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  1. There's three groups (ronin, peasant, gaijin), so actually I think two chapters per, but that's still only like 70-80 pages out of a +250 page book, and a lot of it will likely be what gaijin do in Rokugan and how they "Get away with it" as much as where they come from and why they left.
  2. Plus, y'know, they offer pdf releases, which are less expensive and machine searchable.
  3. I'm sure FFG would want to play around with no LoS attacks, but that could get pretty brutal if not used in carefully selected situations, and apparently the mortar is already pretty nasty. They may want to stabilize some stuff first. A "spotter droid" comms upgrades for Vehicles and Emplacements only to mean you can Squadsight wouldn't be awful. Actually FFG does the XCOM board game right? We can just do squadsight, we already have overwatch.
  4. Pavarre is the name of a place, Portuga is a language (probably the language of Pavarre, if they're meant to be akin to Portugal). Similar to how I presume Invidi is the language of the Ivory Kingdoms.
  5. This book is more about what those people do in Rokugan, though I'm sure it will describe the Ivory Kingdoms in order to explain where they come from. But Gaijin influences have been in Rokugan already in the RPG. There's the Mantis and Unicorn doing all that gaijin trade (explicitly in Emerald Empire), not to mention the Tortoise Clan explicitly formed for that secret purpose. The Unicorn Novella takes place largely outside Rokugan as the Unicorn deal with a potential military threat outside those borders. Crab hire gaijin mercenaries to man the wall. "Gaijin" also doesn't mean westerners - there are Ujik tribesmen who did not become the Moto, there are the Tengensai folk in the mountains above the burning sands, who know the Tao of Shinsei, and the Yobanjin tribes who live north of the mountains in Dragon and Phoenix, including many of the same stock as the pre-Fall of the Kami Rokugani, but refused to bend the knee. And exist as an influence in Rokugan as the Kaito family are descended from some. Plus all those gaijin keywords in the LCG. So yeah, gaijin already all up in Rokugan, where u been? That's Rempet now, it's in the Unicorn Novella. FFG may not have secured any tm on that original name, but the ideas are similar (though Rempet was destroyed by Lady Shinjo herself, so they've been gone quite some time)
  6. So this is I think a very interesting choice. A lot of people, myself included, expected a book like this, just not so early in the dev cycle. I'm kind of split, on the one hand, ronin haven't been a major theme in the fiction or LCG, or too much of the RPG stuff, so it's weird to see so much focus, on the other hand I know plenty of people interested in ronin games and more information on how ronin function, as well as other outsiders. And "rise from the dust" is a legit Core option, this book will probably serve to fully flesh it out. Sins of Regret sounds like an interesting and classic story type. Also, a headsup, if some people who aren't familiar with FFG's style with Star Wars, this is gonna be a "location" type book like EE, expect one big chapter of player options (though it sounds like it's at the front) then 6 chapters on the various topics like Emerald Empire, it will not have a specific clan focus and probably no great clan schools like Shadowlands or Courts of Stone (which are the 3-chapter style). I'm still betting my internet donuts that Dragon is the next Clan sourcebook with the novella coming.
  7. Confirmation: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/16/path-of-the-waves/
  8. Sourcing from a Reddit thread, seems a little elaborate for a hoax though since I'm not a retailer it's not like I can check Alliance. It would fit with the Gencon adventure as well. The short form description makes me think of a book more like Emerald Empire, with multiple sections about a variety of topics related to ronin or gaijin and locations, and probably a big block of specific character options at the back, rather than the Great Clan focus for the past couple books. Still no sign of CoS PDF.
  9. It's traditional for the imperial spouse to be of the Doji family, but I do not think it is inherently required. But you'll have to go against the entire Crane (who you're related to, naturally) to try and swing that one. It's probably seen as inappropriate to pick from Otomo (who are mostly "deactivated" Hantei) and Miya (who are supposed to stay out of the politicking) families.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, that's actually the etymology of "bulletproof" as in, "proofed against a bullet". Armors would fire a pistol into the armor to show you it would stand up to the impact.
  11. ARCs should be an operative who maybe could lead a squad of clones in a pinch, yeah. They're supposed to be one-man armies, or they train local partisan forces. Commandos are much more the elite HSLD squad tactics group, they're skilled and well equipped, but still intended to be used in small unit tactics. They're ideal for Special Forces like Death Trooper as heavy infantry.
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/SWlegion/comments/cnr63h/deep_dive_stormtrooper_heavy_weapons/ So a guy did some projections. The result is that the DLT is not really a golden god, the RTC-97C has a slight edge on it in normal fire, and if you're just using it at R4 it has quite a bit more edge (especially with aims). If you can afford the slight hop in points, the RT is really worth it. The T-21 is kind of the other end, it performs slightly under the two and obviously lacks the range 4, but really does tend to generate quite a bit of natural crit power, even in excess of the DLT-19 (and obviously, the DLT has no added value vs anything but armor) so they can be very helpful against all the various forms of defense, but if you're shooting guys out in the open anyway it's not necessarily worth the cost. If you were running all Stormtroopers, 1-2 T-21 teams would probably be nice for the specialization, but you might just as well be taking care of that with other units.
  13. I did always find it a bit odd that gunpowder was made into a gaijin thing considering it was Chinese in origin and there' not really any Asia other than Rokugan, but at the same time, Rokugan is not actually Japan, and it's not actually historical. "But history!" cuts both ways. Perhaps nobody in Rokugan wants to mess around with carrying loads of black powder when a single shugenja can speak to the kami and cause a spark which blows everybody up, or douses them with water kami. It is ultimately a pop-culture inspired fantasy than a period piece. And firearms are not a popular set piece in most of the fantasy this is based on. Anyway, FFG so far has done a pretty good job actually not outright calling black powder banned (though there is a gaijin incendiary weapon which is, it's mentioned in Shadowlands), and actually discussing technological advancement. While I don't think they nailed down where the Katana started, they do actually acknowledge straight swords (jian and chokuto) existed in the past, and art consistently depicts the really old ancestral weapons this way (as opposed to O5R and the millenial katana). I'm sure they have thoughts for gunpowder, but ultimately it doesn't always fit the themes - this is a game where you end a guys life in the flash of a sword, dropping a guy with a single well-shot arrow is a high-level technique. Rokugan knows about black powder either way, I'm sure, but I expect much like before that guns probably aren't in the honor playbook. They may be fit for shadowlands hordes and gaijin invaders, but squads of ashigaru arquebusiers isn't what L5R as a setting is going for. Explosives are alluded to in the core, but blowing up the ground a guy is standing on (without respectfully invoking the kami) seems a bit underhanded. Maybe we've got a bit of a Princess Mononoke thing going on, and shooting people and things with big lead balls leads to spiritual uncleanliness, so we want to make sure we don't do it willy-nilly and disturb supernatural forces (which, y'know, are fantastical, and not bound by our sense of historical realism). And maybe in the early days of the Empire, shooting people with inaccurate, slow-firing hand cannons wasn't as cool as the skills of the Kami and other Founders. Anyway, it's probably not gonna be forgotten about, but it's not popularized either, as we've had a couple of good times to discuss it if it was and it wasn't. But, the whole history of military explosives is black powder, so I would like a bit of a discussion on it anyway. Rules-wise the "can't defend" (backed with several rounds of prepare) is very simple, which is good, but also has a bit of an oddity in that while it would interact with soaking rolls, it doesn't interact with armor unless you're a Hida, which is also "inaccurate". Especially when one of the armors in Shadowlands is inspired by gaijin armor against ranged attacks (so probably designed for bullets). So I dunno how you handle that.
  14. Also, Wookiee weapons (at least in Legends, but I bet in canon too) are all hand-crafted, they don't have heavy industry on Kashyyyk. They might temporarily pick up another gun (Chewie actually uses the SX-21 scattergun the rebels are getting in Solo), but if they have the time they're gonna take some tools and components together and build their bowcasters and pistols (which I think in SWG had wood furnishing).
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