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  1. I use the Army Painter Laser line for all my Table Top games!
  2. Good old laser boys!! Its also the best way to check firing arcs!
  3. I have used the SSD once and it was pretty much a smash up to see how it works. Tomorrow I'm going to try it again but with objectives that might not favour it, probably against a Raddus list. Some of the pics are up on my twitter @rebelfleethq if you want to check it out!!!!!
  4. Yes twitter is our favourite means of communication........ Come on you Imperial slugs pretend twitter is the Rebel Fleet and engage!!!!! Twitter... is ...full..of.....lovely..... triangles...... We know how much you love them.
  5. Love the Sentry Box, it's the holy land for all of my ADHD Table top gaming needs when in Calgary! Up here in Edmonton none of our stores have wave 7 yet, there is always amazon but I really want to support the local guys. They have told me that since the switch in distributors getting any of their products is sketchy at best. I'm heading to Toronto soon on business and will probably check out the local shops there.
  6. Still have not see wave 7 in Canada yet!!!! or at least in my local area, I think we have been put on a Imperial Blockade! I guess the Supreme Leader does not want that kind of firepower in the Great White North!!!
  7. I haven't read the thread yet but i'm thinking his card would be,"Solo's luck: once per round you may exhaust this card to force your opponent to reroll their attack dice, or reroll a set of your attack dice." So it can work both for attack or defense.
  8. Does anyone have any good Armada Leeroy Jenkins stories? "Insert your best Meme here" When I first played a Liberator I paired it with Salvation and another Neb B and charged a ISD II and VSD. My Imperial opponent was sweating bullets! He thought I had some grand strategy......... His Gunnery teams won the day but it was a fun match!!!!!!
  9. Awesome! I hope he slips some Beastie Boys in there!
  10. **** you! You know I had to stop my day and watch this like 20 times in a row!............... Thanks I love this scene!
  11. Come on FFG! Was really hoping for the article to drop on Friday......... We did get a good look at the resistance bomber though!
  12. I dont think i'm in that group so I will try and join! Thanks!
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