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  1. This one works for me http://lotr-lcg-quest-companion.com/all_chaosbags.php?idselected=AHCS_tg
  2. Road to Legend, when in fullscreen, uses around 30% processor when doing nothing (even minimized), is this normal? In comparison Witcher 3 uses around 40%. When windowed it only uses 2-3% CPU.
  3. I just finished solo-playing first scenario (again), and I would like to know the answer to this too. Also, if you click "can not move to be adjacent" the app instructs you to move the monster 2 spaces. Does this mean it moves 4 spaces this turn, or should you ignore the first move since it couldn't move to become adjacent?
  4. This is not really a bug, so unsure where I can post this: In Cycle of Eternity, in the Dining Room, the app does not instruct you to place a Wall token on the door in the left side of the room even though it can't be explored.
  5. A quest from an expansion may use tiles from that expansion.
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