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  1. Inspired by this... "Ewoks everywhere!" Condition Rebel Only. At the start of Deployment phase put this condition in the Imperial deployment side. The Imperial player must discard all of his elite upgrades. "It is quite safe from your pitiful little band. An entire legion of my best troops await them" -Emperor Palpatine
  2. Man, I love the new abilities! It's going to be a pleasure to fly a named TIE mini swarm. Now I just need to Paint my awful red core TIEs...
  3. FFG is not stupid, so they will try to hook up the veterans with new sculpts, new repaints, new pilots, new cards or everything all together. So I expect that most of the reedition of old ships will have something to attract veteran players. Be a new sculpt or a new repaint. Sure as **** I'm buying the Core not only because i want to be able to play 2edition (damage deck and movement templates) but also, because I want the new wigly-wigly X-wing, and also 2 more TIEs hopefully better modeled and painted than my red Core ones... ?
  4. I think 2e Firespray is confirmed in the article to have a different Paint job. The 3D model of the Fang looks like having a different colour scheme... And developers also manifested that they will release scum versions of Y-wing, Z95, and HWK. And marketing-wise is the most obvious decision to try offer the all the posible reasons for veterans to buy a 2e ship we already have. I mean, I'm not a heavy collector, and I have already 4 interceptors. But make a new sculpt, or a different colour scheme, and i will buy one instantly. I already planed buying the new Y-wing sculpt (i just have 1 y-wing) and not planning getting the conversion kit for rebels for the moment.
  5. Luxury! Back in my day, one guy called being the TIE fighter, and the other the X-Wing, and we threw rocks at each other...
  6. I think my wife will have no problems "motivating" me... I still have to find a place to store my new Legion box. I need to reduce my 2nd edition purchases. I will have the Imperial conversión kit and the Core. Probably can't resist the new Y-Wing sculpt. Surely won't resist the new interceptor sculpt/Paint scheme...
  7. ****, i gotta be strong to not buy the new fang model. Even when i'm not considering buying the conversión kit for my scarce scum collection. Such a beautiful ship in the sea of horror that is the Scum faction...
  8. Boring or not, i hope they are cheap enough, so i can slap a shield upgrade on my interceptors, so they don't die too fast due to my incompetence. But sincerely i prefer if they keep the game with less cards on the board.
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    Feliz Cumpleaños, Rick!
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    Yup. But trying to find any logic to the First Orden is quite a challenge. "You know guys, let's repeat the same mistakes the ol' Empire did... but this time... Let's make everything BIGGER" (and shiny, to go on topic)
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    In the app "starwars arena" (iirc) they are defined as Riot Troops. They carry melee weapon and a shield. (and they are a very good unit, btw)
  12. I remember devs clarifing about this matter. Old obstacles are valid. New obstacles will be introduced (Core?)
  13. I think i'll pass on this. I was planning to buy it as an X-wing fix, and trade the U-wing for the blue one (i don't like the partisan scheme on the U) But after 2.0 announcement, i will get my flappy X-wing with the Core, and save money and storage for future imperial releases. I will get the reaper for sure, as i plan to continue collecting everything imperial... (and maybe FO too...)
  14. ****, as an Spaniard i am ashamed of never thought about that... ?
  15. Just Empire conversion kit for the moment and the core set. My rebel and Scum collection is not worthy of the CK for the moment. First Order too, when their time arrives as i have all the models. I'm looking to have the delightful T-65 model with articulated wings, and 2 more TIE for my collection. Are the sculpts good? I haven't seen pictures of them, and everytime i see my red core TIEs i cringe a bit. (i need to paint them)
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