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  1. Probably people over on the Armada subforum. Just a hunch.
  2. A porg is now on the must-buy list for my 7 yr old daughter for Christmas.
  3. It's a porg. How have you not seen them yet? They've been everywhere in TLJ advertising. They're basically Star Wars penguins with a rumored connection to the Force. So, the they're more like penguin flippers than ears or arms.
  4. I'm good on TIEs but a Scarif pack with Blue Squadron pilots would be most welcome.
  5. True story
  6. We've already had 2 trailers for the trailer. The hype is real: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://movieweb.com/amp/star-wars-last-jedi-trailer-2-teaser-lukes-lightsaber/&ved=0ahUKEwjxptXzweLWAhVixoMKHRQrAz4QFgjJATAg&usg=AOvVaw1_1b-6XVNusAifDmZyoyFh&ampcf=1
  7. After TLJ is released, watch for a boost in new players and a return of old ones.
  8. On the subject of big guns on small capital ships, I'd like to mod a GR-75 to add a planetary in cannon: https://imgur.com/BV61Ec8
  9. Is surprising he's not in the game yet. Everything else from Rebels is. Except Thrawn. This game needs moar Thrawn too.
  10. The mission and ships I designed were specifically created to emulate the Skirmish at Helska IV from the Vector Prime novel - nothing more, nothing less. Nothing was designed for any other purpose. I tend to design stand-alone missions. My 3-part Battle of Scarif scenario has some ridiculously OP cards that were designed for use in that one specific scenario. I still haven’t play tested the Vong scenario, as I’ve moved on to other creations, but I’m thinking I might have to restrict the Rebels to 100 points and raise the Vong to 150. This will limit the Rebels to 3-4 ships versus a 6 ship Vong swarm. I might need to tone down the XJ X-wings a bit too. I just beefed them up per canon but it might be too much.
  11. Right now, I’m just assembling the pieces and framing a general scenario. Later in the project, I’ll hit Strange Eons and create the cards and dials. I also have an asteroid base scenario I’m working on. My projects are like the Sith - always two there are.
  12. It’s an Action Fleet AT-AT.
  13. Strike on Imperial Base Felucia is a land/air scenario based on Empire at War, Star Wars Commander and The Force Unleashed. This is in the very early planning stages. I plan to have the Rebels strike the base with 6 X-wings, 2 Y-wings and a U-wing. The turrets, AT-AT, AT-STs and even the Imperial Troop Transports can fire back (as well as the Gozanti, TIEs and Lambda, of course). Cllick on the link for the 5 pic album: https://imgur.com/a/7qU2k
  14. No, that would be due to massive NASA budget cuts. Besides, been there, done that. They’re in the planning stages of a Mars trip. Good luck getting the budget for that, though.
  15. NASA went metric a decade ago: https://www.space.com/3332-nasa-finally-metric.html