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    RampancyTW reacted to LordBlades in Xwing is suffering despite what the clickbaiters say   
    Technically they are a primary source as far as Disney is concerned.  The tiers of canon went away with George Lucas. Now there;s just two possibilities: stuff either canon or isn't, and by the official word, Rebels is canon. IMO a ship like the Ghost (that featured heavily in 4 seasons of Star Wars TV series) is way more recognizable to fans than something that appeared for a single scene in a movie (like the Quadjumper or B/SF-17).
    Aside from that though, my point was that, probably apart from the very early life of X-wing (when all we had were ships that featured heavily in the OT), the game is probably at it's most recognizable point. I can't recall a meta (wave 6 and beyond) where there's been more good ships that have featured significantly anywhere canon. Can you ?
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Hoarder of Garlic Bread in What do people need an FAQ for?   
    Of all the suggestions I've heard, TLT being changed to only accept hit results (like oldschool clusters) is the change I think makes the most sense.  Makes it 1/6-1/4 less efficient and removes the Maul/Ezra synergy for TLT only.  No point cost or range tweak required and still quite effective.
    Doubt it happens, but it would be a nice quality of life change.
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    RampancyTW reacted to YourHucklebrry in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    I hope I've been clear that that's just not my experience vs. the list. It does not subvert my list's goals or win conditions, even ones that involve guessing my opponent's moves, cares about positioning, involves investment in offence. And if I'm playing that game and, by extension, forcing my opponent to play that game, I'm having fun. Because we're continuing to ignore the fact that it's our lists that primarily shapes our experience, the ones we're flying all day, not our opponent's. 'But the burden of execution is on me to fly well, not my opponent'. Well duh, I brought a couple arc-bound ships, that's what I signed up for.
    So I come back to the idea that if you don't want to play against it casually, don't. If you go into a tournament with a list that doesn't have a serious win-condition against it, that's on you. And if you're convinced you can't beat Ghost/Fenn with lists that care about all the things you say Ghost/Fenn doesn't care about, I think you're mistaken.
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    RampancyTW reacted to Magnus Grendel in Fenn and Hotcop   
    You can spend a token to modify zero results - You can't spend a token for no reason.
    If Fenn has Fenn-ed you, then any 'spend a focus token to modify focus to hit' is locked out, as is focus-to-crit with calculation.
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    RampancyTW reacted to kris40k in New Article- Dark Days   
    By (1) setting a standardized amount of acceptable time to place dials that is understood by a players and (2) enforcing it.
    Step 1 is done by FFG and worked into the Tournament rules. These are just arbitrary numbers from a couple years experience and debatable, adjustable, etc. but for right now lets say 120 second limits on the Planning phase. 30 Seconds to decide an Action, a Combat target, etc. After one player lodges a complaint, a judge gives warning, adds time to the round, and then via observation determines if a timer is required or if the player has corrected their behavior.
    Set it in the regs.
    As far as the complexity of or importance of, that is irrelevant. Once its in the regs, players need to stick to them, and I don't care that someone feels the need to overthink every possibility of opponents choices and work up the probabilities to determine the best possible course of action.
    "But I'm flying 8 TIE's ..." - I don't care
    "But this next turn could determine the game ..." - I don't care
    "But I have PtL + AdvSensors + BR + Boost and a bad case of decision paralysis ..." - I don't care
    Get faster or get penalized. I'm sure that would determine the game a lot more than you agonizing over whether to take a TL or Focus this turn.
    Step 2 is actually the harder one due to the human factor and the laid back, informal nature of the X-Wing community. Judges just interpret rules, and many are very RAW focused, so if its not in the regs, they suffer paralysis. By giving them something in writing, they can then act. Also, may good Judges make horrible Marshals.
    Marshals are responsible for enforcing unsportsmanlike conduct, which is more about intention which is really where slow-play currently falls (is someone intending to slow play to run out the clock or are they just "legitimately" planning) and why RAW focused judges are weak at enforcing it. As well, many Judges don't want to be the "bad guy" and stick to the rules as written which protects them from seeming like a bad guy or lacking impartiality when making intuitive decisions that negatively impact a player because they can fall back on The Book to protect themselves from negativity.
    They need to get over that. People inevitably will get their feelings hurt in any competitive setting where a ruling go against them. If you've ever talked to a ref for professional sports, or even amateur, they can attest to this.
    Also, I suspect putting one or two players heads on metaphorical pikes by assigning a game loss at a premier event will suddenly see an increase in the average speed of play.
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Maui. in Reinforced Deflectors situations   
    Fair enough.  Cheers!
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    RampancyTW reacted to Maui. in Reinforced Deflectors situations   
    I don't think plasma torps are a good example here, because mechanics aren't necessarily reversible. You can lose a shield without taking damage, sure, there are several ways for that to happen. It doesn't follow that you can therefore also take damage without losing a shield or a damage card. I can't think of any other circumstance in which you can receive 1 damage without losing a shield or taking a damage card.
    To be clear, I'm not saying your overall argument doesn't have merit with the way the card is worded. I wouldn't be upset at a TO who came to the same conclusion as you in a tournament ruling. But if it were me, without further clarification from FFG, I'd have to rule that because the defender's ship wound up neither losing a shield token nor receiving a damage card from the critical damage suffered, then the total amount of critical damage that can be applied to Reinforced Deflectors from this interaction is 0.
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    RampancyTW reacted to thespaceinvader in Reinforced Deflectors situations   
    The card is badly written.  Either the word 'instead' is misused, or the word 'would' is missing.
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    RampancyTW reacted to Rich P in New Article- Dark Days   
    This thread is so funny. I’d like to say I’ve never seen such a concentration of bozzwonk knee-jerkery before, but I visit these forums regularly. 
    I read the article as purely saying ‘Hey guys, if you fly stuff that isn’t what the podcasts tell you to fly, you can win stuff and have a good time too’
    One poster says ‘oh I hope they don’t nerf QuickDraw because look this article says she is good’ and there follows 6 pages of manic gibberish and baseless statements presented as fact about how they will/won’t. 
    Madness. Carry on you bunch of lunatics. 
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    RampancyTW reacted to Innese in Understanding Hot Shot Co-Pilot   
    Hotshot Copilot says the focus token -must- be spent if able (This means you can’t spend a focus token if you don’t have a focus token)
    In the FAQ on Page 7, it says players may spend focus tokens even if they have no focus results.
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from DarkJello in Final Table and players won't play   
    Probably because it in no way matches the definition of the word collusion?
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    RampancyTW reacted to Makaze in Final Table and players won't play   
    The common American English connotation does not have to include secrecy. 2 people can collude in plain sight just fine. There is a very heavy implication of wrong doing in the word, people who are simply working together would be cooperating whereas people colluding are implied to be working together for nefarious purposes.
    And as an American, I've never heard anyone use collusion to refer to a simple agreement
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from EvilEwok83 in Easy fix to everyones problems.   
    Really not sure what isn't following for you, here? -2 +1 is still a net buff for those ships.
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    RampancyTW reacted to Sekac in Hoth Open Final   
    Sure. It's a tough list. I'm not disputing that. 
    But the idea that people are just going to blindly ignore Fenn and throw unmodified attacks at the Ghost turn after turn is just silly. 
    Being blinded is worse than taking unmodified shots. There really isn't a conversation there. Shooting is always better than not shooting. 
    If the counter argument, is "yeah but what if people play poorly and throw their shots away on a bad target? That's almost as bad as not shooting!" then we're still not having a real conversation. 
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    RampancyTW reacted to Stay On The Leader in Hoth Open Final   
    TLT is an important part of the metagame.
    Miranda with TLT and 3PO have been part of the game for years and haven't really been any more of an annoyance than a couple of dozen other things.
    This weekend hosted the biggest and second-biggest x-wing tournaments of all time, which sounds like a good news story.  Epsilon Leader won it, btw, and IGs were in the semis.  
    All anyone wants to talk about is the outcome of a match where both players pursued strategies likely to lead to a stalemate and successfully created a stalemate.

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    RampancyTW reacted to Dengar5 in Hoth Open Final   
    From my perspective, it HAS been like this before. You have little sense of history when you say this is the first visit to "Crazytown." R2D2 Poe won worlds years ago. Pre-nerf X7 Defenders were meta warping. Pre-nerf torp Jumpmasters were meta warping. Parattani was the most dominant list ever. Targeted nerfs have happened & generally they have worked well. But, they have exposed an old ugly beast, limitless regen.
    Those limitless abilities seem like the major culprit. R2-D2, Miranda regen, Bomblet. Limit these to 4 activations, that's an idea. This would prevent final table final salvos. All the other cards listed are just lower priority & everyone has their subjective opinions about them. TLT is great on Y-wings, an iconic trilogy ship. It is trouble on Miranda, Nym, Ghost. Also, you forgot Expertise, it's auto-include on Rey & many other ships.
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    RampancyTW reacted to Darth Meanie in Hoth Open Final   
    Then don't expect it to always be fun.  NASCAR is "drive fast and turn left."  The scenery doesn't change, and I'll bet they get bored sometimes.
    If tournament players are only going to seek the best 1% of the game so they will win tournaments, you can change the points, you can change the pilots, and/or you can change the abilities.  But a stalemate will happen.  It not a reflection on the game, it's not a reflection on the designers, and it's not a reflection on the players.   It's a reflection on how the game is approached and played. 
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    RampancyTW reacted to fiesta0618 in A Note On Fair Games And Hard Counters   
    I question this breakdown. Even a hard-counter underdog list can turn an upset if the overdog is piloted by someone who is truly hopeless and makes literally all the wrong decisions.

    This breakdown also suggests that the best players in the world and the worst, if given the same list to play and a similar pool of opponents and opposing lists, should see results within about 20% of one another in the long run (since dice will average out).  That seems questionable.  I'd judge that in-game decisions are significantly more important than your estimate.


    On the original subject: I think you did everything you could.  You cannot force someone to accept your offer, and it would be condescending and insulting to deliberately play poorly.  Nasty wins just leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.
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    RampancyTW reacted to theBitterFig in Reinforced Deflectors situations   
    I know some folks might argue to the contrary (out of nothing more than empty rules sophistry), but the clear intent of the card and errata is that any combination of regular and critical damage adding up to 3 or more will trigger the card.  I've seen jerks argue that because the errata says "damage and critical damage" that it wouldn't trigger if you suffered only regular and not also critical damage.  I find that style of argument quite despicable.  It's like someone is trying to break the game, just to prove they can.  RAI is crystal clear: three damage = trigger. Given the errata, I don't think I'd limit it to damage via dice results, but all damage suffered.  For example, if there was some sort of "Heavy Turbolaser" which said "if this attack hits, cancel all dice results and the defender suffers 3 damage," I'd certainly think it trigger Reinforced Deflectors. Nailed it, addressed in the FAQ: Direct Hit doesn't count as "two damage" for Reinforced Deflectors. I'm inclined to think that Major/Minor Explosion would count, because the critical hit cards specify "suffer damage." For Harpooned!, where the text of the condition says "receive one facedown damage card," tradition has held that receiving damage and suffering damage are not the same thing, I think this would *NOT* count towards Reinforced Deflectors. With I'll Show You The Dark Side, the text of the condition says "when you suffer critical damage during an attack", so I'd consider this damage card to count towards Reinforced Deflectors, if you've suffered at least two more damage.
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    RampancyTW reacted to Sunitsa in Interfering in streamed games   
    I'm not sure how many of you posting here were watching it live yesterday: heaver did the right thing phoning and asking to speak with a judge.
    It was an absolute nonsense that no one from the stream, despite noticing the game state violation, were informing the judge. 
    Unintentional mistakes are bound to happen, players and judges are humans after all. If they fail to notice a major not optional trigger, it's spectators duty to inform a judge about it. 
    We are playing xwing after all, it has rules you expect to be enforced, especially at the final game of national tournament.
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    RampancyTW reacted to Khyros in Final Table and players won't play   
    So, a few facts here (not my personal opinions).
    1) 3rd and 4th place have already been eliminated.  They are not allowed to come back to play the final match.  As soon as the top 4 match concludes, the losers are eliminated.  If the winner decides after the match is over that he doesn't want to play anymore, his following round opponent gets a bye.  Therefore, the only way that the 3/4 players would be able to "take their place" would be if the would-be winner of the top 4 match conceded prior to the match being concluded.
    2) So as soon as the first player in the final game says that he's not playing the final round, he has conceded the round, and the other player wins the tourney.
    3) But more than likely, it's never an actual concession, it's a discussion of a concession between the players.  Technically, this is collusion and is against the rules.  If you're being a hard ***, you would DQ both players, and the winner would be the highest seeded player that was eliminated in the top 4.  Note that there would still not be a game played between 3rd and 4th.
    4) But in all honesty, you're not going to outright DQ them for discussing it.  You're going to tell them they need to play it out and that you can't allow them to just skip the game.  If they decide to set their ships up backwards, that's 100% absolutely allowed.  Just realize there's no such thing as simultaneous flying.  Therefore, whoever moves the final ship ends up winning the game - even if his maneuver would have flown his ship off the board - even if it's the same PS as the other player.
    5) So therefore, the only true way to not play out the game would be to go to final salvo.  This now exists on the final table.  However, you must give the players the full 120minutes.  Therefore, they would have to avoid combat for the full 120minutes to trigger the final salvo - you cannot do it after round 1.  Oh, and since they cannot slow play, they actually need to play out the rounds.  The best way to do this is to setup such that your ships are all doing 1 straight into each other.  But note this does mean that you have to continuously set dials, reveal dials, and not go anywhere for the full 120 minutes to trigger final salvo.  And yes - I've seen this happen (though it was round 6 not the finals).
    So basically, the only real way to not play the game would be for the two to collude, and the TO to DQ them, for one of them to concede to the other, or for one of them to fly all of his ships off the board.  There is no way to skip through the game to just final salvo or a chance cube to see who wins.
    That all said, those are the rules, but there's nothing to say that strictly adhering to the rules is the most agreeable path for the TO.  
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from LagJanson in R4-B11. Poor droid.   
    Dalan Oberos (Kimogila) functions pretty well with R4-B11.  If you pair with Deadeye/Chips/Harpoon, you average 4 hits+crits on an opponent that can't spend tokens and has to reroll any evades. With EM+Enforcer you have 36 points of pain.
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Quadjumper King in Have most of the good players stopped playing?   
    Trying to wrap my head around the level of hubris it takes to make this post
    Maybe you're confused because the core mechanics have become less relevant as new, more complex elements have been added (meaning a new player jumping in has more to contend with, lowering the floor)?
    Obligatory 1v1 me, bro
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from CoffeeMinion in R4-B11. Poor droid.   
    Dalan Oberos (Kimogila) functions pretty well with R4-B11.  If you pair with Deadeye/Chips/Harpoon, you average 4 hits+crits on an opponent that can't spend tokens and has to reroll any evades. With EM+Enforcer you have 36 points of pain.
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from stormblest in R4-B11. Poor droid.   
    Dalan Oberos (Kimogila) functions pretty well with R4-B11.  If you pair with Deadeye/Chips/Harpoon, you average 4 hits+crits on an opponent that can't spend tokens and has to reroll any evades. With EM+Enforcer you have 36 points of pain.
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