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  1. Seconded, I'd be down as well
  2. The latter explanation is 100% how it works based on how Matchstick, Rivas and Outrider have been ruled. No previous precedent supports belief number one. Some TOs may rule differently, but friendly locks work for Matchstick, friendly locks on opponents trigger Rivas, and enemy locks can be removed by Outrider, which all use the same language of token ownership.
  3. RampancyTW


    I really, really don't understand this mindset. He moves last (or close to it) behind a defensive token, 3agi, and 2h2s. He's plenty tough and on the flank is native double mods with unmatched time on target.
  4. I wouldn't do it. Huge ships are not balanced around smaller points formats. Native regen and reinforce along with copious amounts of attack output make them a pretty severe NPE unless planned around ahead of time.
  5. I would 100% favor myself vs most other players if I were the X-Wings in this matchup. The Interceptor player only needs one bad variance swing to be screwed and I'm pretty confident in my ability to force enough dice trades to get there. Conversely, I would also bet on myself if I were the Interceptor player, since I'm pretty confident in my ability to avoid the worst of those trades. It's almost as if the game is fairly balanced and the player is more important than the lists. 🤔
  6. Except they didn't want to do that, since several abilities enable post-activation actions. Your solution is entirely different in application than theirs with frankly no added elegance. That doesn't make your suggestion bad, but it accomplishes different goals.
  7. It's almost as if it's a cheap training wheels card designed to help out new players but not be efficient...
  8. It really isn't, it's merely been overshadowed by crack shot (which probably should be at 2). The big thing with 8xRuthlessness is insanely reliable damage and init advantage over other 8x lists. Trading for more than 25 points' worth of ship is more or less guaranteed.
  9. Ruthless is pretty dope already imo, and we don't need 8x ruthless Black Squaddies to be a thing.
  10. I actually really dig the solution of getting more low-initiative arcs on the field vs. nerfing the aces. Keeps the ace experience alive but gives other lists more inertia to leverage against them.
  11. Wait, is 67 of CLT Anakin NOT comparable to that Soontir? Similar movement profile, better stress management, much better disengagement capabilities, etc. Less raw damage output but much sturdier vs. multiple attacks. They're a much closer comparison than you give them credit for imo.
  12. To be blunt, this is so wrong I don't even know where to begin. I think I'll leave it at that you have a drastic misunderstanding of the planning that goes into repositioning play. Some ships like Jedi (and very arguably Soontir) don't pay a high enough point cost relative to their in-game benefit/in-game cost ratio, but repositioning has a benefit and a cost that needs to be factored into the decision-making processes of both players.
  13. A three-dice gun that gets to hang out and take freebies all day is nothing to scoff at.
  14. The ability does specifically require a hit, homing missiles will indeed be gnarly on him if he works as advertised, though. Looking forward to running some triple V1 Ace lists!
  15. TBH I wouldn't hate it, I think an up-priced Tactian would be fine in a 2.0 environment. Make it unique to prevent the stack, could be charge-based to prevent it from being used every round, too.
  16. I'm confused regarding how composure synergizes with the ship ability-- it seems the best case scenario is boosting and deplete-BR-fail to get a focus action, right? Edit: Ohhh. After executing a maneuver. Just realized that one. Composure needs to go up in price, seeing as its only seen usage seems to be to double-mod ships that otherwise can't.
  17. This is like saying Sinker shouldn't be more expensive than Wolffe. Mass rerolls are so much better than a single additional die.
  18. This stuff all looks super nifty-- which leaves me scratching my head even harder as to why ships like the RZ-1 and TIE/in are still so completely shafted in the pilot department! Hopefully we get more soon, definitely looking forward to the B-Wing goodies.
  19. Running Predator Soontir I usually manage it on the vast majority of combat rounds, but there are often situations where having more than one reroll would be incredibly nice. Being able to bank a TL on non-combat turns or on turns where I've lined up the bullseye without a repo would help keep the damage output steady, and also allow for double-mod shots against targets other than the ship in bullseye. So it's 100% a raw efficiency loss, but a large flexibility boost depending on how you fly. If you list has enough of an anvil to deal with I6 opponents, it's potentially worth it to keep Soontir a very steady hammer. Definitely situational, though.
  20. So a bit of a funny thought here, but what about Predator/TC to get the middle ground of both worlds? You lose the raw damage spike of Crack Shot, but gain a lotttt of flexibility. Not quite as efficient points-wise but depending on playstyle and list philosophy could help Fel stay unpredictable and dangerous.
  21. I am terrible about physical token tracking since I'm usually mentally tracking gamestate while considering repositioning, target selection, etc. I move the tokens as soon as I notice but it sometimes takes a bit if I'm caught up in the actual playing part
  22. Sigh. Of course it's not literally the same thing in terms of ship capabilities. The point is that if variance protects them at range, there's not much you can do since the way to definitively beat high-agility aces is to pin them down and deny them tokens/exits. Otherwise it's just dice since you can't guarantee spike damage higher than their defenses. I have a pretty good track record facing them so far, but it's not fun to play against them. Four rounds of position jockeying followed by two rounds of combat where had the dice trends not been in my favor I would have had a really bad time re-engaging despite successfully lining up the perfect engage where I could not be tractored into a bad position. That's why it's like 1.0 Fenn. You sell out for the goldilocks engagement and hope the dice agree, because after that the game mechanics are going to favor the ship moving last that gets to ignore the downsides of being at R1 and can murder you extra-hard.
  23. They have 3 Agility. When the green dice fail, it's an easy focus fire to victory at R3. When the green dice are on, it's functionally only possible to push damage through at R1, which is exactly where they kill you. This is 1.0 Fenn w/ AT all over again, where unless you catch Fenn at R2 AND the dice cooperate, you're not doing damage, and you probably only get one good chance at it all match if the opponent knows what they're doing. Dice variance will keep the Nantex from taking over the top tournament meta, but the inability to meaningfully block them is going to mean a lot of unlucky people are going to play as well as could be reasonably expected and still get crushed.
  24. I've done extremely well with generic Bs, Bs overall are in a really good spot imo
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