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  1. How would you guys rank the best cleave target, assuming multiple available?Obviously there are a ton of variables to consider, but just for a general feel. Had a situation in my solo game the other day where I had 4 cleave options (sneaky Nexus). Healthy Hero Wounded Hero Nearly defeated (Wounded) hero Nearly defeated (Withdrawn) hero Healthy Unique Ally Nearly defeated Unique Ally Healthy non-Unique Ally Nearly defeated non-Unique Ally Healthy non-Unique Ally (last in group) Nearly defeated non-Unique Ally (last in group)
  2. From the RRG: There are rare situations where a figure can lose all of its movement points while in a space where it cannot end its movement (such as in another figure’s space). In this situation, place the moving figure in the closest empty space. If there are multiple closest empty spaces, the player controlling the figure chooses. I would argue that losing the ability to spend movement points is similar enough to losing the movement points themselves that this rule would kick in. Therefore I'd rule that the owner of the Jet Trooper immediately places his figure in the nearest available space of choice. Afterwards, he could remove stun (assuming an action available or some other method) and spend the rest of the movement points.
  3. Imperial Officer's Order wouldn't need the rule blurb, as the figure getting the movement points is receiving them outside of their own activation, which is already covered by other rules. I don't play much skirmish, didn't even think to look through the command cards. Urgency is the first thing I've seen that this rule would apply to (that isn't already covered elsewhere). Thanks for the info!
  4. That being said... I can't find any special actions that grant movement points in order for that blurb in the rules to even be relevant. Everything either falls under an "interrupt" (to perform a move) or grants movement points to another figure (which then must be spent or lost immediately due to not being the current activation), or moves spaces rather than granting movement points. Am I missing something? (looked through all deployments, hero cards, class cards, and rewards).
  5. Correct. The movement points are not gained as part of a special action, but rather from a hero ability (The source is Mobile Tactition).
  6. The only time a hero would need to spend the movement points immediately is during another figures activation. Otherwise they go to the pool and can be used anytime during the activation (before/after other actions). Some abilities say "Move # spaces", these are not the same as movement points (ignoring difficult terrain being the biggest perk) and would need to be used immediately.
  7. The trigger for Masterstroke and Fearless Leader would happen in the same timing instance... the player would get to choose the order they resolve, with the latter first making the most sense: Gideon performs Command "After Command resolves" Targeted hero recovers 1 strain via Fearless Leader "After Command resolves" Gideon gains 2 movement points via Mobile Tactition "After Command resolves" Gideon exhausts Masterstroke to perform a second Command "After (2nd)Command resolves" Targeted hero recovers 1 strain via Fearless Leader "After (2nd)Command resolves" Gideon gains 2 movement points via Mobile Tactition Conversely, in a1bert's example... spending movement points can only be done before or after actions, not during. If he chooses to spend the movement points, this happens after the "After Command resolves" trigger has occurred. Until then, the movement points are just added to his pool. The only thing I could see, and I'm sure it's probably been discussed and ruled against somewhere... is there anything out there to say you must perform the second Command immediately after exhausting Masterstroke? The card itself says "You may perform...", which could possibly be read as either "do it if you want to" or "you're allowed to do it". The latter in my mind would simply "unlock" the ability to use Command a second time for free, which in turn would allow you to spend the movement points from Mobile Tactition before hand. But, like I said... it's probably been discussed already. It's late and I didn't want to go digging through the forums (I did check the FAQ, didn't see anything in there).
  8. Getting ready to run through this mission, I've got two questions. First, has there been any official word regarding the Initial Deployments possible typo? I did find the previous question on this with the response it is likely a typo given the number of starting units the Imperial player gets, however I could see a case being made either way, especially considering the final win condition. Second (and the primary reason for this post), I need a clarification on one of the starting bullet points:
  9. Not exactly on topic, but similar enough I feel safe piggybacking here. When reading new mission bulletpoints, do you resolve each point as its read or do you read all of the points and then resolve them? An example of where this might make a difference is in one of the HotE final missions where the rebels have to choose roles, and then roll tests based on those roles. Having them pick the roles before reading what each role does could be more fun, but also limits them from making the "ideal" choice.
  10. I don't mind the banter at all . If it isn't an ability, then it would just simply be a rule. Good catch finding it on the Reference cards, though even there (as you stated) its in the "Frequently Overlooked Rules" section. If it isn't an "ability", then it isn't limited by the during your activation rules applicable to abilities. A case can certainly be made that "...at any point during his activation..." can be read as literally "at any point" (even mid-attack), "during his activation"(not on another figures activation). I'm curious what my group will say about the fact its printed on the reference card though... I'll get back to you on that.
  11. So this came up in my group... Strictly speaking, nothing ever states that strain move is an "ability". Abilities(pg2): All text on cards and hero sheets are referred to as abilities. Abilities provide special effects that can be performed above and beyond the standard rules of the game. Movement Points(pg20): During a campaign, a hero can suffer 1C (strain) at any point during his activation to gain one movement point. He may do this up to twice per activation. The strain move line states "at any point", is never explicitly called an "ability" (just another line in the rules), and doesn't match the definition of "Ability" as it doesn't exist on a card or hero sheet. Why can't we use this mid-attack? Not sure if there was a FAQ or ruling somewhere that I'm not aware of.
  12. Will be interesting to see what folks say. I submitted my votes.
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