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  1. RampancyTW

    The Petty "I Told you so Thread"

    If the dice don't horribly betray you it's pretty fantastic tbh They of course will eventually because that's how probability works but that screws you no matter what list you run so meh
  2. It is They're still incredibly cheap, and they offer tremendous advantages. It's pretty simple, too. Factions don't have enough I6 ships to reliably PS kill I5 aces before they get to do stuff. So I5s can safely be taken with no real risk at all of not getting do what you wanted to do. But there are so many I5s that playing an I4 ship is more or less guaranteed to put you at a disadvantage because despite being "cheaper" an I4 ship is in reality far more expensive than an I5 ship because it gets fewer impactful opportunities to leverage its abilities (and therefore its points). If you made it so that ships weren't destroyed until the end of engagement you would see a huge shift, since then the only advantage would be in action selection.
  3. RampancyTW

    Nien Multiple Stress

    He is the TO, which is why he was hoping for something more solid Try reading the thread
  4. RampancyTW

    They turned off Dash's Double Tap.

    I like the end result but the ruling doesn't jive with the card texts Han Gunner should have been errataed to yield the ruling instead of it being so arbitrary since the ruling breaks a lot of their game language rules Han Gunner ought to read "At the start of Initiative 7," because without that any "at 'x'" language is precedented to mean "at the start of X" and things fall apart more or less immediately The rules lawyering is probably going to be super annoying
  5. RampancyTW

    Poe > Kylo

    Optics on a force user is literally perma-Fanatical with no downside Of course I've taken plenty of lock-and-force only torp shots but if you have a setup round and can go into it with a focus it really helps both your force economy and your overall action economy I've flown a lottttt of Optics Kylo and leverage those 4 points constantly in my matches
  6. RampancyTW

    Poe > Kylo

    Optics is BEST on force users. Getting TL-level performances from a focus and preserving your most important resource (force charges) is worth 4 points every time. It's even more worth it on ordnance builds where you really need 4/4 hits on your torps to pull weight.
  7. RampancyTW

    Vassal League season 7 signups open 'til Feb 8th

    Signed up! Looking forward to another fun season.
  8. RampancyTW

    TIE Reaper

    Also the note about having trouble lining up Crack Shot after the opening engagement-- which is exactly when you want crack shot going off! Crack shot is where it's at for him I think, keeps him cheap and hard-hitting, and leaves you free to Jam or Coordinate without wasting 4 points.
  9. Cards on dead ships go to the discard pile which is public information, even though players rarely take advantage of that fact Knowing that all of the Direct Hits have been drawn, for example, might significantly affect a token-spending decision It's not that it isn't worth it to do, it's that pretty much every player (myself included) just doesn't bother
  10. Versus Sloane you can either boost past the swarm to target her carrier or you can't There's no interesting depth if you have a list of jousters (or multiple ships of the same PS) because you either die on the way to Sloan or get crippled by the double-stress + red buff combo on the way in, and a Reaper is no slouch once she gets into the fray If Sloan were a single stress she'd be fine but double makes the penalty too severe, if you don't have a high-mobility list you literally are just hoping you roll way better dice than your opponent because otherwise you simply lose trades and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it Edit: with respect to the multiple ships of the same PS, if the Sloan carrier survives with 1hp, she will still in be in play for the entirety of the next initiative phase you kill her in. If the dice don't cooperate, you are (again) screwed It's not that Sloan can't be countered, it's that she's a lose-in-the-list-building-phase card, which were supposed to be eliminated in 2.0
  11. Kyle either pays 10 points for PerCo or rapidly runs out of tokens Palob pays zero points for a double-bonus
  12. RampancyTW

    The force card hate.

    Dangit, just noticed that change from 1.0. Was about to go HAM with the Rebels theme.
  13. RampancyTW


    They're good, rear arc is huge and RZ-1s are already borderline solid, making them cheaper with better slots, initiative, and pilot abilities makes them great
  14. RampancyTW

    Is anyone playing gunner crew NOT named Han?

    Bistan is pretty good tbh, Bistan plus Perceptive Copilot is about the same price as a Z-95 but offensively is way more dangerous and you're basically guaranteed to trigger him
  15. RampancyTW

    Too many I5s

    Higher initiative is a "crutch" to avoid dealing with the variance that even-PS or no-repositioning jousting entails, which puts you at the utter mercy of dice swings in 2.0 The issue isn't that it exists, it's that several PS5 pilots are extremely undercosted for the benefit their PS and abilities provide