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  1. Outer Rim Patrol Pack

    Sounds like you want a Gozanti.
  2. Well done FFG!

    If they add the Scum Falcon and TIE cannon-pod thingy from the Solo film to the wave, I’ll buy one of every ship for a change. Add the Scum corvette to fill the missing SKU and I’ll be in Cinematic Play heaven.
  3. Happy Friday

    D) All of the above
  4. He was the film’s creature feature. Every Star Wars movie has one. Unfortunately, they haven’t made an action figure of him yet. When they do, I’m all over it.
  5. Scum Corvette and??

    I don’t get the love for the Star Jewel or Wild Karrde. Only Disney can dream up uglier ships. Give me the Crusader Corvette any day over those two space turds. It’s even frickin’ MANDALORIAN! Like others have said, I’d like my Sum corvette to be military grade, thank you. Nobody does military grade better than Mandalorians. It’s what they do.
  6. It Doesn't Matter What Else is in Saw's Renegades

    DON’T TOUCH IT! It’s the History Eraser Button, you FOOL!
  7. Can't wait for the new wave!

    This is a great wave for Cinemaric Play. TIE Reaper for Scarif-based scenarios and Partisans for some Saw Gerrera-themed missions. Good stuff.
  8. New Imperial Large Based Ship--We need one

    I’ll also have an Imp/Scum Blastboat to offset the Rebel/Scum Scurrrrrrrrrrg
  9. New Imperial Large Based Ship--We need one

    I’ll take this...thing.
  10. New Imperial Large Based Ship--We need one

    I want the Sentinel with Thrawn crew.
  11. It just occurred to me that using Kenner/Hasbro action figures and toys for alt-art card pics would be pretty cool. Has anyone ever done this? My camera and printing equipment is weak and I don’t have an extensive action figure and toy collection. Mine is modest, at best. But, I know I have a Hasbro TIE Striker around here somewhere. I might have to do some cards up on Strange Eons. I guess I could look up some Kenner/Hasbro box art and photos online for personal use.
  12. Nvm

    Wrong subforum
  13. Imperial Space Station

    I’m currently working on my Imperial Department of Military Research asteroid base: https://imgur.com/a/h7taY I call it the PAW Installation - Prototype Assessment Way Station. It’ll be a TIE prototype testing facility.