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  1. That's not a take, he defected.
  2. Well, the last couple waves have done some stuff to expand the design space a lot, and people have been vocally unhappy about some of those elements - from a marketing and design standpoint "safe" options make sense - a relatively small new release which does add new utility, but not in a grand "new mechanic" scale, but more like giving each of the three factions something they didn't have access too before and playing around with new ways to apply old stuff. Lots of people have been happy about the previewed cards, the stats of ships, the smaller size of the wave, etc. Seems like a smart move, especially knowing they're probably gonna have another enlarged wave which will tie in with TLJ. Also I think they would actually run out of ships before they run out of ideas for new mechanics. Maybe run out of star wars names for them, but oh man as you might see from the custom card world there is a LOT of stuff you can do.
  3. Given that one short story that led into the Bloodline novel, "A-Wing Test Pilot" may still be relevant in the ST era. I don't know if it's actually an honest-to-god new model, or just that different manufacturers kept making their own versions of the frame, so we'll see if it plays out. That'd be a Wave XII period announcement one way or the other. They could just go the HoTR route and a title to say, add the Tech Slot and give it something like +1 shields and then print resistance cards but we don't know if that's the appropriate direction - and really FFG might not get to pick.
  4. Honestly, there's a lot of things designed to kill traditional aces. Autoblasters in all forms, Sabine, BMST, Hux, Kylo... Everything was to kill token stackers - and lo, they have been slain. They have not even the Emperor to hide behind now.
  5. Actually, no, nothing FFG puts out is "canon". It draws from both and is subject to LFL approval as part of the license, but FFG had that before the canon split, which is why they can still produce Legends material like the TIE/AG. LFL has said before that some games (mostly mobile ones) are explicitly non-canon, or if the names and lore are canon - even if the events aren't. Battlefront (and a lot of games actually) falls into the latter category, things which appear in it are intended to be within the canonical frame but obviously because it's a big multiplayer shooter with no story there's there's no "events" to canonically happen in the greater universe. There's no source which explicitly points out the first EAfront as being non-canon (compare with Galaxy of Heroes). Since there is a campaign now, and another official tie-in novel which will precede it, we should assume not only the appearances of places people and objects but rough story points to be canon also unless somebody says it is. Sex to donuts if you tweeted somebody like Pablo Hidalgo about it though the answer would be something like "well, duh" (or just, if not more likely, "wait until its out"). And glad EA decided to go back to the ME3 multiplayer system for DLC. COMPLETELY UNRELATED OPINIONS ABOUT THE SINGLEPLAYER ASIDE, that game had a solid MP component which wasn't pay to win, had no season pass and the free content was actually neat.
  6. Well, chopper would be a different slot, so similar to Artoo and Artoo, as an [Astromech] upgrade he'd probably be similar but different. Different pilot abilities for the same has so far been predicated on different factions/sub-factions not just a different ship, so we'll see if that's a hard design rule for FFG or not. I agree though, stand-alone Hera isn't great in an X-Wing, she'd be better as an A-Wing pilot. Now, Sabine's pilot ability in an X-Wing would be GREAT. Give her BB-8, you could Boost+BR+Focus/TL on a green.
  7. This isn't the first time the Empire has fielded hybrid units - In Legends only Storm Commandos were authorized to use the expensive and dangerous TIE Hunters. And the New Republic very famously used hybrid pilot/commando units in the X-Wing series. If I had to guess it's kind of like a rapid response thing - Inferno can take flight in fighters to gain air/space superiority, land and then jump out for ground ops, then hop in their fighters and GTFO when the mission is done. I'm a little curious how the Fighters and the raider interact, since it's clearly hyperspace capable but doesn't look like it has docking clamps or hangar space... Maybe this is the return to another idea common in X-Wing, TIE series ships modified to hold hyperdrives - at increased production cost and reduced maneuverability.
  8. Yeah, anybody can be special forces. Piloting is a job or role, a TIE Fighter is a machine. Special Forces is just guys who do special operations - Which NATO defines as "military activities conducted by specially designated, organized, trained, and equipped forces, manned with selected personnel, using unconventional tactics, techniques, and modes of employment".
  9. -troopers are basically various specialty units equipped and trained for various terrains and tactics of warfare. But Inferno Squad seems to be a predecessor unit to the First Order's TIE/SF and the units that use them, being TIE pilots with red trim who also engage in ground ops. We'll probably learn a bit more in the book that precedes it. But anyway, it's not like it's unrealistic. US Special Operations Command covers like a dozen units across the four main military branches and so forth (nor is this a "crime" exclusive to disney-era LF. Can anybody actually tell a substantive difference between say a Shadow Stormtrooper, a Novatrooper and a Storm Commando other than by visuals of the top of their head?)
  10. Defenders were in the first one's DLC already - it's kind of how we got the big tip that they'd end up being canon for realsies. Playable, possibly - they seem to be lending to more variety and options than the more arcadey feel of their original endeavour. I'm interested to see if this will fill in other gaps though - new ST era ships, other ships in the interim period, fighters in the OT era which haven't shown...
  11. We haven't actually seen the Defender use anything other than it's lasers - ion cannons and missile launchers haven't been mentioned - so the Defender is still just a Superiority platform. Even then, ion cannons and concussion missiles is a bit of a low-ball, they still seem entrenched as Superiority options to destroy enemy small ships (Given how the Ghost often has a role as a transport, recon ship or even a bomber in it's own right), and superiority craft can carry some air to ground. The TIE Hunter, which has ion and torpedoes is a more strong typography of the "Multirole" position but has not appeared in canon.
  12. I believe the technical definition of the X-Wing is a "Strike Fighter", that is a multirole fighter/bomber or attack "plane" which puts as much emphasis if not more on the ability to engage in space superiority as to engage hardened targets. The Y-Wing is a more traditional fighter/bomber. Multirole vehicles are pretty brill in SW, which is why the X-Wing is such a big deal. That, and canonically the empire has yet to produce a proper multirole spaceframe.
  13. The Intersector is also an Epic scale ship, the artist said in the comments (fractalsponge.net if you want to see more renders) it's 76 meters long.
  14. EA's got a bit of hit and miss reputation depending on the game and studio its contracted to. And their recent Star Wars work hasn't always been stellar, though I never got very far in TOR. The original EA Battlefront, for instance, is usually in about the low 70s on metacritic and that kind of matches my feelings on the game, it's very average. But Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 were very well received. Mass Effect Andromeda seems rife with technical problems, but I know friends who have enjoyed it. EA has stated they want to make improvements to retention for the new Battlefront, so we'll have to see what form that improvement takes. They've dug a bit of a hole in their reputation - being voted worst company in the US for a couple years by consumers and the like.
  15. Well, the issue is a bit that FFG has marketed it as an anti-fighter corvette, and thus quite a bit of the lore they wrote and LFL approved for it is based around it being a design to hunt fighters. In reality, it's a versatile design, the heavy laser cannons on the dorsal are supposed to be accurized so they're pretty effective at slotting snub-fighters, they just don't have 360 coverage and it has no ventral guns. It has a pair of turbolasers on the front which give it decent anti-ship punching power, and in an anti-ship "fast attack" configuration it has ion cannons also, or an anti-fighter configuration it can be said to have cluster missiles. But it's not super optimal for either - it makes is a bit weird given the push in the minis games that it's this solo or with expensive escort patrol ship hunting fighters. In Age of Rebellion it appears a little better - they play escorts to an outdated Gladiator in the Outer Rim in their anti-ship configuration.