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  1. I know -I had to adjust the pose to get the model printed and I couldn't find the screenshots of the plain second one and HeroForge takes forever to load. I would say the only difference is the pose.
  2. If you're selecting the areas of where you want to change the colours, go to Colors->Colorize and then adjust the hue, saturation and lightness to get the new colour to what you want it to be. It keeps shading and simply changes the overall colour. For instance, I've included the before and after for a HeroForge miniature screenshot before I painted it. <spoiler> </spoiler>
  3. I was going to offer to possibly GM but I'm based in the UK, so timezones may be a issue. Would you want to be Twitch streaming live? Do you have a preference for where in the timeline you'd want to be, whether you'd be looking at a primarily Edge campaign that could later shift slightly? Rules as Written or some houseruling?
  4. Here you go. It's still a bit of a mess but I might try and tidy it up later.
  5. So, last Saturday, I was the lead story GM for a 36 player/6 GM Age of Rebellion game set in 3BBY about 6 different Rebel factions trying to work together to form the Alliance. It was several months in the planning and we had a team of 7 people working on characters/missions and stories, whilst also developing faction friendship rules, which included the ability to backstab other players. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to link the Dropbox folder where most of the work was done, though we did have a problem with one of the GMs not uploading his mission outlines at all.
  6. Just got back from it. So spoilers inbound. I enjoyed some of the character stuff, especially Poe's arc and Rose in general was a nice new perspective, but I felt the film didn't really come together until the last bit and even then it was patchy. But I've just been shouted down by all the people I went with, so what do I know? It felt a little too much like it was trying to be a comedy. There were a lot of big laughs in the theatre and I felt it ended up breaking the tension too much. Based on the rewatch of TFA beforehand, I did come to realise that Disney really likes to make the galaxy feel like a small place. It felt more cramped and like everything was happening in the sector, not halfway across the galaxy. However, Luke does vocalise a lot of the issues I saw with the Jedi Order in the prequels.
  7. If people are making their own characters after the Beginner's Game, set up a Session 0 where you work out how characters know each other, and what players are expecting from the game, as well as lines to be drawn. A friend of mine accidentally traumatised an intensely arachnophobic player once by forgetting to ask before throwing graphically-described giant spiders at him.
  8. I can do distances in metric or Imperial. Heights seem to be given in feet and inches, so I can convert to cm. However, I don't know how many feet or yards are in a mile, but I do know how many kilometres, so I convert from miles to kilometres to feet, which is a horribly clunky way of doing it. I think it's because so often distances are still given in miles rather than kilometres, and heights in feet & inches so you still need to know them. In terms of mass, volumes and temperatures, I just look confused and cling to my SI units. And my response to Fahrenheit is always to convert to Kelvin because it annoys people (what, if you don't like negative numbers it makes sense, and also having zero as absolute zero also makes sense.) But seriously. I'm a physics student and I looked at some old worked examples from American physics textbooks and just... no. Nothing matches up. At least in metric/SI units, everything was calculated to be defined by each other. Also, yes, the Gregorian calendar is inefficient, but that's the problem with a year being 365 & 1/4 days. One solution was to have 12 months of 28 days and then every four years have a leap month, which admittedly, does keep the calendar fixed to seasons. One solution would be to convert weeks from 7 days to 5 to keep the dates consistent with the days. But a lot of religions use 7-day weeks and I can't see that changing. Ideally, you could do something similar to having The Kilogram somewhere on Earth, which could be The Clock. i.e. for all interplanetary functions, the date-time is always the value shown on the clock (which could also assist with issues of relativity, which I am not even going to start on because Star Wars is space opera and bringing in any form of relativity is just too much maths).
  9. Product Codes contain all the current stuff from Absol197's Trends, Statistics & Predictions thread, which is well worth a read.
  10. Something I ran with in the games was to treat interstellar (i.e. hyper/subspace) communication like dial-up. Sure, you can transfer stuff, but it'll be slow and if your files are big it just makes more sense to stick your files on a floppy disc and mail it out to people (hence why Jyn can transmit the Death Star plans to the Rebel fleet -it's an EM-bandwidth, travels at lightspeed and is local only; but Leia can't then simply transmit the plans to Yavin and the Rebellion -they're simply too big to be sent over over what's basically a dial-up connection). The Imperials have huge communication centres to get the best ftl high bandwidth possible. It did then allow my post-Endor group to have a plot point of an NPC was developing high-bandwidth hyperspace communications and they had to try and get her onside. I'd ruled if the game lasted 10 in-game years, they'd gain the fruits of that and wouldn't be sent to deliver big messages in person.
  11. It appears that FFG uses local days, but Wookieepedia specifies the Corellian year length as being standard days. It could simply be that it's an error on the part of the wiki editors, as it does make more sense to use local days to calculate local years (but given the difference between a Corellian and standard day is 1 hour it might have been considered to not matter, is not a great way of looking at it).
  12. Exactly. As mentioned above, within our own solar system, the Venusian day is actually longer than the Venusian year. Then you have planets with odd rotations (say rotation in the same plane as the orbit so "North" is always facing the star and "South" is away), or bodies like the moon where the rotational period is equal to the orbital period so one side will be in eternal day and the other in eternal night. So taking your Bespin example: 2 Bespin days=1 galactic day, or 1 Bespin day =1/2 Galactic Standard day. But in the time it takes Bespin to orbit its star (1 Bespin year), 14 Galactic Standard years have gone by (5110 standard days/365). I think it's also complicated by the fact that references (on Wookiepedia sometimes) use standard days (24 hours) to compute a year, rather than the actual local day length (in this case 12 hours), so depending on the meaning, a Bespin year could be 5110 local days and 2555 standard days, or 4220 local days and 2555 standard days (I can check that if need be?). If it's the former, then 1 Bespin year is only 7 Galactic Standard years.
  13. I think the way it works is there is a standard time/date/year (maybe based off the time at the Senate on Coruscant), which is the official Galactic time. However, planets are going to have their own local calendars and time-keeping methods based on their own orbits and rotations (incidentally, I do wonder how a rotationally locked planet would deal with things such as "days" if the same side is always facing the star), and the two calendars are simply synced. So let's take Coruscant, Alderaan and Corellia: Coruscant has a day of 24 standard hours and a year of 368 standard days. Alderaan also has a day of 24 standard hours and a year of 364 standard days. Corellia meanwhile has 25 standard hours in a day and a year of only 329 days. Each place will have its own distinct yearly calendar, with its own distinct timezones within it. However, even if you have City A on Corellia with Corellian date X at time Y, and City B on Corellia with Corellian date X and time Z (as they are in different time zones) both would have the exact same Galactic Standard date and time. In fact, Cities A & B would have the exact same date/time in the Galactic Standard as Cities C & D, which are in different timezones (date U in timezones V & W) on Alderaan. So even though from their perspectives, City A/C & City B/D are at a different stage in the daily rotation (i.e. have different local times), and the local dates (based on the yearly rotation, so the date would be X on Corellia and U on Alderaan) are a perfectly valid use for internal affairs, anything interplanetary would require a standardised calendar to make things work. I mean, you see it here on Earth with the Gregorian calendar. If I asked you to meet me 2 hours into the 26th of Av, 5777, you wouldn't have a clue that I was asking to meet you at 22:30 on August the 18th, 2017. Various cultures have had their own methodology for marking time, but for ease the world has adopted one specific calendar to use as standard (with the addition of timezones of course). Basically, imagine you had colonies built on the Moon, Mars and Callisto. For ease of understanding because of the drastically different years/days, everyone decides to default to using Greenwich Mean Time and the Gregorian date. Even though the people there would probably adopt their own local calendar, the standard would always be the exact same everywhere. And I have no idea if I've helped at all or just confused you even more...
  14. I'm AFB at the moment, but I think it did Brawn+1 Damage and was based off Melee. I mean, you could probably add things that make sense, like Defensive 1 for melee defence or similar.
  15. There's the Heavy Staff in the Force Awakens Beginner Box Rulebook, Pg 37, described on page 35 as: "Any length of solid material can serve as a weapon in capable hands". Stats are decent, runs with Melee but because it's beginner, it doesn't specify Wounds or Strain.
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