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  1. Plus as someone who usually plays Imperial, I enjoyed the ATRT a great deal.
  2. On the skirmish map (3x3) combined with fleet troopers, wookies, and Chewbacca, forced the enemy to come to me. I could pick off the threats at range 4, staying in place until the Tauns committed. I was consistently getting 3 hits with an aim token, so I was getting at least one hit through heavy cover. Combined with Leia's s bombardment, I was getting pressure on the troopers with range 3 guns to move forward. Against stormtrooper DLTs, I would have played differently, but impact weapons are getting less use as few people bring armor. Not to mention heavy cover due to elevation can mean the DLT has to roll natural crits because impact would never occur.
  3. At least in Skirmish play, I have had AT-RTs with the laser cannon work as a counter to Tauns (pre-nerf, even). They can block the Tauns access to the infantry, and they aren't engaged with the Tauns so the infantry can still shoot at the Tauns. 3 red for melee isn't terrible, either. Now with the nerf, ATRTs can climb whole Tauns can't, making the hit and run tactics more viable. And depending on the cover type of the terrain, can possibly get cover 2 from the elevation.
  4. Thank you for explaining that so clearly.
  5. Is this worse? The old Wedge card gave a full pivot keyword, essentially, for one turn. A free pivot is not the 180 degree pivot the card used to give.
  6. That wording isn't clear to me. "If a unit may perform an attack with a weapon" says to me that if the weapon is eligible and in range. What am I missing?
  7. Does that mean split fire with Arsenal is available? I still don't get why Boba got nerfed. How often is he in competitive play?
  8. Looks like Boba Fett got nerfed, though I'm not exactly sure why. Page 25: If a unit may perform an attack with a weapon on a command card, it cannot use the arsenal x keyword to add additional weapons to the attack pool; the attack must be made only with the weapon on the command card.
  9. Stop feeding the trolls trying to hijack the thread and get it locked. (I assume that is the intention by some in the thread.) The goalposts have moved from "the rate of missing parts can't be that high" to "it's no real burden on the retailer or the consumer so deal" to "it's just like a refrigerator! See, this out of context Google search says it is!" Eerily similar to how the T47 thread locked by someone asking for evidence then saying the evidence provided was insufficient.
  10. That's a lovely nonsequitor you have there. Note that the law you cite has nothing to do with purchases made months outside any "cooling off period". Warranty replacement beyond a period of time defaults to the manufacturer. And yes, we did cover this in one of my business classes (taught by a law professor.). I'm not going to attempt to persuade on this any further.
  11. It's always clear when people who have never taken any kind of legal class or even business classes on contracts claim to know what the law is. The store isn't required to take anything defective back outside its return policy. Any warranty coverage is going to be the responsibility of the manufacturer at that point. (The only exception that might exist is if it ran afoul of local laws. But this is by far NOT the norm.) In your refrigerator example (false analogy, by the way), if you don't take the refrigerator out of the box and turn it on inside the retailer's return policy window, you must go through the manufacturer. It is strange that you would think it's normal for a manufacturer to shift the financial burden to the retailer retroactively. I was told by my FLGS that if the distributor was out of stock, there was nothing that could be done. That lines up with what Asmodee has in the new policy as well.
  12. Vehicles don't panic, though. That is fairly important on a unit with Shielded 4
  13. Note this policy went into effect for all of Asmodee, including their board game brands. I doubt sprues will be the salvation there.
  14. So I just got up the other large LFGS this afternoon. They hadn't heard about the policy change previously and are livid. He predicted this change won't last because, in his words, "It can't." He knows how poor the Asmodee QA standards are, and said that he how wrong it is that the local stores will be required to pay for more staff just to do Asmodee's customer service for them. He also used a few more choice words that aren't repeatable in a family-friendly forum.
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