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  1. Gunship over Gunboat arguments are silly on a couple of levels - the first being that the Gunboat is an imperial ship, and the Wookship is Rebel - it's also a new release not an ace or epic pack or anything - so it's not like it can directly address the X-Wing. There's a scheme to how new products are built and released. There is a pattern of the immense corporate machine to be followed here, one that is mapped out as much as a year in advance. As there's physical media to be printed involved, just ******* it all up to stick in something new is very hard. And for all those people complaining all these terribly uniconic ships coming out last I heard X-Wing was the best selling minis game in the world, over 40k even. So that has yet to make a serious dent in their market share, personal perceptions aside. And then, once you get past all that stuff - one should remember X-Wing is a game first. You want just the cool ships you can buy some micromachines, but new material has to be built for a purpose in the game, not just "because people will buy it". That's how your game gets pretty bad pretty quick, releasing just things that people think looks pretty without bothering to actually plan what it will do in the game. The Auzituck is weird, sure (though I'll fight anybody critiquing the aesthetics of a HIND) but it's very clearly doing something relatively new, adding Reinforce to standard play with specific rules on how it works for large and small ships. It'll give rebels a double-crew upgrade which is the opposite of the styles in Imperial and Scum. So it'll be doing new things in the game space.
  2. "Attitude Control Thrusters"
  3. Well, I suppose the question here is to what purpose? AT helps ships with native boost survive turrets and long-range engagements - probably because a lot of boost ships are lighter and faster ones, which might benefit from arc dodging, which is harder at longer ranges and impossible with turrets. It is an answer to kiting PWT ships. So, what's killing Barrel Rollers, and how could a mod (or a EPT but, y'know, mod is better for parity with AT) produce a defensive effect similar to AT which gives them a benefit?
  4. There's about 20 meters of difference between the Ghost and the Gozanti's length - or just under 2 X-Wings.
  5. Actually, it looks maybe like the cockpit is about the size of the /FO in one of those lines. Again, assuming we have a respectable perspective, that would make the whole thing like 3-4 /FO's tall. Maybe 4-5 long. That should fit perfectly well on a large base if the Ghost works - though the ventral bits will make it stand a little tall. Of course, the Upsilon is a thing - and I'd suspect this craft would probably be set up so the front bit hangs down to about where the base is. And according to @xanderf in a frame-by-frame there's a shot where the TIE/FOs panels stick out above and below the central body - which can't make it that large, after all TIE fighters are pretty small in the game scale. And I can't recall where but I've seen people say you can see the pilot in the cockpit, that means that particular feature can't be that large. Again, of course, perspective. The Lego is not 100% accurate, but neither are human eyes and we're staring at still captures of a moving scene. Until we get some legit concept art or can actually see them in a proper comparative scale I don't think it's right to say. It would certainly be way more interesting as a Resistance Large ship.
  6. Also torp bombers are kind of a Rebel thing. Or should be anyway.
  7. While those do obviously look thicker and bigger than the lego models, I will say all we have so far are quick shots in a trailer - which does have them staggered in a line, we don't necessarily have solid perspective on them. We all said "well, those might be epic" when the trailer hit, and how here's a different perspective that makes people re-think that idea. If they were so massive, why would the LEGO scale provide mini-figures? A Nebulon-B's listed stats is 300 meters in length and over 900 crewman - so something maybe 1/2 their size would not be crewed by like 5 guys.
  8. Here's a shot from a different angle. Obviously LEGO is not "to scale" but the ball turrets definitely aren't that super huge. It looks like it could very easily fit into XWM as a Large-base ship. I'd guess minimum [Tech][Crew][Torp][Bomb], probably doubling up on either torps or bombs. Also could easily squeeze in 2 crew. Maybe double tech to put it on par with the upsilon. 3 ATK, 0-1 AGI, some number of hull and shields which is significant. Probably just Focus+TL?
  9. Well, the only prominent armada type ship in TFA was the Finalizer - which has the slight problem of being nearly twice the length of an ISD. Even fudging that would still be a new scale of ship and mini to deal with - maybe not yet worth it for FFG to bother with.
  10. As evidenced by how ships used by the rebels continue to be like 90% all-rounders or bulky tanky ships - yes. It's kind of their thing.
  11. I think I'd much prefer the Bomber to the b-wing ugly transport seen in TFA for a Resistance large ship, assuming it's to scale. It looks like it would have the rear aux arc with those tailguns, hopefully a crew slot so it could be another ship to benefit from tailgunner. Presuming it is not some kind of wizard ship with a great dial and action bar it could give rebel ships a large-base torpedo bomber like people use the jump for. Only hopefully less nuts.
  12. It's not really "punished" - the standard is set. Bs have strong engines, so they can go decently fast, though their ability to turn on a dime is pretty poor. Similar with the Y, they aren't well known for making rapid course corrections or minute adjustments, they take hits and hit hard (unfortunately, as a game X-Wing focuses entirely on the dogfighting benefits of many ships, something Bs have also never been depicted as amazing at). TIE fighters are always depicted as both quite fast and nimble besides. They have light bodies, small frames and make good use of them. Of course, at various points they've been considered as fast or as maneuverable as an X-Wing, but that's where the mechanical standard comes in. TIE Fighters have less armament than an X-Wing, so they get a smaller attack value, and clearly they are more fragile (thus cheaper), and get the edge in defensive dice (not that that's a huge deal, we all know green dice aren't as good as red dice). Defenders are expensive superfighters, they retain high speed and maneuverability common to TIEs (though they fly like space lawndarts) while still being pretty toughly armored and shielded. They also cost 8 more points than a B-Wing and about twice as many credits to build (according to AoR, anyway). The free evade from the x7 is because that prototype doesn't have the added weight or power draw from the cannon or missile systems and is STUPIDLY quick - but it already has the maximum distance of straight maneuvers which are all green - instead the result is that it's likely moving at such speeds and acceleration it's almost like they took deliberate action to be evasive. Comparisons to the Defender will also probably be poor - it has always been a terrifying monster fighter (which FFG has toned down) in it's original appearances in video games and even in reappearances in Rebels.
  13. Agility is sometimes a reference to how flexible the handling of a ship is, usually in addition to how their silhouette is and etc - B-Wings have never been portrayed as highly maneuverable in the conventional sense. The gyroscope cockpit makes them very difficult to learn how to handle, and their frames aren't very flexible for their size. Hera is a very good pilot, she makes a ship as large and ungainly as the Ghost dance - yet the Ghost retains 0 AGI, even though it's probably done some more interesting moves than the Blade Wing prototype did. In fact, in FFG's Age of Rebellion RPG, B-Wings have a handling value (which provides bonuses or penalties to piloting checks) of -1, worse than the 0 rating of a Y-Wing (and the worst out of the core 4 Rebel fighters). While I'm sure LFL doesn't nitpick too hard on the stats for particular games, they do set the precedent and guidelines for the material that appears - B-Wings aren't that agile. In the clip shown above from Rebels, the B-Wing doesn't seem particularly maneuverable or fast - it's just a small target for those big guns on the Imperial Light Cruisers and may even be tanking hits on the shields based on how shots explode before it. Which brings us to the second and more important point mechanics > fluff. The B-Wing helps further set the standard for an archetype/style of rebel ships as High HP, low AGI tanks which often pack high firepower, as seen first with Ys and continuing with ARCs and Auzitucks.
  14. And yet, Imps get the Quasar Fire which was primarily a rebel ship in Legends and then even when stolen in Rebels got WAY more screen time as a Rebel base ship.
  15. I hope you're being sarcastic, but it's also very hard to tell.