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  1. UnitOmega

    The positive side of instant point changes

    One like is not enough.
  2. UnitOmega

    Hopefully 200 points = the end of zero point cards?

    Many Configs will also probably be 0 points, because they need to be external but are still theoretically accounted for in the basic ship price. You shouldn't need to charge the new X-Wing for the Servomotors because it's a dual card with 50% of the card built in, same with Pivot Wing.
  3. UnitOmega

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    Wookieepedia (not the greatest source I know, but they're real anal about this stuff) oddly enough cites the same episode (the one with Cham) as the bomber only having one crew position, and also possibly being configured for passengers. Personally from watching rebels, I got the impression TIE/sh would not so much be a different model, just they move the ordinance stuff around to leave room for people. We've seen bombers used by imperials in the show and they don't seem like they have co-pilots or bombardiers. That all said, I take Rebels with a grain of salt on any technical details, they have modelling limitations. ISDs are supposed to still a bevy of different weapons, but in show, we only ever really see them shoot with the big barbette turbolasers (or just from random shiny spots on the hull) because I'm pretty sure the only thing they had the time and money to rig was the big guns.
  4. UnitOmega

    The biggest problem with 2.0.... is 1.0.

    Or trade with a friend who has a spare because they bought two kits, Maul is unique after all. But also yes, "wait" might be appropriate since Maul only works in Rebel teams with Ezra and some competitive events will not be allowing Ezra right away, only Wave I content. I expect this will continue for some time, so it's entirely possible many "competitive" events which need "competitive" builds can't legally use Maul anyway.
  5. UnitOmega

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    (Also there's not actually a Bombardier in the TIE/sa, it's all one guy. But Strikers have their bombs now and should have a gunner slot to go with it)
  6. Eh, alternate sculpts is kind of a whole logistical thing, like Caimheul says. Given how Legion is marketed, it's probably not in it for FFG for the upfront trouble and cost of designing an additional sculpt, getting the molds, clustering up the production run when you can both paint around them, or just suck up your "screen accurate" units can sometimes look out of place. Rarely stopped anything Star Wars. FFG is much better off spending those resources on making new whole units/packs, which are probably both more profitable and useful to the game. Since "Emplacement Trooper" is now a whole category, I'm sure that eventually more options will be added which can favor other trooper looks. Like if they ever get around to like the E-WEM turrets from TFU, those might be manned by Scout Troopers.
  7. UnitOmega

    2.0 Upgrade Card Question - Answered

    Basically, they said it would be like Legion. For those not familiar with it, despite kind of trying to say legion releases in waves, it's more like it releases and announces in batches every month or so - both factions don't always get a release in a month, but often contain comparable upgrades. So General Veers and Snowtroopers contained the same generic upgrades as Leia and Fleet Troopers, but the imperial set of releases was about a month earlier (not that it mattered too much for the troopers, they had the same upgrades that the standalone Storm and Rebel trooper packs had in the launch batch). Given obviously they need to adapt releases to ships there may be some gaps, but the concept should be similar. If a new upgrade appears for one faction and isn't locked to them it'll eventually filter out over probably the next couple of waves, unless FFG is really weird with how the ships are spread out. But as noted, it might also be that there's not necessarily an xpack that makes use of it already in the system. In the Wave 1 only format, only one Rebel ship can use Rigged Cargo Chute - and that's a very specific weird example. If Imperials re-release Gunboat fast to get Advanced SLAM in a pack (not conversion kits) it's only natural rebels wont get it until the K-Wing. The notoriously rare upgrades were usually fixes for ships in general, which presumably 2E will not need. You shouldn't need autothrusters to suddenly counter the turret menace, the cost values and upgrade options of the ships involved would just get adjusted until they seem more balanced out. There should not be a need for a "killer app" upgrade to counteract a type of play style or ship style or make an archetype which isn't useful useful again. There would be no need for Harpoons, they could just make Concs cost a couple points less, in this analogy. Also supposedly they're working on something like the conversion kit so you don't have to buy extra minis you won't use, which depending on their format may also mean you don't need to buy "out of faction" per say but that's something they haven't really elaborated on at all.
  8. The article says that Saw's Renegades should have the Illicit slot, which is why they have their own U-Wing and X-Wing generic, it seems.
  9. UnitOmega

    Where are my Cannons and Turrets?

    They really shouldn't be different in that case, which is probably why most Cannons and Turrets don't have the little ordnance symbol to show they don't get/give Range bonuses.
  10. UnitOmega

    Where are my Cannons and Turrets?

    Autoblaster could probably be like the new Homing - where you can take like, 1 damage OR risk the enemy rolling some modded dice at you.
  11. UnitOmega

    So, what are we waiting for?

    A couple neutral expansions should be announced next, whenever we get close to the current two getting released, I think? Also Han and Commando PVs.
  12. UnitOmega

    Proton Rockets 2.0: What Ships Have Missiles?

    We've only seen a couple of torps, several of them are probably solid to resurface in the game eventually, I bet one of them will be bullseye, unless that's like, the secret move of the Torpedo School, "we're all arcs down here".
  13. ARC is a perfect excuse to have both (and an astro) and give it a unique combo.
  14. UnitOmega

    Luker Gunner costs ~30 pts?

    Yeah, that's a great comparison, you're literally sacrificing an extra ship, which is a block, another attack, better distribution of points in competitive, etc. to gain the ability to keep ships in arc whenever and also maybe get a Force mod.
  15. UnitOmega

    In 2.0, Illicits will be like Talents on the upgrade bar?

    Honestly that's not new. Scum Zs have Illicits, Rebels ones don't - this is the first case where it's just in the same faction - but it could easily balance out. An I1 w/ Illicit Cavern Angel could be the same price (or only 1 point cheaper which would be .5 points in 1E terms) as an I2 X-Wing. All YTs will probably have it though, since 1300s are all "Modified" and we've seen a rando 2400 basically do a Rigged Cargo Chute on screen. We're basically just going to cut out Snuggling Compartments at this stage.