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  1. I would assume eventually a "book o minor clans" yes, with notes and guidelines which walk you through founding a Minor Clan, similar to PoW making Gaijin Cultures, and will probably have a collection of historical and modern Minor Clans. Founding your own Minor Clan sounds like an appropriate goal/high-level reward for certain campaigns.
  2. Honestly they probably held back a bit on some of the further afield gaijin stuff for a future Unicorn book, so as to not steal too much thunder from them.
  3. Probably the same way EDGE will take over publishing - it'll stop... eventually.
  4. If you're Compromised (which would trigger Final Blow in a Duel), your Vigilance becomes 1, so Reverse Draw drops to TN 1. But, Rising Blade doesn't scale well, unlike Crossing Blade, so Reverse Draw kind of combines the two into a difficult technique you don't want to use unless you'll be taking care of your opponent (either in a Duel or Skirmish), but combines positive aspects of the previous two Iai techniques to have the ability to lower TN and scale damage with success. Narratively it also presumably looks more impressive if you pull it off.
  5. Considering this image, and some others, probably cold clones, under similar rules as the Snowtroopers, and an excuse for a flame projector (even though that guy was in a warm suit, whatever they look the same modelling department!). Could do the ol' "Phase I"/"Phase II" alternate heads for synergy. Non-clones could easily be gungan volunteers or a variety of other units.
  6. I think saying that Rokugan has no innovations or shakeups is a little wrong - but there is definitely a LOT of social pressure to return to the Status Quo, whether that's by some aspect of Divine Right, or just that the status quo teams eventually win back. There have been several territorial shifts at points in Rokugan's history, and even the development/addition of new families who thus need to have some portion of extant land divvied up for them to hold. Minor Clans have risen and fallen in this time. Heck, the Carpenter Wall was not an original feature when the Crab Clan was founded. There have been times of great loss of resources which caused famine and war. There's been technological advances in some form too, though to infer or imply you have "surpassed" certain sacred ancestors would be too rude for public society, but we know from fluff that personal weapons have advanced from the jian (presumably subbing in for the tsurugi) to the chokuto (which ancestral swords are supposedly) to the modern katana, or the Lion developed the zanbato to counter Unicorn horsemen. Emperors have been tyrants, have been killed, have been political puppets, but eventually somebody comes around to right the ship and put the Hantei back in charge, because that's the ancestral bond and generally understood to be the nature of the Social Contract. There are groups who seek to overturn this nature of society, but they also have their own practical issues (like, "Hey Kolat, what are you gonna do about Fu Leng now that you've banished the influence of the Kami from Rokugan, since he probably won't just leave you alone"). Now, on the subject of contention among Crab families, the samurai and lands sworn to the Crab Champion. You could indeed write a plot about how some may resent or deride the Kuni and Hiruma for their lands being non-productive, though imperial taxation is based on output, so with so little to put out they at least aren't underperforming in that aspect, probably. However, this discussion would be met with some very "realpolitik" problems of its own. The Kuni and Hiruma are markedly useful to the Crab Clan in their neverending Jigoku war. Kuni are a source of scholarship, especially on the Shadowlands, in addition to their abilities as warrior-priests. As the stewards of the Barracks of the Damned, they keep an eye on those who are Tainted but still useful, and their witch-hunters are a premiere anti-Maho organization since there are no more Jade Magistrates (another political alteration), and one who are entirely inside Crab control, so nobody has to go running to the Scorpion, Phoenix or Hare. Their magic keeps things running, and so to diminish their size, prestige and authority could hurt that mission. Similarly, the Hiruma have a knowledge of scouting, survival and sabotage in the Shadowlands no other family can match, backed by their burning desire to reclaim their territory (also they're good at force multiplication, so pissing them off would probably go poorly). Now obviously, you could degrade these families to vassals of those more productive families, but as pointed out, it's not like there's anything particular to be gained from this. You still need the bodies and expertise provided by the families, and nobody else should particularly want to govern their "lands" instead of them. Having more rice does nothing if you're all Tainted or eaten by Goblins, and that is something all Crab should understand. If you wanted to pursue such a plot, there would definitely need to be some outside source. Perhaps a hoity-toity Otomo notices how pathetic Hiruma and Kuni taxes are and wants to see them reduced, and the Crab would have to defend their place among them as esteemed ancestral families - their names going back even further than the Otomo. On the subject of Clan Duties, I think most of this is just vague tradition based on what Hantei asked his siblings to do. Some of them kind of kipped off to do their own thing anyway, others take it more seriously as an extension of the desires of their founder. Hantei asked Akodo to be his right hand and lead his armies in the War Against Shadow, so that's the role the Lion play to this day, but technically Shinjo just went "I'm gonna go look for threats outside Rokugan, kthxbai", so when the Unicorn came back they kind of vaguely settle into "and we're those guys who did explore the wider world".
  7. The hiruma still have a use, and thus a reason to be employed by a Lord - they develop the skills and experience to scout the very Shadowlands, and many of them spend their time beyond the Wall, reporting on goings on with the Crab's enemies. This probably means a lot of them are assigned to and quartered at the Carpenter Wall, which is probably run kind of as a big co-op between all the Crab families. You don't let a watchtower or fort fall because it's the next province over and that's not your problem. They do also still govern some lands inside Rokugan, and they must be near the Hare somewhere as their troops clashed in a recent fiction. They probably do not "own" these lands, per say, since they have PERFECTLY GOOD LANDS INSIDE THE SHADOWLANDS, ONE DAY WE WILL RECLAIM THEM, but they can probably economically benefit from ruling castles and townships. Kuni are perfectly fine. They still physically have all their lands, even if the map draws them like a shifting sand land. They attempt to bring the kami back to their lands by building an elaborate network of densely packed shrines. Since they train via apprenticeships not dojos, all they need to pass on their skills is to pop in to a local shrine and work with the kami based out of it. Sure, their land probably doesn't produce a lot of rice, but you don't see anybody trying to disband the whole Dragon Clan, do you? Perhaps all those sandworm oni tunnels mean they have mineral deposits they can make use of, or they export some of their sand to the Kaiu or Unicorn to make into glass.
  8. A Jawas or Tuskens "condition" would be pretty interesting, basically use AI rules to have them act like a unit which can interfere with objectives and attack either side (given how we've seen both races be real dicks to passers by), but I wouldn't go for making them a full out "neutral" unit except in home play (where obviously, you know you're doing something wonky). As noted, making weapons/surges etc balanced across all factions can be a bit weird, and if they're too good they just push out the actual thematic units of the faction (and if they're too bad, nobody will play them over their normal squads). Actual friendly aliens should be like the Rebel Wookiee unit, and just be in their appropriate faction (such as squads of Gungan or Mon Cal infantry in Republic, or Geonosian or Umbaran infantry for CIS).
  9. IIRC they said they would be identical, so probably yes, though we have to actually see what the cards say.
  10. I mean, if Mandos are normally say, 1 wound with Impervious/Red, and Tristan is 2 wounds, that's pretty good. Lethal probably depends on the Aim tokens (Duelist needs them too, after all) but Suppressive is not something rebels are crawling with. I expect Tristan is to be compared with Del though, since they have similar dice and keywords. Hask is definitely way more immediately useful for his faction, being that he increases Courage and acts as a leader, plus has a 2 Red gun for no gosh-darned reason, and coordinate, but we don't know the base unit setups. And we don't know what Ursa Wren does, she's probably more parallel to Hask.
  11. So no, swapping up the order probably doesn't hurt anything, but it's also probably not required either. The thing to remember when looking at a curriculum chart, those are not the only techniques you can buy. An Isawa can buy any Invocation (they qualify for), they only get full XP credit for their school ranks if they buy from the table, thus this speeds them along their school progression better. They can be as versatile as you like, but the nature of things is to rotate through in order to progress the school. Considering Togashi Monks have the same pattern (only they end on Void, because Kiho) I'm guessing the elemental pattern is intentional.
  12. Second Lochlan, it's basically you must place them in their normal position parallel to the surface, not standing on end or other weird angles.
  13. Ah yes, the secret Pheonix technique "Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right"
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