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  1. So how many different types of commanders does everything think we will get? I think we will get commanders for the main 4 commands on a dial, but will they add anything new, like for the new Assault defensive token or a munitions expert to lay proximity mines?
  2. Black seems like a nice compliment with him...or possibly just a generic TIE advanced?
  3. Just curious... Will Tel Trevora replace Zertik Strom as the default Escort for Empire squadron lists? For just 2 more pts. than Zertik, you get a rogue escort with grit that can potentially have up to 10 hull.
  4. I ordered on 7/16 once the August 2 date was announced, and it will be arriving tomorrow as I hate shipping costs...
  5. My guess is that if you want to use the Kyber Crystal shot, it will be like a Slaved Turret. Only shot you can take on that activation.
  6. What are the dice on each arc? Inquiring minds wanna know!!!
  7. My pocketbook thanks you Dras... 😀
  8. So I will need to buy three of these things to kill a SSD. I don't know of my pocketbook will survive this...
  9. the front hull zone of the OSD has a narrower zone in the middle of it for the kyber crystal shot...
  10. Confirmed: Nadiri Starhawk : $79.95 in Q4 Onager-class Star Destroyer: $59.95 in Q4
  11. In one of my attacks, if I choose to attack a single squadron and add 2 dice to my attack pool, if at least one of the die is red do I still have the ability to reroll it?
  12. Why would you need a CR90 title that adds another officer slot? Most CR90's whether it is A or B variant, don't use even ONE officer on the ship. The only reason to add a second officer would be due to the fleet patrol aspect of RITR, limiting fleets to 200pts. You will only have probably 3 ships at most in a list like that, which makes the officer slot even more valuable. Would FFG make a ship title just for that?
  13. What time is FFG going live today?
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