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  1. I'm going to go with @GroggyGolem 's idea. I like the idea of the PCs holding their breath while they each start attempting to do things. Then giving them a chance with some Strain drain over time before they pass out. Bonus if the Doc of the party brings her medical backpack. She might be carrying some oxygen in that pack which could extend their time in the room. Thanks all for the help.
  2. We assume for this example that the victims are unable to leave the room.
  3. Situation: Someone has several large tanks of a gas pumped through a ventilation duct into an existing room. The gas puts breathing creatures to sleep/incapacitate/kill that exist in that room. The question is, how does the mechanic work? How many doses of a chemical does it take? Is the size of the room even a factor (within reason, an enclosed chamber that isn't a stadium or something massive) or just cinematic at this point? For example if the player has 20 doses of a neurotoxin, anesthetic, or neuroparalytic (EotE Core Rulebook p172) and then pumps that amount of chemical into a room, along with an inert gas as filler, will that effectively affect 20 individuals (PC or NPC) in that room? Will it affect more? I know that ventilation will be a factor in dispersal of the gas once it is active. Though if the ventilation is turned off it should linger as if there is no wind in an enclosed space. Referenced the following rules: Environment Effects: Fire, Acid, and Corrosive Atmospheres (EotE p214) Poison Gas Grenade (EotE: LaNH p102) While most would balk at using poison gas in combat, some bounty hunters and assassins use it to inspire terror in their targets. Droid bounty hunters and Gand findsmen, who are unaffected by airborne toxins, often employ poison gas grenades. They can be filled with deadly gases, such as dioxis, trion, or Fex-M3. Poison gas grenades can be loaded with up to 1 dose of neurotoxin, anesthetic, or neuroparalytic (see page 1 72 of the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook) or other poison (such as those on page 109) that the GM deems suitable. Whenever the wielder successfully attacks a target with the weapon (whether or not he deals damage), the target also suffers the effects of being exposed to the poison. Unless used outdoors in a windy environment, the poison gas lingers for 2 rounds, affecting anyone caught in the cloud. If used in a closed, poorly ventilated space, such as a small room or narrow starship corridor, the gas lingers for 5 rounds instead. Poison gas grenades do not harm droids and other creatures that do not breathe air. Characters equipped with vacuum sealed suits, breath masks, respirators, or rebreathers are also unaffected by the poison gas. Anyone have any ideas on this mechanic?
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