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  1. Honestly, I’m losing interest. I’m not redoing all of my customs to work in 2.0. My second major project, a Rebel attack on an Imperial asteroid base, is nearing completion. I’ve come too far to bail on it now, so I’ll finish it and play test it sometime this summer. There will be a full Imgur pic album of the entire scenario. However, I’m not sure if I want to continue with my third major project - Attack on Imperial Base Felucia. I might finish it some day. I’ve already done a lot of work on it. I’m just kind of disillusioned by the change at the moment. Right now, my plan is to convert any 2.0 models I like into ships that are compatible with 1.0. It’ll be far less work than converting all my customs over to 2.0. I'm a perfectionist and it would be an absolutely painstaking undertaking.
  2. Sabine is so Rebels. They’ll find a new love to spam us with in the upcoming animated show.
  3. Might not need to. Some think, with the separation of FO and Resistance into their own factions and the addition of Force powers, that Republic and Separatist factions may be added to the game in 2.0.
  4. I made full, unique damage decks for all my custom Huge ships. Including my custom small & large ship pilot cards and upgrades, I'd have literally hundreds of cards to redo. Plus dials and markers. Also, I'm a perfectionist. So, they'd have to be meticulously cut, trimmed, pasted and laminated. That's a ton of work that I'm not sure I want to bother with.
  5. I spent forever and a day designing, cutting, pasting and laminating tons and tons of pilot & upgrade cards and dials for lots and lots of 3D printed and custom ships for use in my home-brewed scenarios. I really have no interest in redoing them all to work in the 2nd edition. I’m far more likely to buy any new 2.0 models that I like and convert them to 1.0.
  6. weisguy119

    Stay tuned for Epic Second Edition

    If this is the case, I'm all in. Right now, I'll just convert any 2.0 models I like into 1st Ed. via home-brewing. I'm not spending ~$400 on conversion kits when that money can be used to buy models. I don't play competitively, so all I need are the models and my imagination.
  7. weisguy119

    This might not be nice to say, but...

    Team Epic may use up to 12 small ships across both teams. If you're the one providing all the ships, 12 is the reasonable max.
  8. weisguy119

    The App and What It Means for Player Control of Private Play

    I got into XWM for the long game. I plan to be playing casual games in 20 years when I retire. Will there still be app/website support then, after everyone has moved on from the game altogether? There's something to be said for actual, physical product. You can store it in your closet. It's not on a server somewhere that may be shut down some day, leaving you hoping the community continues online support for a dead game.
  9. weisguy119

    2.0: Are you in or are you out?

    I’m most likely out. I’m just a filthy casual with around 100 ships. I like making Epic Play home-brewed scenarios. I don’t think I’ll be buying all the conversion kits I’d need to convert everything I have, unless I can catch them on one heck of a sale. I have 6 X-wings and 16 TIEs, so the numbers don’t really work for me. Even buying singles for all my extra TIEs will be costly. I also have 2 Raiders, 2 Gozantsi and 2 GR-75s, which likely means 2 Epic kits when they’re released. I’ll continue playing the 1st edition of the game. I’ll buy any upcoming ships I find interesting, so long as they have the 1st Edition rules packed in as well (they said they’d be doing this for a little while, at least). After that, I’ll buy any new models I REALLY like and design home-brewed 1st Edition cards for them myself. Since I don’t play competitively, all I really need are the models and my imagination.
  10. weisguy119

    Leevan Tenza

    Google him. He only has 2 arms.
  11. weisguy119

    Custom Venator Class for X Wing

    I'm having a 19" Arquitens scratch-built on commission. It's pretty close to FFG's sliding scale for Epic ships. Of course, an Aqrquitens is 325m whereas a Venator is 1155m. I'm having it made to balance out my Nebulon-B Frigate. Here's an example of the Arquitens I'm having built: https://imgur.com/a/cYDu2 And the Nebulon-B that it will balance out: https://imgur.com/a/mZts7
  12. weisguy119

    The Natives Are Getting Restless

    Meh. During the great XWM news drought of 2018, I got distracted and bought Jabba's sail barge from Haslab. I've been busy purchasing 3.75" figs to fill it. So, now FFG has competition for my hobby dollars.
  13. weisguy119

    AT - Hauler from Solo

    I got mine. But, at 4 feet long, I think it’s a bit out of scale for XWM.
  14. weisguy119

    AT - Hauler from Solo

    What’s Disney’s affinity for giant, bat-wing type things on at least one ship from every Star Wars film they release?
  15. Why not give S&V a subfaction? Imps have the FO subfaction and Rebels have the Resistance subfaction.