was available. I am just hoping that the obvious omission of the new A-Wing will mean we will at least get some named pilots with abilities and skill to match their movie counterparts.
  9. Before I start, please don't take this as inflammatory, I just felt like spilling my thoughts out. The Last Jedi visual dictionary is now available to the world and as such, it comes with all the interesting information regarding new ships, pilots etc. With the release of the new Resistance bomber, we once again run into a Tie Striker situation where FFG has no idea what function this ship plays. Having an attack of 2 (which is a joke considering the 3 turrets and 4 front mounted guns, also see: Phantom I for ridiculous comparison), the MG-100 StarFortress (its real name, not the BSF whatever) is now going to suffer in that it plays totally differently to how we will see it in the film. Based on information and current X-Wing wave-by-wave progression, it would have been nice to have seen this ship with some more thought. Firstly, primary turrets are bad for the game, this ship should have used the mobile firing arc mechanic. On top of that, I though that maybe the ship could have an attack value of 4 in the primary but 2 in the mobile. Give the ship 2 mobile arcs to represent multiple turrets and when both arcs are lined up it can have 3 or 4 attack. Anyway, i'll look forward to the potential ace release to correct in the future.
  10. I hate to break it to you but there is no such thing as a 'canon' Nym.
  11. Ok I have a question on this and I apologise for not being in the rules forum. If I am ion'd but I have "Genius", can I still drop my bomb after the 1 forward? The wording on "Genius" implies that I might be able to?
  12. If ever there was a ship that really didn't need to have an answer to, its the a-wing. For reference, watch any rebels episode season 2 onwards or play X-Wing the Miniatures Game.
  13. Poe Dameron "If there are 4 or more enemy fighters in play, proceed to play this ship like a checkers piece and remove each enemy ship from play without rolling dice, if Finn is in play, you many cheer loudly whilst doing so" Lando Calrissian "Once per game remove all shields from an enemy ship at range 1-3, if Han Solo is in play, remove all shields from all enemy ships" Luke Skywalker "When firing with a torpedo, immediately remove enemy ship from play" Boba Fett "If Han Solo is in play, remove yourself from the game" Darth Vader "If a friendly ship is destroyed at range 1, remove yourself from play"
  14. "I am altering the dial, pray I do not alter it any further"
  15. Can you name another Tie/Fo pilot from the films? Can you name another name Tie/Adv pilot from the films? Can you name another name YT-2400 pilot from the films? Can you name another Y-Wing pilot (other than Dutch) from the films? Can you name another name Starviper pilot from the films I think that was the point being made about the T-65 that has a few more than just Biggs that anyone could name.
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