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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Jadotch in Need a 29 point wingman for this Dash list   
    Classic R3-A2/TLT/BTL-A4 stress hog comes in at 26 points, leaving you room for Countermeasures on Dash.  Also benefits tremendously from M9-G8 rerolls.
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from jmswood in Need a 29 point wingman for this Dash list   
    Intensity/Juke Jake has a nice open dial and almost-reasonable offensive output while still being quite difficult to kill, comes in at 28 points.
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Jadotch in Need a 29 point wingman for this Dash list   
    Blue Ace with FAA and Primed Thrusters fits in nicely at 29 points.  Gives you two reasonably tanky ships that can end up in super weird places, and Blue Ace benefits pretty significantly from M9-G8.
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    RampancyTW reacted to Stumpbum21 in Capt. Jostero’s pilot ability does NOT trigger from the facedown damage card dealt by the Harpooned! condition.   
    Capt. Jostero’s pilot ability;
    “Once per round, after an enemy ship that is not defending against an attack suffers damage or critical damage, you may perform an attack against that ship.” (italics mine)
    Harpooned! Condition;
    “When you are hit by an attack, if there is at least 1 uncancelled critical result, each other ship at Range 1 suffers 1 damage. Then discard this card and recieve 1 facedown Damage card.” Etc.
    The errata resolves the Harpooned! Trigger between steps 6 & 7 of the attack timing flow chart.
    My argument is this;
    Capt Jostero’s pilot ability explicitly references an “...enemy ship that is not defending against an attack...” If the Harpooned! Condition is triggered it will occur between steps 6 & 7 of the timing chart, per the errata, which is in the middle of the attack timing window. This window begins in Step 1 after the attacker declares a target & that target becomes the Defender. The Defender is still defending against an attack until Step 7 is completely resolved. Capt. Jostero’s ability does not trigger until Step 9, “Identify abilities that trigger ‘after attacking’ or ‘after defending’ that perform an attack.” Etc.
    In summary, when a ship receives the damage card from the Harpooned! Condition IT IS THE DEFENDER, which nullifies Capt. Jostero’s pilot ability. The additional splash damage from the Harpooned! Condition is a completely legit trigger source for the Cap’s ability.
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Maui. in MXGA   
    Going to chime in here and say that FAA is probably the best Astromech ever for Wedge.  Gives him a ton of additional utility while keeping him cheap, and frees up his action to focus every time.  Chopper is a swell mech, but you want all of those upgrades he's eating and he takes your action.
    Overall this looks really solid, albeit a bit old-fashioned!  Ain't nothing wrong with that, though.
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    RampancyTW reacted to thespaceinvader in Jake and Intensity   
    There is no 'then' on Intensity
    It's not unbalanced, for sure, but it's pretty transparently (to me at least) not the intention of how the interaction works.
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    RampancyTW reacted to wurms in Asajjaroo   
    Predator is there because Manaroo will be focusing, more than target locking, cuz she needs defense if not passing tokens, and then if she is passing a focus to Asajj with Predator for damage output.
    So...took this list for a test drive versus PTL + Adv Sensors Kylo, VI Vessery, PS1 Epsilon.
    List worked exactly as I wanted.
    I started Asajj in left corner, and Manaroo semi middle, about range 2.5 from Asajj. His Vesery and Eps in middle, kylo in far right corner.
    I 4 straighted opening, then 1 banked Manaroo and Asajj toward each other for first engagement round. I knew I was going to be passing locks to asajj so I locked Vessery with Manaroo so Asajj has it when she needs it.
    All the opponents target locks fell on Manaroo, who passed them to Asajj. All three enemy arcs went through Manaroo as well, so Asajj gets 1 extra green if they go after asajj and kylo at range 2 and vessery at range 3 (so I get 4 green dice), lol. I popped a glitterstim, muahahaha.
    Opponent went for Manaroo instead. Kylo at range 1, rolled hit and two eyeballs and a blank, and spent his eyeball. Took two shields from manaroo. Vessery rolled eye,blank,blank on manaroo. Then asajj fired on Kylo and took a shield. Manaroo range 1 on Kylo 3 hits and a crit. Dodged 1. hit hit crit (console fire). Kylo has two hp left.
    His epsilon blocked Manaroo next round, but I dont care, then asajj just rams into manaroo, I dont care. His vessery bumps manaroo. Lol.
    So, I pop glitter again with Asajj and countermeasure Kylo's lock to force him to spend a focus token if he really wants to push damage through. Kylo fires at manaroo and plinks last shield. Vessery has to fire at asajj range 1, through manaroo, and does nothing against four greens (CM+Jammers) and glitterstim + latts active, lol. Asajj and Manaroo kill Kylo.
    Kylo is dead, manaroo has shields gone, asajj untouched so far. Perfect.
    A few rounds pass by and PS1 Eps keeps blocking Manaroo, but it doesnt matter as she gets full mods on Vessery who is attacking asajj (that is where the Epsilons lock is and will be until Manaroo and Asajj split up, lol). Asajj gets taken down to 2 or 3 hull remaining before Vessery is finished off.
    I was setup next round to so asajj can evade, and manaroo pass a focus token, plus latts. Woulda been really hard to get those last two hull on asajj.
    List worked nicely and is going in my playlist pile. I love how the list messes with target priority and can totally f*** any alpha strike list over.
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    RampancyTW reacted to AlexW in Xwing is alive and well despite what the clickbaiters say   
    I think that this was the narrative because it looked so much like an X-wing, but people that actually played them found they did pretty well, especially Quickdraw.    I do agree that it probably didn't see widespread use until LWF, but I made Day 2 of World's using GC instead of LWF and missile loadout and that's after LWF was introduced.   I didn't have the best finish at that point, but I attribute that to the fact that my final three matches were against three of the best players X-wing players out there:  Duncan Howard, Travis Johnson, and Paul Heaver.   
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Marinealver in How many clickbaiters can a clickbaiter clickbait if a clickbaiter could clickbait clickbaiters?   
    I gotta say, as grating as your shtick can be I can't help but admire the absolute confidence and dedication with which you wield it
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    RampancyTW reacted to gamblertuba in Capt. Jonus and snap shot   
    I'm back to agree with you this time!
    Let's focus on R7.  When R7 forces the enemy attacker to reroll, who is modifying that die?  It happens during the defender modifies window.  The attacker probably doesn't want to reroll the die but they must.  R7 is modifying the die by forcing a reroll.  The fact that you don't get to physically roll your opponent's dice is a red herring.  R7 modifies the die the FAQ makes this clear.
    When M9-G8 is used on an enemy ship, it is almost identical.  M9 chooses the die and it is rerolled during the defender modifies window.  The opponent picks up and rolls the die but M9 is doing the modifying.
    In other words, FFG has ruled that the player physically picking up and rolling the die is not necessarily the player that is doing the modification.
    Where your brain starts to cramp is that M9 also works on friendly ships where "the attacker" is controlled by the same player as M9.  So the language meant to keep your opponents filth-ridden hands off your dice now seems to imply that M9 allows the other friendly to modify their own dice which is not really what is happening as described above.
    tl:dr R7, M9, and Omega Leader apparently contradict RAW because choosing and forcing a die to be rolled is considered (by FFG) to be the dice modification, not the physical act of throwing an octahedron.
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    RampancyTW reacted to Jeff Wilder in Capt. Jonus and snap shot   
    The actual modification part, though, you don't have to ask for.
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    RampancyTW reacted to FatherTurin in Xwing is suffering despite what the clickbaiters say   
    I’m not going to address the ad hominem attack, but vis a vis rebels: you don’t like rebels.  Got it.  I, however, have the opposite experience, and the majority of players I know love it.  Sure, from an adult perspective it’s not exactly a high concept art piece.  It absolutely has cheesy moments.  Would I love a live action, “more grown up” Star Wars show?  Absolutely, especially after Lost in Space has shown how drop dead gorgeous a sci-fi television show can be.
    However, Rebels is not designed for us, and including the ships from Rebels is not meant to please us or get us into the Star Wars vibe (although for many of us, it does).  
    Imagine, if you will, someone who started watching rebels as a kid, or someone who watched clone wars as a kid and then rebels later on even though it was “too young” for them.  Imagine that person LOVED Rebels.  Now imagine that person sees the Ghost expansion and realizes there is this whole, expansive game involving dogfights, and they can fly the ghost and relive their favorite moments from the Star Wars THEY GREW UP WITH.  To them, a ship that was practically a character in and of itself for 4 seasons of television is a heck of a lot more meaningful than a ship that showed up once in Force Awakens just to get blown up to get the characters on the Falcon.  Ultimately, it can be the gateway to the game, and that is an amazing thing.
    Thats a big part of why all of us are here, and neither you nor anyone else short of (maybe) the folks at Lucasfilm has any right to declare what “is” Star Wars for anyone except you.
    So cut it out.  You don’t need to cloak your personal opinion in authority for it to have validity.  It’s your opinion and you are allowed to have it, just like everyone who loves Rebels and finds those ships to be very much Star Wars are entitled to their opinion.
    If FFG only catered to OT purists dedicated to some pure vision of Star Wars, the game WOULD die.  A lack of ships and a lack of players would see to that very quickly.
    Edit: just clarifying that I don’t think the Ghost (especially with Fenn) is necessarily balanced, but I sure as heck don’t object to it’s existence in the game.
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    RampancyTW reacted to SOTL in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    2018 is looking pretty too heavy to the top lists, which are dominant over the field and feature mechanics many people consider an NPE.
    2017 was pretty top heavy to the top lists, which were dominant over the field and featured mechanics many people considered an NPE.
    2016 was pretty top heavy to the top lists, which were dominant over the field and featured mechanics many people considered an NPE.
    It's not really any different game now to what it's been in the past.  What's changed the most is the community's willingness to engage positively with the games.  From my perspective I see that being cheerleaded (cheerled?) by a relatively small number of high-profile community members who are stirring up the pot when previously they'd have been contributing more constructively.  There were always haters, always outspoken opinions, but the loudest voices are now egging those people on rather than trying to de-escalate the discussions.
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    RampancyTW reacted to Tlfj200 in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    Let me start with that is my data. It's simply pulled from juggler, with other key notes in the legend.

    So, first, I suspect we disagree on what "diversity" means. While it is technically true that there were more lists in the first 50% of top-cut representating, it was one additional list. Arguing that 6 lists are SO MUCH more diverse than 5 really defeats the intent and spirit of 'diversity.'
    Second, while you lump all the jumpmasters together, they played differently enough to warrant distinction. You're dismissive of that, but find that the 2018 top 50%, which is 1) dominated by rebels, and 2) dominated by fat turret point fortresses, but different flavors of which, is spiritually more diverse?

    Additional note on 2017 - I lumped all "mindlink" together because it was faster at the time, and frankly, it's a past meta, so who cares, but that mindlink breakdown would be:

    Fenn Teroch Asajj 2 0.85% Paratanni 23 9.79% Old Fenaroo 11 4.68% Triple Scouts 6 2.55% Double Scout Fenn 3 1.28% Other 6 2.55% So, if you believe those distinctions are relevant (they are), then 2017 i more 'diverse,' even by the incredibly narrow view of the current commenters:

    2017 Count Percentage Rank Cumulative % of the Meta   2018* Count Percentage Rank Cumulative % of the Meta Paratanni 23 9.8% 1     Ghost Fenn 42 13.6% 1   Palp Aces 23 9.8% 2 19.6%   100 Point Ace 40 13.0% 2 26.6% Triple Imperial 21 8.9% 3 28.5%   NymRanda 28 9.1% 3 35.7% Bombs 12 5.1% 4 33.6%   Yorr Aces 19 6.2% 4 41.9% Kanan + 12 5.1% 5 38.7%   Rey + 16 5.2% 5 47.1% Old Fenaroo 11 4.7% 6 43.4%   Dash + 13 4.2% 6 51.3% Scum Alpha 11 4.7% 7 48.1%   4 Ship Rebel 12 3.9% 7 55.2% Triple Defenders 10 4.3% 8 52.4%   Kylo + 12 3.9% 8 59.1% Triple Scum 10 4.3% 9 56.7%   Imperial Alpha 10 3.2% 9 62.3% Dengaroo 8 3.4% 10 60.1%   Double Caster 10 3.2% 10 65.5% Miranda + 7 3.0% 11 63.1%   Asajj + 10 3.2% 11 68.7% Triple Scouts 7 3.0% 12 66.1%   RAClo 10 3.2% 12 71.9% Rey + 7 3.0% 13 69.1%   Triple Imperial 9 2.9% 13 74.8% Decimator Ace 6 2.6% 14 71.7%   Bombs 8 2.6% 14 77.4% Dash + 6 2.6% 15 74.3%   Triple Wookies 8 2.6% 15 80.0% Jank 6 2.6% 16 76.9%   Palp Aces 6 1.9% 16 81.9% Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FQW-tTm0gB9q_9250ObNw-bAdE65HOBUsC42j_jLUBM/edit?usp=sharing
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    RampancyTW reacted to Wiredin in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    actual data?
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Tlfj200 in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    Dude.  Toxic much?
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Sephlar in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    Yeah.  The data supports Sephlar's point.
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Sephlar in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    So I checked out the notes spreadsheet for the data they used.  Literally by their own metrics 2018 is more diverse than '17 or '16.  The overall is way flatter, the peak archetype has a lower percentage, and the 50%, 75%, and 90% mark are all lower down the list than the previous two years.
    Dude is not only being toxic, but literally proved himself wrong with his own link while being a jerk about it.
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    RampancyTW reacted to Chumbalaya in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    Educate yourself
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from Sephlar in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    Dude.  Toxic much?
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from player2072913 in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    Dude.  Toxic much?
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from E Chu Ta in Xwing is suffering despite what the clickbaiters say   
    They're very much part of the GBA (which is what I said I was referring to), and Saugus/Malden are closer than Framingham.  Boston itself is not a large city at all, but the GBA is pretty large.  I figured if you were pulling the "even in a major city like Boston!" bit, you were including the part that is actually major.
    This is like saying that Tonawanda or Amherst aren't part of Buffalo, or any other city with closely attached towns and cities as part of their sprawl.  You aren't wrong but you ARE being disingenuous.
    And maybe instead of getting grumpy, you can pass along the info to your friends and family, eh?
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from E Chu Ta in Xwing is suffering despite what the clickbaiters say   
    Hi, I live here and attend X-Wing nights.  You live where, again?  Not here?  What the heck, man.
    Pandy is Monday nights, Saugus has one Tuesday, Malden on Thursdays.  Norton and some other places south of the city have them throughout the week.  They've all been running for a while.
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    RampancyTW got a reaction from LagJanson in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    I don't think losing an action is required, but I do think finding a methodology that eliminates the whole "whether or not this range/arc trigger is satisfied is 100% clear but I'm going to hang out and move my range ruler for another 10 seconds so I gain specific range information on every single ship in that direction" would be nice.  If you go for a TL, you're permitted to measure whether or not the target is in range, NOT to measure the range to every single other ship.  I think measuring from the target ship instead of the origin ship could be a good potential solution.  Still room for abuse, but less of it, and generally your opponent will benefit from it just as much as you do, which is not the case right now.
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    RampancyTW reacted to GreenDragoon in @FFGOP tweets: no x-wing FAQ is planned   
    For what it's worth: personally I changed my opinion (with some friendly help) on that after it was pointed out to me that there seems to be a rule difference between "ship overlap" and "shipbase overlap". Shipbase means just the ship, whereas "ship" means "shipbase + template". That's where the relevance of x7 or advanced SLAM comes in, even though there it is written "you" instead of "ship".
    Tractor beam uses "ship" and not "shipbase", meaning that unlike boost/BR, the wording of tractorbeam includes both the ship and the templates.
    It was convincing enough to me, but it's also obnoxious enough to warrant an FAQ entry.
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