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  1. Rebel Vehicle Commander - speculation thread

  2. Stormtrooper Movie Accuracy!

    Well, here's the thing. You have to reconcile "Only Imperial Stormtroopers could be so precise" with the fact that they hardly hit anyone in the films - even in the parts where they're supposed to be hitting people. FFG I think has the best run that the E-11 is a cheap piece of tech, the empire has to make a bajillion of these, they aren't as good as the A280. This makes sense, the A280 and variants are actually supposed to be very good weapons, with long range, accuracy and environmental resistance - think of them like the space AK and the stormies are using an original space M16. Only cool troops are getting the E-11D and E-22 models. I think our heroes are most accurate with an E-11 in the closed confines of the Death Star (where stormtroopers are not necessarily supposed to be hitting the escaping rebels) and even then there's a lot of missing going on at distances where a human should be capable of hitting the other guy by just throwing the gun.
  3. Where is the First Order?

    So in Rebels it was stated there was a military act passed to retire all the clones from active duty, though I do not think it was stated when exactly that was.
  4. Commanders 2nd Generation - No Pierce Immunity

    Kanan/Grand Inquisitor would make a great face-off pair. And you have so many Kanans to choose from.
  5. Where is the First Order?

    Well, for starters, the Clone Troopers and B-1 droids should be a flip of weapons and armor dice. The DC-15 (DC-15A in Legends, but TCW retconned the DC-15A as the carbine and the DC-15s as the sidearm) is a long range, high power, accurate weapon, while the E-5 is a pretty cruddy gun, known to produce excessive heating and other cost-cutting measures. Similarly, B-1s are frail as butts but Clones are fully armored. How they handle that in like, cost adjustment I don't know, though it would be probably accurate if CIS had the cheapest basic infantry who only win by numbers but the republic's clones are very good but expensive.
  6. Where is the First Order?

    Nope, Snowtroopers have lower speed. And Fleet Troopers and Rebel Troopers have different weapons. I'm personally not averse to eventually there being ST factions, but I'd prefer they work through the well established OT and PT material first. Because there is so little established for the Resistance and First Order right now, their basic units would just be Rebel Troopers and Stormtroopers with slightly different sculpts. Battle Droids would easily be quite different from regular infantry, and Clone Troopers should be distinct due to their specific training and upbringing. Once LFL lets the training wheels off and we can seriously start exploring the sequel era, build up a more robust selection of units, then FFG should move into it. You'd be out of First Order and Resistance units to use in less than 6 months, and they'd just be like Empire and Rebels units. Meanwhile FFG could go for years digging into Legends or even their own in-house material and never run out of Rebel and Imperial units.
  7. Looks like Veers arriving separately...

    I also think that knowing the schedule is important for knowing how much they need to actually order to meet demand, Destiny was massively underestimated and sold out quickly, which made people upset. If you announce with a long window but non-specific date, you have plenty of time to take pre-orders, roughly figure your demand, make sure you've got all your distributors lined up, build hype leading into it, etc. Hard dates are probably published by 3rd parties who either have like, some weird policy or obligation to give a hard date (Like Amazon saying "when" things will be available all the time). They're accurate until their not, but FFG didn't actually say those numbers directly, so it's not their fault. heck, it's not their fault anyway if it gets delayed, it has to come in a boat across a huge ocean.
  8. Imperial Wave Three

    Kallus did much more as an Imperial operative in Rebels then he did as a Rebel guy so far, and since his tenure as an Imp is done there's no need for LFL to hold back anything from him appearing as imperial (He's also currently an imperial upgrade in both Armada and X-Wing, no word on rebel versions forthcoming). He has a distinctive sculpt either way, could be interesting to see FFG release him for both factions eventually. We shouldn't get too caught up in timelines, Leia was announced in her Endor commando getup alongside ANH fleet troopers, while immediately prior ESB Veers and Snowtroopers were announced.
  9. Active Artillery Pieces as units in Legion

  10. Active Artillery Pieces as units in Legion

    That's an AT-DP.
  11. "Mud Trooper" from Solo trading card visual

    Yeah, no duh. But I didn't want to start a thread about "and also here's what the hasbro Patrol Trooper figure looks like". Alternate response: I prefer to think of him as the Bike Cop Trooper, or the Scout-Trooper Advanced Prototype.
  12. I'm expecting a Snowtrooper preview maybe this week or next (since they and Veers should probably be out before the end of the month) and then probably around when they actually drop we should expect FFG to unveil what the next set of Imperial expansions is.
  13. Calling All Legion Community Media!

    I'm part of a YouTube channel who does (among other things, including X-Wing content) some Legion videos. Mostly news but I'm planning to expand into some more Tabletop Simulator content very soon. This is our Legion playlist: