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  1. Here's hoping the new subsidiary takes better care of us. I'm underwhelmed by the legion changes, too.
  2. Which is essentially how covert ops works. It's such a simple fix it looks just like a dev oversight. (Much disappointment in this RRG)
  3. This is what makes the rule feel like it's half-baked. Every other promotion or commander substitution changes the rank. This is the lone exception, which makes it feel like a mistake.
  4. Boba needed a price drop to see table time even with bounty available every game. The field commanders are the only commanders that don't change rank. Even promoted stormtroopers change rank. Definitely a design bug, IMO.
  5. The reason it irritates me is bounty was always theoretically possible. Now, due to what appears to be a dev oversight/qa problem, there are times when the expensive bounty hunters can't score.
  6. Bounty should apply to these tank substitute commanders. I'm assuming it's an error by the design team, and will argue that in my causal games. (Since there is no organized play until late next year anyhow)
  7. Bounty should at least be possible in every game. But FFG isn't going to be issuing FAQs anymore I assume.
  8. It seems to be an obvious screwup, because it doesn't match any other promotion to commander mechanic in the game. But it won't be fixed by FFG due to the changeover in the license. It's another example of poor quality control at FFG.
  9. "After setup, a unit with the bounty keyword chooses an enemy commander or enemy operative and marks that unit with a victory token. The token is placed on the battlefield near the unit leader, and remains with the unit as it moves around the battlefield." It would seem bounty can be on a promoted stormtrooper unit, if that promotion happens during setup via covert ops. If I'm understanding this correctly, I don't see why it would be different with field commanders.
  10. When Covert Ops is used for Iden, whomever she promotes to commander changes it's token. Wouldn't that also apply here?
  11. As I have said many times previously, secret mission is undercosted relative to bounty. Bounty is *harder* to pull off yet costs more.
  12. The biggest issue with the Eweb is it's only range 3. With wookies getting a major revamp, I thought it was possible a lot of these mostly unusable units would get fixed.
  13. Yeah, something something "bring all heavies [namely wave 1] inline with the AAT" was said in an interview. So far, I'm not seeing it. The range bands for the ATST are *odd* for arsenal (even worse for arsenal 4). The T47 can barely use arsenal. The AAT has barrage. Why not give that to the T47?
  14. At 75 points, they aren't comparable at all, because the dewback has no ranged weapon. I misread the 15 as 20 for one of the weapons. The dewback is a few points cheaper, but the taun tauns throw 4 red dice (range 2) + all those keywords. you would expect them to cost more than 5 points more (assuming you put a ranged weapon on the dewback). At 80 points (with the t21) the taun tauns are throwing 4 red dice vs 4 white for the dewback. The dewback is also dealing with more suppression due to spur, and it's not agile like the taun tauns. A 15 point difference between the cheapest ranged weapon on the dewback and naked taun tauns doesn't fix that.
  15. As an imperial player, I am underwhelmed by the changes. The ATST still requires the pilot from tank expansion stapled to it. Speeder bikes got the minimal boost of choosing when to take the compulsory move, but lack keywords that make them survivable. Compared to TaunTauns - a unit that has agile AND relentless AND RAM, the dewback has spur for the same cost. The dewback unit is still underpowered compared to the tauns. Wookies got a major overhaul, but the T47 still doesn't have two weapons that point the same direction for arsenal.
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