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  1. I am about to start a game where I am playing as an Adepta Sororita and as such I am going to use flame weapons until I get to play with Bolters. I have 3 questions that do not seem to be covered in the PHB. Do I suffer a penalty for using a Flamer (Basic) one handed since there is no BS test? Do I suffer a penalty for using two Hand Flamers with the TWW talent since there is no BS test? Could I use the Flamer (Basic) in one hand and a Hand Flamer in the other with TWW and still have both attacks as part of a half action? I will be going down the TWW path anyways for dual Bolter use later on (if my acolyte survives that long without bloody explosions) but I would like to clear this up before I try anything that could cause in game time to stall out while we all look for an answer.
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