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  1. Yeah, I'm kind of doubtful to Actor right away as that seems basically like Infiltrator but with less kata and combat skills and a couple more artisan skills and some redundant shuji, maybe different ninjutsu (because the Infiltrator is already slam full of opportunities to take performance and most of the performance themed shuji), but the two Yogo schools are pretty functionally different despite sounding very similar. On the other hand, Shadowlands has multiple schools which are either only tangentially related (Kakita Swordsmith) or only generally thematically related (Taoist Blade, Medic) so I wouldn't think to hard that like, the book will only contain Courtier/Shinobi hybrid schools.
  2. UnitOmega

    Dueling Question

    Well, they're there to help the GM and players at least. Even if you do get a daisho set, if your school is only tagged Shugenja, you know your primary focus is supernatural stuff and you may or may not be appropriate for a total war campaign. Something to think about for pre-game/Session 0 type stuff, and to help you figure out Duty.
  3. UnitOmega

    Dueling Question

    Non-bushi tagged schools can get a daisho though.
  4. It is my understanding there actually are a boat-load of Shadowlands powers, that's mostly for GMs designing their own Adversaries. If you wanted to steal them for schools you could, though they've been described as affecting the pol and mil score of the Oni who uses them.
  5. UnitOmega

    A fundamental flaw in these games.

    Mm, been agreed on that front for a while. Vehicles are trivalized because the core DLT is so good at everything. Just the two red at 4 would have made a vicious anti-infantry weapon to just suppression snipe and horribly destroy anyone out of cover (which is what Machine Guns do). The addition of impact and it being the only good choice for a weapon period severely skewed the game so that vehicles became "non-optimal", they die too easily to common infantry and are not built to face infantry (hence no offensive mods except Impact). But, we can't know the whole story. Maybe no cheap impact made vehicles (which the developers and testers would be putting on the table anyway just for funs) too obnoxious. We may never know.
  6. A Void point to the first man to tell an oni he "must have huge guts".
  7. Taoist Blade does sound rad, even if the school curriculum sucks I think it's now my favorite concept. We are anime bullsh*t now.
  8. My sources have reported the following to me: Asako Inquisitor - Courtier/Shugenja that can identify the previous use of supernatural abilities Kakita Swordsmith - Artisan/Courtier that can apply 2 patterns (new weapon modification system) at Rank 6 and start with Kakita Pattern (+1 deadliness) Kitsu Medic - Artisan/Bushi that removes bonus fatigue when treating others Kuni Warden - Monk that can Silence those within weapon range for one opp per target Mirumoto Taoist Blade - Kiho that affect unarmed attack profiles also apply to weapons used in one handed grip. Gets bonus successes to those Kiho also Moto Advenger - Shugenja that can transfer fatigue between themselves and the target when they use invocations Toritaka Phantom hunter - Shugenja that can spot Otherworldly beings easily Yogo Preserver - Shugenja that uses Shikigami the best And speaking of patterns: Pit Forged Obsidian - Weapon, +1 damage +1 Deadliness Unholy increase TN to resist getting the taint from the Afflicted condition Kakita Pattern - Weapon, +1 deadliness Kenzo Blade - Weapon, -1 damage +1 deadliness Resplendent Shirogane Jade Inlay - Armor/Weapon, +Sacred -1 physical resist(armor) -1 deadliness (weapon) Uchema's technique - Armor, -Cumbersome -1 physical resist Ysunori Steel - Weapon, -Ceremonial, -Cumbersome, -Resplendent (can not gain those 3 qualities) +Durable or +1 deadliness if already Durable
  9. Anonymous reporting is claiming that the new schools are: Asako Inquisitor, Kakita Swordsmith, Kitsu Medic, Kuni Warden, Mirumoto Taoist Blade, Moto Avenger, Toritaka Phantom Hunter, Yogo Preserver, does anyone have a copy yet to confirm?
  10. UnitOmega

    Wait, astromechs can't repair speeders?!?

    Only if you make the noise while it does it.
  11. You are not a moral authority, people can do whatever suits them best. I order PDFs which helps game stores none, because well, they're super convenient and I almost always run games online, and have never required a game store to find or run RPG games. Which is good, because I don't think I've ever had one which actually counted as "local". Supporting a store is important for the card game if you're serious about organized play, and if they're actually friendly and local (i/e close and you like them) support them with your wallet. But your broad statement really starting to tee me off because you sound like you're making a value judgment on people who don't buy from a store - which I am one of, and there are probably many more. There's no such thing as orthodoxy in this hobby, it is what you make it, and you need to stop assuming you know other people's lives. I say this with respect to your articles and other works, you should just think a little harder about context on this particular point. If you live in the middle of nowhere and want to collect art prints, this is no sin against some vaguely defined "community". To the OP, no idea on the problem. I ordered a set of L5R dice directly from FFG no problem. Do you live somewhere out of the way or some unusual circumstance? Or maybe it's a pre-order related thing...?
  12. UnitOmega

    Dueling Question

    I think the intent is that the quote unquote "scummiest" individual gets to strike first, but the book sadly doesn't come with director's commentary.
  13. The Hagakure is also internally quoted by L5R, using one of the alternate names.
  14. Hey, if you bought the pdfs off DriveThru, FFG has just updated the Core and Emerald Empire with "better interior maps". I'm guessing better resolution by how this download is suddenly chunky.