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  1. SoonerTed

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    I'll try to find you the page number later today. The mention of the outside threat that is looming, and why the Chiss are seeking allies. I'll look later today.
  2. SoonerTed

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Vong are cannon. They are referenced, not by name though, in Timothy Zahn 's Thrawn novel.
  3. Team Covenant dropped Armada without warning from league play, likely for similar reasons.
  4. SoonerTed

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    VSDs are already good.
  5. SoonerTed

    Cannot Get Your Ship Out February 2019

    I find your lack of faith in the Dominator title disturbing. JJ has an awesome build for it.
  6. SoonerTed

    Admonition vs Foresight

    The X17 ruling broke half of Foresight's ability. That was a huge nerf, breaking Advanced Projectors too.
  7. SoonerTed

    Executor arrives

    You are correct. I was frustrated and used childish words. I apologize.
  8. SoonerTed

    Executor arrives

    It's not an assumption to say we don't have the rules yet for the huge size category. It is an assumption to say cards that don't apply to large ships don't apply to huge ships without seeing the new rules. You are drawing conclusions based on evidence you do not have.
  9. SoonerTed

    Executor arrives

    Hasty generalization isn't Occams Razor, but you do you.
  10. SoonerTed

    Executor arrives

    So you can keep stamping your foot insisting you are right with zero basis (as you haven't seen the rules for huge ships yet). I get it. But an elephant isn't a snake. You can't see the whole picture any more than the blind man examining the rear of an elephant.
  11. SoonerTed

    Executor arrives

    You have no idea what the new rules are going to say about Huge bases vs Large upgrades or things that refer to large ships. As does everyone who hasn't seen the updated rules.
  12. SoonerTed

    Executor arrives

    We know that rules are changing. We don't know that Motti doesn't interact with Executor. You are drawing a conclusion based on knowledge you know to be incomplete. You stated "no Motti" as fact, which it most certainly is not (at least not until the new rules are out.) That isn't face value. That's a blind man touching the tail of an elephant (observable evidence, but incomplete) and concluding it's some sort of snake.
  13. SoonerTed

    Executor arrives

    In X-wing Epic, huge ships can deploy if a side of the base is aligned on the player's edge. I would expect the same impact here.