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  1. You joke, but if somebody in FFG on the Legion team loves Galactic Battlegrounds (the Source of the TIE Punisher, too) as much as they do Galaxies for X-Wing...
  2. It's made by an organization whose apparent modus operandi is "edgy 90s teen neo-nazi trenchcoat mafia who are compensating for something". The working title was "TIE Vengeance" hence TIE/VN. Hopefully they remember this movie's technical details should not be aimed at small children and make the more sensible decision to say that "Vanguard" was a more likely working name, like FFG seems to have.
  3. You know that would be a giant disc roughly 2 Raiders across, right?
  4. No reason for the stop to be White, though I've personally theorized such a thing might happen - but you explicitly cannot use Trajectory (which you can't abbreviate to TS, a complaint I do have FFG) with action bombs, so you don't need an action free to use it. Regardless of launching forward or backward (but I do think forward, the LEGO kit has forward facing projectiles - I would have guessed torps but this seems to be a different mechanism) if you reveal the ol' 0 and throw it out in a five straight you should clear it pretty good on either end, depending on if it stops or not. Of course, there also is that one unspoiled upgrade which people think talks about stuff detonating.
  5. Hey, on film alone, all factions are now pretty on par in bombing. Just because the Empire did it first doesn't mean they're the only ones who can do it.
  6. No, the card says "launch instead of drop", so it's clearly saying the language has a different meaning, just not one we're sure of yet.
  7. The TIE Phantom second seater and the pilot can operate the forward guns.
  8. >Crew Slot >Crew: Pilot (1) >Passengers: None But if you drop that you can get your double missile slot back if somebody wants to try and make UG work. I concur that a price drop, the addition of reload action, an EPT and probably some general special ability related to firing more ordnance would be good though. Primary issue is the Punisher not actually using everything it can carry. Maybe if you could adjust the number of slots or upgrades pre-game that would be interesting? Like if you could sidebar your munitions almost.
  9. Yeah, especially with Guns For Hire making the SV and Kihraxz "good", I think we're still in a left over evolution phase of Scum being the "FFG learned from past limitations and mistakes" faction. Scum gets more EPT generics, because EPTs, especially EPT generics are really good. Just the increase in pilot skill is rarely worth it over a lower PS generic. FFG has tried to rectify this in some releases for factions with pilots like Gamma Squadron Vets, etc, though at the same time they're very leery of 5 ship lists. People might say the TIE Aggressor shows they haven't learned, but the other factions' cheapest TLT carrier doesn't get EPT generics either, that might be intentional, and it has native BR and PS on those. The Scout is pushing the needle too far, but at the same time, you look at it, and ask yourself "Okay, but before that how many people were flying WSF or ORS? And now how many people fly Shadowport Hunters? In the same wave even we have the Ghost, with the Lothal Rebel actually being another generic in a large ship cheap enough you can actually want to use him for the platform. That said, I think the H-6's EPT is part of it's design flavoring. They want it to use stuff like Deadeye or whatever (or even in casual games there are a lot of fun EPTs) but that costs its maximum upgrade bar - this is counteracted by the Havoc title, which is unique and requires sacrificing slots further, and I think is actually how a lot of titles SHOULD be. However, Nym (either version) is just so good that Havoc's uniqueness doesn't necessarily cost over all and can be turned into a ghetto SLAM trick as far as bomb coverage goes. Scum Nym's ability in particular meshes a little too well with Genius. This is intended clearly, but perhaps the current environment was not predicted. Is there a circumstance where Nym's magical bomb powers would not be so dangerous? Also, in 6-12 months I'll bet you we'll start seeing anti-bomb cards. We already kind of can see the mechanics going away from bombing as the shiny new Reload action doesn't cover Bombs.
  10. V-wings were used by the Empire (canonically even) in the period right after ROTS up until the TIE and its variants started rolling out, and maybe have been used in surplus for a while there after while numbers were built up. And they even were retrofitted so they no longer required specialized Astromech assistance.
  11. No, because then it wouldn't be the bomblet generator. A recharging mechanic like Arc Caster might have been more on point, especially since now the new Reload doesn't affect Bombs.
  12. The Nu-class is adorable, I'd like it. Though, while not a prequel film, Rebels is set before ANH, just like R1. The Ghost even appears in R1.
  13. Possibly a ranging thing. We know the plasma explodes at some point, so if you want to get real technically the plasma envelope probably pops at the end of effective range but that's giving star wars "Kanan can hear through space" too much analysis. This way lies space madness. You must have been watching a different season 3 than me, because Dutch and Ezra were completely fine. Moreover, point-defense has been considered a logical weakness of Star Destroyers of writers looking at the information on them for years. And more to the point, FFG considers it very hard. The difficulty for a SIL 8 ISD to fire on a SIL 3 X- or Y-Wing is pushed up to their highest difficulty bracket in the RPG system.
  14. Octuple Barbette Turbolasers are very intimidating against big, mostly immobile targets, not so good at picking off snub-fighters. Rebels shows this pretty clearly. Of course, I already learned this back in the day, reading the Han Solo Trilogy. Let the dirty scum ys with their bombs and torps get close enough and you can scratch some capital ships. Also, I'm pretty sure I've read, and played, way more hours of Star Wars entertainment than just the films where munitions were pretty important.
  15. Yeah, if only torpedoes and missiles had a use to bust up small capital ships such as might be in a blockade - but no we need a cool laser on the B-Wing (even though they say it HAS proton torpedoes). The Geonosis episode shows it only takes a couple shots to crack an Arquitens.