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  1. Looks like it was Destiny, so no X-Wing today.
  2. What I've learned from Wave XI is that despite pushing around tiny space ships, not many people who play X-Wing understand pitch and roll - even though though yaw is implied.
  3. Yeah, but you can have more fun with 5 Zealous Recruits. If winning doesn't matter, the lost of the 1 PS and the one shield isn't really that important compared to the unparalleled joy that is Boost/BR. And the Protectorate has Tallon Rolls and Green Turns. Also, they look kind of like Vic Vipers from Gradius (And the second Zone of the Enders if I want to make an obscure reference).
  4. I think "fly it like you stole it" is going to replace "fly casual" for me. Well now, I actually think the U-Wing is a greatly balanced platform, it has pretty good improvements over the HWK, even. It's primary issue is that like the HWK it is a platform, but it doesn't yet have many good things to put on that platform. Pilots have good support abilities, the action when you block is pretty good, Bodhi has a good sort of ability to let fast ships run up and be a spotter for slower ships and Cassian alleviates stress which is really good - but they don't alone make the ship - they all need to work with other ships in certain variable ways which are not universally applicable. But say, Jan Ors can almost always pop in and be useful with some decent range on her ability and attack dice are almost always applicable. So the U-Wing just needs some good stuff to put on that platform. More crew like Jyn, more systems, that kind of thing. That's a pretty good spot to be, it's a very organic area to grow without needing a direct "fix".
  5. TIE Scout would have Jam, obviously, and a title or mod to pass target locks. Otherwise, while I haven't been in this as long as people like @DarthMeanie I agree with most of what they said. Mynock just did a retrospective on the Rebel HWK and talk about how a couple of its pilots are always skirting the fringes of tournament lists - they're too good to just die out, even if the HWK frame is terrible. Es, Kfighters and punishers seem like they're in a rough patch, though obviously it's hard to say that with Corran at least being pretty consistently high level play - but the rest of them aren't well used. Rockets+Frame does stuff for the punisher though, as might the new system in the H-6 (Like if it lets you pre drop all your mine-type bombs that'll be pretty sweet). Other ships might not be as optimal in some way or another, but aren't fundamentally unplayable and usually have a couple of pilots who are good enough to run even for serious competition play.
  6. All we know is it's synchronized. It's not like you're attacking twice like with BTL-A4 explicitly, so feel free to fill in any number of logical conclusions based on the number of ships which can theoretically utilize Sync Turret as an upgrade.
  7. Well, that's kind of the point I'm making. X-Wings and K-fighters are similar in underlying capability. They have a similar cost, same action bar, same attack power and agi, and same total health. Their dials are similar, Ks have more green, the 5k and 1 turns, but lose 3 turns and the 1 forward. The product description explicitly mentions being inspired by the X-Wing even though that's not really a huge deal in the prior fluff. But, the Kihraxz lacks the astromech slot which is the one way Xs really gain back for the fact that they also lack actions/efficiency. Salvaged astros have several options (and would have had several more) which could help a K. They also couldn't regen until PRS. But they get illicits instead, which make for fun tricks but none so far have been really optimal on the Kihraxz platform. Maybe scavenger crane to get bonus missile Kihraxz. So yeah, it feels like FFG tried too hard to fill the role the X-Wing has for Rebels only the Kihraxz didn't actually get the one trick X-Wings do really have.
  8. It was made to be the Scum X-Wing. But it doesn't even get Astros. So basically FFG shot themselves in the foot, basing it on a frame which already a nebulous all-rounder.
  9. I think that would require the New Republic to not sit around and suck **** for like 30 years - which doesn't seem to be the direction the Story Group is going.
  10. Technically yes. I'm pretty sure it was in your podcast where you were using the idea that you'd measure the shortest distance to the ship to determine fore and aft or eye ball it and all that stuff, none of that matters for standard. It's a simple firing arc check. Are you in arc of the defender and "fore" is showing? +1 Evade. Are you not in arc and "aft" is showing? +1 Evade. Are you in arc and "aft" is showing? No evade.
  11. Yeah, but that's the visual design. Somebody could probably tweet at Pablo or some other people "hey, this is a Kihraxz right?" to confirm, but they don't seem to change names of stuff which are established in the EU when they port over the designs.
  12. I am receiving reports that the following image appears in the recently published Part II of the Darth Maul comics series by Marvel, which of course is canon. That's a clear shot of a Kihraxz/Vaskai frame in there, as well as a shot of the Minstrel-class yacht. So rejoice. #KihraxzForBlackSunAces2017
  13. Here's a more interesting question, which I don't know if it's been asked before. Will Rebel and Scum Nym have different pilot abilities? Scum and Rebel Sabine are different, though the Shadowcaster sabine lacks her normal EPT and is customized to that ship (And would have to represent her at like, 13-14 or something when she was a freelance bounty hunter working with Ketsu). Scum and Imperial Boba have different abilities. So, it would seem to follow they do. What sort of differences could those be to sync with different factions/ships. It's an interesting idea we'll have to see play out.
  14. I was more talking about how in, say, Rebels, apparently the ability to carry a load of passengers isn't so much a particular variant in configuration, just that the ordnance bays are emptied. They even have some bench like slabs where racks of munitions normally go, or something.
  15. Honestly, if we take the Phantom (Which has five lasers in Empire At War) as the precedent, the H-6 should have an ATK 4 - it's armed with six forward lasers and an automated light turret. But obviously, 4 ATK scum WITH turrets and ordnance would be pretty rough, especially with it having a crew slot. EDIT: also, gonna gonna pick on JBot again (I feel like I do this a lot when I actually listen to these episodes), but while X-Wing doesn't do anything with it, this is a model of a 3D dogfight in ships with marvelous maneuvering systems which do not exist in our universe (like the X-Wing's etheric rudder). You need to hit somebody up front the pilot just pops the nose down for a few seconds then pops it back up, same as if you need to get a good side angle. And the /SF still doesn't work as a PWT/Turret upgrade. That would require the pilot to basically roll one way or the other to clear the side wings to actually get a shot to the sides, it's much easier as a rear aux and then the power to add the die to the front because you can bring another gun to bear. They probably should have just released the TIE/AG first though, and people would have complained less, they'd already have the thing, because the AG should totally be able to fire to the sides, that's why it has the wings cut out. Also, WW1 planes totally could blow their own tails off.