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  1. UnitOmega

    Potential Advancement Oversight

    That's shuji, good samurai
  2. UnitOmega

    Potential Advancement Oversight

    They're pretty evenly split as far as the curriculum goes. For Water you get Rank 1s in general and early access to Sympathetic Energies, then early access to Hands of the Tides at R2, then Ever-Changing Waves in R5. Earth they just get R1-2 and Rise, Earth, though they have a 2/3 Earth option for starting Invocations. The real oddball is the R1-4 Air but that doesn't necessarily mean they favor Earth more than Water.
  3. UnitOmega

    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    Okay, here we go. Gut Feeling (Void) [Distinction] Types: Physical, Spiritual You have an innate sense for trouble, and can always tell when you are in danger. If a fight is about to break out, a natural disaster is about to strike, or a supernatural threat is about to make it's presence known, you realize it a few moments before anybody else. GM has final say on how far in advance you sense the danger. When making a check to sense or react to a threat based on instinct alone (such as Martial Arts (Melee) [Void] to strike out at an unseen enemy, or Survival [Void] to sense an impending natural disaster) you may reroll up to two dice. Hay Fever (Water) [Adversity] Types: Physical You have a noticeable allergy to pollen. You become seasonally ill around certain plants at different time of year, and will suffer symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and fatigue during these periods if you are outside. You find it difficult to concentrate on tasks and can only exert yourself for half as long as normal in these conditions. When you make a skill check outdoors in the presence of pollen (such as a Courtesy [Water] check to express your admiration of a garden, or a Survival [Water] to forage for food and water in a forest) you must choose and reroll two dice containing Success or Explosive Success. After resolving the check, if you failed, you gain 1 Void point. Cooking (Fire) [Passion] Types: Physical, Interpersonal You can identify and prepare any traditional Rokugani dish, including regional specialties. You can identify the ingredients in any meal by sight, smell or taste. Given enough time and supplies, you can turn almost any ingredient into a stunning meal. Whenever you perform a check to be creative or artistic in food preparation (such as a Aesthetics [Fire] to develop a new way to present a dish, or a Culture [Fire] to pinpoint the cultural significance of a foreign food), remove 3 Strife. Fishing (Water) [Passion] Types: Physical, Mental You can identify most kinds of fresh and saltwater fish in Rokugan, tell if they are edible or not, and how rare they are. You can always spot a good time or place to fish, and how to safely catch, release, or store fish (both dead and alive). Whenever you perform a check related to fishing as an art, (such as Survival [Water] to set up a fishing line, or Design [Water] to construct a fishing lure from materials on hand), remove 3 Strife. Matchmaking (Air) [Passion] Types: Interpersonal You have a knack for figuring out who would make a good pair for marriage, alliances and more. If you have a few moments to observe two people, you can instinctively tell if their personalities, skills, families and station are a good complement. Whenever you perform a check related setting people up or figuring out a person's best match (such as a Composition [Air] to help someone refine a love letter, or a Culture [Air] to trace a person's genealogy), remove 3 Strife. Stage Fright (Fire) [Anxiety] Types: Interpersonal You are not good at speaking or performing before large crowds (regardless of status). When faced with such an occasion, you often stammer, shake or hesitate which makes your fear known to others. After performing a check to express yourself in front of a crowd (such as a Performance [Fire] to give the crowd a passionate show, or a Government [Fire] to share your legal theory in court) you receive 3 Strife. If this is the first time this has occurred this scene, gain 1 Void point. #Advantage #Disadvantage #Passion #Anxiety #Distinction #Adversity #Air #Fire #Water #Void
  4. UnitOmega

    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    So I have quite a few Advantages/Disadvantages I've thought up at various points. Do people mind if I dump them as a single block, or should I space it out better?
  5. I mean, I wouldn't say a book of all minor clans wouldn't sell, but it would have to be a very comprehensive book because on their own the minor clans don't use a lot of page space, the Mantis packet is a pdf with 11 total pages which includes cover, credit and opening fiction, and two pages are devoted to NPC types. Now, FFG's Star Wars Sourcebooks are usually like 100 pages, so you're gonna need to either be very deep in the fluff on the subject or you need like a dozen (min) Minor Clans to cover, and presumably can't re-use Tortoise or Mantis.
  6. Pigeon post could probably be a Unicorn thing, it seems to have originated in the Middle East in the real world, so they might have run into some cultures who train birds that way out beyond Rokugan and brought it back. Great way to utilize the Animal Bond passion.
  7. "He's right behind you Jimbo-san how can you not see him!"
  8. I mean, out of a lot of FFG's "formats" of sourcebooks, I think the best way to handle Minor Clans would be "locational" ones. Ex, a Northern Rokugan book would describe specifically the Dragon and Phoenix Lands, their major settlements, the Yobanjin in the north, and also include stuff like the Dragonfly and Badger clan and their lands because that's where they live. You wouldn't necessarily just talk about the Dragon lands though, FFG usually aims more broad than that. I say this somewhat as a long time SWRPG GM, but people are overblowing the Star Wars adventures a bit. Some have included what are strictly new player-format options (a new species, a force power tree you unlock in the adventure, etc) but mostly they just contain various new mechanics which benefit the adventure but could also be included elsewhere - like ship/vehicle stats, unique little encounter mechanics, equipment or unique treasures, etc. L5R will probably be similar, some will be like Dark Tide ("Hey you're gonna hang out with the Tortoise a lot, here's their deal") but others could easily just be "and here's a little way to run a naval mass combat, or here's a relic item the adventure is about, or here is a new title for a specific group in this adventure, etc.
  9. Hiding from the Unicorn's horse is actually pretty important.
  10. UnitOmega

    A few questions from a new play group & GM

    As does current Unicorn Champ, Shinjo Altansarnai (it means "golden rose").
  11. This is because FFG is smart, and you never know when a boat full of X-Wing will sink.
  12. UnitOmega

    Imperial Gifts - Kotei Prize Fiction

    The kid fires a very unsubtle shot in that direction yes. Only the fact that such an implication would be crazy outside the bounds of protocol prevents Shahai from taking him seriously.
  13. Been asking myself this question for a while. The announcement after EE will be telling on that front, I guess.
  14. FFG doesn't usually detail everything in a preview - it's probably not shocking or anything, just they pick one to hold back for later. A second Otomo school makes sense, but you never know.
  15. Ye, Ninjutsu is super limited right now. It's a very narrow chance it can happen, but if you roll that result on the heritage table which gives you a Rank 1 Ninjutsu or Maho it's basically just "free skulk" unless you happen to be playing a character who would be okay to or not realize they're using Maho (which also is gonna be rare because almost all the Maho right now are also like obviously evil). You don't even have a Rank 5 Ninjutsu technique yet.