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  1. That was me. Of course there are financial incentives, and people make some amount of money off of streaming and/or producing content. Nobody, however, is making a living or even meaningful amount of money by deliberately not playing the game and gaming the system instead.
  2. My apologies, I'm exhausted and went a little hard out the gate I mostly took issue with and Mentally I merged you with other posters who have argued in the past from some heavy WAAC mentalities, which upon re-reading is not even close to what you were going for. I would, however, hope that a community "shames" in the sense of calling out and actively discouraging anti-sportsmanlike behavior in a tournament setting, and the idea of avoiding playing the game everyone showed up to play in favor of gaming the system strikes me as highly unsporting. Personal call-outs are A-OK, personal attacks and insults are not.
  3. Adding to the weirdness, we have PZ-4CO, who reads "At the end of the Activation Phase, you may choose 1 friendly ship at range 1-2. If you do, transfer 1 calculate token to that ship. If your revealed maneuver is blue, you may transfer 1 focus token instead." Which references the revealed maneuver at the end of the Activation Phase, but it's "at" the end, not after. So Leia reduces it, and it's still within the implied timing window everyone is rolling with right now-- but the revealed maneuver is supposedly what's on the dial. So now we're getting to R4 interacting with PZ-4CO crew, too. It's a slightly different set of nonsense but is nebulous for the exact same reasons as Cova. Definitely a mess that needs clarification.
  4. Basic sportsmanship calls for playing the game as it's intended to be played to the relative best of your ability leading to a fair and genuine outcome. The fact that people choose to be unsportsmanlike for personal benefit for the sole reason of being able to and being personally fine with it is something that they should look deep within themselves about, especially because we're playing a ****ing plastic toy spaceships game. Looking at you, @Mace Windu. Playing X-Wing is nobody's profession. It is nobody's job, and nobody is counting on it for anything other than personal enjoyment derived via miniatures moneypit. Play the darn game, choose a strategy that ends it quickly but isn't throwing, and remember that you're playing a Star Wars pewpew game.
  5. Doesn't matter for the second half of the card, which enables you to SLAM regardless of what's on your bar a la Passive Sensors.
  6. If "stop negatively stereotyping people different than you" looks like a high horse to you then you may want to reevaluate the height of your horse
  7. Look, I get it, if you don't have a lot of experience with firearms as a normal part of your life, it certainly seems strange. But right now you're ragging on a whole lot of people, some good friends and family members of mine, that are good, honest, smart, and giving, who also happen to own and sometimes carry firearms. It's destructive, intellectually dishonest, and does nothing but create a divide where there doesn't need to be one. There are of course disrespectful and irresponsible members of any arbitrary category of people you can create, and this is no exception, but at the core of your motivation here is antagonizing those who are different than you for no reason beyond that they are different. This is unfortunately to a large extent human nature as our history attests, but we all have a choice to better. And right now I'm encouraging you to be better; if you're going to jump into a subject, do so with the goal of dialogue, not just to take a self-satisfying cheap shot at a group you feel is "safe" to target.
  8. R2-C4 Daredevil Ric comes in at 50 points and keeps his offense fairly relevant if you're looking to go that route
  9. Yeah. I'm a fan of mechanisms that remove subjectivity and allows decisions to be made quickly and easily by players and judges.
  10. You apparently have a paranoia of CCL holders that is not backed in any way by statistics of their criminality. Bearing arms in the US is a legal right and being prepared to defend yourself or others in the event of a dangerous altercation is thoroughly undeserving of the scorn and condescension you've been casting on it. Many different types of people carry for many different reasons. You are clearly not comfortable with the responsibility involved in carrying, but casting that discomfort onto others is simple projection. I am happy for you that your life has been privileged enough to not consider legally carrying a weapon a reasonable option, and I hope it continues to stay that way.
  11. That's a fair concern I'd be completely happy with a middle ground where play is by default untimed but either player can invoke the timer if desired, because for the majority of games it isn't an issue
  12. I don't formation fly I fly plenty of 2-3 ship lists also 90 seconds is plenty Edit to add: Time spent agonizing over a decision is not the same as time spent making a decision, it's an avoidance mechanism.
  13. I mean... yes? That does sound like a pretty good set of decisions
  14. I think planning phase needs to have a timer, 90 seconds max I fly plenty of 4-6 ship lists and have no issues getting my dials down in that time, and a game ending at time 6 rounds deep is super frustrating and greatly increases the influence of variance on the outcome
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