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  1. Well, I tried to fire off the question to FFG but the form is borked again, I'll see if I can't slip it in sometime. In general, I would agree you must be specific with the triggers of a ward, as the ward obviously has no "brain" of it's own. You may need to move or ready an item to get it out and placed correctly, but the actual activation seems like it's a thing that just happens (even in narrative time, depending on the condition). Yes, this lets players accomplish stuff out of turn, but again, pretty sure that's the point. You only get one normally, it should be pretty useful. But since the ward has only the logic you programmed it with, you'll need to be careful to avoid accidents. The GM's balance comes in with figuring out what the limits of triggers are, though also if you go all "I prepared Explosive Runes today" that is also probably an honor hit (booby traps =/= bushido). I used the dying condition as an example, but I don't think that actually works for a Ward, unless a player can come up with a good way to phrase it, the "character" physically scribes the condition on the ward, so the characters have no idea about mechanics like that. This may mean more vague and narrative triggers. If you also want to be very specific in your reading, while it doesn't phrase it like it's an order of operations, the sidebar does technically say first "attach it to a surface" then says "write a condition". So you may have to pick the target first by placing it, then make the trigger. This is also a personal philosophy thing, but as a GM, I have unlimited toys and resources, players do not, in general I don't like to be picky about how players use their resources unless there's a very strict reason in the mechanics or narrative. If I want the PCs to die, they die, as I am playing the part of literally all other entities in Rokugan.
  2. Infection mode would be fun. Though you might have more luck with Zombie Stormtroopers, I think that was a halloween event for Commander, which is made under the Disney era.
  3. I mean, if they want to spend their downtime actions, resources and their one singular prepped invocation slot on not dying, go for it. No reason to stop them, it's their prepped invocation. And if they happen to be a Yogo doing it, that's their entire school schtick. No reason to limit their choices unnecessarily. Plus, I get to play literal genie with the triggers. And people can steal them, since only the Yogo school forces a special check for someone else to use your ward.
  4. In the beta I believe there was one more of Prepared invocations, using Medicine to prepare alchemical mixtures. I'm not sure why they paired down the sidebar, maybe they want to relocate those to future books or something, but I think the intent is that you can justify any skill and material if it makes sense, as the sidebar is titled "prepared invocations" and then wards are the example (because they're explicitly called out by the Yogo school, I presume). Considering that though, I wouldn't take too strict an interpretation of using Composition. While perhaps not the exact same as a "Ward", there's no real reason why you could not, say, write Jurojin's Balm onto a paper tag with a couple Opportunity stored, and then scribe the condition "if you're attached to a person who is poisoned, sick or Dying, activate". Jurojin's Balm is range 0-1, and the "rule" of wards is just "you attach it to a surface", so it could be stuck to clothes or skin and then pop when needed. Just takes a lot of work for anyone not a Yogo who get extra slots (and for their Mastery ability, can capture any Maho or Invocation into a ward, once per scene).
  5. My life is not complete until I get my Clone Commandos four-man cell. Though when they decide to give the GCW factions hovertanks will also be a fun day.
  6. We don't. Disney probably doesn't really communicate to FFG. We know they have a relationship with LFL from before the buyout even, though. We do know based on a recent interview, LFL approached FFG about the time they were developing the CW Core set to do some more OT based releases, hence the development of Operative Luke and Vader, and possibly some more stuff. Disney/LFL needing to approve stuff because that's just how the license is has delayed some stuff in the past, though I dunno why it would push something only a month or two at the end of the production cycle, especially with some Core sets early release in the wild. I do know FFG has had a few other products delayed in general though, maybe they're having or had a bit of a production clog somewhere pushing things back a bit?
  7. Plus he has at least one command card where maybe he can go rambo and nuke an enemy squad. There's a BLAST in there, that's probably fun. For 15 more points, he gains the ability to throw out support tokens too w/ 3PO as the combined unit. He also has a Suppressive weapon, that's pretty rare in Rebels & Republic so far.
  8. You can also freely allocate wounds to either mini in the combined unit, just say 3PO takes all the hits.
  9. Reminder text is just reminder text. It's telling you that if you place 3PO in your list, he must be added with R2, since that is his counterpart unit. Like, think of it this way, when you are building your list in real life, and you read 3PO, do you ALWAYS have to include 3PO in your list forever, because his card says "when building an army"? No, it's a shorthand to let you know "hey this is a counterpart, he can't exist on his own, you have to attach him to R2", nothing in the RRG text, the full expanded text, says you must attach a counterpart, just he can't exist except as part of the combined unit. Always in this case means in reference to the counterpart only. Again, if they HAD to be stuck together, why are they seperate cards, and why does 3PO have his own cost? You could make a singular 3PO and R2 mini with all their keywords and the like.
  10. tem·po·rar·y /ˈtempəˌrerē/ adjective lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.
  11. Okay, back up here. IF YOU WANT TO USE 3PO, you must use him with R2. As R2 has no reference to 3PO on his own card, the game cannot require 3PO to be added to him. If they were forced to be used together, they would be one card. All the text under counterpart is speaking in reference to the counterpart unit, which isn't a real unit on it's own (as it lacks all the required stuff). 3PO is the Counterpart, all those special rules only apply to him - R2 is just a regular operative. "A counterpart mini cannot be fielded as its own unit; it is instead added to another unit, specified by the counterpart keyword. A counterpart and its corresponding unit combine to form one unit, consisting of the counterpart and noncounterpart minis and represented by the combination of the unit card and the counterpart card." Reiterate, The counterpart mini in this case is 3PO. He is the counterpart, R2 is a non-counterpart unit, and can stand alone.
  12. It turns out R2 was Rebel Boba the entire time, not Sabine.
  13. Errata will be present in future reprints, and possible alt-arts or other promos.
  14. They are temporary, because they are not permanent. Why nominally I have personally been against hard point changes is because once you start the point changes, you can't ever stop. Because who says you got the math right the first time? They didn't ballpark this to the wider legion community first, so who knows, maybe 140 is too few, it was costed so high initially because at some point the T-47 was pretty scary in playtesting. While they've committed to trying not to do it often (as opposed to X-Wing), they've still admitted they will have to do it more than once. Stuff will go up, will go down. If you have to rebuild your prints, especially for generic upgrades, that's a real pain in the butt and it won't even be correct anyway! This table is a much better system. BUT, it's a "may" rule. You do not have to do it, if you are some luddite unplugged who can't dare look at a tablet screen on his day off at the games shoppe. In a casual game, you can just as easily go "hey, why can't we play a 900 or 1000 point game?" right, it's casual, so it's flexible. For competitive balance and to promote healthy choices since OP is such a big scene, they can mandate these points values are correct - but since they can and WILL AGAIN edit points, it's not practical for them to invade all our houses with the whiteout. These exact point changes entirely likely will not remain indefinitely. They just said they'd remain for probably about a year because they don't want to make the re-mathening such a pain in the butt. And honestly, I'd be surprised if FFG... however you want to say "believed in" some of these edits. Like obviously, exhaust is a way better balance than the high points ever were, and maybe some keywords are not that expensive, but I don't think they necessarily think all AT-RT weapons have identical mathematical value, but when you make all of some upgrades have the same points (like say the Comms do now) then people actually make choices, as opposed to "I need more activations in my list I will always choose the lowest point value and shape my list around it" which has dominated Legion OP at points.
  15. (Or the obvious answer, they may have to change the points again in like a year, which means another reprint. Why assume that the reduction is perfect the first time. If you do it once, you have to do it again)
  16. Yeah, a lot of your dojo training will be because your family picked it, or political agreements before you were born. If you do have a certain natural talent, you might get moved, and I think the Kakita Academy is noted as being open to basically any student who has the talent to apply, but there will be plenty of cases where you get into a school because that was your dad's dojo, and his dad's dojo before him, etc. If you don't excell or take to the training, you might not pick up a lot of your school's hidden or deep techniques, but you did still pass gempukku (which are traditionally Family based, IIRC, not necessarily school-based) so obviously you were competent enough to become an adult, just maybe y'know the whole "way of the x" eluded you. We'll probably get some more interesting concepts in Path of Waves, even if those are also completely applicable to regular Ronin.
  17. Battlefront II still sold millions (double digits by this point) of copies, and this was a "bad" release for EA. There's a very wide pool of people who would know who Iden is, and Iden was a really big part of the marketing push for the game (her actress was right up on stage at the E3 event talking about the game before it came out). Inferno Squad is also a pretty interesting idea which isn't really super common to Imperial units before either (they're flight-trained spec ops, similar to how the old Wraith Squadron worked in Legends). I wouldn't mind seeing them as a future SF option for Empire.
  18. An example, roughly based on something I did for a test character (assuming Behind The Name didn't lie to me). The ancestor is named "Yuuha" which contains the character for Excellence or Superiority and the character for flowers. Thus, the new samurai takes the name "Yuuka" which takes the same character for Superiority/Excellence, but changes the ending character to one which means something more like "blossom". Thus, they are thematically linked, but not identical.
  19. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/287024/Legend-of-the-Five-Rings-Courts-of-Stone?SRC=FeaturedProduct&motds_id=12286&from_home=1 Once again, shout out to DriveThru and FFG for informing nobody, and yet it's the featured product on the website. Well, time to bust out the card.
  20. Alright, so, this person's legal name is now Doji Hitomi. I'm pretty sure it's possible to still refer to one by their childhood name, but this would, of course, very forward. If her name as a child was "Aki", then nobody will use this anymore. In public, official settings, she would be referred to by Family name. "Doji", or usually "Doji-san" for politeness, but there's a big whole mess of honorifics which is a different conversation. In a private setting, friends might know her well enough to address as "Hitomi-san", but probably not drop the honorific. Family is the same, though they might utilize different honorifics (You can't really stop an elder brother from addressing her as Hitomi-chan, unless she somehow outranks him socially), or familial pronouns (the classic younger sibling referring to her as "onee-sama"). In settings of higher than normal formality, or of certain legal weight, her full name might be used, "Doji Hitomi-san" to single out that specific Doji over there. In a one-on-one setting with someone very close to her, they might just use "Hitomi".
  21. I think the Half-XP is really more of a balance thing - there's only so much on your curriculum table anyway, so it makes sense to let some of it bleed over even if it's not necessarily "in school" learning, as Rank is one of the major balancers to techniques (besides your school giving you access to technique groups in general), so if you didn't progress School Rank at all, you'd have very cookie-cutter characters or you'd have characters who just aren't getting access to new abilities at all. It prevents you from being "completely" left behind if you feel a sudden desire or pressure to buy out of school. Conversely, one of the major pluses to certains schools is the early or otherwise unique access to some techniques. You could make it a bigger deal in RP, but you don't have to, I think it just keeps players from feeling like complete dead-weight just because "Oh crap, nobody bought any Theology and suddenly we're all spooky all the time. Better bite the bullet".
  22. So, when you come of age, you get a new name. It can be the same as your childhood name, but usually you adopt a new one. You usually pick it, but your family elders might have an idea for what name you should take. Traditionally, it should reflect a famous name of an ancestor - it can be the exact same, or simply be thematically linked - such as sharing a character, or a theme. This is now your personal name (as opposed to the Family name), and it is used rarely. You will usually only be addressed with familiarity by family (who may need to differentiate between half a dozen "Doji-san"s in a room), superiors, close colleagues and friends, though usually still with honorific to maintain politeness. To use your personal name without honorific implies almost an impolite level of closeness, it's something only done in private, and usually by those closest to you, such as a parent, your best friend, or a lover. You'd use your full name (and titles) on official documentation or introduction, such as "I am Bayushi Shifty, son of Bayushi Shady, honorable Magistrate of the Scorpion Clan, Hero of the Battle of Akakabe, pupil of the Dark Sword of Bitter Lies dojo, and definitely not a ninja". I made a whole list for quick browsing of some names but normally I just use a generator to skim something that sounds cool. Behind the name is good for etymology and meaning to track linked names, but any ol' "japanese name generator" or "list of famous anime characters" will do.
  23. Specifically, here's the sidebar in Emerald Empire p. 62. Several references to Nō and Kabuki are scattered throughout the book. Since the Shosuro are "known" to be actors, I'd guess they have one of those schools of Nō traditions mentioned here.
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