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  1. "The Force is strong with this one" Said as Vader is on Luke's tail, trying to shoot him down and not yet managing it. Also, if you look at them together, many of the Force-Sensitive pilots (at least for the rebels) and a pretty consistent theme - usually related to focus results or tokens. Imperials and Scum are more scattershot, though Maarek Steele (who was an Emperor's Hand at one point) and Kylo Ren both do crit fishing.
  2. I think Deadeye effects are actually why the TIE/AG doesn't have a generic EPT slot. They're already cheap enough you can run four with x2 Cruise Missiles (And chips) each - and as noted it has a decent dial and has a PS advantage over other generic alpha strike components. If they had the EPT for deadeye, you'd be building pretty nasty triple AG lists with double cruise on deadeye and whatever turret you liked with maybe some points left over and they'd have the PS advantage on other generics, that would probably chew into the favorability of certain lists. I think people are just underwhelmed - Imps got a tool-kit multirole/workhorse ship while the other two factions got kind of flashy ships with very big (and sometimes unpopular) roles. In the long run the AG will probably do more for the imperial faction, especially if other upgrades come out which complement it - much like how people were calling SFs DOA even when they were actually pretty okay, and then LWF pushed them up to the imperial top tier.
  3. I feel like "TIE Silencer" is a little too late 90s/early 00s EDGY, though that kind of fits Kylo Ren's black trenchcoat aesthetic. TIE/VN is acceptable, though I wish I knew what it stood for. "Silencer" could be Kylo's unique ship.
  4. Well, basically, way I see it - people sometimes forget as a Secondary Weapon turrets have been in the game since Wave 1. If you are 100% against the ability to fire out of arc period, X-Wing has never been the game for you. Most people aren't though, because secondary weapons have a couple of things (no range bonus, usually range limits, etc). However, the turret secondary weapon basically set the standard for performing 360 attacks. You make an attack, even if it's outside your firing arc. Once you have this simple mechanic, it's probably hard to go back and make it more complex especially when you're adding just one ship with the PWT function. So the Falcon has the Primary Weapon Turret mechanic which is just making attacks out of arc. It's simple and does what you want, and doesn't get into the logistical pitfalls which happens if you think too hard about the Falcon's turrets (Like it has two, one ventral, one dorsal. Why can't it fire in multiple directions at once?). This then stuck as the standard for PWT and it pretty strongly fits the feel of the original films (thus, "fat turrets" are a strong strategy in the RPG too - Fire Arc: All is great). Later things complicated the issue which originally formed the classic "ship triangle" of Turrets, Jousters and Arc Dodgers to make them more prominent, but even now (and then) I'd argue mostly it's misuse of the PWT mechanic by ships which is the real pain. The underlying ability isn't "wrong" per say though. I mean, what else would you do, especially after writing ICT? Also, Shadowcaster isn't actually an example of "how a PWT should be" because it's not actually a Primary Weapon Turret. It's a Fixed forward primary weapon and also has some primary weapons on a turret the pilot also controls, hence it's relatively unique mechanic.
  5. Depends on if there are any major trade shows between street date on XI and Gencon, I think.
  6. TLJ was delayed from a summer to a holiday release - it's possible that means FFG has had longer time to work with pre-release materials from the film and we know that since Rogue One they've had a much tighter relationship to work on concepts from the films (there was even an article on Star Wars.com about FFG and some of the process they do to make X-wing expansions and how the U-Wing and Striker involved codenames to obscure spoilers and things). Some of that obviously depends on the reasoning for the delay though.
  7. I homebrewed a Kom'rk once, Maul's pilot ability let him change an attack die to a crit once per round if he had any damage cards.
  8. Yeah, the imperial defection line would be... weird. Early versions of Tycho, Wedge and a pile of other X-Wing pilots (and probably some other pilots) would all have been imperial, and consequently there were rebel or anti-imperial aligned version of many imperial pilots like Fel and Kir Kanos. Best not to think about it. But if Asajj is Scum, then so would Maul.
  9. Presuming that Wave XII will include +1 ship for Rebels and Imps as an EP8 tie in (and will probably not involve more than those this from EP8 judging by form, remember FFG has some limitations on what they actually can get about ships before the movie comes out - they might want to wait a wave for some ships to get more details so they don't have to Heroes of the Resistance each time) That would mean that Rebels will be at 20 seperate ships total, and imperials at 18. Scum are currently 15, so do not be surprised if Wave XII actually has two scum ships, this might be why there are six SKUs open. +2 Scum ships would still only put them at 17, maintaining the current disparity. I'll stand with @Elavion, god forbid Scum have more usable ships than Jumpmasters - though I'd expect something to happen to Jumps before Wave XII hits. Given what we have, N-1 seems pretty likely, and then if Imperials got a V-Wing and Scum got an HH-87 that would be a wave of 3 Clone Wars era small ships which are used in the GCW time period-ish. Cad Bane and Asajj Ventress are both in the game so the starting point cut-off for some of these ships seems pretty flexible. Yeah, yeah, Rebel and Scum V-Wings, but that's not really in canon anymore. Imperials also have a lot of shuttle type ships to pick from left over from Rogue One, but I don't know if FFG will jump right to those a year after the Upsilon came out. The TIE Reaper might be distinct enough, but who knows? The Legends annals are open though, so hold onto your butts for ANYTHING. EDIT: Speaking of this though I did some polling around the community (like the subreddit) and talked about the results on my YouTube channel. Video posted earlier today:
  10. Aces packs are categorized separately on the product page from the regular Waves, so they and Epic are a different bloc of releases. Wave XI is the TIE/AG, The Auzituck and the H-6 yes. You can always check FFG's upcoming page for the latest status - though often that seems to have some delays before being switched over. Guns for Hire is currently listed as "In Development" which means details are being finalized by designers and playtesters and have yet to be sent to the printer (which is overseas) and where the actual production run can take some months. Not sure how long X-Wing usually takes. Presumably since it is announced, it will arrive between when Wave XI and the unannounced Wave XII does - but no guarantees.
  11. Did some polling on it recently, people feel that Gunboat is still a strong contender to scratch off (And personally I think would be much more of an opportunity in both sales and mechanics than the TIE Oppressor if they want to keep double missile slots rolling for imperials). Also man, this is a great topic. I can't believe I never noticed it before.
  12. I mean, people usually make this complaint after a wave is announced and they don't care. Rebel ships is debatably the only region where FFG is fairly narrow, there's loads of untapped content from Star Wars Galaxies and older flight sims for Imperials and Scum which often utilized ships already in the fiction for the rebellion, and even then as the "protagonist" faction, new content will be supplying Rebels for years to come (though some people may be annoyed that some of that will involve many large base PWTs). People who say "FFG is running out of ships" may or may not be the "ships aren't iconic" talkers - while obviously there may be some merit to "only ships on screen" (though that expands as Star Wars Rebels goes on) design, that has a strong limitation in favor of Rebels originally which is why you have stuff like Galaxies adding ships like the TIE Aggressor and TIE Oppressor to balance out factions because it's not PVP balanced if only Rebel players have a two-seat ship with a turret. As an avid reader and older school Star Wars game player (and also, avid runner of the RPGs by FFG) I think they have plenty of wiggle room left and just because you don't like a ship design or don't recognize it doesn't mean it's not a good choice for the game and won't appeal to some people. And FFG has some wiggle room from the RPGs too. Things aren't really running low until you see AD-1S Modular Fighter, Tallanx-class Stealth Fighter or an ARC-40b (which I think was designed off a LEGO kit) EDIT: BTW, the on-screen rule hits more than you'd think sometime. The YT-2400 has been in top level canon since the Special Editions.
  13. I know this doesn't address small-base ships with a lot of health (though as noted, there's meta splash damage on that) but you could easily do a "Anti-Ship Missile" which does an extra damage or something to a large base ships. Flechette torpedoes is only 2 points for it's effect, something which punishes larger ships could be similar. Or if you want to have a tank killer in general, do reverse prockets. A munition which rolls less attack dice based on the AGI of the defender. 5 ATK vs 0 AGI ships to 2 ATK vs 3 AGI ships. That's probably got more general spread.
  14. The original example, yeah. But I wanted to point out modern examples (including 1 of a Scum ship) because that is a trend which has stayed ongoing for the game.
  15. There definitely seems to be some cost fudging on some ships to prevent them running on 5+ with certain upgrades, See TIE Strikers and even Protectorate Fighters.