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  1. UnitOmega

    Shinseist, Fortunist and Family

    There's also a discussion of samurai families sending excess children to train at temples along with a sizable donation for their room and board which can keep a temple or shrine funded for several years on it's own. So also reasonable to be a GC family samurai from a sizable household who was basically the Rokugan equivalent of sent to the clergy.
  2. UnitOmega

    Unsung Heros.

    Droid unit will probably need a keyword or another unit type clarification, as with Emplacement Trooper. They should not necessarily suffer from panic or suppression, and be immune to certain force powers, but should be vulnerable to Ion weapons in some form. Legion isn't necessarily very simulationist, but droids vs organics has a long history in Star Wars, and X-Wing went out of it's way to design a couple niche mechanics for Droid pilots and upgrades.
  3. UnitOmega

    Unsung Heros.

    Pretty sure you're at range 1 and friendly to yourself.
  4. UnitOmega

    Imperial Census (Spoilers for Kyotei Castle)

    Moth were mentioned in the Core book, though the family name is first mentioned in EE.
  5. UnitOmega

    Starting gear for new character

    You have a starting cash from your family, no reason you can't use it to buy up a few additional things for you. Also 20 questions should give you at least one more item, if not more.
  6. UnitOmega

    Smaller than a Football Field

    Tactical movement, everybody is in like a half-crouch trying not to get shot, carrying 100 pounds of gear. On the other hand, speeders must have a busted throttle or sticky brakes or something.
  7. The imperials other than thrawn from Rebels only need one model - man in officer uniform with facial hair, the player will supply his own british accent.
  8. UnitOmega

    Smaller than a Football Field

    Soo... who's down for "Life Size" Legion?
  9. UnitOmega

    New vehicles!

    Never engage in a head-on confrontation. Sabotage, outmaneuver, obfuscate. This should be like, page 1 of the rebel playbook in big boldface letters.
  10. UnitOmega

    New vehicles!

    I don't think Imperial armor is safe. Luke's always been a bit scary, and, always in motion the future is - there's plenty about upcoming announced releases which are unknowns. It's too early to say what exactly things are gonna be like by the time we get to the new Heavy expansions. While it's unique, Rebels are gonna likely get an Ion weapon which doesn't exhaust in Pathfinders. But! we don't know exactly what it does, which is why I don't think it's cool to call FFG out on half-given spoilers for a release months from now with more tech between now and then. And honestly, I think the X-34 is how you make Imperial Armor not safe. This thing is a Heavy unit for 75 points. It technically has the same health and defense (with surge) as two speeder bikes, with still Cover 1 plus Armor 2, for only 1 less speed - and it doesn't lose half it's firepower at 3 wounds. Given Arsenal 3 though, you're obviously gonna be loading these things down with a few upgrades, which can include an ion blaster and a rocket launcher, which will likely add quite a bit of impact and Ion. Rebel units are already relatively cheaper than Imperial ones, you can probably comfortably drop two of these things in the list, where as most of the time I hear of double AT-ST, that's like madlad speech.
  11. UnitOmega

    New vehicles!

    Hey, careful. Pre-343 Halo is really good. Novels too. Star Wars should not throw stones about being a perfect franchise all the time. Also Halo gave us RvB, which was heavily quoted earlier.
  12. UnitOmega

    New vehicles!

    I mean, the Occupier is almost literally an IFV, it's a Alvis Stormer Flatbed with greebles on it. As a good SW prop should be. Personally, following the trend of vehicle names in SW over the decades, I am assuming the "GAV" stands for "General" Armored Vehicle, because it's usually LAV or HAV in reference to Light or Heavy vehicles (w is definitely "wheeled" and r is "repulsor"). Calling it a Combat Assault Tank is probably contractor inflation. Imperials will probably have to wait for the 2-M (Or FFG original SC2-M, Scout variant, hopefully also with Rebels getting the FFG original T2-E CEV) for a properly tank-type vehicle called a tank. Because this is Star Wars, and we name things after what is cool, and ignore Military Science. Do you think this is Halo or something? EDIT: Alternatively, FFG gets to put their own spin on the vehicle again, and we can get a TX-225 variant which gives it more guns in the flatbed - the reason why it's a Flatbed IRL is to hold a mine system.
  13. UnitOmega

    New vehicles!

    Never skip leg day.
  14. UnitOmega

    New vehicles!

    Yeah, I was gonna bring up the fact that you only need to mobility kill the TX-225 earlier, but by then you're only two wounds away, if you can actually destroy it might as well finish it. Also these guys are like, literally hanging off the back end of a speeder with their weapons, if it's taking fire they could totally have their gear damaged or dropped if the damager chooses to put it on that weapon.
  15. UnitOmega

    New vehicles!

    I'd prefer AAC-1 but, hey, I'm just a guy with a dream.