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  1. I though this was gonna be "when you reveal a maneuver treat is as a Reverse maneuver of the same bearing" card. Interesting for those who want to "brake" basically. The name is wordy though, you can just call it "Reverse Thrusters".
  2. Two-seater TIEs which don't follow the "second man is a weapons officer" rule are fairly rare. The TIE/AG has a backseater, for instance, but he's the turret gunner. The TIE/ph is somewhat unique in that the person in the co-pilot seat can either operate the weapons, or just offer navi and support.
  3. Yeah, basically, if you want a "realistic" interpretation of Rebels, assume they cut down how long stuff actually takes by at least 50%, if not more. Also most ISDs in Rebels are taken out in "catastrophic" events, like being blown up from the inside by probably chain reactions, or massive environmental explosions no ship is rated to survive. This is supported in the OT actually, Death squadron loses at least one ISD trying to follow the falcon into an asteroid thicket. We have yet to see one actually lose a slugging match.
  4. Some of it might be "AoE" for lack of a better term. Big stonking capital ship weapons cause noticeable and big explosions when they hit the ground, enough to knock people around even when they aren't directly hit. Starfighter weapons usually pop and fizz when they hit the ground, and can sometimes knock people around but also you can just brace - and they don't explode unless they hit something volatile. Thrawn stands on his runway taking potshots at the TIE/D Elite as it gives him a pass. He's fine, but the when the heavy weapons of the Defender hit enemy ships, the control tower or cargo crates (probably filled with fuel or components or whatever) they explode or catch fire. Not to get too real science-y on SW, but heat dissipation is very difficult in space - it may be that too much exposure to laser fire even from a fighter without shields (or too close the deflection can't do much?) causes the exterior plating to get too hot - and the only place for it to shed this heat is into neighboring components - which they probably do not like, and god forbid you hit a fuel line or the tibanna gas magazine or whatever space opera shenanigans we've got. This could explain why ships tend to pop and burn from even surface hits.
  5. Okay, so, if we modeled this in Edge of the Empire, it's actually pretty close. An ISD is SIL 8, and the X-Wing SIL 3. So the gunners are rolling maximum difficulty dice on this, at least one setback for the X-Wing's shields, probably more because Hera is a good pilot. And more stuff for any other maneuvers Hera might be doing. I'd also as a GM argue that they get the upgrade to one red challenge die because their firing into Skerris' zone and DID roll a despair to hit him, but that's besides the point. X-Wing has 10 Hull Threshold and an Armor of 3. A light Turbolaser has base damage 9 and Breach 2, so if it hits with one success (likely in this scenario) the X-wing will survive the hit. Medium and Heavy Turbolasers have more breach and higher base-damage, so it would not withstand and would likely just become disabled barring some additional abilities to keep it flying. The TIE/D is nominally in the same boat but the Elite's probably a little tougher. So this is roughly actually in the zone of our modern modeling abstraction of these ships. Of course, if I was actually running this scenario i'd say it's far more likely the turbolaser did not "hit" persay to do damage, instead it was a glancing blow and ate the shields instead. Shields are about as useful in EotE as they are in Rebels except when we want to make the TIE/D look like a badass.
  6. Kanan. Issue 12 according to the wiki is where it appears. Seems pretty roomy compared to the old cross-section.
  7. Unfortunately, as seen in several canon comics, canonical HWKs are a bit bigger than the space van size we first see in Dark Forces. They actually have standing room now. EDIT: Also in my personal experience, the best way to get intel on imperial bases without being noticed is a illegally modified E-9 Explorer with Nightshadow Coating and a WhisperThrust engine flown by a very cowboy Verpine.
  8. I mean, there's all kinds of stats in Legends, I don't think they've been retold in canon again. Having seen some other images from this book though, the strike foils open up to give you greater accuracy and coverage with the lasers, and also increase the size of your deflector envelope, so deflections can happen hopefully farther away from your vital system components. In Legends they also did heat-dissipation for the lasers, so you could maintain a higher rate of fire. An A-Wing, especially hot-rodded to lose shield generator and extra armor plating, will be faster and more maneuverable than even the TIE/IN, but this comes at the cost of frame durability, and thus pilot survivability. Adding in additional sensors would just hurt that bonus, and like you said, they lack the Astromech socket to provide additional technical support. (Also A-Wings actually usually carry ECM units)
  9. I mean, theoretically an ISD-I has a healthy array of large-scale ion cannons at its behest, but that might have required some fidgeting with the model for just one scene when they already rigged the barbettes to work - but otherwise actually no, an ISD has **** all in the way of point defense - the remainder of it's arsenal is just different configurations of various levels of turbolaser. Many imperial ships downplay the ability of fighter-sized vessels to hurt them, or are otherwise entirely reliant on the complement to run CAP to defend themselves from such an attack.
  10. That is something like how the T-65BR worked, removing the torpedo launchers for the forward sensor package, as well as additional sensor pod launchers and a self-destruct system to protect the intel.
  11. So, on the right there you can see the familiar outline of what has been shown in Legends to be the T-65BR or "ReconX" configuration. While I don't know the exact canonicity, Rebel Files is an upcoming publication and looks to have a lot of reference to new canon materials. At the very least, it means LFL isn't averse to using the T-65BR concept.
  12. Might also be a modelling thing. They built very accurate, high-detail models based on original props for BF1, maybe they wanted to maintain that sort of look? Maybe part of their desire to keep things in theme to only prominently use stuff which appears on a movie screen, at least in their base game. I don't think Lambdas were every fancy, they're just a standard utility hack, but they are pretty generalized as far as uses go, and so they're very ubiquitous. Compare to say the Sentinel-class made by the same company, which is an armored troop lander primarily. Unless you were actually moving to or from a combat operation, you wouldn't see a high ranking officer necessarily hitch a ride on one.
  13. What about Ace of Aces?