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  1. Tractor Beam; They got it wrong.

    Pretty sure it only explodes once. Or are you saying a projectile has to explode to do damage in the first place?
  2. Targeting Synchronizer question

    Spending a TL to reroll always was a game effect.
  3. Tractor Beam; They got it wrong.

    Variable. The origin of the word more has to do with the barbs than the cable or rope, and very old harpoons are just barbed fishing spears. And the real Harpoon missile weapon is named that because it was thought to be used to kill "whales" (submarines) and doesn't use barbs at all. So, they could have used it as a kind of tow cable effect, like what Legion has, but I think the idea is how to make "sticky" explosives without having to explain say, HESH rounds to Star Wars fans. EDIT: Also, if you were to just shoot a regular harpoon out of a ship at somebody even with explosive propellant, that's called a "Harpoon Cannon". Which would be neat, but might be hard to distinguish from the regular Tractor beam. That and space magic beams make people ask less questions.
  4. targeting scramblers worst upgrade in game?

    I think there's a difference between "fix cards" and "more stuff you can use with this ship" cards. Like, New titles, ship specific upgrades are "fixes". Targeting Scrambler can help the U-Wing, but it might also be good on other ships. Keep in mind it is a zero point upgrade, the second for system, so it has to be very niche. Key example. Harpoon Missiles only come in Guns For Hire (at the moment. Given their popularity, they'll probably be reissued at some point). In that pack, they can only be equipped to the Kihraxz. Now, they combo well with the specific Fix upgrade for the Kihraxz, the Vaksai title, but as seen by their popularity, they are perfectly good on many other ships. Vectored Thrusters is also real good on the Vaksai K-fighters, but this doesn't mean it isn't useful on other ships as well which came out before, just it can also go on the Kihraxz pretty good and also meshes with Vaksai, so it's in the pack.
  5. (Spoilers) Solo - Millenium Falcon

    I'm pretty sure there's an official SW image of how flexible the YT-1300 is, with different plates, prongs and cockpit placements. Also traditionally Han and/or Lando hid the missile launchers in the front prongs, so that might be part of why the space was removed.
  6. U-wing “fix” it better be good..

    U-Wing is a point cheaper than the Auzituck, there's something it does better. It's also as fast if not faster, thanks Large Base (though admittedly, this does prevent VT). But in general I think it's different ships doing different things, the U-Wing just needs more options to do those things. Depending on what the pilots do, combined with new crew options, solid strats may emerge with the U-Wing.
  7. The Kashyyyk Aces Pack

    Hey, we drew from Battlegrounds for the TIE Punisher. Where's the whole Wookiee Faction? Wookie Blade Bombers and Agr fighters when? Gungan and Wookie standalone armies for Legion when?
  8. U-wing “fix” it better be good..

    The U-Wing doesn't really need a "fix" per say, though if they want to reword when you can pop Pivot Wing to make it a little less telegraphed that would help, but even the Auzituck doesn't really bring "killer app" crew, it's just also a ship with 2 crew slots and it has good offense potential to utilize them. And then Reinforce is kind of a ***** in 100/8. If I'm remembering my math right, since you can't 180 in an Auzituck either, 2 AGI and 8 HP (just using +1 AGI on Pivot Wing) is slightly better than 1 AGI and 9 HP (barring the Reinforce again, which has issues but a lot of people have complained about it, so it's possible something might happen to counter it or alter it). But from the original batch of U-Wing pilots, it's not a fighty ship, it's a blocky-support ship, like the Lambda (seriously, several pilots even have similar abilities. Bodhi attempts to make Target Locks easier, Cassian heals stress which combos well with Inspiring Recruit), while the Auzituck is just a tank. A primary problem is that there is no Palpatine-tier crew card for Rebels, nor do their highest rated pilots necessarily need such support coverage. A lot of Rebel strats seem to involve running 2-3 fairly self-sufficient ships and then forcing your opponent to only work on one at a time while you kick their butt from both ends. We'll have to see if maybe the new pilots make the U-Wing push towards that direction, or if crew elements maybe give it some more wiggle room to provide support people want for Rebel ships. Otherwise the U-Wing will probably lurk on the edge of busting out, just waiting for the time for people to go "If only I had a Rebel Lambda, oh wait I do" (only it can 2↱ twice in a row).
  9. HD New Trooper from Solo

    I, for one, welcome Stormies on Ice.
  10. (Spoilers) Solo - Millenium Falcon

    The current canon steals reintegrates a lot of stuff from old Kenner toys.
  11. Scum skipped for wave 13 and 14 = big scum wave incoming?

    The dial will probably be the same, but we already have precedent on multiple title versions, for instance the "Sequel" title giving it sloops. A new copy of the title might allow boost, BRs or new maneuvers, in addition to new pilot abilities. >New-Old-Falcon Title: Gain BR action icon. You can barrel roll into other ships, who receive 1 damage when you do so.
  12. Scum skipped for wave 13 and 14 = big scum wave incoming?

    I mean, it's a whole new sculpt of the falcon, so it would warrant a new release, probably with plenty of Scum crew which FFG can't give hints about yet as per the usze. The real kicker though is the Scum Falcon should probably resemble ORS at all steps of the way. It looks like it doesn't have the quads in the trailer, and that extra cargo space in front is occupying where the concussion missile launchers traditionally are.
  13. New Imperial Large Based Ship--We need one

    IIRC, Krennic chose his shuttle model purely for aesthetics, he liked the slightly artistic design but it wasn't as practical as competing designs like the Lambda which got wider adoption.
  14. U-Wing fix, Am I missing something?

    Not if it's a torp slot, they only get one.
  15. So...U-Wing and Tie Reaper in wave 2?

    U-Wing length = 24.98 meters, (82 ft) with S-foils forward AT-AT length = 20 meters AT-ACT length = 34.90 meters