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  1. I am just playing around with the SSD a bit and came up with the following build. Can it hold up against a full bomber squadron build? I just don't know if it can repair fast enough... Executor Tank Author: itzSteve Faction: Galactic Empire Points: 400/400 Commander: Moff Jerjerrod Assault Objective: Station Assault Defense Objective: Contested Outpost Navigation Objective: Intel Sweep [ flagship ] Star Dreadnought Command Prototype (220 points) - Moff Jerjerrod ( 23 points) - Executor ( 2 points) - Captain Brunson ( 5 points) - Damage Control Officer ( 5 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - Quad Battery Turrets ( 5 points) - Leading Shots ( 4 points) = 271 total ship cost Interdictor-class Suppression Refit (90 points) - Interdictor ( 3 points) - Projection Experts ( 6 points) - Targeting Scrambler ( 5 points) = 104 total ship cost Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 25 total ship cost = 0 total squadron cost
  2. Running out of time in games is one of the MAIN reasons I have turned to squadronless builds. In order to be a good squadron player you need to get lots of games under your belt. Until that happens, squad games can be the main reason a game goes to time. The problem for me though is that ever since I moved to Raddus, my opponents who bring a full squad ball with them take FOREVER trying to place their squads to prevent the Raddus drop. As a result...I am a big fan of introducing a death clock for tournaments.
  3. The Pryce, 2 ship list is precisely why I brought Raddus to regionals. I am an aggressive player by nature, so I was licking my chops if my opponent decided to Price on turn 2. If you did that, it wasn't going to activate at all...
  4. I have been using Raddus for a few tournaments now. I am naturally a aggressive player, so I generally plan my drop for turn 2, unless my opponent deploys on the back line at speed 1 or deploys sideways. If they deploy at distance 3, even at speed 1...I will Raddus drop on turn 2 every time. I don't really care what my opponent brings, I will have my target ship picked out and try to kill it in the next round. My usual load out is a MC75OC Profundity with a HH inside as the drop ship, MC30T, 2xGR75, and a CR90A flagship with no squads and a 23pt. bid.
  5. All I want to know is when is the first Sector Fleet Vassal Tourney happening? 😁
  6. I am having fun with using the Admiral Raddus quote, "Someone call up a Hammerhead, I have an idea!" after I Raddus drop my Profundity and then Hammerhead on the table. I have that Rogue One scene in my head every time...
  7. A Sato MC75 Ordnance Cruiser front arc with Expanded Launchers, External Racks, Con fire, opening salvo. 12 black dice!
  8. Since we had a quite a few players traveling in for the tourney, they decided that if we came close to 28, we would play a 4th round. We wound up having 26...
  9. In the screenshot of the fighters with Halle Berry in front, what is the squadron below the B-wing on the left? Edit: So I see that it is a U-wing squadron. So what speed and hull could it possibly have in Armada? I see that one of the ships can be an Ace called Bravo One, piloted by K-2SO.
  10. I purchased 3 NebB expansions back in the day JUST to get XI7, IO, ET, EA. It was a good investment at the time for the upgrade cards in that pack. Since then however, XI7 was included in one of the quarterly tournament packs and now I have an over abundance of them. XI7 should be pretty easy to get your hands on these days.
  11. Core: 2(3) Corellian Conflict: 1(1) Rebels Home one: 2(1) MC-80 winged: 2(2) MC-75: 2(2) MC-30c: 4(4) Assault Frigate Mark II: 3(3) Modified Pelta class: 2(1) Nebulon B Frigate: 3(3) CR90 Corvette: 3(3) Hammerhead: 2(2) GR-75 transport: 2(4) Rebel Fighter pack I: 5(3) Rebel Fighter pack II: 4(2) Rogues & Villains: 8(8) Empire Super Star Destroyer 1(0) Chimera Star Destroyer: 1(1) Star Destroyer: 2(2) Interdictor: 2(2) Update: I just picked up a nice $15 Interdictor on Amazon this last weekend. Victory Star Destroyer: 2(2) Gladiator: 3(3) Quasar: 2(1) Arquitens: 4(3) Raider Corvette: 3(2) Gozanti: 2(2) Imperial fighters pack I: 4(2) Imperial fighters pack II: 4(2)
  12. When running a MC75 list, unless it is a Raddus build (Lando goes in the officer slot), then DCO is almost a auto include for me. I will always make room for that 5pt. officer. Double contains are not to be underestimated. Also, when I do get a crit, especially like Injured Crew, I can discard a contain knowing that I still have another. Also, when taking a BT Avenger shot from a Kuat Refit, it's nice to know that my contains will probably not be targeted by BT, so after Lando hopefully lowers the damage somewhat, I can make sure the rest of the damage is facedown.
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    I'm just thankful that Santa brought me a couple of expansions for Chistmas. It felt like a new release day! 😁
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    Do you work for FFG? Nice try in your attempt to change the subject...LOL! 😁
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