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  1. Quick thoughts on his fleet/play from the pictures: Like you said, I don't think that was a great list. He's flying his ships at your ISD. That's almost never a smart move. The ISD is too hard to take down and too good at taking down the smaller rebel ships. The fighters were going to be tied down by your fighters and so can't punch through the ISD enough for his ships to do serious damage. In the second picture his fighters are too far out. They're inviting fire from the ISD and your fighters. Given that he doesn't have the power to take down your ISD, he needs to keep his ships and win a fighter war at least. In general he seems too eager to engage. That's how I was when I started playing. I had these ships and I wanted them to shoot at things. You just have to pick the right engages at the right times. Rushing into battle with everything will likely get you over extended and give the advantage to the enemy, especially if it's an ISD vs any smaller ship. That's what I saw in the images at least. It's hard to know how the game actually went.
  2. The ISD-I with Jerry and gunnery teams is pretty effective anti-MSU. Go at speed 1 with a token and you have an enormous threat range on a maneuver command. The ISD-I can often one hit a small ship if the ISD is well equipped. You just also have to balance your activations and squadron game. You want to take objectives like fire lanes (guaranteed points for imperials), station assault (to force them to be in a specific region). Blue objectives are the hardest here, but there are still some good ones depending on the construction of your list. Basically you want a small objective and to wait the engage out. The enemy can't plan their ships as well when the ISD can be anywhere the turn after.
  3. In French it would be something like r-kih-tehn. In English I would pronounce it something like r-kwi-tens - a francophile Canadian
  4. I tried to search for this topic and hunted around the forums, but didn't find a similar post (though I'm sure there must be some). Is there anywhere we can find the rules online? I want to have my teammates read the rules so they can be informed when we play.
  5. There's nothing you can go wrong with. It all depends on how much you want to spend, and which ships/fighters look interesting to you. The ISD is a great ship and key to many fleets. A gladiator is essential. At least one of each of the fighter packs opens up a lot of options. The Interdictor is really cool. I haven't had the chance to play the Arquitens yet, so I don't know how it behaves. If you're sharing, a second core set will also open up some good options for you as you mix things into your fleet. Though, if you're not concerned about having more of the base tools/dice/damage decks, you'd be better off buying the Victory, Corvette and Nebulon B separately for the new cards they bring. There are a couple more threads like this on the forums already. You can read many people's ideas there.
  6. Reporting a good trade with kharas1
  7. It definitely says that an allied squadron suffers the 1 damage. Would be ridiculous otherwise.
  8. Please no. I don't want to have to buy more of the same models I already have to get access to cards. If they're willing to sell the cards separately at a reasonable price, I'm all for that. I'm also all for bundling ships for easy access for newcomers. I just don't want to have to re-buy ships I already have in order to get access to exclusive cards.
  9. Anyone willing to post pictures of the rules they ordered/painted?
  10. Two thoughts: 1) one can always play without upgrade cards if one likes. Personally, I think that would be very boring and it would be hard to kill much of anything. 2) it's mostly only frustrating when you don't know what to expect and don't know how to counter it. Most cards do have ways of countering them that come up in list designing and effectiveness of play. Those elements are what make Armada a replayable game for me. Otherwise, it would be a simple game of who gets to throw the most dice and that's not particularly interesting. Finding synergies in cards and ships, counters, ways to protect the flanks of your ships - that's what Armada is all about.
  11. Looks like your inbox is full. I have AA Poe Dameron and AA C3PO (might not be available though). Either of those what you're looking for? PM me.
  12. I'll echo what others have mostly said. For around $100-150 USD, I'd start with: ISD Imperial Fighter Pack Gozanti Split Rogues and Villains with Rebel friend You'll need the fighter packs if you want to have fighters of any real use. Fighter play improves my enjoyment of the game a lot. Feeling like I have options for which fighters to field is key. The core only has TIE fighters which have a very single-minded purpose - being a screen against better fighters. I'd pick a Gozanti over a raider. I've never found one raider that useful. I think with two or more, they can be good. A Gozanti opens up more fleet build options. After that initial run, I'd pick up an Interdictor and a Gladiator to help round out the fleet and give you more options. You can probably borrow your friend's Victory if you want a two Victory list. Unless your friend is a real stickler, you can probably borrow some of their upgrades or proxy them until you find what kinds of fleets you want to build. This is the full set of what I have and I don't really want much more: 1x Core set 1x ISD 2x Imperial Fighter Pack 2x Rogues and Villains (split with my friend) 1x Interdictor 1x Raider 2x Gladiator 2x Gozanti I borrow my friend's Victory when I want to expand my list that way. I would take another raider, but I don't want to pay for one. I'd take another Interdictor if the price were right, but I'm also happy with just one. I won't get another ISD, the cost is just too high and I have a lot of options for list building with what I have. I'll probably buy a Victory at some point for the upgrade cards and to use when I move away and can no longer borrow my friend's Victory. An ISD, fighters and a Gozanti will give you a good start and let you field some interesting fleet combinations. The interdictor is the next most interesting ship, IMO. Gladiators are really great too.
  13. Ah true, that is the same thing. You can take any point on the object and move it up to a distance of 2 for a simple translation. Rotation makes that a little more complicated though as then the point can move further than a distance of 2 as long as you rotate it as well.
  14. Doesn't "within" mean within a band that is distance 2 from all points on the object? E.G. extend an imaginary point a distance 2 from all points on the object and the new spot must be somewhere within that area? It's not within distance 2 of the furthest original point, but rather within distance 2 of the object at all.
  15. When you use the Grav Shift Reroute and move an obstacle up to distance 2 of its current location, how does that work? Can you rotate the obstacle as you please so long as some part of it is within distance 2 of some part of it previously? That would be somewhat hard to establish. Or is it that you can only translate it up to a distance of 2 in any direction? What are your thoughts on this?
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