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  1. I know we just got waves 12 & 13 but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to start speculating what wave 14 will bring, let alone the missing SKU. My thoughts:: missing SKU - Scum corvette wave 14: Rebels: N-1 fighter or new A-wing Imperials - T-3c shuttle, TIE Reaper or FO Bomber Scum - Mining Guild TIE or DJ’s ship from TLJ
  2. Spoilers actually make me enjoy the movie more as well. Finally, a kindred spirit.
  3. In before complaints of too many Imperial shuttles despite the fact that the Empire has very few large base ships that aren’t shuttles and 100 TIE variants are considered acceptable for some reason.
  4. Heh. Yeah, I don’t get why everybody gets so hurt over spoilers. You could spoil the whole movie for me and I’ll still watch and enjoy it. In fact, I actively search for spoilers. I want to know as much as I can as soon as I can. I Google “The Last Jedi” several times a day, at least. I thirst for Star Wars knowledge. I guess I’m the exception to the norm.
  5. I asked for 2 Gunboats, 2 Defenders, 3 TIEs (to be painted with Inferno squadron stripes) and another GR-75 for Christmas to help offset some of the cost of the massive TIE prototype facility Epic Play scenario I’m working on. We’ll see if I get them. I don’t care about the Kimo, the shuttle or the bomber. I might get a Silencer, someday, when there’s enough Resistance and FO ships to field some reasonably-sized Epic squads for both sides.
  6. Excellent work! Thanks for your contribution!
  7. I haven't worked out any stats yet. This is in the very early collecting/painting phase. I only have a very rough idea of how I want it to play out.
  8. https://imgur.com/a/k4bgv Click on the link for an 11 pic Imgur album. I always liked Felucia so I borrowed from The Force Unleashed, Empire at War, Star Wars Commander and other sources for this Epic/Cinematic Play scenario I'm currently working on.
  9. In essence, he was revived by money. Great interest in his character caused a dramatic revival. It's not the first time Star Wars pulled some comic book "dead but not gone" crap - see Boba Fett. Someday, I expect Han Solo will be cloned and the younger actor will play him. The only reason he died is because Harrison Ford is ancient and didn't want to play him anymore anyway. The character is popular as ever and will almost surely see a dramatic resurrection at some point, somehow. Because Star Wars.
  10. I'm dreaming of a campaign box. I'm hoping for a Veterans of Scarif pack. I'm expecting the Scum Epic corvette.
  11. https://imgur.com/a/zJ77V I think it would be cool to use 3D beldons in place of asteroids for the Bespin playmat. They look awesome in BFll (see pic in link) and I'm trying to think of a way to make some of these bad boys for use on the Bespin mat. They could sit on top of the asteroid tokens for easy removal and play-through. Perhaps, someone is talented enough to throw a 3D print up on Shapeways? Thoughts?
  12. If this place is anything like the Walmart near me, the end display always looks like this. They put the newest big releases in there and move everything else to the regular case. Unless it's a huge release week for a lot of AAA games, the end display is always near empty.
  13. Inked Gaming (custom playmats) has a 35% off deal going. I bought 2.
  14. The small Scum Epic has already been released. Next will be a corvette-sized ship to bring balance to the Force.